“Freedom Fighter” Tila Tequila’s “Ascending” and “Quantum Hopping” Into The 5th Dimension

Yeah folks, this is a going to be a crazy, funny and off the wall Tila Tequila update. Of course it is and you would expect nothing else then to laugh your asses off. It appears that our little Pleiadan Alien and pathetic attention seeking drugged out reality star Hollywood reject is back to her typical everyone is attacking me and shunning me antics. Tila has been protesting on her Blog Talk Radio station that she is out tosave the world and educate the world of what is really going on. Even though Tila has more than proven herself to be a blatant LIAR and drama instigator, making sure all the attention benefits her self-serving agenda. When Tila started calling her haters CIA Drone Bots claiming that they were being “paid” by the CIA to silence her and shut her up. Even though the allegation was totally idiotic and not true, Tila’s die hard Tila Army fans just ate that shit up, like it was some kind of amazing prophecy or revelation that she exposed. I had to just shake my head in laughter at the pathetic fuckery coming from this CRAZY BITCH. How can people sit there and actually believe anything that she is saying when she has NOT shown any sort of PROOF to back up her claims? Are her fans that ignorant to not FACT CHECK someone or their claims BEFORE just taking their word for it, like it’s fucking gospel?

On October 11, Tila claimed that this post seen above posted on her Facebook fan page, was literally a “divine intervention”, because God allegedly wanted people to see her communicate with her helpless fans to get the message out and help them. She had claimed that she allegedly only LIKED the video and it had some how landed on her fan page. Tila posted many crazy replies on to her long and annoying YouTube video, “PLEASE TELL PEOPLE COMMENTING ON MY FB THAT I AM STILL BANNED! I WAS ONLY ABLE TO “LIKE” THIS VIDEO REALLY QUICK WHILE I HAD IT SET ON PRIVATE FB’S SYSTEM PROBABLY HAD A GLITCH WAS NOT ABLE TO CATCH FAST ENOUGH SO IT LEAKED THROUGH BUT IM STILL BANNED! ALSO THIS PROVES THAT GOD IS HELPING ME BECAUSE HE CONTINUES TO GUIDE ME WITH THESE MESSAGES THAT URGENTLY NEEDS TO BE HEARD! SO I BELIEVE GOD IS HELPING ME CUZ ITS NOT A COINCEDENCE THAT THESE POWERFUL MESSAGES ARE THE ONLY ONES GONG THROUGH!” Still its just words Tila with ZERO PROOF… Duh…

We know that’s a blatant LIE because the direct URL shows the video was SHARED directly by her onto her page. She also said, “ALSO I AM SERIOUSLY SPEAKING TO A FEW LAWYERS RIGHT NOW TO HELP ME TAKE DOWN ALL THESE ASSHOLES! ARE YOU WITH ME? LETS DO IT!” Yeah right, I will be waiting for her 12 bulldog lawyers to make a difference in your little fantasy world and clean up Tila’s mess…

In the video above dated October 13, 2012, Tila uploaded a weird ass podcast titled, “MISS TILA UPDATE: NEW EARTH, QUANTUM HOPPING, & EXPLAINING LOTS ABOUT WHATS” then her title got cut off so I am going to guess she wanted to say, “GOING ON”, but all her caps just kill me. Why does she feel the need to scream at people? Anyhow, Tila had added this description, “Thank you all for your undying love & support! I am currently building a new website since they deleted my other one but meanwhile just subscribe to my channel here on youtube or to my radio shows here: Tila’s Truth Movement.” She continued, “Meanwhile, keep up the good work, keep spreading the messages, and I’ll be back more with more in depth information on everything. So much is happening right now that it doesn’t even matter anymore who believes and who doesn’t because soon I won’t be here anymore anyway… meaning I will be fully ascended to the New Earth. More Info Soon! I love you! – Miss Tila” But bobble head Tila wasn’t done being stupid just yet and had went further, posting a video insulting Anonymous

Early in the morning hours of October 15, 2012, Tila posted this now DELETED video on to her personal YouTube account awkwardly titled, “THEY TOOK AWAY TILA BUT AT LEAST THEY GAVE ME HER CHANNEL!”, going under the name “Evan Thomas”. She also sent out an email to the people on her mailing list from a blog that was DELETED by GoDaddy because she had VIOLATED their TOS and PRIVACY for vengefully posting commentors IP addresses and emails in order to expose them to her “Tila Army” even telling them to get revenge. Get this straight people. Tila was NOT ever “hacked” by “The Others” as she claimed to be. That’s just the facts.

Besides claiming on this new blog, “Also since “THE OTHERS” threatened me to shut down my friend Evan and myself’s new blog at “TMZ Info Wars” I just switched the domain name so please re-sign up for my mailing list over at my new website now at: “Miss Tila Omg.” I will be taking over that blog now. Please spread the word and sign up to the mailing list at that site because I wont be sending out emails from this mailing list anymore since they hacked it.” They hacked it, fucking bullshit. Why does she keep lying? On that site she keeps asking for donations, in a most pathetic way. This is topping the list of stupid shit she has done so far this past few months. This year has to be the most insane that Tila’s had yet.

