Oh Sh*t! Casey Anthony Leaked Video Diary Facebook Scandal Getting Out Of Control!

Wow, this gets crazier by the minute, with allegations flying everywhere like missiles of war in the air. I can most definitely tell you that someone, actually MANY people are going down for being involved in the Casey Anthony video diary leak scandal. Like I said in a previous post there were always many people who always had their names involved in this from the start. Since the RUMOR going around the internet was Casey allegedly getting her computer HACKED, of course we all couldn’t believe a word of it. I mean how could we, since she has already been proven to be a horrible LIAR in the court of law, for LYING to law enforcement officers, during the investigation of her murdered daughter Caylee Anthony back in June 2008. That really makes me think why would Casey try to push the wool over everyone’s eyes by claiming to have her new computer hacked. Yet, there is so much more to this game that looks like many people will be suffering the wrath for quite awhile. I have to wonder why would people risk being involved with Casey, knowing at some point, it will bite them in the ass. Of course the first intentions of being “friends” with the “Tot Mom” might have seemed cool at first, but at what cost? Regardless, lots of names have been thrown around and NBC Universal (News) has recently claimed copyrights to the first video diary posted onto Youtube on January 9. Folks are coming forward telling their side of the story and what they know, in hopes of clearing their names…

In a recent story posted by Scallywag and Vagabond which tells an interesting tale of fuckery (that seems pretty crazy) about what is allegedly happening behind the scene: “A site who’s host server is own and run by a Mr Paul Francisco and who has just disclosed to us that Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez is also his lawyer (which leads one to wonder what has been discussed between these two men?)… Jon & Holly Briley are suspicious. They run the ‘Boycott Casey Anthony’ page on Facebook yet all they’ve been doing is giving her attention. That defeats the purpose of their page, does it not? They’re also said to be from Ohio, where it had been reported that Casey has family. Could their ‘Boycott Casey Anthony’ page simply be a smokescreen? The one thing I did find on him is that he’s [Paul Francisco] a music producer. As for his connection to Holly and Jon Briley, that remains a mystery but I am determined to find out. That said I did contact Paul and managed to have a 45 minute-long conversation with him today at 5:15 pm EST, where I got the chance to ask a few questions – most of which he danced around, but I did get some things out of him. My first question to Paul was whether or not he knew Casey Anthony? He asked if I had seen pictures of Rob Hensley and stated that “maybe Rob is just a decoy, maybe I’m really Casey’s boyfriend.” Paul also stated that he knows Jon and Holly Briley and said he has information that would get the Briley’s into “lots of trouble”. He also stated that he has “thousands of dollars worth of material” that people like Nancy Grace and the media would “love” and that the videos of Casey were “leaked to someone who leaked them to Jon.” Paul said that the Briley’s were currently “not on good terms” with Casey. He wouldn’t elaborate on whether or not he has been in contact with Casey but he said he “has all the answers” and says he has been in contact with Baez’s office. Basically, a lot of question-dodging, but this guy obviously knows things.”

According to the writer of that blog, Paul allegedly “know things”, whatever that means, I have no clue. It only gets stranger from here. When I read the post above, I noticed that a fight had ensued on the comments section between Brianne and Holly. Brianne said, “Except I never said I had it, I said I MIGHT. Jon’s the one that got all uptight over not having it *FIRST*. It’s a big popularity contest for him and his wifey.” and Holly replied, “ALSO PAUL DOESNT KNOW US AT ALL .. AT ALL – LIES LIES LIES.” In turn Brianne came back and said, “Also note: On the first video, Casey says she wouldn’t have the phone without “John/Jon”. I rest my case. It was posted to a “pay-per-view” site first, according to Jon and Holly Briley, but they somehow “can’t remember” the website they got it from. LOL, I’d all of a sudden pretend to forget where I got it from too if I were them. They are the ones, after all, behind this whole mess who continuously brag about “having the videos first.” Their words – no one elses. Holly and Jon, you just continue to make yourselves look more & more guilty with every CAPS LOCK word you say. Seriously. Paul has recordings of conversations he has had with you guys. The truth will come to light.” Holly then refuted her comment saying, “Does he now? Just how would you know this unless you was in on something w/ them. BTW – I never spoke to Paul. I spoke to George Goldstein when I demanded the channel falsely bearing my name be taken down.. oh and a Marvin who sounded a lot like George, but never Paul. Thanks for the info though, on and revealing yourself.” Brianne then replied, “How can you say “Just how would you know this unless you was in on something w/them” and then turn around and say “I never spoke to Paul.” Makes zero sense. You are mighty defensive, Miss Briley. I called Paul and had a 40 minute conversation with him, myself, THAT’s how I know.” Holly then came back pretty agitated and said, “THIS IS THE COMPANY THAT ALSO HOSTS THE CASEY CAN SING DOT COM SITE THAT LINKS BACK TO THE FAKE YOU TUBE SITE THAT FALSELY BEARS MY NAME!!” Hmm, I’m pretty lost here and I have to ask who is George Goldstein?

