“Super Human” Tila Tequila Says “People In The WHITE HOUSE Are Even Stalking My Pages!”

I really don’t know what the hell this chick is taking, I can guess its some strong shit. But we know that Tila Tequila’s been really showing her ugly “Pleiadian Alien” colors all over Canada. But this shit isn’t new that Tila pulls by dissing promoters and fans who paid $20 a ticket to see her perform her shitty lip synced songs that are just horrible. Tila has been making crazy videos and claims that are just to ridiculous to ignore. No joke. She posted a blog on October 16, that said, “When I first started speaking out against the Illuminati aka “THE OTHERS” I was definitely putting myself out there and was in grave danger, risking my life and my reputation.  However, I am no longer in danger nor can the EVIL ones aka “THE OTHERS” illuminati, Elites, etc, can NOT harm me anymore and that is mostly THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!” After she posted that long ass blog, she posted a comment responding her CIA Drone Bot haters claiming, “oh it’s you again you spam bot? You know I have all of your information down now right? Your home address, your real name, IP address, phone number EVERYTHING about you as well as all the websites you encounter. So if I were you, I would move along. As I said, I now have very powerful people on my side who are helping me and they are GOOD people who are insiders. So again, just buzz off. Nobody cares what you or your drones have to say anymore. You’re SO LAST YEAR! LOL don’t believe me? I have ALL OF YOUR INFO INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND ALL YOUR RECORDS. But dont worry Im not posting it up. I have it. Take that as a warning. God Bless.” Nobody cares what haters have to say Tila?

On the same post she had also claimed the pre-recorded message had been special and allegedly sent to her. She said, “It was sent to me from my ancient ancestors. I’m not originally from this world and that’s why I remember my contract and what I signed off to do once I got here. I know it probably doesn’t make sense to you but in due time it will xox.” But the crap wasn’t done yet spewing from Tila’s mouth. When she posted the video above from October 17, she added this in the description, “I love you and I DO pay attention to ALL of those who are helping me spread the word! I can tell which ones are TRUE FREEDOM FIGHTERS and which ones are fake ones. But this is for you Tila Army! I love you since day one! xoxox.” Oh no, she wasn’t done there as she has been on a mission to make sure the WORLD is helping Tila and her “Truth Movement” become “famous”.

We already know that she is ONLY looking for attention and credit for everything. She’s so obsessed with being a DICTATOR like ruler, she constantly makes sure that she is known as the victim. Poor Tila Nguyen, she’s just so fucking helpless. It’s sad!

Now we all know that Tila has been on some really strange shit since she came back from FAKE REHAB back in March 2012. So much so, it’s scaring the hell out of any real fans she has left and bringing in some hardcore “truther” fanatics in to her ugly web of deceit and destruction. To anyone that isn’t serving her as a good peasant should do without question. There’s some entertaining to read screen shots below…

On October 20, she frantically claimed, “There’s just so much going on right now that even though my original website, the “HOLY GRAIL” if you will, is still just waiting there, all structured and ready to be launched as opposed to me just using these crappy temporary websites that continued to get hacked by “THE OTHERS.” Can you believe the audacity of this crazy bitch? Calling her ultra-super fab and non-existent “Anonymous Truth Blog” the “Holy Grail”. Is she deeming herself a “GOD” now? As far as I can see it, she is just WASTING TIME as usual and talking that shit she usually does. Tila is an entertainer alright, the WORST kind there is.

The video below is from October 18, the same night she BURNED another club and showed up literally 10-20 minutes before it closed. The first night of her bar tour that she called a “concert” went okay I guess, then the second night she literally screwed promoters and the “Tila Army.” I didn’t write about all the fuckery going down. Another blogger who hates Tila fucking Tequila as much as I do, did. In the video below she claims that she had allegedly “died and Flat-lined 7 times”, She previously claimed she “died for 3 days” and was revived, whatever that means.

In the video comments she responded and had claimed, “LOL no but in I don’t like to use words like “ALIEN” or “ANGEL” or “JESUS” or things like that because mankind has corrupted these certain words that they have a certain stigmatism attached to them so I don’t like to use any of those words because the true meaning of these words (amongst a long list of others) have been taken away from us so the truth, by using such words, will end up only dividing people, and thats not what Im trying to do here. I hope that makes sense xxx.”

Oh really? So when she called herself a Pleiadian Alien or Angel of God she wasn’t using those words right? Yeah okay Tila, keep LYING to the world acting like you’re so innocent and perfect when WE know the TRUTH about you is verbatim what you have posted on your Facebook accounts and most websites you own. I wouldn’t make that shit up. To tell you all the truth, I’m concerned for her sheepish fans who believe her fuckery. She had also claimed, “Yes I have natural “DMT” and the natural way is the best. “DMT” is… let’s just say a more synthetic way of learning the truth because you enter it through a somewhat “CHEATING” way so then the BIG PICTURE you are left with are still magnificent, but at the same time unexplainable. But when you have “NATURAL DMT” experience then you’re able to fill in those blanks. Hope that made sense.” Geez, Tila seriously??

NO fucking way BITCH, you don’t make any sense at all. All I see is you’re getting high as fuck and using that as an EXCUSE to get your secret info from your ALIEN ancestors to spread some amazing tweaker secret knowledge to the world. It’s all bullshit, plain and simple. Telling people to look into the sun is NOT cool and extremely dangerous to do, if you do not have protection or its the wrong time of day. Today’s post is just beyond delusional. Tila claims, “People in the WHITE HOUSE are even stalking my pages!  LOL  Yes I know cuz I can track your IP addresses just like you track mine and my phone etc…. Tell those Senators in DC I said HI!” She needs to really lay off the fucking smack and that artificial DMT she is taking.

She added, “And oh yea… next time you wanna make a stupid ass amateur video of me being “ANONYMOUS” maybe I wouldn’t laugh so hard if you actually talked on it instead of using some robot who can’t even read!” She is killing the rest of her .05 brain cells she has left in that extremely over inflated bubble head of hers. Deny, deny and more denial. That’s Tila’s style. She’s just mad that I reposted her DELETED stupid “Evan Thomas” stab at Anonymous video for the world to see and Anonymous called her out on it. Please someone lock that bitch up and STAT!

UPDATE 10/22/2012: Tila has been non-stop going off all night claiming on several Youtube comments that, “I am always safe now my love. Back then I was not safe so I was also scared, but I’m not scared anymore. I am being protected. I am of BLUE RAY 33. M. from Gaia” and “I dont relate to propagandas as I only am programmed to speak of truths to help those who want help. My name is Eina 33: 33 333 Gia reincarnate of “M.” Wow, seriously and I thought that Tila was already above and beyond the 5150 stage of delusion. She did say not to long ago that she stopped taking her meds. I guess she meant her medicine to keep her psyche stable. In another post, done in backwards Hebrew, Tila claimed, “This is a message to all the people of Jerusalem. I am the reincarnation of Melchizedek.”


She wasn’t done talking shit and even mentioned Casey’s sister saying, “but unlike your clan, I love her and I shall let her Rest in Peace. You sadistic fucks are going to hell. BYE BYE DAISY! What a MEAN SISTER SHE WAS GOD DAMN I HAD TO GET ON THE PHONE AND TELL THAT BITCH OFF!! I TOLD HER SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO SPEAK TO CASEY LIKE THAT AND DONT EVEN MAKE ME GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT WHAT THEY DID TO CASEYS BABY! BYE! GOD BLESS!” So she’s still hiding some dirty secrets about the Johnson family for years and hasn’t proved anything. Yet making some ridiculous allegations a couple months ago accusing the Johnson family of giving Casey “heroin” and other medications claiming that they had “killed her.”