Even though Tila claimed that she was going to run away and disappear for awhile, because the poor alien was so damn “exhausted” from it all. She quickly changed her mind AGAIN and literally ran to her BTR to post another one of her crazy emergency rants trying to make sure her new “Tila Army” truth seeking followers were listening and doing what she said. She started off her show, “First of all I wanted to let you guys know that… “The Others” the shadow government… Their all listening right now as we speak…. [blah, blah, blah]” She continued, “They hacked my website” and she rambled on about Facebook claiming she and her fans are being censored, not realizing everyone’s pages are being censored. Doesn’t this stupid bitch research like she claims she does? Geez. Tila was NOT done yet acting like a bad bitch gangster as she threatened her haters in chat, “Guess what you fucking cowards, I have what is called a “Dead Mans Flag” and have planted my seeds all over the place… So that if anything else further happens, that entire list of you fucks will be blasted out there for everyone to know… Alright that is my fuckin’ safety net right now… So if you dare continue to mess with me… [Blah, Blah, Blah].” Another thing. When I showed up in her chat room for the last 20 minutes of her show, Tila hurried up and logged out. I have to wonder who is the SCARED one? On October 10, she had banned me from chat as soon as I logged into it and I never said a word to her. And Tila is always crying about being censored from her freedom of speech and her rights? Tila has proven she’s the Queen of Censorship… Pfft…

Then Tila took some calls, mainly one from Peter Santilli, who is a, “Former U.S. Marine, Consumer Advocate, Coca-Cola Executive Corporate Whistleblower, Radio Talk Show Host.” He also brags that he is an amazing “professional hell raiser; most notably recognized for his $200 million dollar class action lawsuit against Coca-Cola.” Back in March 2002 it appears that Peter wasn’t a CEO after all, “Peter Santilli, a former district sales manager at a Coca-Cola sales center in Rancho Cucamonga, said he was fired after complaining that the company shaved thousands of dollars in overtime wages from the paychecks of its hourly employees. Santilli alleges that he and other managers were expected to manipulate an electronic timekeeping system and edit out overtime hours worked by merchandisers, who typically earn $8 per hour restocking store shelves with Coke products.” A district manager is NOT a CEO by any means.

Peter was literally kissing Tila’s ass acting like he was trying to score a date and also get that free fame whoring press time from her many listeners she had on. Tila would bring up the “CIA Drone Bots” and get into a rant about them saying they don’t exist in her world. Then Peter would bring them up again and they would both rant again. Tila would divert the conversation and tell him to stop bringing haters up, then he did it anyway and brought up the haters in the chat room, making himself look way above everyone else. Peter the truther dude claims to be an “investigative journalist”, but FAILS to research anything about Tila and her “Truth Movement” that SHE claims to have started all on her own? In the words of Tila, “I mean really??? Really??? Come on!!!!!” Wake the fuck up people. Most of this, I brought up in the comments section of my last post, but this recent stuff is just to much to ignore. What do you think about this latest incident. Please share your thoughts and comments below…


  1. kkkk says:

    For you Tila: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAGP24eq_0o

    Btw. nice dress from some gothic e-shop, bitch.

    • kkkk says:

      (I know, the music video will probably get her extremely scared and paranoid in her current druggie state, but I couldn't help myself. Soooory, I'm usually not like that, but I'm getting pretty pissed with her latest antics, she's basically been discrediting the truth movement as a whole because she's using it for her own continuous purpose of "getting famous", obviously).

    • Pshhh says:

      I like that dress, but not with those shoes or styled that way, LOL.

      • kkkk says:

        It's not bad, I actually have a similar top, so that's why I said it probably comes from Gothic shop (or Ebay). Btw. what's going on with her hair? Seems like it's multicolored.

        • Pshhh says:

          KKKK, that's "ombré" hair coloring trend- which I think Drew Barrymore kind of perfected!
          Lmk your thoughts, besides the fact that I'm not a hair colorist and a dork to know this silly info. :p

  2. sheriff says:

    Still waiting for my c.I.. Check. I should probably stop waiting cause I don't think I passed the background check.

  3. sheriff says:

    CIA check I mean.

  4. Marie says:

    "Peter The Truther Dude" LMAO! He's merely using Tuna to get his own agenda out and she's too damn stupid to see thru it. I hope she realizes these people also are NOT her friends, but Im sure she'll be finding that out soon enough. In the words of Will Smith AHHHHHH WELL!!

    • Lueki says:

      yeah you know he wants to convert all of the "tila army" to listening to his show now. its all about networking man!!!

  5. CringeWorthy says:

    She is a foul beast.

  6. sheriff says:

    Working on a new video parody called "Dirty Woman" I made a pic for the DVD cover.

    Follow me @sheriffgauncent to see. Can't post it here.

  7. Lueki says:

    while i see all your points made, i didnt see her rushing to finish her show…? it didnt seem like she was even acknowleding the chat. and was peter santilli really in the chat after he spoke on the show? i am sure if tila was paying attention she would of did a shout-out to him, you know?

    • End Of Days says:

      Nope, Tila spoke with Peter on the phone for over 20 minutes at least. Tila knows he was in the chatroom because she even gave him a shoutout along with a few others at the start of her show.

      Peter STAYED after the show was quickly ended with over 10 minutes left when GRR logged in to the chat. Which was weird since she was calling all her haters cowards. Tila knew Peter was still there and continued chatting with GRR and a few other haters about Tila and her behavior.

      Tila had blocked GRR from her October 10 chat, after just showing up. GRR didn't even say a word and was banned for nothing. Does that make any sense? It only makes Tila look worse for censoring and bitching about freedom of speech, which GRR doesn't do.