Brianne still keeping the same tone then said, “Then why is Paul in contact with Jon Briley and why does Paul have voice recordings of Jon? Everyone knows what Jon sounds like, too, and in Casey’s video she does say she “wouldn’t have a phone without John/Jon. Am I the only one with a brain here/putting 2+2 together and realizing these people are all players in the game and LYING? It doesn’t falsely bear your name. The site has been around since the same day that the videos came to the public’s attention. Do you really think that’s just a coincidence? That there’s another Holly Briley out there who also just so happened to have the same videos as you, on the same day, and was in contact with Paul who happens to be FROM FLORIDA? Do you really think people are STUPID, Holly? Keep playing dumb but there are tons of people who are starting to see through you. FYI, “having the videos and uploading first” isn’t something to brag about. If you keep yapping your trap you’re only going to land yourself in legal hot water but that’s your problem, not mine.”

This story isn’t over yet, once the article was posted about Holly and Jon Briley, they took to Facebook to immediately dispute the claims as seen in the screen shot above (click the picture to make it bigger). There were many people posting the article written about them onto their group wall, which in turn prompted this angry reply and statement from one of the groups moderators. They said, “Okay please STOP posting and linking stories about that Paul Francisco guy. He is a FRAUD. He’s the one who set up a YouTube account, using Holly’s Name and tried to make it look like it was HER account with Casey videos on it. He doesn’t “know” anything: he’s making it all up. He’s from Florida, so he’s probably one of CA’s or Bozo’s “minions”. Anymore posts about that or links to new stories about it will be deleted. We’ve explained this already. This guy’s a FRAUD. ~Angela.”

Then around the same time Jon posted the following statement (as seen in the screen shot above), “if anyone has a question for Holly or I, then ask… I’m not going to go postal. I will answer honestly..you might not like the answer, but it will be the truth… also for whomever says that we are getting on every TV show, I will say this. I have turned down a lot, Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan, 1 Local (CBS) station and 1 local newspaper in our town, that’s it… turned down ABC, NBC, some radio AM stations in Orlando, and did not return calls to a lot of news people. Let it be known with Nancy Grace we would not talk to JVM nor Dr. Drew… now ask your questions… Jon”. After Jon made his statement to his members, the post on their wall got about 50+ comments. One commenter asked Jon about the phone that Casey had, Jon responded, “lmao…I tweeted to this guy I was talking to, we were having fun with a c/a supporter. I tweeted that I had to go and buy c/a another phone… tracphone, only thing is, she got to buy her own mins… someone took it serious…lol” Well, I personally think that is weird considering what Casey said during the video, she specifically said “I have a phone now thanks to Jon/John”, whoever edited the video did a horrible job, because Jon is a common one syllable name and very distinguishable when reading lips. Plus you could hear the J as she started to say her thank you. I also specifically remember seeing FB posts from Rob Hensley saying that he EDITED the video himself. Thus tagging his group slogan on two parts of the reel itself. He has since shut his group down AFTER the blow up and many people getting exposed during this scandal.