How far is she going to take this before someone finally does something about it? The allegations are outright ridiculous and she has no way to prove it. It’s always threats of what she could do and a waiting game for Tila. If she had something relevant and actual proof, she would have said it a long time ago. Tila is scared of getting sued and exposed herself, that is why she isn’t doing anything but blowing smoke…


  1. Is Tila Tequila CRAZY? No not Tila… The LIES are way out of control. She already exposed herself by LYING and claiming she was banned on Facebook. We already know that she had posted a video directly onto her fan page… Total bullshit…

    Plus why is she bringing up Courtenay Semel? That tweaked out bitch needs to STOP dragging her ex-girlfriends into her delusional messes she gets herself into… SMH

    Time: October 21, 2012 at 3:36 pm


  2. DMT’s some strong shit and it makes sense that Tila’s all fucked up, even worse than before. Pathetically admitting she is enhancing her experiences using this synthetic drug and some others she has been known to abuse in the past… SMH

    DMT is naturally produced in small amounts in the brain and other tissues of humans and other mammals. Some believe it plays a role in mediating the visual effects of natural dreaming, and also near-death experiences, religious visions and other mystical states. Dr. Rick Strassman, while conducting DMT research in the 1990s at the University of New Mexico, advanced the theory that a massive release of DMT from the pineal gland prior to death or near death was the cause of the near death experience (NDE) phenomenon.

    Several of his test subjects reported NDE-like audio or visual hallucinations. His explanation for this was the possible lack of panic involved in the clinical setting and possible dosage differences between those administered and those encountered in actual NDE cases. Several subjects also reported contact with ‘other beings’, alien like, insectoid or reptilian in nature, in highly advanced technological environments where the subjects were ‘carried’, ‘probed’, ‘tested’, ‘manipulated’, ‘dismembered’, ‘taught’, ‘loved’ and even ‘raped’ by these ‘beings’.

    Source: http://www.rickstrassman.com

    • stuporgirrrl says:

      I thought so too, I only heard of DMT this weekend by someone who has used it and it really seems that Tila is abusing it now.

    • Meme says:

      I just want to toss in that "fake DMT" is essentially bath salts. It creates a meth type high with LSD visuals. Bootleg DMT (DMT highs do not last long but bathsalts apparently do). Her eyes look bugged out, like she's "tripping". For all we know it could be angel dust. At least on the east coast, a lot of people in the party scene are into it. She's doing synthetics.

  3. @undefined says:

    LMAO! Love it! Keep em coming XD

  4. MsThienNguyen says:

    Good grief this woman is friggin' insane. I'd say she's lost her mind, but that's not the right term for it. She needs some major help. My goodness Tila you're a nut job. Get help.

  5. Yur Mom says:

    ehrmaggerd ellleerrhmmaanaughty!

  6. Marie says:

    So she finally told the world how she's getting high (DMT) and more than half of these idiots didn't even catch it SMDH I swear I have never seen such stupidity (other than Tila herself).

    Anyone that deals with her from here on out on any level without researching her deserves what they get.

    • kkkk says:

      I don't think it's the only way she's been getting high though, what about all the snorting? Although DMT can probably also be "administered" by snorting it, but I don't think she would be able to do so during her radio shows (yes, she speaks incoherently, but I would expect more serious effects from this kind of psychedelic drug).

      • meme says:

        You can snort bath salts. I have in my past (as in the 90's) tried DMT. It lasted a total of 15 minutes and it was intense. I think I smoked it? I can't recall. It wasn't pleasant. There are other drugs that cause this sort of high, GBL (similar to GHB but with a speedy bit to it). I just think she's doing dust, dmt and salts. It explains why she abused ambien. Ambien causes you to hallucinate if you stay awake. She was absolutely on ambien before along with norcos and xanax. she likes to trip but she's doing it so much that she's totally oblivious. My question is, how is she getting this over to Canada? I mean, I'm sure she has a hook up everywhere but it doesn't seem like she's trying to come down. Unless she uses her ambien script for that (and people do snort it).

  7. kkkk says:

    Btw. any reactions from the club owners? I'm not sure how many clubs was she supposed to attend and how many of them she burned, but I'm wondering how long is this behavior of hers going to be tolerated? How come people are still booking her and doing nothing when she fails to show up?

    • I am not sure about their reaction to Tila’s burning St. John’s and literally showing up 10 minutes before it closed. Remember that Tila made that video BEFORE her event and claimed she was commenting to people for 3 hours. Unfortunately, the promoter always gets the heat for the talents’ fuck ups. I linked to the post where you can read the response from St. John’s promoter. Can’t say they weren’t warned ahead of time…

      • kkkk says:

        Yeah, exactly… This could be expected. She wasn't even promoting her tour, just mentioned it briefly without any dates or names of the clubs. Who does that?

        I saw her itinerary on Justdatruth's site, she was supposed to be in Club Se7en on October 20 (anyone knows if she showed up there?), another scheduled appearance is in Lotus Nightclub on October 25 and in Whiskey Rock on October 27. Let's see if she's going to appear in any of these clubs, lol.

  8. kkkk says:

    Also, we are talking about the "tour" in Canada, right? What about the one in Germany? I bet she won't catch the flight again, but this time, her new "manager" Weintraub probably won't even care and do any kind of damage control. Those German clubs are most likely already screwed too.

    • She goes to Germany towards the end of the month.I posted a screen shot of her schedule. If she is to high, she’ll fuck it all up again and burn the clubs like she did in June 2012…

  9. Joann says:

    I never heard of DMT but if Tila is using this stuff on top of already being crazy as a loon from all the other pills she's been popping then she's really worse off than anybody could ever imagine and it will be only a matter of time before she's 100% gone. Maybe then she will finally be carted off to the mental institution where she belongs.

    I did a limited amount of research on DMT. The info is similar to what GRR posted. This is just a short paragraph from the info I researched. You have to click on the link for the rest of the info:

    "When ingested, DMT acts as a psychedelic drug.[7] Depending on the dose and method of administration, its subjective effects can range from short-lived milder psychedelic states to powerful immersive experiences; these are often described as a total loss of connection to conventional reality with the encounter of ineffable spiritual/alien realms.[8] Indigenous Amazonian Amerindian cultures consume DMT as the primary psychoactive in ayahuasca, a shamanistic brew used for divinatory and healing purposes. Pharmacologically, ayahuasca combines DMT with an MAOI, an enzyme inhibitor that allows DMT to be orally active.[9]"

    Tila is definitely playing with dynamite and don't even know it.. That's how stupid this "I'm so intelligent" fool is.

  10. Here is an update that this bitch just sent out to everyone… Guess she's mad… B)
    [youtube uqNdma7jNXM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqNdma7jNXM youtube]
    Published on Oct 21, 2012 by MissTilaTequila



    Truth Movement published a new post entitled "DEAR KILLUMINATI EVIL FUCKS: I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU!" on 10/21/2012 7:23:30 PM, written by Miss_Tila.



    SEEE FOR YOURSELF HERE: http://misstilaomg.com/dear-illuminati-evil-fucks

    I also just updated with a youtube video telling some more CREEPY STUFF they did!!!! THEY KNOW I KNOW THE TRUTH! KEEP SPREADING THE MESSAGE AND GO AHEAD AND READ MY LETTER THAT GOT THEM SO RILED UP!

    Miss Tila

    Permalink: blog.tilashotspot.com/2012/10/21/dear-killuminati-evil-fucks-i-have-a-message-for-you.aspx

    • Joann says:

      I was ROTFLMAO at her rant. She must have had another hit of her DMT and why the hell is she bringing my people into her insane mix about The Others…..talking about we were ONCE very advanced and loving until The Others messed us up. . I can't get upset behind that. Tila has never liked Blacks. Her prejudice comes through even in her madness.