      • Kate Addict says:

        I signed in at the same time GRR signed in, and after she left I said "Anybody got any Febreeze? I can still smell her."

        I could have sworn she would have ranted for the rest of the show about the haters and the CIA drone bots and going after Sheriff, like so:

        "oh it’s you again you spam bot? You know I have all of your information down now right? Your home address, your real name, IP address, phone number EVERYTHING about you as well as all the websites you encounter. So if I were you, I would move along. As I said, I now have very powerful people on my side who are helping me and they are GOOD people who are insiders. So again, just buzz off. Nobody cares what you or your drones have to say anymore. You’re SO LAST YEAR! LOL don’t believe me? I have ALL OF YOUR INFO INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND ALL YOUR RECORDS. But dont worry Im not posting it up. I have it. Take that as a warning. God Bless."

  8. catdeeley says:

    I wish she wouldve buggered off as she said..im gettin tired of those stories..

    Come on Tila..come up with something different..

  9. Robin says:

    I like how "Evan" has to stroke her ego in almost all those post "he" did. Pretty funny "he" keeps saying that she is his BFF but she has never mentioned him before. Really who does she think she is kidding? Just looking at that for a minute you know it is her writing it. When I think of her writing anything I think of Gollum from Lord of the Rings besides her being twins with him she is probably mumbling "I'm pretty and smarter than the haters" as she writes that drivel.

  10. Marie says:

    Best news I've heard all day is that Anonymous is calling her out!

    Buckle up Tila – its time to put up or SHUT THE FRACK UP MF'er!!

  11. SMHatFools says:

    I'm a pretty outspoken Tila hater so I've been on the front lines of chat rooms and contacting others to ask them why they are believing TIla 100% with no proof needed; these are the conclusions I've come to:

    The "Truth Seekers" aren't about truth at all. They're about blame. They want to blame people for their lot in life. This is why Tila fits right in "I knew Katy Perry before she was famous…" what she's neglecting to say "and that's why I'm so mad cause I was famous first and I want the fame and money she has". All these people do is blame the government while not becoming self-sustained, they use everything the government has to offer, from electricity to roads, but damn the government for not giving them more. I know the government is far from perfect, but given what they have done and have to do, it could be a lot worse. A lot worse.

    I was denied an account at the Prison Planet website, they wouldn't even let me have one, odds are they looked at my twitter account and said "no way". I was banned from GodLike Productions' website. I made a few posts saying "Tila isn't what she says she is and here's why" and outlined my posts in a calm matter with verifiable facts. That got me banned. These are two websites that are screaming mad at the government for censorship and other issues yet here they are, censoring and blocking people from making comments. Is that about truth?

    Look at yesterday's mother fracker, he lets someone come on his show (which he's video-taping for some odd reason on a radio show) and just spout off unverifiable facts. "So this guy I know is going to have me on his radio show but his entire archives were deleted and his dog was muzzled too" Was she asked his name? No. Instead it was "I'm having connection issues with Skype signing off and on, but I'm going to keep this call on video cause that doesn't eat up bandwidth and cause problems on skype, does it? I can't remember how many times I've been skyping with friends out of country and when the video starts to freeze we turn it off to keep the conversation going. Instead it's just "It's the Illuminati!! out to get Tila"

    Finding the truth is about asking questions and that's what the truth movement seems to be the most afraid of. "why are you questioning Tila, do you not believe in what she's saying?" It's not that, I don't believe that SHE believes in what she's saying. How stupid is the government to hack Tila's private website and delete it but only ban 1 of her accounts from posting on FB but to leave her Youtube account wide open so that she can post her videos there? You'd think if they have aneurysm rays that they could delete Tila Tequila off YT.

    Speaking of Tila Tequila, why does she still go by that name. "It was given to my by my oppressive slave masters who used to drug me" yet her "tour" and interviews are all done by Tila Tequila. She doesn't want to be known by a fake name (instead call her Miss Tila, another fake name trying for respect). Once again, just bullshit no one else calls her out on.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Awesome rant and you are on point with everything you have said. The *truth movement* might have some truth in it and good intentions by some involved. But everything is based around a conspiracy theory. While everyone is waiting for someone to expose the secrets that the government does not want you to know.

      The odd fashion to what something is called a conspiracy is all based on time period and looking for someone to blame. Its all really awkward. When someone calls out someone on their allegations, they quickly divert the topic and try to make you look like the crazy one. Well of course because they want the EASY way out… YAWN o.0

    • deluwiel says:

      SMHatFools – I've been following you on twitter for a while now and you're always bringing up great point after great point in your quest to discredit Tuna and get through to her Army. I have to say you're a lot more tenacious than I would be.

      I commented on her Court of Public Opinion video:

      "Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl who TOOK A BULLET standing up for what she believes is right is an actual HERO, LEADER, WHISTLEBLOWER and TRUTH-TELLER who isn't afraid of those who would silence her. Tila Tequila claims to know enough to redeem the world, but refuses to disclose any of it out of fear. She's a chicken shit fraud hiding behind her computer who knows NOTHING other than what she's learned on the internet."

      1980chuck (that's me!)

      "No she was a propaganda piece for the government NWO."

      faro0485 in reply to 1980chuck

      so that's the mentality of these mindless morons. I'm washing my hands of the whole sorry lot at this point. Tila herself, however, is fair game and I'll address her directly in my comments on her sites or videos until I'm blocked or one of her "people on the inside" track me down via my IP address and come knocking on my door to pull my Spam Bot plug. I'll gladly get myself powered down for the cause! Because I'm awesome that way.

