Jessica “Miss Hawaii” Jackson Says She’s Got A “Lawsuit Pending” Against Robert Littal

The longer Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are around, the more we will see the continuance of unnecessary drama. Speaking of the kind of drama that makes you want to read it and watch it go down, even though there are more important things to do with your time. Groupie extraordinaire Jessica Jackson aka “Miss Hawaii” as she likes to call herself, who also claims the following in her twitter profile, “I’m the woman ALL ATHLETES & RAPPERS talk about.” Looking at her tweets from last night, it seems that she was in a heated twitter war with sports blogger, Robert Littal from Black Sports Online. Over some of the blogs he has written about her dealings with the athletes and other famous people that she seems so obsessed with. While her fan base is most likely there to see what she’ll say next or do. Jessica looks pretty determined to shut anyone down who attempts removing her twitter crown of “fame.” My regular readers know that I have written about this obsessed groupie last year. Yet I got bored of her antics and attention whoring ways so I stopped. Then the ridiculousness coming from her twitter timeline really twisted a nerve. Ergo this is why this post has been written about her fame whoring fuckery. Grab your popcorn, soda and other snacks, take a seat and let the games begin…

When you see the screen shot above (click to make the picture bigger) of just some of Jessica’s tweets, you will notice that she talks about the blogger she hates the most. Even though she doesn’t mention his name she calls him “Blackie Chan” saying “I wonder how Blackie Chan is feeling after I mortal combatted his ass.” After she threw some twitter punches, which were ignorant low blows. She taunted him saying, “Tell him to twitpic his baby momma please I’ll give him 20 dollars I know that nigga need it for child support.” Even though her fans and followers cheered her on after making the following immature remarks about Robert’s young daughter, who Jessica alleges is “disabled” she says, “If Im so unimportant y do u tweet me all day everyday n constantly write articles bout me? Doesnt ur daughter have a lil yellow bus to get on? You should be focused on being a father to your ugly daughter and not worried about writing articles about me and who I’m fucking you lame. Oh and ima have my pimps pimp out your daughter. Go put that bitch on the corner and maybe you can afford an actual NICE website nigga. No matter what you say about me it doesn’t change the fact that your fat, ugly and black and so is your disabled daughter LMFAO.” But, the tweet that disgust everyone the most is when she said, “If I ever see his daughter ima have one of my niggas stick their dick in her mouth.”

In the end all that mattered was, “And after alllll this drama I still am about to hit SIXTY THOUSAND FOLLOWERS omg I fuck with y’all! Thanks 4 supporting me!” and “I got TRIPLE the amount of followers as him lmao WELP there goes your career! Guess the photoshopped whoring thief is doing something right.” I guess she must base her personal importance and value with how many twitter followers that she has. In defense of her aggressive attitude she says, “Im sorry I blew up y’all timelines but enough is enough. This guy has been harassing me for a year and it’s getting out of hand.” Her tweets didn’t stop there, she ranted at least 2 hours straight about this blogger. Guess she has lots of time to waste…

In the screen shot above (click the picture to make it bigger) she stated, “He’s delusional!!!!!!! LMFAO making up fake articles and pictures and stories it’s so sad! Oh well, welcome to the celeb life Miss Hawaii.” Hold up a minute, she considers herself a “celebrity” on what grounds? Having her groupie ass all over websites and on twitter talking about sucking dicks. I haven’t seen her hit any red carpets lately, have you? I didn’t think so. She also said, “I don’t have to prove shit to no one cuz I kno the truth and the people I love and fuck w/kno the truth. Fuck That king kong stunt double.” and “I will never @ that nigga cuz I have a lawsuit pending against him! Slander is against the law especially making up lies involving the law. We will totally see who laughs last ill tell you that!” She made her claim that she’s allegedly “suing” him for slander, but Robert hasn’t reported being served any subpoenas to go to court. Unless I missed that memo…

Since Jessica claims that everything that Robert posts about her was fake and made up. I decided to go and look for myself to confirm if he was being truthful about Jessica’s past or not. I seen that he had posted a screen shot of an old article with link from December 2008, that talks about a subject known as “Jessica Jackson.” Which at that time was reported, “Jessica Jackson, 22, of the Bronx was charged with third-degree grand larceny, a felony, about 9 p.m. Her arrest came after an investigation by store security officers, who told police that between November 5 and 26, Jackson and another woman took merchandise from display racks into a dressing room and put them in Nordstrom shopping bags.” Now since her crime was a felony, she could possibly still be reporting to a probation officer who at the time was Mr. Ocassio (according to Robert Littal). But, was this the Jessica that is the now well known obsessed groupie of rappers and athletes. The same arrogant jump off, literally jumping on every rapper and baller dick out there? I do believe it could most likely be her, considering her current character and how she portrays herself online. I am inclined to believe that this is the aforementioned female.

In response to all the tweets that Jessica was blasting all over twitter about Robert and his daughter. He responded with the following replies (check out the screen shot above of his tweets) directly mentioning her. He didn’t waste time with sub-tweeting, he just got down to business. He said, “If you even think about speaking about me subliminal or not again, I will bring your entire foundation down AGAIN @IAmMissHawaii. You want to test me? I suggest you don’t I know the real you .. So know your role & shut ya mouth. Unless you want @KUSHEDAF to give me all the info of your trap house on in Downey, CA .. Ring a bell? Or you want me to expose how you told your followers you were at ALL-STAR @IAmMissHawaii but your probation doesn’t let you leave the state. Or release the VM from the dude who smashed you on your mama bed for $20 .. Do you really want to do this to yourself. You want to tell your followers what happened with Chris Brown or should I let @KUSHEDAF do it. You want to tell your followers how you were kicked out of the NBA Draft by security .. you want to be real right?”

Robert carried on for a little while without ever cursing. That’s when Jessica blew a fuse, thus resulting with the tweet rant. In a picture that was passed to me last year, which I never posted until now, Jessica allegedly posted from her twitter account a shocking message. She said, “FUCK IT!! Im not going to hide it anymore!! Yes I was born a MAN but Im not a man anymore!! I have a boob job and a sex change!!” Whether that tweet was true or not, I really have no clue, it was just strange because she had two accounts at that time, one that was hers and one that she started for her fans. Lastly, regardless of her issues with Robert and how pissed off she is at him. She really showed how ignorant and childish she is by bringing up his young daughter into the online fight that had nothing to do with her. The way Jessica insulted his daughter was completely out of line. She showed her true colors and how THIRSTY and DESPERATE she is to be “famous,” I guess she’ll just keep sucking or attempting to suck that baller cock until she feels she has reached the Kat Stacks or Superhead level of groupie fame. Let me know what you all think about this…


  1. ChangeMyTampon says:

    Oops sorry it sent twice 😡 didn't mean to

  2. AKA says:

    Who the fk says that shit about a child? This chick/dude or wtfever it is is way outta pocket. talking bout having her peoples stick their dicks in his daughter. If the daughter is disable that is sicker than sick. She know who to fk wit cuz I would have had this broad fk'd up for real. No discussion. I wouldn't have even gotten at her on Twitter. I would have pretended I didn't see shit & got her fk'd up. This dude obviously knows where she lives. I wish a bitch would. As the Jamaican saying goes, Duppy know who fi frighten. She obviously knows he wouldn't take it there. Again, I wish a bitch would.

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