Tila Tequila’s Crazy Week: FAKE Cell Phone Hackers, Exposing Haters and Stolen Artwork

The lamest and most desperate attention/fame whoring title is held by the one and only failed reality star Tila Tequila. Tila’s career is pretty much non-existent and that is obvious with how much time she has been spending on the net making her crappy songs and posting them on Youtube and Sound Cloud as teasers or DJ mixes that she steals from other real DJ’s out there. This week has been another crazy one for the pint sized crack whore “mogul” who now has to book her own hosting gigs, because it seems that her new manager David Weintraub isn’t doing shit for her career. You read that right, Tila has to book her own money making hosting gigs herself. How can we tell that her alleged manager/PR rep has sadly NOT done anything for her you might be wondering. She exposed herself during one of her desperate pay attention to me episodes that require her “Tila Army” of complete fucking sheepish morons who literally believe all the bullshit LIES she tells them, to tell her how great she is and to thank her for the pathetic attention that she’s given to them. Like she’s doing them a fucking favor or something like that, you know because she is Gods special messenger aka Angel of God and she is trying to save the world with the sacred messages that she is allegedly told to give to everyone who worships the ground she walks on. Basically letting everyone know that unless you constantly validate how courageous she is for being a whistle blower and praising Tila for taking her time out of her day full of nothing to hang out with you. Then you must be a “stalker” or “hater” if you question her words and what she has said, because you are supposed to believe that she is a “Pleiadian Alien fighting against the “Reptilian Aliens” who want to eat you and take your soul…

On Monday, August 27, Tila claimed that she was racing sports cars all around town and going to secret locations with other racers. She posted a random picture of a high profile Ferrari and claimed she was driving that specific one, inviting her fans to come and join in. She went as far as to say that she was racing her car and updating her Facebook at the same time, never realizing that it was obvious she was sitting on her laptop from her house and posting it all on the web. She also claimed that she used to race with “Chuy” from Chelsea Handler’s show “Chelsea Lately” show claiming that he was hitting on her and trying to feel her up. She also mentioned, “one time “VERN” you know “AUSTIN POWER MINI- ME?” well I’ve learned that the smaller they are.. the more perverted!!! Vern tried to kiss me as I went to give him a hug and then he asked for my number! LOLLLLLLLLL.” Also during that insane racing rant she even claimed, “I’m serious! We did this on a more hardcore and dangerous scale when I was in the “BULLRUN RACE ACROSS AMERICA.”

She then went on to say, “Yea I recorded a video of me doing that once and posted on youtube… but then I took it down because shouldn’t be “ENABLING” my younger fans into trying it… so I deleted it.. but yea in that video I recorded myself speeding at 230mph… shit was crazyyyyyy fun! Especially when your car is airborne jumping over a hill!! Ohhhhhhhhh that’s the best!!!!!! But if you don’t know what you’re doing the impact upon landing, may blow out all 4 of your alignments, wheels… etc… so again .. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Just with me lol.” She even told people her code name “BELLA BLACK OP” and she said, “I wear a bandana over my face so you can’t see who I am… GANGSTA!”

On Tuesday, August 28, Tila claimed that she was cutting her hair off. She posted pics of her cut hair on her private and public Facebook accounts. She called herself crazy for cutting her hair adding, “Lmaooo wow I’m fucking crazy! See? Just looks like a pixie cut! Lol… Not that bad! Just cuz I’m willing to chop off my own hair doesn’t mean I’m crazy. I just don’t give a fuck about being superficial.” The craziness wasn’t over just yet as she posted on the same day she cut her hair, some more attention posts talking about her alleged right eye injury that forced her to have both eyes closed, “I’m so sad. Some broken small glass pieces flew inside my right eye a few hours ago and I just got back from the doctor. This sucks and hurtsss sooo bad! :( my right eye is all bandaged up cuz it’s severly been cut. and I cant see much with my left eye either cuz the more movement in either eye, causes my injured rigth eye to move around and moving around a cut up open eyeball doesn’t feel good. fuck this hurts so bad. Ca yu believe im typing with both eyes closed? :( good thing typing works when you close ur eyes a d remember the buttoms… :(“ That same evening she posted a “poor me” rant on her private account that also exposed the fact that she is now scheduling her own hosting gigs. That post was quickly deleted of course. But you know that we are some slick bitches over here and snagged it to prove the fuckery going down on her pages.