    • Kate Addict says:

      Stupid people usually never ask questions. Thus the stupid.

    • @undefined says:

      Seola1: As usual, you are right on target SM – you're Twitter feed has been awesome and a bit valuable to me as you usually give a good fair warning which psychosis happens so I can follow it myself. I can't be online for fun nearly as much as I'd like to be, but when I get on Twitter and see you, I know some CRAY is about to go down.

      I am like you, it's not that I don't believe WHAT she is saying per se, but rather she doesn't believe it, and therefore, the transportation method is… well on meth. There are quite a few conspiracies I believe in.

      For example, I believe the WTC was a terrorist attack but I also believe that WE made the decision to finish the demolition. Why? Because it would have been STUPID not to rig a skyscraper from the get go with a way to bring it down in a controlled manner. Think of the devastation of those towers had fallen to the side. Yes, people died, but many of them were either on the planes or the initial impact and you can choose to "kill" 500 more, or 50,000 more. Which is smarter and safer? Which scenario would devastate dozens if not hundreds of OTHER buildings and people inside them? Subsequently, this also means I believe we shot down the 4th plane in Pennsylvania, it's the SMART thing to do… why leave it to hover when we know the outcome of the other 3 planes and lose hundreds more people? The Air Force trains for that sort of scenario and always has since we've gotten planes.

      Does this mean if Tila says it I'll stop believing it? Nope, but she's far too stupid to realize this stuff on her own and jumping on the bandwagon for hits on ads so she can try and make money. Unfortunately, the conspiracy theory market is rather large from people who are paranoid in the worst way, ready to click and read ANYTHING they can or buy anything they can. These are things BEYOND Tila's capability, even if she had been sober this whole time, she is NOT the brightest crayon in the box.

      • @Seola1 I direct messaged you on twitter about fixing the *undefined* log in problem. I still have no idea why its happening. But there is a way to fix it so people can recognize you when you leave a comment.

        I suggest you sign up for an intense debate account and comment using that log in to avoid this weird issue. Plus it keeps track of all your comments for free. Hope that helps :)

      • kkkk says:

        About WTC – has anyone been able to explain why did the building 7 collapse too? I checked Wikipedia and read the following: "The debris also ignited fires, which continued to burn throughout the afternoon on lower floors of the building. The building's internal fire suppression system lacked water pressure to fight the fires, and the building collapsed completely" – this doesn't sound very believable, although I'm not a scientist.

        • Seola says:

          kkkk – No. The official story is the planes hit and debris fell down from overhead and smacked down into the roof and the sides. When the towers collapsed, more debris pushed into the side of the buildings making them unstable. Just as audio recordings state it was "time to pull it, yeah go ahead, pull it we're clear" from firefighters. Again, I think both 5 WTC and 7 WTC because of their information and stature in the area (they were dwarfed next to 1WTC and 2WTC but were still very large buildings) would have been rigged up the same way. (If you look at photos, WTC 5 I believe it was made the 15 story hotel next to it dwarfed.) I believe they were a lot more damaged and I think WTC 5 did fall naturally but 7 was extremely damaged and was a greater risk based on where the damage was so it was decided to implode the building. WTC 5 was damaged in a way that if it were to collapse, it would be on itself because the debris rained down into the top of the building create a hole as it were for the outer walls to collapse in.

      • We're feeding tila says:

        Hi Seola, (non tila related post below booo :) )

        I can assure you from a structural engineering standpoint the first two buildings collapsed in a completely predictable manner. I've witnessed a building do exactly the same thing when a single floor collapsed at the top causing each floor underneath to collapse due to the inertia of the massive load above. With no lateral force, the only way that load is going is straight down. There would be no need for any additional help (like explosives) to cause that effect.

        The best thing is, it can be and has been proven through finite element analysis simulations (basically a structural analysis to simulate the stresses applied to the design and materials of the buildings) .

        This article from verifiable experts sums up the situation well; http://www.tms.org/pubs/journals/jom/0112/eagar/e

        "As the joists on one or two of the most heavily burned floors gave way and the outer box columns began to bow outward, the floors above them also fell. The floor below (with its 1,300 t design capacity) could not support the roughly 45,000 t of ten floors (or more) above crashing down on these angle clips. This started the domino effect that caused the buildings to collapse within ten seconds, hitting bottom with an estimated speed of 200 km per hour. If it had been free fall, with no restraint, the collapse would have only taken eight seconds and would have impacted at 300 km/h.1 It has been suggested that it was fortunate that the WTC did not tip over onto other buildings surrounding the area. There are several points that should be made. First, the building is not solid; it is 95 percent air and, hence, can implode onto itself. Second, there is no lateral load, even the impact of a speeding aircraft, which is sufficient to move the center of gravity one hundred feet to the side such that it is not within the base footprint of the structure. Third, given the near free-fall collapse, there was insufficient time for portions to attain significant lateral velocity. To summarize all of these points, a 500,000 t structure has too much inertia to fall in any direction other than nearly straight down."

        I work with stress analysts (a very specialised field of engineering) and they always get worked up when they see someone dispute the way the twin towers fell.

        I hope that somehow helps puts your fears to rest. If i thought skyscrapers were rigged with explosives I'd be staying out of the cities :)

        • We're feeding tila says:

          Further to my previous comment, think of it this way.