      You guys remember these last few videos the skank has been uploading where she's lying in bed or sitting up. I wondered why she was lying down doing a video. I think I know now. It has to do with taking the DMT:

      DMT is not effective orally; it has to be smoked or injected. With intramuscular injection, there is an abrupt threshold of activity shown with 30mg, and a complete psychedelic experience results from the administration of 50-70mg (75mg subcutaneously, 30mg by inhalation).

      Repeated usage does not appear to lead to either physical or psychological dependency.

      When taking DMT make sure you are in a comfortable and familiar environment, best is a lit room, where you sit or lay down. Taking a shot of DMT while you're standing, will almost certainly make you fall on your ass when it kicks in.

      Recommended is a dosage of about 40-50 mg. The dosage should be carefully weighed out. Dosages below 25 mg yield only physical and threshold psychedelic effects. Dosages between 25 mg and 40 mg are usually not enough to display the full range of the unique DMT effects described above.

      Dosages in excess of 55 mg, particularly if you are successful in holding all of the vapor in your lungs, can be VERY heavy and are not recommended for first time users.

      The reason she's not completely bonkers yet is Tila is probably taking DMT in "safe" dosage for now until she get used to it. Eventually, I'm pretty sure she will be moving more and more to higher dosages.

  11. kkkk says:


    Ehm, epic rant aside, by "Courtenay", she means Courtenay Semel, right? So who's goint to tweet her first about this? heheh

  12. We're feeding tila says:

    Courtenay has a masters in clinical psychology if her twitter profile is to be believed. Some press at the time of CJ's passing;

    ***Johnson & Johnson heir Casey Johnson’s ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel has called reality star Tila Tequila’s public grieving “sickening.” Semel, who dated Casey Johnson for one year is disgusted with Tila Tequila!

    “The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. Tila, you knew her for a week,” Semel tells People magazine. “Casey is the love of my life and she’s gone. I will make sure the world will one day see all she wanted to give to it. I love you CJ with all my heart.”***

    Courtenay would have some pretty good insights into tila's psyche after previously dating her for a while. Unfortunately she hates the bitch, like anyone who crosses tila's path, so she probably wont want to breathe her name but fingers crossed she roasts the bitch.

  13. lilyfromphilly says:

    I perhaps can give some insight on DMT. I have tried it in the past, but prior to doing it I thoroughly researched it online, talking to others who had done it and I read a pretty hefty book on it titled "The Spirit Molecule." I synthesized the DMT myself, extracting it from the mimosa hostilis in a month long process. I did not do DMT to "get high"- it is not really a recreational drug- this was ceremonial use that I partook in with others and we had a shaman present (long story.) I do not think that Tila's drug problem has to do with DMT (I think she's on meth and adderall)- last week she was talking about the pineal gland and in reading that, she likely came across some info on DMT and now she thinks she is an expert on the subject. Some reasons why I would not chalk her behavior up to DMT:

    1. DMT is extremely, extremely rare to come across and there are not really any dealers who have DMT on hand at all times. It is also extremely expensive when you do find it. Many people synthesize it yourself but that requires ordering ingredients that are not really available at stores and extracting the DMT from the source which can take a month or longer for the compound to separate from the plant matter. I'm referring to smoking it but even with drinking it, the DMT-producing plant needs to be combined with many other ingredients that are not readily available to make a tea (Ayahuasca). Tila is too dumb to extract it herself and I can't see her spending $50-$100 for a 5 minute trip when she could spend that money on speed that will last much longer. (It is seriously that hard to find that when it does come around, the price is crazy)

    2. For smoked DMT, the effect lasts 5 minutes and then is totally gone. There is no come down like acid. That 5 minutes though is extremely intense to the point where you are unable to talk or stand. You literally do "quantum hop" to another dimension. Its not like other hallucinogens where you are looking at something in the room and it looks weird; with DMT, you are no longer in that room. You are on another planet with beings like aliens and machine elves who speak gibberish (many people report this same experience). Then you get snapped back to reality saying WTF?! For the tea, effects last around 8 hours but besides being incapacitated you are also puking the whole time. No one would be able to make a YouTube video or even hold a conversation in that state.

    3. Although you may see alien life forms, upon returning the trip a SANE person would realize that it was part of the trip. I would not tell someone "I was chilling with these machine elves" without prefacing it with "I smoked DMT and next thing you know I was chilling with these machine elves." People who do acid or shrooms may see trails coming off a light- the next day they would not be convinced that all lights have trails because you would realize that they were high when they saw that. Tila does not differentiate between drug induced delusions and reality. For her, the reptilians are always present, regardless of whether or not she is under the influence.

    4. Tila is obviously high in her YouTube vids, radio shows and appearances but it has to be another drug that is causing her behavior- see #2, NO WAY could she do any of those things while on a DMT trip. She would be more likely to be lying on the floor with her eyes rolled back in her head and making baby noises. She would not be able to operate a computer and there's a good chance she wouldn't even see that computer at all because she'd be on another planet. If she did see a computer in front of her while she was on DMT, she would likely not know what it was.

    I'm sure most people have heard of peyote, and how it can cause you to see naked Indians in the desert, but DMT is seriously about 10,000x stronger than peyote and not a recreational drug whatsoever. Using the drug causes the compound to be released from your pineal gland- this is the same gland that releases when you die, so in effect you may be looking into a portal to the afterlife (which is full of machine elves). Tila's belief in reptilians and whatnot does echo some of what you may see on a DMT trip, but no way could she be tripping on DMT when she says these things. She would be unable to function unless her motel room is located in the jungles of South America, she would not have access to the ingredients on a regular basis.

    Added: When I synthesized DMT, it cost me about $50 for what resulted in two five-minute-long trips. A dealer would obv. upcharge that to make a profit. Had I chosen to make ahuyusca, it would have cost much more. Tila would not be able to afford to regularly do DMT; the preparation would go totally over her head. I could be on some Walter White shit making my DMT crystals because I have an understanding of chemistry but I seriously doubt that Tila would be able to do the same.

    • I agree that Tila is not just using DMT solely as her drug of choice. I feel she uses it when she can get it and along with her other drugs that she is known to be taking like Ambien and pain killers. I wouldn’t doubt that she is also abusing cocaine, as I have a video to prove that she was partying with it back in the days when she was doing more porn before she got MTV famous…

      • lilyfromphilly says:

        I left a comment on JDT blog yesterday about my meth suspicions- the promoter said her eye was swollen and I had found info online linking keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) to amphetamine use. I had brought up meth but I see that it is also linked to cocaine. I agree she is using some kind of speed and probably Ambien or other downers to come down.

        I wanted to add, that comment I mostly focused on people who purposely do DMT and I see that Tila is saying that her brain is producing extra amounts naturally, but the effects would be the same either way. The chemicals are already in our pineal gland, smoking DMT or drinking Ahuyusca only opens up that gland to let the chemical out. The drug is a key, but the contents of the room remain the same whether or not you allow the door to be opened. Your brain is always producing it but to have it released at the levels she is saying would render her a vegetable more or less.

        • Meth has always been one of my major suspicions also. I also wouldn\’t doubt that she uses speed balls and acid tabs. Tila is so desperate to stay high, she might even use BATH SALTS one day and go ZOMBIE on us all. Now that would be a story to write about…

          • meme says:

            Eh that makes me nervous because I used to be around her often. If you do post it, please blur others. I don't know a single person during the first 2 years of Myspace glory that wants to be associated with her now (which is when I had been).

      • Pshhh says:

        Really? Please share 😀

    • kkkk says:

      Thanks for the informative post, I also thought she wouldn't really be able to do radio shows etc. while on DMT. Nice to read about your experience btw. How do these machine elves actually look like, have you for example found any images on Google that look similar to what you saw?