She brought up her “December Sky” song: “Do you guys want to hear that song I wrote 8 years ago, I briefly mentioned about it to you guys a while back on why I never released it. My song “DECEMBER SKY” remember? Cuz I said, even though its one of my favorite songs, for some reason I never wanted anyone to hear it because the lyrics in those songs not only foretells a future, but also of my life… but at that time when I wrote the song… I was amazed because I had NO IDEA how I came to writing such powerful lyrics, to what I know now was predicting a future for today… it goes so much deeper than that… and that’s why I never let anyone hear it… but I feel now, 8 years later, is the right time to let the world hear my message.” Which Tila must be lying about how old the song is, because on August 17, she claimed that she wrote the song 7 years ago

On Wednesday, August 29, Tila claimed that her phone had been stolen and the alleged hacker had used her phone to post a topless picture of her (seen above). Tila’s so fucking stupid that she doesn’t realize that we know she had used her phone the night before to schedule her Germany hosting gig and the posted photo was directly from the WEB and made PUBLIC. Several hours before the alleged “hacked” topless wonky tit picture showed up, she wrote a post on her personal Facebook account bragging about how she was going to post a pic: “I feel like posting up a nude picture. Why? I think its beautiful and how come GUYS get to walk around shirtless, but GIRLS cannot? HOW BIAS! My next post I WILL BE UPLOADING A NUDIE PIC AND THAT I AM NOT JOKING! POW! Stand by.” She must have messed up and instead posted it onto her fan page, then tried to act like she got hacked and her cell phone was stolen. What a dumb fucking skank she is. That led to this shit…

On Thursday, August 30, Tila tried to act “gangster” and expose her haters with the help of an alleged “police officer” whom she claimed was giving her all of her haters personal info. Tila targeted Network305 and QOCAP for her attack. Random delusional “Tila Army” idiots joined in the silly fight against the haters talking a whole bunch of shit then running away blocking them and deleting most all their tweets. Tila encouraged harassment, Cyberbullying and mob mentality behavior claiming the entire time that her army of morons had some sort of special clout because of this so called person told her he’s a cop. If in fact that is true, I am sure his internal affairs in his agency would love to hear that their officer is encouraging illegal behavior. Besides the mass deletions of posts on Tila’s page, she’s back to talking about being God’s special messenger, the fight against Reptilian Aliens and other shit. Its the same demented shit, just another week. That’s why I don’t write about her daily, it’s just to much everyday. I’ve noticed that her manic and drugged out tweaker episodes are becoming more frequent, longer and crazier. I have posted lots of screen caps above (click the pics to make them bigger) that show her lots of her lies and stupidity….

UPDATE 09/02/2012: I want to thank my loyal readers for notifying me via email this morning about the fuckery going down on Tila’s fan page. Why wont Tila just stop with the hobby artist bullshit and the constant and blatant LYING that she keeps getting caught doing. Early in the morning hours yesterday, Tila was being really stupid and got caught red handed doing it. The ignorance of most of the people who follow her on her fan page really blows my fucking mind. Tila claimed that she had painted a picture of herself (seen above) saying, “Kinda like this one I painted a long time ago: I call this: DEVIANT ROSE.” Little did the bitch realize that people were checking up on her claims and saw that she had literally STOLEN the artwork of the artist named Pauline Nightseraph. Who had painted Tila and that art was all over the web. The extremely appreciative artist showed up on Tila’s page and posted, “wow i have looked at this so VERY VERY carefully and now decided to comment, thanks to anyone who has made comments and links about my artwork xx, and thanks to those of u who sent me messages on deviant art xx” I guess Tila must be really fucked up and high of off whatever she is on, because the picture is still there during the time I am writing this update up. Besides that craziness, when will Tila finally end up getting what she deserves. For all the negative stuff that she has done to people, she never gets any real punishment but a slap on the hand. What do you all think about this?