          Put a bowling ball on a glass table, no problems the glass table will support it. Now lift the bowling ball 2 inches and drop it on the glass table..you know the outcome right, it's the exact same scenario with the upper floors falling in the twin towers.

          • Seola says:

            There are dozens of other engineers and explosives experts who disagree. I don't doubt there are people who think that based on smaller buildings, that the notorious "pancake" effect would be plausible in a 110 story tower but those with experience in these extreme buildings have parsed the video. It's not as simple to define "A does B so Y will do Z". The extreme physics and gravity alone changed the rate of collapse and the formula for which the descent for debris happens. and the buildings were not built in such a way that weight is distributed the same way it is in smaller buildings so that it had a few degrees sway to allocate for windy days to keep stress off the outer structure.

            The furthering of this those isn't just that it "can" happen but what is also seen on video during the collapse. The link you provided does explain some of the more scientific aspects of what could happen, but it either glosses or ignores several key points of the actual visuals on the collapse.

            There is a well known conspiracy video on YouTube that is pretty far fetched and most of it is pretty bunk… in the first part it claims the planes were holographs and all other sorts of nonsense. However, during the collapse portion, it does do well the highlighting of the debris coming out the sides (though again, the conclusions at the end when putting it all together are a bit silly). The "pancake effect" simply doesn't apply here nor does the ability to explain that while thermally the steel might melt, why the entire top would appear to fall at an angle first (where possibly explosives would have already detonated from the initial fire so the top wasn't controlled) and then once it moved past the floors where explosives weren't in control, began a typical controlled descent. If it were truly the pancake effect, the spurts of dust wouldn't happen exactly 7 floors below the crumbling, every 7 floors, the entire way down. Again, correlation doesn't equal causation but it's part of the bigger picture. The debris field (excluding dust and paper, two things that can float on air and travel miles on a breeze) was next to nothing for a building that size also typical of a controlled demolition. Some of the world's leading experts who do skyscraper demolition for a living have sided with it being rigged for control. I don't know if the video is still up but this video actually compares a side by side of the WTC2 falling next to a skyscraper that was 85 stories in… Dubai I think being demolished then shows WTC1 next to the same demolition. It's nearly identical – in fact, WTC1 and WTC2 are nearly identical in their falling, even though they were impacted on completely different floors at completely different times (one burning longer than the other would lend credence to having completely different damage even though they fell the same way).

            The second part of the video shows the same WTC collapse next to 2 videos of 80 story skyscrapers collapsing uncontrolled – I think one was from Brazil and the other was from China. That's not extensive of course and there are variables for all of them but only a few really, but it's another point chalked up to the evidence. In fact, if anything – because of the WTC towers being much more taller, MORE weight would have come into play. To suggest they weren't controlled means that one would also have to believe that the floors impacted by the plane were EQUALLY damaged. It would need to be nearly symmetrical across the entire floor, the same pillars, crumbling at the same time, the same steel being weakened in exactly the same spots. Otherwise, the one side more damaged would have fallen in first which would have created an angle and at the VERY least, the top portion above impact would have fallen completely to the side.

            Since the plane didn't go through the entire building, and there are multiple videos showing the WTC from all sides, one side of the building only had "exit wounds" from bits and pieces while the other had a huge gaping hole from the plane. Those who defend the natural collapse seem to be missing, ignoring or not thinking of that part. A building can only follow through with the pancake effect if it was damaged equally and the first floor affected smashed down equally.

          • Seola says:

            Even if I could dismiss the one building collapse as a bunch of coincidences, the fact that the exact same building, owned by the exact same people, built the exact same way falls identical to the other is too large of a coincidence to ignore. One could even argue the reason WTC2 fell first, was because by that time, it was almost completely empty while WTC1 needed more time to evacuate before coming closer to the time to make the call allowing more people to reach safety. The people on the top floors above the damage never had a chance here so they couldn't be saved either way. The fire was creeping up floors, the smoke had already killed many directly above, they didn't have a way to evacuate from the roof on such a large scale and if the building was at risk of coming down anyway, they were part of the "acceptable losses" – a cold phrase for sure, but killing the same 500 on a 1% change they could be saved, or killing 50,000? It's a no-brainer call. In fact, many of the casualties were not from the collapse. Out of the 3000 or so, the initial people on the planes accounted for several hundreds, while those on the floors damaged by the planes themselves or a handful of the buildings below that reported casualties (expected based on who went to work when) was another 1500-1800. So after the initial impacts, out of both towers, at the HIGHEST guess, after all the initial impact deaths was about 600… across two towers, many of them above the impact floors – whereas thousands upon thousands were able to flee to safety and were in the direct vicinity of where the towers could have fallen without control.

            Again, it would be the SMART thing to do on one of the world's tallest buildings. Being able to control 110 floors or if anything happened (not just terrorist attacks but a rare earthquake, whatever) or praying it doesn't flatten the buildings for a city block on either side of it?

          • We're feeding tila says:

            "the fact that the exact same building, owned by the exact same people, built the exact same way falls identical to the other is too large of a coincidence to ignore"

            Actually that's the evidence to support the entirely provable fact that the laws of physics were adhered to. If the buildings fell in any other way then we'd have a conspiracy. Once one floor fell the inertia of the enormous load above was enough to blast through the individual floors supports like they weren't there. They didn't have to fall in a uniform manner to cause the same effect, there simply wasn't any lateral force, ie big weight falling goes straight down. Each and every floor can only withstand so much force (a factual number listed everywhere). The falling mass of the top floors was far far far far greater than that maximum force.