      • lilyfromphilly says:

        What I saw was sort of like a cartoon, the background was like one of those psychadelic black light posters with lots of bright colors and in front were these cartoonish elf like figures that had a shine to them like metal. The experience is so common with DMT users that there is actually a wikipedia article on them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_elf I couldn't find a similar pic on Google but I have talked to others who reported seeing the same thing. It is really weird that so many people see the same thing when they do DMT, and I honestly have no explanation for why that is. They were making noises but it wasn't anything I could understand, just gibberish. The whole experience was just confusing, I was watching these elves and colors and had no idea who I was or where I was or even what I was, that I had a body, it was like I was a ghost observing these things and then all of a sudden I snapped back to reality and was totally normal.

    • meme says:

      That was pretty much my experience from what I can recall, although I did it to get high (as I did LSD). I know it wasn't fun and I didn't feel as in control of things as I did on acid. It reminded me of a very big Khole (ketamine) but shorter in duration. But, I know DMT was more than easy to get ahold of back then because of the club/raves.

      I'm really guessing she's a garbage junkie aka anything you put in front of her that allows her to black out, she's on it. she slurs a lot, which she wouldn't if she's on uppers. She sounds sedated but her eyes look like she's tripping. Maybe it's just ambien? I once took ambien and made a video, I woke up the next day – no idea I had done it and my god. lol it was bad. I sounded like she does, sort of slurred, delayd – eyes darting and constant messing with my hair and repeating of words. If anyone takes ambien, try it yourself. Just record your thoughts before you pass out but after its kicked in. It's pretty accurate to Tila.

      I will toss this in. I used to know her pretty well back in 04-06. I lived in NYC but she often visited mutual friends. I know her habits and behaviors. I'm not going to out her because in doing so I'll out who I am and I dont want her drama. BUT maybe if she quit hooking for a bit, went to therapy to deal with why she's hooking and stopped taking drugs to cope, shit would get better.

      She's never been nice, cool or fun to be around. I don't know how to explain her other than she's very self absorbed and absolutely NO ONE will hang out with her (even then). I dont' know what is wrong with her but I do know that she's always behaved this way – she was just paid to shut up back then. She's just off her rocker right now because she's on a "trip".

      & I think she means CJ was given methadone NOT heroin but Tila likes dramatics. Either way, it is no one's fucking business how CJ was getting over heroin. Tila was on so many oxy's and norcos from her damn trick (aka John) DR that she has NO room to speak. She abuses opiates too.

    • Seola says:

      Thanks for sharing. I do want to make a specific comment though. People react all sorts of different on the same drug. While the basis of what you are saying I believe is true, Tila is on some crazy crap – so if she even COULD get DMT, it would be even further altered by all the meth/crack in her system or whatever else it is that she's doing. It could amplify it, it could induce even further paranoia whatever the case may be, I don't know how it all interacts and honestly only heard about DMT through here… I've only done weed and one time when I was a teen did X, and liked it far too much to risk doing it again. But I know that watching two friends on the same drug with different secondary drugs, it can mess you up or even make the other drug not work at all if they bind to the same receptors.

  14. Mia says:

    Wow she is having a you tube meltdown right this moment, threatened to tell her "truth" about Casey's family but backed off almost straight away. She is so full of shit! I'll try to get screen caps

  15. Kate Addict says:

    If you look at the comments to her latest video a lot of people are jumping off the Tila ship. Even that obnoxious Bobby Calvin turned on her.

  16. Marie says:

    What exactly is the worst thing she can say about the Johnson's, that they showed Casey tough love and took everything away so she would get the proper help she needed? There are TONS of parents doing that every day. And if Tila wants to go there, where the hell are her parents while she's stuck in a hotel room doing drugs every day? She has no right to go after Casey's parents unless she wants the same done to her and I'm pretty sure the Johnson's can find her parents if they really want to. Tila says she's letting Casey rest in peace? Not hardly. What she's doing is fighting her own demons about what happened, the truth, and she's going to end up exposing herself and get thrown in jail because she knows she was there that day and skipped town. I hope this backfires on her and she ends up getting the obviously SEVERE drug and mental help she needs.

  17. Joann says:

    I just read the updated blog of Tila's and I'm ready to go in another direction. I know Tila takes drugs but I'm going to say I think she's playing a game with everybody. I have no doubt she take drugs but I don't think she's as crazy as I thought she was.

    I think it's all an act to get even more attention from the "haters" more so than from her fans and "truthers". I noticed how her blogs were written when she first started out on this movement fiasco and I notice the more the "haters" write about her the more crazier her blog rants became.

    I thought she was acting crazier because she was taking DMT but a few people, who know more about the drug than I do, do not believe Tila is taking the drug. With that piece of info, I going to say the skank is trying to make us believe she's on some type of higher trip, just like she want "truthers" to believe she's really into the truth movement.

    With all the bullshit she's been spewing out these last couple of days anyone would believe Tila has truly lost her mind but if she did I don't think she would be able to post videos/blogs or do anything too much in a somewhat normal fashion.

    IMO, the skank is playing games as usual. She really need the "haters" for her daily ego fix. lol

    • meme says:

      She is high. Very high but not on DMT, no way no how. She would be in the fetal position just blinking her eyes or talking jibberish.

      God I wish I could spill the beans but I just simply do not trust her nor people that like to look up who's posting. I'm in school, far removed from everything for my degree and I'd hate to deal with this shit again. But at the same time, having known her and from time to time deal with her – I really wish everyone knew things.

      Let me phrase it like this. She's taking drugs and going into a trip (it's ambien and she has admitted to abusing it before). She records these things after she takes it and she doesn't pass out on it because she's addicted. I can say that I can take my 10mg dose right now and stay up till 4am, redosing and redosing. I will be sicker than hell but I won't pass out. Some people are like that, and those people typically have been on methadone or suboxone. It had to do with the receptors. I'm speaking from a medical background and because I used drugs heavily at one point in my life. I fried parts of my brain where insomnia is now forever an issue. You'll find (if you do a bit of research) that people who went on methadone treatment, and come off, require a sleep aide for up to 1 year. It's the longest detox ever. Tila was on suboxone for a fucking fact. She very well may still be. The withdrawal isn't fun and I dont know that she's been absent for very long. My personal experience is that I physically could not walk, move or care for about 2 months after I went off. I felt like hell. It was awful. Drugs are bad mmkay 😉

      She is abusing though and the reason she left NYC (I live there when not in school) is because the escort agency we both worked for was busted. Fact! She now books herself and no longer "tours". Her move to NYC was for the agency. Pure and simple.

      Tila smokes crack and does ambien but I have no idea if she's on opiates anymore. I dont' think that she is. She cannot deny ANY of this because #1 there's photos of her with bags of norco 10's along with 2mg bars of xanax on her bed. She admitted to abusing ambien by waking up and taking it all day long. Her jaw twitching is crack (from all accounts she's not on meth). I know who she hangs around now and did date. I know they cannot be around her because they are back on the wagon.

      She hasn't really "lost it". She doesn't believe in what she says but she's so fucked up that she starts to ramble and just goes with it. Just watch her face movements. I'm telling you, it's Ambien. Back when I was forced around her it was blow, (coke), pills but not as much as it was coke, alcohol, weed and xanax. She really lost her shit around a certain person. She was't always this messed up but she was always rather rude and her head is far larger in life than you can imagine. lol. Sorry but true.

      I've read for shits and giggles her now anti friend DM's facebook. By no means at all do I believe his shit and I won't chime in (I really think people shouldn't add him either, he's a bit of a sexual weirdo) but in her defense, when he went in the line for the VIP lounge and said "She knows why I'm here", or however he phrased it. I would be scared too. I"ve heard far too many stories about him stalking her over a year from a mutual friend and he is full of shit. Considering he stated he wrote songs for an album my EX wrote entirely for someone and I know this because I sat there. But that's off the subject. Tila won't overdose. She's too self absorbed. If she could watch her own funeral and see who would attend, then maybe she would off her self. But she once said "I don't think anyone would show up" and that's why she hasn't killed herself. She tests the water but she's more in control than people think. She wants you guys to worry, that's her thing. Ask any of her ex's. Including the one she and I shared. Sickly enough.

