Gathering Of The Juggalos: The Insane Clown Posse Discusses The Tila Tequila Incident

Its been almost 2 years since the memorable Tila Tequila vs the Gathering Of The Juggalos incident that happened in August 2010. Tila appeared for her gig located at the GOTJ, a music festival founded by hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse. In honor of the Western comedy film Big Money Rustlas being released at the event. The 11th GOTJ featured a “Best in the West” West Coast hip hop theme. Guest performances included Naughty by Nature, Spice 1, Method Man & Redman, Above the Law, and Warren G. A “Ladies’ Night,” hosted by Sugar Slam, featured performances by Kisa, Lil V, Ill E. Gal, and Tila Tequila. Shaggy 2 Dope hosted “Shaggy’s Old School Super Jam,” featuring DJing by 2 Dope and performances by Tone Lōc and Rob Base. Comedy was provided by Tom Green (who also helped Tila on stage), Gallagher and Ron Jeremy. There were also five wrestling shows booked for the event; Oddball Wrestling, Bloodymania IV, two Flashlight Wrestling events and an event featuring the cast of Half Pint Brawlers. The entire incident could have been prevented if Tila just took Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope’s advice to take the money they had paid her in advance and leave the event, because she was warned about what would happen if she did show up there. Tila tried to act like she was the only victim and cried a lot of fake tears to TMZ and others who ate her story up giving her ridiculous press time. Tila talked a lot of shit, vowing to take legal action against the organizers and promoters for the event…

Even thou Tila blatantly LIED about what went down that day. We all know she and her big bodyguards were repeatedly pelted with objects like rocks, rubber dildos, various sex toys, various beer cans, several Faygo containers, stryofoam cups, liquor bottles, cigarettes, mustard, half a lemon, a pizza slice, pearl bracelet, pudding cup, an unopened can of ICP’s self-branded energy drink Spazmatic, part of a watermelon allegedly soaked in feces and urine, unclothed baby doll, mini Mag Lite, a bag of chicken tenderloins and a bottle rocket flew right by her head. An egg hit her in the face. At one point, a Juggalo with a kerchief over his face climbed up and lunged at her and he was stopped. When Tila first came out, she was shooting Silly String at the angry mob. There was a sign reading CUNT there to greet her…

Comments from Juggalos left on Tila’s original deleted blog included, Rage: “I’m waiting around for a blogger to post about the juggalos throwing pee-filled balloons at this bitch.” jdubb: “im throwing rotten hot dogs at you that are gonna be sitting in a warm cooler filled with hot water out in the sun untill that friday… they have also been in my fridge for over a year…. i fucking hate you and i will teach you not to come back to the gathering” Deadgirlrez: “with the juggalo army so watch the fuck out u lil pissy sluty preppy faggoty hot topic homos and wana bee’s bc pajamas will b on the loos hahahahahahah WHOOP WHOOP” Freekshow tha Juggla: ”Please spare the Juggalos and stay home…. you can’t even spell ICP’s name correctly.. you don’t belong there.” Even after all the warning Tila still insisted on going there. Tila refused to surrender, continued performing even when objects started flying at her head. She got really stupid and kept shouting, “I don’t give a fuck! I ain’t going nowhere!” Then, weirdly, in the midst of it all, Tila decided to pull off her top to ease the crowd. Tom Green told a reporter, That will make them stop throwing things.” Which we know it didn’t and that’s when after 26 minutes of hell she finally left the stage, only to run to TMZ and E! online and her own blog and blatantly LIE about what had allegedly happened.

Tom added, “A lot of people there did want to listen to Tila Tequila. But you got a 10 percent negative minority throwing things. And that gets things rolling.” The press release in regards to the incident stated that Tila, “insisted on performing. She even was paid in full before her performance and was told she did NOT have to perform.” They added, “Despite warnings and already being paid without having to perform, Ms. Tila Tequila made the decision to go out on stage and perform (…) Her injuries were only sustained because of her REFUSAL to leave the stage.” Exactly, Tila brought it all on herself and can blame no one but her own stupidity. A person going under the name “Cloak” added: “I was there. she was NOT bleeding at all until the final shot hit her on the left side if her face (appearing to be above the eye). The cut on her right side was fabricated for the photo. What a dumb bitch! And her telling the media that her hair was burnt because of a flying firecracker… really?? A bottle rocket flow by very quickly and burnt ur hair? Get real. She was assaulted but she fabricated those photos.” At one point she was taunting and daring the crowd to try and hit her with stuff, she said “I got good reflexes.” What did she think was going to happen? Seems she asked for it…

In the video above, released on July 10, the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) as they’re known, opened up about the famous Tila incident that occurred at the 11th Annual GOTJ. The main guys who run and own the event, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope also have an interesting theory on why the gathering has been a mostly peaceful event during its 12 years of existence. Sadly Lil Kim’, who’s a way better rapper than Tila will ever be, never got to perform because of the chaos Tila caused. Method Man also got hit in the face and was also bleeding, but kept going. He only bitched after Tila started making a huge media fest out of the entire thing. While I don’t advocate violence against women, children, elderly or people in general. Things like this shouldn’t happen to any performers that show up there. Can we call this incident Tila’s KARMA?