            Any qualified engineer with stress analysis expertise will tell you the same thing. There are so many reports out there by engineers saying the same thing. I'd love to see a report saying something different from a qualified working engineer. (the reports i linked can be verified by ringing the world class universities they currently work for). Look on LinkedIn, pick any engineer with stress analysis in their resume and ask their opinion…honestly it's a no brainer. anyone saying anything different is either not an engineer with stress expertise of they have another agenda.

            Regardless of exactly which component of the structure failed first, once the mass of the upper floors fell nothing could possibly stop that massive load from falling straight down as witnessed in both buildings.

          • Seola says:

            In your bowling ball scenario – it won't fit. The bowling ball being dropped from the top doesn't equate to a plane hitting the side. You are applying equal pressure to the four legs from the top down. A better analogy would be to bowl that ball into one leg… do the rest of the legs fail at the exact same time – nope the table stands. And does the table break straight down or does the table fall to the side first when taking two legs? And can you tell me in any scenario with just one impact where you could get all four legs and make the table fall on itself?

            Even if the table was on a single post – the initial impact of the bowling ball would still push force and dissipate to one side before the other, so the table falls on the bowling ball side – the same premise that allows lumberjacks to control which way their tree falls – but taking out one side of the tree first.

          • We're feeding tila says:

            Actually my bowling ball scenario is a near perfect fit. Your scenario is only valid if the towers fell upon impact of the planes, thats not what happened.

            Plane hits, structure burns and weakens (not melts, just weakens). Massive load from above falls as evidenced in every video. The known maximum load ratings of the floors below are exceed by massive amounts thus causing almost instantaneous collapse as the huge load encounters little resistance on the way down.

            The thing is there are no unknowns. The weight of buildings are known per floor. The maximum load each floor could withstand is known. The laws of physics are known. Its a calculable problem that has been solved many times over.

            If they fell any other way we'd have a problem.

        • Seola says:

          And apparently Intense Debate gives me a thumbs up on my own posts – I guess it assumes I like what I said? 😀

    • kkkk says:

      I have to agree with you, I'm getting little allergic whenever I read something about "truth movement" (although I used the term myself in my initial comment here, I know) – which is kind of sad, because we can probably agree that a lot of shady things are going on behind the scenes and it would be good if they got exposed. But most of these idiots would never be able to actually accomplish such a thing :( They pretend to care about the world, but for some reason it seems they only care about themselves and blame everyone else (government, Illuminati etc.) for their problems and issues.

    • silver says:

      I have to agree 100% with you SMHatFools. Whatever good that could potentially come from the Truth Movement is being hijacked by paranoid, many times racist and prejudiced people. You are correct when you point out that many within the movement have a mentality of "my way or you're the enemy." Some conflate "truth" with being white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, American-centric when clearly there are billions who are not/do not see the same perspective, and that too is valid.

      While one can make the case that there are people who are too sensitive or people use social ills to their collective advantage, I do not believe that people who acknowledge racism, bullying, sexual harrassment etc. is part of the NWO. I don't think a civilized society would tolerate, much less accept these things, yet this is somehow wrong, or it's a part of a conspiracy.

      Governments, and to a larger part, society, runs on an educated people who adhere to a social contract. There are problems with the U.S., but most people here haven't seen corruption, where you have to bribe the police to get anything done, where governments are run by an entire family, or women and minorities are violently suppressed. These things have and can happen in the U.S., but nowhere near the capacity where they are happening elsewhere in the world. I believe that some Americans believe that because they are a part of a strong nation, that they don't have to be educated or take an active role in society because they are Americans and that attitude is disasterous. I also believe that whatever truth people are talking about is merely a cover to promote racist/sexist views. I have seen this with my own eyes at so called rallies for "truth."

      I don't know if the Illuminati exists, but I do know that blaming your entire life's problems on something else will get you nowhere. You can't benefit from government services and then deride the same institutions that gave you them. Unless you move off the grid, own your own land, and never take a dime of government service, you can't have it both ways. I know people who have actually done this and are living their lives, not out of fear, but because they chose to do so and are happier for it and didn't need to blame anyone for their actions.

      I grew up in the same area as Tila did, and knew of her growing up, though we are nowhere near the same age. I think its sad where she is right now, considering that she had the potential to parlay her (somewhat limited) skills into much more than what she is right now. People back then never really liked her all that much because she seemed pretty shady. Though I am disgusted at her actions, I was disgusted at the racial slurs she got from people because it's cowardly (and immoral, imo) to be bigoted against someone's ethnic origins, but am glad to see less of it.

      • Pshhh says:

        I like the way you think, and present your ideas eloquently.

        • silver says:

          Thank you. I'm just tired of the whole "sheeple" thing. Blindly believing in one thing in exchange of another is the same thing. I'm sick of certain people seeing the upward mobility of women and minorities as a bad thing.

  12. deluwiel says:

    by the way – can anyone give me a rundown of what the Anonymous video says? I can't understand most of it. thanks!