      • Joann says:

        @meme…thanks for being up front about your experience with Tila. Do appreciate it. A lot of us knew she was drugging back in the day but did not know to what extent. When she had her first account on Twitter she would rant, usually in the early AM, about all kinds of shit that made no sense. At least back then she was making her "tours" but now she can't do that so you can see she is deteriorating some but not as fast as she would be if she was taking her usual amount of drugs ALONG with DMT. That, and the info coming from the people who have personal experience with DMT led me to believe she's playing "crazier" for attention and you're right she is more in control than people believe.

        The comment about her huge noggin had me LOL'ing. Thanks for the info. You have given us inside info that we speculated about but now we know. I will continue enjoying her rants which have always been a constant source of comical entertainment for me especially when the "haters" call her out on her lies and publish the proof. Good times.

        • meme says:

          Just read her stuff as pure and simple bullshit. And by all means, please don't anyone feel sorry for her. I'm not saying that because I dislike her, I'm saying this because she doesn't deserve pity. Pity being given is her gaining control. She's a terrible person. This is why her family will not speak to her. It has nothing to do with her choices per say, but more about her lies. She is a pathological liar, to the point that she almost had a kid back in her high-school arrested for a falsified rape. She brags about this shit in personal circles.

          I don't know her day to day life these days. I do hear things and they aren't from gossip mongers just more in passing like, "Did you hear that Tila …?" kinda thing. She's back on everyone's mind again, but she will never work in the industry ever again because she's went past the point of return with her bs. She's actually made it where people are freaked out that she'll say they are these lizard people (sorry, I'm not keen on these theories) or child rapists etc, and someone will believe it and harm them. I mean, think about some of the rumors being spread on DM (Sorry, I don't want to put any names here) page. Believe me, I've reported him. I was very upset that he took credit for a song absolutely created by my ex in a bed with me during one of our creative writing phases. That pisses me off. What he doesnt' realize, a lot of entertainment people DO read his stuff and while some of us care, no one is going to say anything unless he does something stupid. We do not want him associated with us. Many have gotten death threats because he calls people pedophiles and I know he's probably spooked Tila. Last I heard, he is stalking her. he himself is not well. But I only can speculate on that. I just know what I'm told from reliable sources and it's that he stalks her, she taunts him and it got out of hand. Now she's scared. Something she has done with many people, making up things, taunting them, crying wolf and then it gets REAL.

          Her bit about CJ is sick. To anyone who knew her or friends of, they knew her battles. I do not think Tila killed her. But let me just say this, if you're on methadone and someone takes it away from you, there's about 30 hours before you go into withdrawal (unlike heroin, where it can be as soon as 4 hours). What happens is awful, your body goes into shock and while a normal person wont die from it (but feel like it) you do become dehydrated, you do not eat and some people experience seizures. If she was without her dose, or "forced detox" it's very likely as a diabetic, that she would have suffered greatly. I have no idea if that's what happened, but it's sad…just all around sad and Tila needs to fucking drop it. She knew her a god damn week and a half.

          But yes, there's proof about Tilas drug use. She's probably borderline personality disorder (Def not MPD) and bipolar 1 but she's all in all a sociopath. which is why Dr.Drew did NOT allow her on. You have to meet a criteria to be on there and personality disorders disqualify you because of treatment difficulties (as in, you need a psychward not a detox center and there's insurance liability issues). If you notice, she went away for a bit to get detoxed (typically 5-10 days) and then she was assessed and suddenly dropped. Due to Hippa laws, her diagnosis or reasons were disclosed. All that this woman is saying now is her imagination and desire to be a leader. She misses admiration terribly and I think that's apparent.

          • meme says:

            oops meant, "not disclosed" eek, sorry I'm sleepy :(

          • We're feeding tila says:

            Thanks for all your insights meme! I wondered what the deal with NY was, now it all makes sense.

          • Very intriguing Meme…
            I thank you for sharing your insight with us…

            As far as the video showing the blatant cocaine use with Tila around it is already on the internet and I can’t really do anything about it. I just think that no one has paid attention to it before. You will see Tila and a few girls in the Holiday Inn back in 2003 when Lisa Boyle was handling the production filming and pics. Cocaine is blatantly shown in a few clips.

            Watch here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2qjhc_tila-tequ

          • kkkk says:

            Bleh, was that supposed to be sexy? Because it came out as just…. sad.

      • kkkk says:

        Thank you meme, interesting… Btw. what do you think about the time when she "moved" to NYC again (about a year ago), was constantly talking about leaving Hollywood forever etc. and then came back to LA after circa a month? Was that also some short-term escorting gig? Also, I think she's been escorting during the whole time she's been living in Hollywood, right?

        • meme says:

          That was the escorting gig I was speaking of. I do escort from time to time with agencies that host "talent". She was one of. The agency did get busted, but i'm not too hip on the details, sorry. But, they used a ton of photos with blurred faces, with a specific name and states – bullshit details. A guy would order up one of the blurred photos and a girl would get a call that her name was "stephanie" and she liked horse back riding, her rate is 2,500 per hour etc etc. We always went with our drivers (mostly to ensure our shift) and the driver kept 2 girls to each car. Often we would go eat, get drinks and kill time between calls. I would see her here or there during the "party girl" shift 10pm – 8 am. So if you ever wondered her awake times, now you know. And I know where the dumbass was living so I have no idea what she told you guys but she was like the rest of us on the east side of Manhattan, 500 sq feet and HOTEL LIVING. A lot of hotels, that are older of course, still rent out to people. I grew up living in one, and it was an apartment inside a hotel. Same sort of thing. She wasn't in my building but I know which one she was in. It wasn't swanky, nor was mine. She went out there on a stint or tour. Same as many girls. 90 day tours = $$$$$$. The summer is really good on the weekends and underground wise they would have touted her to their regulars as TIla, making her 5K an hour, of which she gets 3,200.

          I didn't look at the video yet but I'm not low rent enough to do coke in a fucking Holiday Inn so I think I'm safe. lol. But 2003 is right around when I had met her. I really should proof read as well, so my apologies on how terrible all my responses have been. Midterms and going off of caffeine at the same time = bad choices all around. Not as bad as doing coke at the Holiday Inn in 2003 but still .. 😉

          • kkkk says:

            Oh, I thought you were speaking about the time that was like a few years ago (circa 2006?) when she was also staying in NYC for some time (at least she put up some video of herself in her "New York crib"). Thanks for replying me back. Some of us have been speculating about her working as an escort way back before there was any proof (by proof I mean that message exchange about her hourly rates on that dating site of sorts)… If you think about it, there aren't many ways she could make a living these days. She doesn't have any show on TV, she's not in tabloids, she can't make much from her music, she's touring (more like hosting) about four times a year, so…

          • meme says:

            Oops yeah, sorry for the confusion. I was speaking of the summer of 2011. Anytime she was in NYC at least from 2009 forward had been escorting with that company. I probably didn't make it too clear but a lot of "celebs" (no one worth noting) worked with this agency, but the agency used fake stock photos with blurred faces and bullshit stats so that they could send anyone that sorta fit that description at that rate. Bait and switch. The names changed as well. Once the clients were established "celebs" were sent out because the trust was there. Tila did well and she worked party girl hours as well as per request. I didn't know this because I'm nosy. I found it out by having the same driver. We aren't allowed out of the car the entire shift unless we are on a call OR hanging out with other drivers, girls to kill time. All the girls gossip as do the drivers.