This incident says a lot about a person like Tila who willingly went out to the GOTJ and on stage to prove that she’s a bad ass, while at the same time taunting those who truly hated her and weren’t afraid to do something about it. The attention whoring drama in Tila’s life has always been preventable, no matter what she says. Most injuries she’s received were her own fault and self inflicted, yet she blames everyone else for her fuck ups and debauchery. Tila’s extremely narcissistic and self serving. She’s always looking for attention from her “Tila Army” members. If she doesn’t get the awesome compliments and the constant validation that she craves. She boots them and any naysayers to the curb if they aren’t kissing her ass and believing her lies that she spews daily. Tila claims that she’s going on tour again and going to complete a full album. Yeah right, we will see if that even occurs. As far as I see it, she’s home 24/7 getting high as fuck, making stupid DJ mixes for her fans, while trying to rap some stupid shit to garner support. Tila’s celebrity life is really sad and fucking pathetic…


  1. Really? says:

    A big tell that she was milking the injuries were the fact that she refused medical treatment until she was able to go to her Doctor Feelgood in LA. She got on a flight and came home before going to an actual hospital. After that she claimed the doctor gave her morphine for her injuries, which is why she waited til LA where she would've got a few 5/500 Vicodin from any other doctor.

    Whenever she acts hard or tough I always think of the video when she landed in LA and is confronted by Carlton Jordan and she bawls in front of the camera. Yeah, she's so tough. I agree and am against violence towards women, but it seems that she intentionally walked into this just to get injured and to milk it for what it was worth. You don't kick a lion in the balls and not expect to get bit. [youtube Lp4tF50FaSU youtube]

  2. Just more proof the wench isn't a bad ass. Like for real I was one of the ones that warned her not to go and yet she did it. It was her own fault. I don't condone violence I don't think it's right but, she was literally asking for it. I mean I know that's an odd thing for me to say coming from someone who USE to be a fan of hers and defended her against this very thing. After talkin' with a couple people about it I see it from a different point of view now. As far as her goin' after that girl who told her she's annoying well she clearly had an attitude last night she yelled at a guy for bein' respectful towards her and being nice to her. I thanked him for sayin' what he said because it's true. She's not a very nice person no matter what anyone tells her or what she says. She treated a dedicated fan 3 actually like crap so there's no way she's a nice person. She needs help. As far as this.. I'm not an ICP fan never have been never will be.. I do however support Faygo because that's the best pop ever but, she was warned and she could've left but chose not to do it then lied about it. Like I said, she asked for it. She brought it on herself.

  3. I agree with both of you. Tila asked for it and she got what she asked for. No matter how hard she tried to play the \”victim\”, Tila only turned out to be the fool. There are hundreds of artists and performers who refuse to go to the GOTJ. She was STUPID and she chose the outcome from the start throwing stupid insults at the ICP by misspelling their name and taunting their loyal fans. That is why I feel what happened to Tila was her KARMA, that was long time coming. Even after all that shit she still acts like a fucking douche, destroying the rest of her sorry ass career that she thinks she has. She\’s finished…

    • Really? says:

      She should learn that saying "I'll kick everybody's ass in the room" at the Gathering she better be able to back it up. But despite being able to box in no clothing she sure couldn't defend herself. Karma like a mother-fucker.

  4. Sheriff says:

    This post is nothing short of awesome!

  5. deluwiel says:

    this was a bizarre-o episode in this mess we call Tuna's life – on the one hand, if she had not even attempted to perform she would have been called out for it; getting on stage, measuring up the crowd and making a quick exit would have brought down a lot of criticism, as well, I suppose. It really was a no-win for her and I blame whoever booked her and put her in the situation. It was her behavior that removed any bit of sympathy I may have had for her. She decides to stand up there and taunt and provoke people making the whole thing worse, then lies and cries about it for literally weeks afterwards. The whole thing was a giant ball of weirdness. ahhh, those were the days. Now we only have her pitiful attempts at ear-bleeding remixes, the occasional delusional rant about conspiracy theories, and posting on FB to an imaginary boyfriend. it's just not the same anymore.

  6. Joann says:

    I think the GOTJ crowd was rather nice to her. She didn't get the ass whipping she deserved. After being told what was in store for her if she went on stage, GETTING PAID UP FRONT and being told she could still keep the money if she didn't want to go on stage, yet she still goes on stage then come back home crying like an idiot and talking about suing because she got pelted a few times. PLEASE. They should have given her something to really cry and sue about.

  7. RockitQueen says:

    Look at that smile on her face in the picture where she has the cut on her head. She got exactly what she wanted. She went into that show knowing full well what was going to happen just so she could get whine to the cameras about how mean everyone is to her. Agree with Joann…she got off easy.

    Her tits are fucking disgusting and look painful. Guys/Gay Gals: does anyone seriously find that attractive??? Uggghhh!!

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Shaggy does! In his and jay's "don't throw shit" warning, he said "wait im tryin ta fuck that bitch." Lmfao XD

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