UPDATE 09/04/2012: Thank you to @FUYU for this new update in regards to Tila’s attempt to rally her “Tila Army” cult of followers against the artist who took several hours to draw a picture of Tila, because she was a fan of hers. As seen in the screen shot above Pauline Nightseraph went to Tila’s Facebook after being notified that Tila had done everything to save face in the now deleted update after being exposed that she had lifted the hand drawn piece and photoshopped it to make it appear as her own. After several emails back and forth between Tila and Pauline. Tila refused to come clean, answer her or explain herself. The emails between them do exist and I have them all posted on the link above. Pauline told Tila via Facebook after being ignored, “commenting about the comments u are making, tho despite saying ‘you write back’ you dont, instead u made this comment somwhere else, ppl messaging me and commenting me on my deviant art account is the only reason i know any of this and the only reason i comented in the first place last night, i said nothing about it, all i said in my comment was thank you to ppl who did not even know me yet still made comments and links to my art whitch i looked at very very carefuly and will say yes photoshoped over, the photograph i used was not exact to my drawing, when it comes to drawing hair i make my own lines because hair is so detailed and long i do alot of it without looking at photographs, meaning the hair lines on my artwork does not match the hair position lines on the photograph i used however your pic that u say was your original painting matched the lineing of mine along with a few other things on my art regarding shading whitch did not match your photograph.”

In the screen shot seen above, Pauline had explained how she created her drawing including the type of paper she used. How she now had a chance to finally defended herself. It’s so unfair to see this kind artist treated this way, for no reason at all. Please share your thoughts below and post anything that I may have missed…


  1. Tila has continued talking shit. This time she had the nerve to tell her Tila Army that her “Summertime” song was written a few years ago. We already knew that thou. But that totally contradicts what she told the douche bags after she got out of her fake rehab. She claimed she wrote the song while she was in rehab. What a fucking liar she is…

    ok this is OFF TOPIC, but I am getting SOOO MANY REQUESTS from you guys for me to release my song “SUMMERTIME” which I will. That will be on my album. But I just wanted to share an interesting fact with you about that song. It originated from this little piece that I wrote a few years back! If you go near the end of this video when I start to play the piano… well… that is when “SUMMERTIME” was born! Interesting eh? :) and yes people always love to talk shit about me calling me names like whore, talentless, crazy, etc… but I don’t care because at least I am one of the few artists these days who actually writes all of my own songs as opposed to someone else writing them for me like most popstars out there with their so called “TALENT” So try to discredit me all you want, but you will never be able to take away my heart and passion and my love for my fans and TILA ARMY! POW! awwww and look at ONYX!!! ♥

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/Tila/posts/2756062992155

  2. SMHatFools says:

    Did you happen to catch the part where she made up the fake story about her grandparents getting tortured to death and then getting thrown in the ocean to drown and that some chick was making fun of her for that and that her Tila Army should attack the girl on FB and get her deleted? I have that if you missed it.

    Or even today with Tila writing that Twilight fan fiction where the characters all were in love with her and claiming "I wrote this 3 years ago" which makes no sense as 3 years ago it was a series of 4 books that they were in the process of turning into movies and Tila said it was for the 5th movie, which wasn't announced that the 4th book was being broken into 2 movies yet. Which means it was a sad, lonely 30 year old woman who was writing Twilight fan fiction. LOL

    • I am sorry about not responding sooner. Its been crazy times a million. If you could email me the screen caps or link where you posted them. I would deeply appreciate it. Tila’s been doing full on crazy shit for weeks now. Its hard to keep up… LOL

  3. Lisa says:

    What about her 'singing' in Indian, then when she didn't get comments she liked, made another post saying how awful all Indian people were?

    And just now shes had a rant at her fans saying they'd have nothing to talk about if not for her, after saying about being in the crips again.

    Meth head.

    • Since Tila’s on overdrive and tweaking non-stop acting like the fucking arrogant bitch she is, I have been capping when I can. The troll is insane for claiming the following fuckery…

      Tila Tequila: “I really don’t understand how rude some people can be! I mean, the only reason I am learning how to speak, read, and write in multiple languages is because I love my fans VERY MUCH! ANd I know my fans, the TILA ARMY is WORLD WIDE so that is my main reason why I try to learn every language. My gift to you to show you how much I love you! I seriously spend 5-8 hours a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, studying my ass off just to learn these languages so I can dedicate them to you! But unfortunately, SOME people or cultures can be SO RUDE! Complaining…. I mean… wow! That is EXTREMELY RUDE! Here I am trying to learn your culture and mind you, I don’t fucking have to do shit for you… but I spend most of my days doing it anyway! And what thanks do I get?? You complaining?”

      Source: https://www.facebook.com/Tila/posts/1015113143306

  4. Pshhh says:

    Oh maaaaan. What a mess. I hope Onyx is in a loving home. I don't think she is long for this world at the rate she's going. No recent face pictures also highly unusual- whatever is going on is seriously messed up!