            I don't mean this chick harm but sometimes I can't help but chime in and clear up things. of course anything I say can be taken as BS as well but I'd like to see her dispute it. I have no issue allowing myself to be verified by someone who won't blast me, given who I date and schooling, it would be devastating. Not that he doesn't know these things about me, but I know he wouldn't appreciate having her name attached to him.

            As far as I know, she's always escorted. It's not something that just began but she didn't always have to rely upon it. I'm a sex worker and feel there's nothing wrong with it as long as no one is being harmed, so I don't frown upon her for what she does. However, she really needs to stop being such a dick.

          • deluwiel says:

            @meme – It's so refreshing to finally hear from someone who has actually had a glimpse of the inside of Tuna's little world. For a while there a few years ago we thought a few in her 'inner circle' (Bradshaw, Garry Sun, some other guy whose name I can't remember who said he was going to dish on Tila's dirty little secrets on his blog) but no one ever did. What I'd like to know is what she hangs over these people's heads to keep them from talking? Is it that they want to dissociate as completely as possible from her? Does she have a way of finding stuff out about people to blackmail them to stay quiet? Does she know some goons who could threaten people? I can't figure it out. Or, (what seems most likely to me) is she such a huge nobody loser that there's no one who even pays enough attention to her to care to set the record straight?

          • Lueki says:

            thanks meme for sharing this info. it really sounds like you know alot about whats going on, in entertainment. i have read alot about how alot of celebrities are also high-end call girls as well, (more common then someone would think). the latest was when joanna krupa was exposed on thedirty.com, (which leads me to believe that she is). i watched that video GRR posted above, sometimes there is a plan there. as silly as that shoot wanted to be, (with the fake cocaine etc) they threw that in for hints. tila went on to become even worse of a drug addict, but why? was it part of the script? part of the story? ((another thing the one woman was wearing a santa hat and now tila is talking about the truth about christmas or something? im not really paying attention. shes talking about the annunaki)…i just try to take note of things like this. i do research MK and project monarch/bluebird alot too. thank you meme for explaining things and please keep commenting. it is refreshing to hear. i know things get tough, believe me. its very difficult for most people to believe or digest.

      • Seola says:

        I've held sort of the same mentality as you but I don't think it's for any "one" groups benefits. I think she fully knows well what she's doing in the sense that she's doing it for attention. We just oblige because we get far more out of it by laughing and joking than she does by the little bits of attention. She panics because she doesn't get nearly as much attention as she wants (even her groupie Amber Goodhand won't write about her) and goes crazier and crazier with her comments. That said, just because someone can be in control to an extent doesn't mean they aren't on drugs wanting to try and desperate feel good about anything and everything they are doing and it's clear when she TRIES to do something to get attention, it gets all mangled up by the drug-addled state she's in – which makes it all the more fodder for us.

  18. Kate Addict says:


    Funny, I'm an empath too. I lost a lot of my vision in about 2 years and my sense of empathy was the thing that got stronger, not my hearing or taste or touch or smell. It's weird but it's true.

    She's talking about people who comment saying she needs to seek Jesus. I don't believe in Jesus, or organized religion in general. I really tried giving JC a chance,I tried to be a good Baptist, but I can't believe in someone I've never met and never will meet as my savior.

    And Tila is the worst radio show host ever.

  19. sheriff says:

    @ Joann. It's been that way for a fews years now. It's all about "what can I do now to get attention.?" We are the only ones that pay attention.

    Total batshit crazy is about her only chance to do anything. She's playing it well WHILE being high as a kite.

    Everyone sees through that. She's just high. With our support, hopefully she will get her last fix. Dead or alive. Your choice.

    • Thank you for the link. I posted a screen shot of her blog earlier this morning. Its in the various pics seen up above. Because we know at one point it will disappear like all the rest of her crap… LOL

  20. Kate Addict says:

    This is the last comment I'm leaving on Tila's blog. I'll post it here in case she deletes it:__You’re 31 years old hanging out with mostly underage gullible kids online because no one your own age ever stays long because they get tired of your bullshit.. You lost a ton of fans after you “appearance” the other night. Even Bobby Calvin finally saw through you and left your ass.__Go snort another Ambien and shut up already. You don’t have anything on anybody. That’s why you have to make up stories about spam and CIA drone bots. All you do is spend your days trying to form your own little cult while snorting Ambien off of your latest “John”‘s ass. Never in my life have I seen such a pathetic attention whore, and I’ve known a lot of them. Whenever you are confronted with solid proof of your crimes, you are always the victim. You have been like this long before your Illuminutty crap.__You don’t deserve to have access to the internet. You don’t deserve to have family. You don’t deserve to have friends. You don’t deserve to be a mother.You deserve to suffer because all you have is battery acid in your veins. You make Vicomte de Valmont look like a Jonas brother.__It is never too late to get help so for fuck’s sake, GET HELP TILA. Before you’re too stuck in the quick sand and it swallows you up completely.

  21. sheriff says:

    Sheriff need to start a radio show.

  22. Can we say Tila just got OWNED for STEALING this Free Mason Certificate from 1947 that is framed showing Masonic temple name along with Grand Master insignia. http://twitpic.com/b6n2zp/full

    Here is the original for sale ad it came from *Vintage Free Mason certificate – 1947 (Waterdown) $125* http://toronto.lowprice.ca/_vintage_free_mason_ce… Also here: http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/oak/clt/330199779

    Try again you stupid BITCH… LOL

  23. catdeeley says:

    You know the Dr Drew thing irritates me..so she didnt pass the psychological test. and wasnt 'checked in'.
    But what does society do with people like that? I dont know if you get where I'm coming from..but maybe she couldve saved herself from all that bs thats going on now and in the past, if she had gotten that help.
    I mean how can you, as a person with knowledge about psychological problems send someone like that away? I mean she didnt pass the test fair enough..but what comes afterwards? How can it be that was let loose and not transfered to a facility that could meet her needs..im confused..I'm not from the US so i dont know how you handle cases like that but i find it to believe that people with an obvious disorder are given a platform instead of help..

    • Seola says:

      Cat – you have some points that a lot of people who deal with mental illness deal with. Not that Tila suffers from it, hers is self-imposed via drug use, but my son is bipolar and he has been inpatient twice. I had to homeschool him because his school didn't want to educate him, even though they are supposed to be forced to by law. Under Obamacare, several of his meds are being discontinued as counting towards "preventative care" and will be considered, for all intents and purposes, short term drugs. Which means they fall under a higher prescription cap. Again, this isn't the "evil" insurance company, it's limitations set by Obamacare which do not allow these meds to count as mental stability. So, we have to switch up drugs and hope they work. Okay, fine and dandy, but mental illness doesn't work that way. There are so many different drugs that do so many different things, and we still don't know why some work and some don't for some people and not others.

      So, this means when parents are faced with a choice (example, son's Abilify is $1400 a month, under our current insurance – which will be illegal in 2013 for not costing us enough with too "low" of deductibles and copays) they may have to decide not to give the meds at all. Okay, fine – so sometimes we'll have to rely on inpatient treatment… nope, inpatient care was also slashed, the maximum covered stay is 8 days in acute care to get someone stabilized. Well, anyone with experience in mental health knows these drugs have a build up period of about 2 weeks.

      So while Dr. Drew turned her away when he should have helped, this is going to grow on a national level. The chances are, at the time – Dr. Drew might have had nowhere to send her to begin with, she likely had no insurance since she doesn't work and could even be on a state program like Medicaid… but those people don't get beds at all.

      • Seola says:

        BTW, the limitations on drugs for certain things actually runs about 27,000 lines according to HR who has slammed us hard with some realities for next year.

        • Kate Addict says:

          @Seola: Have you tried contacting the company who makes Abilify and seeing if they'd pay for it?