But, that’s not the only thing that Jon mentioned, he was also asked about where he actually got the video from. To which he replied, “ok, on our page I had someone post a link on here to it. Holly, Angela and I tried to open it… it said this content isn’t available… I had someone pm it to me… same thing would not open. Then there was some still shots of it on here… I then went looking for it, took me a while and found 2 pay sites, but I’m cheap and won’t pay money.. kept looking and found a link, open it an here was the video… I very quickly downloaded it and then when I checked again, the link would not do nothing… Uploaded the video to Youtube and y’all know the rest.” Another person asked how come he couldn’t retrieve it out of his browser’s history (cookies). Jon responded, “I have checked my history, my history is only saved for 24 hours then its deleted… I then went to the video itself that I have on my puter and check its properties, it just says my puter file its in… I went through this for a this for a very important news person investigating…” He wouldn’t mention the name of who it was. I have to also add that Jon gave me the entire PM conversation that he had with Brianne “Chantal” Patterson on January 6. In that conversation it shows that Brianne claimed to have half of a 3rd video which came out to be a bogus video and not a real video of Casey. If you would like to read what they said please click the link above, where you’ll see the entire conversation they had and other media provided.

The Daily Beast posted a statement saying: “Just how involved Jose Baez will be in Anthony’s future affairs isn’t known, but his unhappiness with the situation has supposedly caused strain around his law office. As one person close to this story who did not want to be identified put it, “Jose is on the outs now. Cheney is in.” The fact that Mason issued the official media statement on the videos has caused a flurry of online speculation as to whether Baez may have leaked the video diary in a fit of pique.” But that is just a theory of how the tape might have gotten leaked. I want to also point out that the first tape had already been posted onto Facebook sometime between December 20-23, which the media FAILS to realize. That makes the leak of the original video diary almost 3 weeks prior to its being posted onto youtube by Holly and Jon Briley. So media people I am telling you to WAKE UP and realize this has been going on for weeks on Facebook walls. On the other hand it seems that everyone wants part of the kitty, no matter how much it costs them. In a story posted by Radar Online, apparently Nik Lamas-Richie, founder of the website The Dirty, has offered Casey Anthony a $350,000 for an interview, according to a source close to the situation, who has seen details of the deal. Casey would be a guest on Nik Richie Radio and the interview would be a one-on-one and would be “pre-recorded” and would be videotaped as well. Casey’s lawyers have cited security concerns for their client [cough-cough], and she has been in hiding in Florida where she is serving a year’s probation for a previous check fraud conviction. A offer of that much money would be sweet for Casey, who recently wrote on her probation report that she is unemployed and not generating any income. Which isn’t our fault, she is a scumbag and hasn’t worked in 5 years.

According to some more disgusting fuckery coming from the Examiner in Florida: It didn’t take long for Casey to work her way back into Cindy Anthony’s good graces and that of brother Lee. Casey’s apparent change of heart toward the mother she claims verbally abused her and the father and brother that she accused of sexually abusing her over the course of more than a decade. Allegedly occurred after she was forced into hiding where she still remains, penniless, with nowhere to go and the subject of multiple death threats. During an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, which aired on the psychologist’s televised talk show several months ago, Cindy defended her daughter, claiming that her daughter’s behavior, including failing to report her child missing for more than 31 days, lying to police about the toddler’s whereabouts, blaming an imaginary nanny for the child’s alleged kidnapping and participating in hot body contests as 2 year old Caylee lay rotting in a swamp nearby the Anthony home, were the result of a combination of possible factors ranging from potential brain tumors to epileptic seizures. As recently reported, a move is underway to have Casey brought up on Federal charges relating to the death of two-year-old Caylee. Those interested in urging that federal charges be brought against Anthony may contact the United States Attorney General’s office for more information at (202) 514-2000. What do you think about this mess. Let me know your thoughts below…

UPDATE 1/17/2012: When I saw the post above (click the picture to make it bigger) from the No Money For Murder personal blog created by Holly and Jon Briley. I was simply amazed that they would say the following statement, in regards to the information that was posted on the above post. Jon said, “This posting to which I was never asked to confirm anything, This being another rag tag whatever is juicy gets posted.” Now when I read what he had to say, even though it wasn’t very much. I can see he was insinuating that I had got the “FACTS” all wrong and hadn’t done my research. Well let me tell you folks something, I won’t ever write anything that I can’t PROVE with screen shots or links to the article that I am quoting. I don’t make crap up and I am sure as hell not a “rag tag” blog. Everything that was quoted by Mr. Briley was obviously posted BELOW the available screen shots for PROOF that he actually said that. If some people weren’t obviously so damn LAZY and would take time to click the picture and make it bigger, you would see the EXACT same words quoted. I wouldn’t waste my time lying about what they had said.