  5. A facebook member exposed her latest lie, here's the original she stole a printed out:

  6. Joann says:

    GRR what a good post. I needed something to laugh about tonight and I got it in spaces.

    Racing and updating her FB at the same time. Racing with a bandanna over her face so no one would recognize her, typing with both eyes closed because of a serious cut on one eye which hurts when she moves the other eye(why don't she just stop typing until the eye heals up….because she's lying), posting nude pictures of herself online then claiming someone hacked her phone and posted them. She's almost back to the old days with her crazy ranting. No agent, booking her own shows. What more is left for the skank.

    • Pshhh says:

      Yeah she seemed to cover all the topics: aliens, fancy car, invite to hang with her fans, getting hacked and being a victim of having private nudie shots getting exposed, being gangsta, but being friends with a Cop! Rallying the Tila Army to attack H8rs, getting sympathy/being a victim of eye injuries, Onyx, her "new" art & music (plagiarized of course), HATERS, and that old Chestnut, "Summertime".
      Even Casey was mentioned this week. RIP.
      No lawsuits or pregnancies mentioned though!

  7. In denial says:

    Great Job! But Ghost you didn't expose her most important fuckery so far, where she accuses Casey's family of killing their own daughter by giving her drugs! Insane!!
    If you need the screen shots I can put em up here for you. Please do a post on that if you can ,teach her filthy mouth a lesson, she deleted it quickly as well.

    • Sorry about the delay in responding. I really appreciate you snagging those screen shots. I have been really busy and couldn’t catch them on time, but I promise a full post dedicated in the memory of Casey Johnson and those tweets will be posted along with Tila’s bullshit stories. That she told to the media after Casey died including the 911 call on the day 3 people found her. Tila really has some nerve blaming the Johnson’s for killing their daughter and forcing her to do “heroin” and take her necessary medications to survive. When Tila is the one who told Casey to stop taking her diabetic meds and then abandoned her taking her 3 dogs…

    • Joann says:

      Someone should send those tweets to the proper authorities, to the people she accused of outright killing Casey and to anyone else who might be in power to get her put in jail for her lies. She slandered the Johnson's family name but the person who claimed Tila killed Casey might get in trouble and I wouldn't want that to happen. Don't know how that would be handled because you know the skank will use it against that person.

    • I got them all. Thank you again for caring :)

    • Pshhh says:

      What in the ever loving mother?!?
      Yes the authorities need to see this madness.
      And the Johnson's- that is slander! Defamation of character. She needs a ball gag (& I don't mean for her next "film"). How DARE she speak I'll of her "beloved" and spew hate against her family. Everyone suffered a loss when Casey died. That ish is- UNCONSCIONABLE.
      Cuckoo Bananas TT- someone render her mentally unfit to care die herself; this makes Courtney Love look sane. F#*^!

  8. In Denial says:

    You're welcome! And really great job again on exposing this worthless piece of shit.

  9. QOCAP says:

    Great post, GRR as usual. I want to say Tila is a mentally ill person who will put herself in harms's way to get media attention. The Juggalos is a great example. She was warned ahead of time and still went, knowing this would make headlines at TMZ and RetardOnline (RadarOnline). Good publicity, bad publicity, as long it makes headlines, that's the essence of a true attention whore. God forbid, if she was warned to NOT swim in a lake where it's filled with flesh-eating bacteria, she would jump in there in a heart beat.

    Anyways, I uploaded a new video recently and thought you guys might like this. :) it's called TRAMP by Somaya Reece. This song IS about Tila herself.

    [youtube mfUiCnod15Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfUiCnod15Q youtube]

  10. Jan says:

    So glad she got busted on the stolen artwork. I can't imagine what she would be doing and getting away with if no one was calling her out on her shit. I really am curious about why she isn't showing her face. I think its prob drugs just taking their toll. Just when I think she's done and said every disgusting and detestable thing, she tops herself. Its freaking amazing!

    • The original artist Pauline Nightseraph went to Tila’s page to blast the artwork that she stole from her. I snagged a screen cap of it all and posted it here: http://twitpic.com/aqm2xu and it will also be posted again in this blog above. The artist wrote to Tila…

      Pauline Nightseraph: “wow i have looked at this so VERY VERY carefully and now decided to comment, thanks to anyone who has made comments and links about my artwork xx, and thanks to those of u who sent me messages on deviant art xx”

      Source: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.37041067

  11. Marie says:

    And just when you think this girl can't get any crazier!!!….I'm having such a hard time reading her posts and being able to see the outright LIES and those idiots on her FB barely see it, you have to put it right in front of their faces and then they STILL say its OKAY!! INFUCKINGSANE!!!