          • meme says:

            Yes yes. Please contact them (if you hadn't already). The Dr's usually are visited by pharmaceutical reps once a month. We stock up on samples. Find out from the nurse when samples come through and asked to be notified because of the cost issue. Almost every DR or facility will work with you. I really hope there's a resolve.

          • Miz says:

            Jeez that is horrifying. Everyday I'm thankful I live in Scotland, and my mental health has been monitored and taken care of to a more manageable level after years of perfecting both my diagnosis and treatment. Please do try what Kate and meme have said, you and yours are in my thoughts, Seola.

    • meme says:

      If you have a personality disorder, there is available therapy. Obviously putting a person on the telly who has a BPD and god knows what else, would not aide them – it would further exasperate the issue. I know 2 people that personally were on Celebrity rehab in the early seasons, so I know the clause that is signed and I know the process as well. 😉 She is a liability and she has more of a mental disorder rather than a chemical dependency. I don't know if that makes much sense to anyone outside of having had an addiction and went for treatment, or persons that are medical professional.

      Tila could not be trusted (in all probability) around other patients. Of course they want people who are full of turmoil to bring ratings, however, they cannot bring someone on that is a risk to the safety and health of others. She was also unwilling to be honest about too many things.

      If you are a person that suffers from mental illness, treatment and therapy is available. There is no chemical treatment at this time that really stabilizes a person with a personality disorder, it is a long process of really sorting out what medications suit that person (mood stabilizers etc). Please don't get it confused that she went on a reality show with a high mortality rate of it's "patients" and a rather alarming rate in relapses. The objective is not absolute. She simply wasn't a fit. If she wanted help, she was in NYC and she was living near Bellevue (which isn't strictly a mental / chemical facility) and it's free. She could have checked in. Every single county and state has free mental health services for people to utilize. yes, it takes diligence because of waiting lists but if you want help, you walk into any ER (insurance or not), state that you are going to kill yourself and you are taken in for their "hold" cycle and evaluated, plus moved to the top of the list to get on going professional help that's either free or on a sliding scale.

      If you're dealing with someone who doesn't believe they have any issues (and people with personality disorders often do not, by no fault of their own), that person won't go get help. Trust me. I work in the mental health field currently while in school and I know that I can't diagnose someone or refer treatment options, I can say what is out there. She doesn't want help. She doesn't want to take away her manic pleasures.

      She rapid cycles, which anyone here can tell by her postings, photos and times of hyper sexuality. I believe most of this is drug induced but I don't think she would be this far off on using stimulates etc if she wasn't attempting to self medicate. In knowing her, interacting with her and from time to time getting caught up on her life, I would bet you that she's sociopath. 100% and there is NO cure or help for that. Sociopaths are often wards of state mental institutions and this is not a fault of the DR, the patient or the system. They are wired wrong and there's just simply nothing that can be done. Nothing. it's a ticking time bomb.

      • catdeeley says:

        That's not what i meant.
        I've got some knowledge as well..but in Germany a doctor can actually send you to a mental institution if they think you're harm to yourself or others.
        Even parents or a partner can send you in (well if there are signs..not just to get rid off them 😉 ).
        And i didnt mean giving her meds or whatever, but more like therapy in a mental instituion where she just cant walk off or disappear.

        And yes, i have to admitt, that i forgot that you dont have to have an insurance in the US..its different in Germany.
        So the bit that i didnt get is: that she was allowed to walk off freely without anyone notifying whoever you notify in the US in a case like that.
        I mean why is no-one really giving a damn about her rants..and in my eyes she is a big harm to other, more vulnarable people and mainly to herself.

        Though she might have gotten that way because of drugs, sociopaths normally start off young and, as you said, are just wired wrong, but that shouldnt allow them to walk around freely..

        • Seola says:

          Cat, there is no one to tell here and "civil liberties" means that unless you are IMMEDIATE danger to yourself or others, i.e. brandishing a gun/knife – not just doped up, you cannot be held against your will and no one can put you into any facility, even for observation, without a judge's intervention declaring you an immediate danger. It's the same "liberties" which allowed the Aurora Theater shooter to walk around, even though multiple people expressed concern over his stability. Those with mental illness have some of the highest rates of homelessness in this country because they can't hold a job, and by and large, they don't qualify for disability (a very, very few do and it's quite difficult). It's a shame what the mental illness treatments are and it's just been made much, much worse by limiting access to anti-psychotic drugs.

          • kkkk says:

            I think it's a right choice though not to lock up people just because someone has a feeling something is wrong with them, because if otherwise, this could definitely be easily misused (if someone wanted to get rid of you for example). Also, if someone was locked up against his will, what would that solve? Most people with problems (drug addiction, mental problems) need to realize themselves that they have a problem and seek a treatment for it. Otherwise, it's counterproductive and nothing gets resolved at the end. You can't force someone to get help.

          • Seola says:

            I don't disagree that a few people could be caught – but they would prove sane in a short amount of time. People with mental problems aren't as if they are looking for a fix. Many either know right from wrong and they have no ability to stop it, or they don't know right from wrong at all – they could never come to a realization there's a problem, because in their world inside their heads, WE are the freaks. Loughner was forcibly medicated, against the ACLU suing and he's actually fairly stable. If he had been forcibly medicated or held in a facility because he wasn't medicated, the Arizona shooting would have never happened. This doesn't excuse all murderers, some of them get off on the power one wields over someone's life – a natural feeling in humans and they'd rather satisfy it – but mass shootings of people they don't know are almost ALWAYS severely mentally ill.

            Those who want to lock up people via the government, they can plant the evidence and have judge's in their pocket – that is already happening.

            It's not a catch-all "I think he's not right in the head, let's just lock them away forever". It's a process that could be implemented in which certain criteria outlined by the Academy of Psychiatry (thoughts of suicide, homicide +1 instance of attempted suicide as an example). There would still be a system in place, a family member, friend or court could say "I see this and this", a team of several doctors with specialties could present something to a separate court, the person is picked up/asked to come in or what have you, and they are explained to what is going on, what can happen – what the results were and if they need to be evaluated further.

            Not to mention, think of the jobs it could create to have such a system in place.

            I can only hope I live long enough to make sure my son understands how his bipolar affects him, which includes how susceptible to drug addiction he is. What if I die when he's 17? He'll hit 18, an adult – where no one can tell him a thing and no one to watch over him. I'd like to think there was a system in place, that if he started threatening himself or others, he could be evaluated and make sure he's taking meds (this is verified by a simple lab test to check for levels of the meds). But right now, he'd be out on the streets until he's dead, or someone else is.

          • meme says:

            These are all great and valid points. Seola, my heart goes out to you. I see families with children that have chemical imbalances. It pains me when I can't help enough. You bring up a great point about a system being in place for him when he turns 18. There was a recent case in which (this is a person with schizo-affective and bi-polar 1) a young man dismembered his grandmother after being released from a ward 24 hours prior. His family had struggled since he was a teen, when the onset hit, to keep him medicated. The problem of course is that people with these struggles, forget the bad parts of the manias and when the meds begin working, they often cease to taking them. Then again, most of the meds have terrible side effects. Sometimes I just want to hug the parents (it's against policy) because I watch them hit bottom as they watch their children do the thorazine shuffle.

            The problem is that the Reagan era got rid of so many resources and state funding for hospitals. We had a 12 million dollar cut at my job last year. 12 million. Our wait list for a bed is now at 90 days. We have plenty of room but we do not have the funding to hire more aides. I'm a full time med student and a full time employed nurse in a psych ward for teens. We just now began to implement teaching them about drugs. If things get rough Seola, please check him into a facility that is both drug and mental, so that he can attend NA meetings and courses. It is a preventive measure. I really wish you nothing but the best and of course him as well. Stay strong!