    • Here's the narrative that was posted with the Anonymous video warning…

      Hello Tila Nguyen also known as tila tequila we are anonymous. And we know you are Evan Thomas. We know you created that ametuer attempt at sympathy with the THEY TOOK TILA AWAY BUT AT LEAST THEY GAVE ME HER CHANNEL (since removed) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qqD1hO0cEI. This was a last ditch effort to thwart your folowers in to buying a false flag downfall. We watched you remove the video after ratings took the deep end and comments calling you out on your propaganda.

      Your childish antics grow worse by the day. Now you are speaking in third person as Evan Thomas claiming you will sue and or prosecute anyone who ridicules you. We take or civil liberties very serious, we take our freedom of speech as a born right to every man woman and child. We have seen the same tactics used by CULT of scientology in the past used on its followers and methods of intimidation against anonymous.

      Your fear campaign will not work. You fear the voice of the people who question your deception and online attention seeking, preying on the hearts and minds of the gullible like sheep to be shawned and the easily influenced. You are part of the problem. The power elites love people like you who muddle the waters of truth. They see you to be a great asset. You claim we are a CIA operation you couldnt be more wrong. You have only managed to discredit yourself and made a mockery of the truth movement only so that you can bask in the attention and see possible financial gain . Of course you can not write a coherent sentence without sounding like a tool. The mind of a child. You seek to be a cult leader and use these people as your minions. You want a personal army. We know your kind.

      You would most likeley have someone write a book for you with ideas you ripped off of people like David Wilcock who so happens to do the same thing. You are not telling us anything we have not heard before that has been rehashed time and again. You are not here to help your fellow human being but to help yourself. We have grown disgusted with your ilk hijacking good ideas and derailing them. We are a collective of ideas . We are hive mind. You have been warned.

      We are legion
      We do not forgive
      We do not forget
      This is your only warning


      • Lueki says:

        wow! anonymous strikes again! so tila, she doesnt seem to realize that it is good to know truth, but why does she feel the need to be a 'leader' so much? she also has even hinted that she is a disinfo agent, she joked about it on the evan thomas site. i havent had time to listen to her new batch of videos (i thought she was going away for a bit?) -who knews

  13. [youtube QLixf1tfnIg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLixf1tfnIg youtube]
    I have posted the stats previously about Tila's new found pedophile supporter and his claims. Check out the video above and be entertained. Birds of a feather flock together… As the saying goes B)

  14. FUYU says:

    I'm not sure if this is really from anonymous as well, but has anyone else caught these videos also?

  15. Marie says:

    The two most important questions that need to be answered are 1. How is Tila able to use the OMG website that she's using RIGHT NOW, if the OTHERS shut it down and 2. Why is she on tour in a hole in the wall bar in another country nonetheless, if she's in such GRAVE DANGER in such DIRE TIMES?.

    If these people that follow her cant even catch on to simple LIES like this, it makes me very nervous for the future of this world.

    • Meh says:

      Her network of "light workers" (e.g. her army of teenagers and shut-ins) are bathing her in POSITIVE ENERGY so that those mean meanies can't hurt her, provided – you know – that they would even set foot in any of the shitholes she's "performing" in.

    • deluwiel says:

      yeah, in her IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL OF YOU & MY TOUR (why she has a message for her tour, I can't figure out) she says "I humbly thank you all for the massive outpour of support and love! I will never stop loving you, and I would die for you if I had to, but luckily that won’t happen because there are more of US GOOD GUYS then there are of THOSE EVIL ONES so we have already won this war!"

      so there ya go. All of that stuff about we're all doomed and the world is ending and the sky is falling and the watchers are watching and the SUVs and the Illuminati and the Others molesting and enslaving and… and…

      never mind. We good.

  16. @OfficialMstuna says:

    So Tuna's latest video rant she says on the way to the airport yesterday there were, "Signs everywhere. Symbols, pointing out what "they" did".

    It is a art exhibit called "Who Shot Rock & Roll" and these "signs/symbols" are called BILLBOARDS. Her stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

    Annenberg Space for Photography,
    2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, California
    June 15–October 21, 2012

    • Seola says:

      Dude – if she ever went through Denver, she'd have a field day. Their weird ass paintings/murals with dead babies, dead Indian girls and dead Jewish girls… When I lived in Colorado Springs, I flew out of Denver often and would go perusing these all the time. There's some conspiracies on those actually, the murals have weird changes in them – including burning towers. Great read for sure – and it doesn't make sense why – for example – they would "touch up" a mural by only painting a boy's shirt a different color, but it's a FUN read! Considering the airport is WAY outside of Denver, newly built in a HORRIBLE layout to minimize free flowing traffic and it owns thousands of acres more than it operates the terminals on when the prior airport had more capacity and was laid out perfectly is interesting too.

      Not saying I believe it, but it was awesome to read about.
      http://www.thetruthishere.com/denvermurals.html <- that is one of the sites that has the best pictures. Because people didn't believe they were on the walls, they put up videos and I can verify I've seen every single one of these myself in person and they are HUGE. About 10 feet tall by 30 feet wide. The scary evil mask guy with the dead babies all around is like 8 feet tall.

    • Seola says:

      Here's the Google Images link too: https://www.google.com/search?q=denver+murals&amp… – some of the pictures are hi-res.

      This is the poem on the wall: http://www.sabotagetimes.com/wp-content/uploads/P

      And here is some "conspiracy" sites like Vigilant Citizen: http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister

      And yes, these murals change often, but only subtly. From one boys shirt color changing, to a field having twin towers burning (the mural was initially a blue sky there, changed AFTER the tower attacks to add towers in, then about a year later, was changed to blue sky and the field in front had crops put in it). Another, a dead babies face went from calm to terrified in death… weird, weird stuff there.