    Today's painting lie was just ludacris. Its pretty easy to figure out that all she did was take some paintings she already owned and paint her name on them so she can sell them. The fact that she posted that she had to be "really picky about who she chose" to make personal portraits of, gave it away that she wasn't planning on doing any at all. Then there were the comments from the James Kincaid person that sounded just like Tila when she's trying to talk "deep" (BARF) Her money making schemes are really bad!

    Everyone keeps telling her to go back into porn…I AGREE…too bad for her the industry is shut down right now, she should of got back into it when we told her. Oh well :)

  12. Now she's posting pics of the paintings she made to proof that she didn't steal them LOL she obviously doesn't get that we know that the ugly ones that look like a preschooler painted them are from her, it's the the ones that show real talent and a sense of how to paint professionally that she stole from real artists.

  13. Meh says:

    Just when I think this stupid cunt can't possibly get any stupider. She should be thanking her lucky stars that there are artists out there who are doing portraits of her. Instead, she steals those portraits, runs them through some PS filter, and says "LOOK WHAT I PAINTED." Stupid, stupid, ungrateful bitch.

    I heard she actually responded to Pauline, but if she did, it's been deleted. Did anyone grab that?

    • Whatever says:

      Unfortunately no, this bitch claims to be so Gangster but cowardly deletes her bullshit on every occasion and then denies deleting her posts and calls those doing it pussies. Ugh!

  14. Meh says:

    She's now just posted a video to prove to the haters that she paints her own stuff:

    LMAO at her "temporary studio," where her painting is propped up against a mirror in the hallway. No easel, no task lamp. I'm guessing this is her new shitty apartment, seeing as she had to move out of her mansion.

    And she doesn't show her face at all during the whole thing. I'm guessing she's got some obvious meth scabs or something. That's not a joke; something must be seriously busted about her face for her to not show it.

    • mizsilverside says:

      I've not been commenting lately but always keeping an eye on the fuckery, and this video is seriously weird. At the end when she stands up from the stool she sorta ducks like shes getting outta frame before heading back to the camera. Its shitty quality and I can't be 100%, but I took a few screen caps for her walking back (sue me my other half is snoring and I can't sleep!) and ran it through some filters, normal PS/editing stuff and it looks like she has a black eye.

      For a long time I've been equally disgusted and panicked by her. If (and this is total supposition) she has been beaten, I dread to think why. Abusive lover, bad drug deal, falling down in a drunken/tweaked out mess – all could be applicable.

      Maybe this is why her current obsession is with making things 'pretty', so to speak.

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  16. @Seola1 says:

    Didn't Tila already post that pic of her cutting her hair off a couple months ago? Showed another pic of just hair on the floor but no cut? Considering it looks brass and coarse, I'm thinking it's a wig.

  17. […] followers. Have I got a laugh and a half for you and then some! The funniest of this started when Ghost posted about the crazy meth rants of Tila and showed where she stole an artist’s work and claimed it […]

  18. Looks like you got yourself in a lie you can't get out of Tila. Just more proof you're a liar and now you're a thief. Just give it up you're not relevant anymore. Ahahahahahaha I can't help but laugh at this oh my gosh. If her fans still defend her after seeing all this there's no saving them.

  19. Kate Addict says:

    Tila first tries like hell to be like those who have a God given talent that she covets, and then when she proves to herself that she fucking SUCKS at it, she then turns around and attacks those she is jealous of.

  20. Kate Addict says:

    My browser crashed as I was trying to post a comment so I hope this isn't a duplicate:

    Tila tries her hardest to be on the same level of those who have a God given gift, and then when she realizes she SUCKS at it or is mediocre at best, she then turns around and attacks those who's gift and talent she covets.

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  23. […] a hacker is beyond me since you have the phone, you don’t need to hack…) as documented RIGHT HERE ON GHOST RIDER RADIO? This is just awesome.  I could go on and on all day about her insults to fans documented multiple […]

  24. […] “fame” got to her head and she has over the years turned into a horrible public figure, drug addict, porn star, conspiracy theorist, Angel of God, Gods Messenger, DJ Tila Tee, Pleiadian Alien and so […]

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