Let me make this very clear for you people OBSESSED with HATING on Casey Anthony and also those of you who are also OBSESSED with SUPPORTING the murdering “Tot Mom”. If you see the words have been made BOLD or put into “parathenses” that means I am obviously QUOTING someone who said what they said and it was made in a PUBLIC setting. I have no control over what people say and I sure as hell am NOT going to twist someone’s words to make a snazzy post just for traffic. The FACT is I only posted what was PUBLICLY said BASED solely of off what the aforementioned people had written. That INCLUDES any relevant FACEBOOK posts and comments left on certain articles made by the Briley’s. I think it’s a damn SHAME that certain people involved are trying to refute screen shots of what they had said to others within their own Facebook group and also try to refute the screen shots of comments that they had left on the aforementioned post. That is utterly ridiculous and makes them look like they are trying to cover their tracks. I obviously did NOT have to go out of my way to contact any of the Briley’s or anyone else. And wouldn’t bother doing that, because what they had to say was all right there in a public domain, thus I got a screenshot of it. That is all plain and simple.

Also a note to the commentors saying that this blog was “old news”, if you would have started at the TOP of this post and took time to look at the DATE of this blog. It clearly says it was PUBLISHED on January 11, 2012 @ 12:57pm PST. Which makes it an entire week ago. From your complaints that were posted, it makes it seem like I just wrote this crap yesterday. I also want to note that I have nothing personal against anyone involved with this cluster f**k of a mess. Another thing, I am NOT “finger pointing” at random people. The people who are mentioned in this post involved themselves putting all fingers and eyes on them. That’s NOT my fault. We can AGREE to DISAGREE. So all of you do everyone a favor and get your FACTS straight about what was posted here and don’t get it twisted. Have a great day :)


  1. LilRdVet2 says:

    All of you…and I do mean ALL of you are giving CA exactly what she and her lawyers want…more money making fodder for her made for lifetime movie…good job…dumb, dumb, dumb… SMH

  2. karen scharps says:

    Casey Who? She is soo last year's news. Didn't view video-don't care. Stop the finger pointing until all facts are known.

  3. Please, call her "NOT MOM.


    You are hereby given public notice that we, a Nation of your Peers, being steady in our investigation of the evidence, do find you Guilty of the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony.

    The sentence you will serve is that you will never live outside the locked confinements of whatever home you have found.

    The sentence also includes but is not limited to the following:

    You will not be allowed to shop at Walmart. You will not be able to pick up those feminine items at the Dollar Store. You will not be able to go have your nails done. You will not be attending any sporting event. You will not be allowed to drive a car. You will not be allowed to go to a movie.

    You are sentenced to serve "Social Sterilization" for the rest of your life.

    Enjoy your Bella Vita!

  4. Joyce says:

    You should really check out the brileys and their involvment with casey anthony. All of a sudden they DO NOT want any boycotts or petitions against her. Why? because she's getting off probation soon? Did they make a deal with the scamanthonys/defense team/skank? All the brileys are doing now is spamming all caylee warriors. That seems to be their main focus. IMO, the brileys have more of a connection to casey anthony than anyone realizes. They really need to be investigated.

  5. […] (she had gone so far as to fraudulently emboss her own own name on the tapes whilst stripping the original copyright owner, WESH, an affiliate of NBC of their own name on the by then publicly rotating tapes on youtube). This claim led to general […]

  6. […] (she had gone so far as to fraudulently emboss her own own name on the tapes whilst stripping the original copyright owner, WESH, an affiliate of NBC of their own name on the by then publicly rotating tapes on youtube). This claim led to general […]

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