      • Seola says:

        And yes, like the VC mentions, there is a TERRIFYING crazy ass blue bronco with glowing eyes at the main entrance to the airport.

        All the other things VC mentions, are there. Including masonic symbols in the floor in front of a plaque. IIRC, it's a pretty well known symbol but I'm blanking on what it was. The archways have masonic symbols in them too. I wish to God I'd gotten my own pictures of it all but there's plenty out there.

    • Seola says:

      Lastly, NORAD is in Colorado Springs, just about 45 minutes from there and Colorado Springs has the highest concentration of military anywhere. Besides NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain (the air defense central base) which is a top secret facility built into a mountain, there is the Air Force Academy (Air Force of course bordering the north side of NORAD at the base of a mountain), Shriever (Air Force bordering the South side of Springs), Peterson (Air Force just north of Shriever on the West side of the Springs), and Fort Carson (Army bordering the South side of NORAD). The theory goes there are underground tunnels from NORAD to Peterson since Peterson handles all incoming military dignitaries. Obama raised a lot of eyebrows when he flew into Peterson, was photo'ed at Cheyenne, then stopped at the Academy for a speech – without anyone ever seeing the motorcade – and there's only one road up to the entrance of Cheyenne and only two entrances to get onto the Academy (north and south entrances).

      But again, that would be logical for the President to be able to get to NORAD from Peterson in case of emergency, NORAD is the single most safest facility in the country because of it being built into the mountain and how far it can go inside to avoid any bombs, air attacks – it's suggested it could even have areas that could survive a nuclear bomb. Which again, would make sense based on it's location far from any coasts, into one of the densest mountains in the country but there are no direct routes from any of the bases to the Mountain.

  17. Yur Mom says:

    I call Bullshit! She was NOT banned from Facebook. She does what millions of people do everyday. She turned her FRIEND page into a FAN page –> which is why she has the exact same amount of followers that she had there. Nobody can tell a fan page popped up that fast after FB deleted her with 1.8M likes. Here: Mashable will show you how: http://mashable.com/2011/03/31/facebook-profile-t

    But knowing freakshow she saw everyone oh no.. so what else can she shut down to make people believe that she's in trouble and get her the much needed attention she needs? Find out next week on desperate x reality stars…

  18. lilyfromphilly says:

    Newsflash! Her "friend" D.M. (clone center guy who was supporting her) went to the Canada concert, he is a hater now! https://www.facebook.com/donald.marshall.148/post

    Read the comments, says she was lip synching, worst concert ever, she is an attention whore, retarded, liar, dumb slut etc……Says she has 24 hours to come clean, or he is telling all.

    • @OfficialMstuna says:

      I'm going to see if I can chat with DM. While I might not believe in his conspiracy theories, I think we can both agree she lies and needs to stop making a mockery of things that some people really DO believe in.

      I'll let you know if we "talk".

  19. lilyfromphilly says:

    I'm freaking dying @ DM's page, he is still posting about her. This is from another post on his page:

    "She seeks profit and fame… She doesnt fear them, she is them… The mistreatment shes been suffering was just repeated sex from gross old men BUT it is irrevelant… She is a superwhore… Only gimmick she got"

    "It was all a farce… She wanted to garner more attention from the clones in the "5th" dimension…. Its not another dimension and you full well know it, it is the cloning center… She is attempting to decieve the world… And support Vrill and the fake alien visit…"

    "She is DONE I expose her now for everything she has done…"
    3 hours ago

    I know this guy is crazy but he is one of the more famous truthers and he has been giving her validation within the movement…glad to see he is finally seeing her for the skank she is.

    • kkkk says:

      He is not a "truther" though, just a crazy person (as Tila is). Even though he hates her now, personally I wouldn't choose to support him just for that. He's been creating misinformation himself and is probably also making a lot of people terrified by his claims. I don't like these kinds of "truthers".

      • catdeeley says:

        I wonder whats gonna happen in 24 hours (now less) when he will expose her..rings a bell for some reason..gah..

        • Lueki says:

          D M is one odd cat. i think he may have some sort of MK Ultra programming done to him where he may actually believe all this. how does he see the queen all the time if he never left canada tho? smh

  20. Joann says:

    One crazy calling out another crazy….LMAO. Hope he makes a video so I can hear/see the rant. Don't have FB.

  21. @undefined says:

    Phatmanxxl says: I don't know what anybody could expose about Tuna that we don't know already or would be surprised to hear. Oh she lied about everything? Roll eyes.

  22. […] know what the hell this chick is taking, I can guess its some strong shit. But we know that Tila Tequila’s been really showing her ugly “Pleiadian Alien” colors all over Canada. But this shit […]

  23. […] That’s just the facts. When I say OTHERS, I am sure you know that I don’t mean “The Others“ or the “Illuminati“ that Tila Nguyen constantly exploits on daily basis for her […]

  24. […] “Queen” Tila’s extremely fame seeking tainted past filled with lots of pathetic attention whoring, explicit modeling, drug use and abuse, porn videos and just off the wall extreme craziness. […]

  25. […] need to do this? Since June 2010, Tila has been campaigning this war against what she calls “The Others“ aka “Illuminati“ and of course she added that somehow she is […]

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