            Something I didn't touch on, which would summarize the biggest reason Tila wasn't chosen – it was a drug rehab show, and was not equipped to handle anyone with major affective issues. Yes, they should have referred her out, but understand her casting agent sent her over and unless she's waving weapons and stuff, they can't keep her. (this part wasn't directed to you Seola, I'm just too damn lazy to make another reply).

          • kkkk says:

            I think part of the problem is that we don't fully understand human brain and because of that we also don't fully understand how antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs actually work. Some of the psychotic outbursts and agression toward self or others can be even CAUSED by the medication. Personally I would be really careful with all those pills, especially when it involves a young and developing brain.

          • Kate Addict says:

            Abilify eventually made me catatonic and I had to go to the hospital multiple times for a year. I'm grateful I wasn't prescribed it when I was a teenager, I would have probably made a successful suicide attempt.

          • catdeeley says:

            Like i said, you cant just walk up and send someone to an institution because you want to..
            Well then tell me how someone with a severe (!) mental problem is gonna wake up one day and realise that they got a problem?
            I dont want to argue..but in my eyes chances that something like that happens is very unusual and normally a mental health problem doesnt appear overnight but is something that grows with up with you if no-one interferes.

          • meme says:

            Cat, if you're interested in mental health there's plenty of information out there. I'm not sure what your question is. mental health disorder is a broad spectrum and it runs from panic disorders (created from trauma) to personality disorders (also created from environment) and then there's chemical and hormonal imbalances that yes, can happen almost seemingly overnight.

            If you're talking schizophrenia, the onset is around 16-22. I guess I don't get your stance or what your stating. I'm highly educated in this field and it's my passion, it doesn't make me happy that people suffer or are turned away. If I could work extra hours and hand hold those that need it, I would. But I'm 1 person and I'm only human. I've watched many people suddenly have a brief psychosis brought about by grief, where they go catatonic. There are many misdiagnoses, often in the start of things and it takes a long time to get medications "just right". Not to mention the side effects can often make FURTHER issues (marked anxiety, insomnia, facial ticks, urinary tract issues…the list goes on) and many people feel helpless and hopeless because the meds seem to make things just worse and when it starts out 1 pill it ends up being a cocktail just to get by. To get a good psychotherapist is a nightmare.

            I've worked with CPS (Child protection services) and chose abnormal psych as my passion after seeing so many children neglected and thus ending up in the system with zero coping skills and deviant behavior. I'm just going to end up rambling here because it's not simply explained. I really wish many would go to UNI and at least take a course in basic Sociology as well as abnormal psychology, it's eye opening and of course everything is debatable. There's so much we don't know about the human condition, but believe me, those that are involved in mental health care are passionate people. We want families to heal, those that are homeless to get in a group home that's safe (often they are not, and people choose the streets over it), meds to be widely available for free or medicaid cost (3.00 USD). Our Govt is cutting funding and laying off aides left and right. I work in a unit of at risk youth who are considered violent either sexually or emotionally. My job is not easy but it's nothing compared to the hell going on in their heads. We try very hard to keep them in the system but by the age of 18 people phase out and are on their own. Only in rare cases do we get someone till the age of 25, and they are typically in for crimes such as murder or rape.

            Mental health is not just chemical or environment so it isn't "something you grow up with" in total. A person who was raped that had no issues with anxiety or fear prior, and ends up with it later is considered to have Post Traumatic Disorder. This falls into the mental health field.

            I probably made no sense here but I dont know where to start or how to explain things. I can only touch on it and reference a good resource: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/ This has valuable information.

          • kkkk says:

            Well I thought we weren't talking about cases when someone is dangerous to others or to himself/herself. Otherwise, you really can't force someone to get help. How you want to "fix" someone if he/she doesn't see there's anything wrong with them? Also, psychiatrist or psychologist is always right and an ultimate authority? I really doubt so, after my experiences. Sometimes, they are actually sicker than their patients.

            In current society, it's actually difficult to find someone who doesn't have any so-called mental problem – various personality disorders and other diagnoses have grown to such proportions that basically most of us are mentally ill in some way (if not permanently, then in some point of our lives). According to the official traits of those disorders.

      • Seola says:

        I've maintained and still maintain she had no mental illness to start, except maybe some ADD/ADHD which is why she project hops but nothing on the scale we see in her ranting. I stand by that it's all drug related/drug damage. There's a huge difference in bipolar and drug psychosis. Bipolar doesn't cycle the way she does. It's not like the movies at all. Rapid cycles are a sign of drugs, not bipolar. One doesn't jump from depression to hypomania to stable to hypomania and back again in a couple of hours.

      • Pshhh says:

        I am thrilled to see your response; being related to someone with several behaviors and symptoms of, though not "diagnosed" with BPD. I've witnessed when someone with BP won't acknowledge their own problems or issues, and can say from experience that _some_ of these people are dangerous to the well being of others.
        While a lot of people self-medicate, I agree with your statement that the majority of her craziness of the last couple years is brought on by drug induced psychosis (armchair shrink here lol).
        But you know her? Was she ever just a mouthy flirtatious attention seeker, or did you always suspect a PD/ sociopath? I also have had the displeasure to get to know one of them, Horrible.

    • silver says:

      Apologies to any Dr. Drew fans, but whatever good he has done in the past, has been overshadowed by his narcissism. I used to listen to Loveline and watch Celebrity Rehab, but it seems to me that he's doing his shows not necessarily to promote better health/highlight disease and addiction, but to promote his brand. He has made diagnoses of celebrities that he has never treated/met in person and has fawned over celebrities in his rehab show. On Loveline, a caller can just talk for 2 minutes and he's already assumed that he/she has been molested as a child. I believe for a medical professional, this is highly irresponsible and all the more ironic that he wrote a book about narcissism.

      I personally believe that he either thought she was too mentally ill or not ill at all and he didn't want his show to be liable if someone was hurt. Remember when Kari Ann Paniche was on the show, she knocked the camera into the cameraman's eye because she didn't get her way. I think with Tila it could have been much worse.

      Mental health in the U.S. is fucked up, imo. Many states simply do not take it seriously. I worked with efforts to make mental health parity a reality for insurance plans. Trouble is, many insurance plans would rather not provide counseling for people and instead just prescribe pills. Many states do not recognize the need for licensed therapy, especially for at risk communities. Budget cuts in the 1980s basically eliminated places for the mentally ill to go and for many the streets are their home. Many services are not covered, such as rehab, and people suffer in silence. There are elected officials who believe that one can pray away mental illness or a victim of PTSD trauma from sexual assault can pull up bootstraps and make it go away. I truly believe without significant reforms this situation can be helped, but few are willing to do anything about it.

      • kkkk says:

        Thank you for your comment, silver, I agree with you about Dr. Drew (he's supposed to be a professional? He reminds me more of someone like Oprah, who's definitely not a professional, at least not in mental health). Also the trend of prescribing pills that are supposed to fix everything (no therapy or counseling necessary) kind of worries me – it hasn't been happening only in United States, unfortunately.

        • silver says:

          Thanks, I was worried that I wasn't making any sense. Dr. Drew to me is a charlatan. Well-educated and well-spoken, but clearly out to promote himself on television.

          Mental health is a big issue for me because there are so many who do not have access to good health care because they have no insurance and/or are underinsured. Even with "good insurance" it's difficult to get the right kind of therapy that doesn't exclusively involve popping pills. Pills are NOT the answer, they are a tool that's being misused. There is something wrong when you can go to your GP and say "I feel sad and anxious." and get a script of Prozac or worse, Xanax.

          It's easy to tell someone that is need to go "seek help," but far more difficult for them to actually get better.

  24. sheriffgauncent says:

    Also, I wanted to comment that in the first pic above, it may be pixelation but you can almost see how dialated her pupils are through her shitty contacts she wears to hide when she's high.

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