Tila Tequila vs CIA Spam Bots: “I’m Probably One Of The Biggest Whistle Blowers in Hollywood”

Let’s face it. We all know that Tila Tequila is NOT going to stop acting like a martyr for the infamous Truth Movement anytime soon. The sad reality of it all is Tila’s only goal is NOT to get the truth out,” as she claims. She has always played with the emotions of others when she claims that she is putting her life on the line for all the “Truthers” out there. It’s quite obvious from that statement alone that she wants all the admiration, attention and the ultimate glory for allegedly “exposing” the shadow government that rules this world. She wants to go down in history as the most honored “celebrity” ever created. Yes, you heard me right. Tila Tequila is a concept SHE had created in her delusional mind, NOT Hollywood. Tila’s desperate thirst for undying “fame” is one of the many reasons for her never ending fall from fame. Regardless of “Queen” Tila’s extremely fame seeking tainted past filled with lots of pathetic attention whoring, explicit modeling, drug use and abuse, porn videos and just off the wall extreme craziness. Tila’s been ranting and raving for months now. To tell you the truth its getting really tiring reading the same bullshit over and over again knowing its all fuckery. After all the wasted time on the truther soapbox, Tila has NOT ever provided any REAL PROOF of her claims. Tila always makes hundreds of excuses as to why she can’t spill the beans about what she claims she knows. It’s always a mind game with her Tila Army fans, that she never seems to give a crap about. No matter how many times she says that she “loves” them, all of the pod casts are ALWAYS about Tila and how she is a helpless victim

While Tila’s been claiming for the past month or so, that all the make believe “CIA Drone Bots” have been “censoring” her personal website, Facebook, Twitter, Blog Talk Radio and Youtube accounts. She has been prancing around half naked, hustling in strip clubs and dive bars in Canada getting desperately needed cash to support her drug habit and her own self-serving needs. Tila talks a lot of shit, but she forgets a lot of what she has told people and tweeted over the years. The funny thing is Tila has no real idea of what valid proof is. Speaking of which Tila had posted 3 separate articles today, of course protesting that she had proof to “expose” the fake drone bots, who she claims are going around censoring her fans and other silly bullshit…

First of the posts was about ultra-fab and truther extraordinaire Peter Santilli who’s undying mission is to expose Alex Jones and try to out do him. His truther mission seems to be like a fucking game to see who has the biggest balls and who can get the “real info” out there to expose the dirty “shadow government” first. In reading some of Santilli’s blogs and his own responses to commenters left on them. You can clearly see the pure hatred he has for Jones and those to don’t praise him for his self perceived awesomeness. It appears that Santilli’s dislike has turned into flat out rage and hostility towards anyone who doubts his intentions and questions to him.

Tila of course ignores all the negative responses on his site and on the web, because she thinks that Santilli is doing her a favor and helping her get the word out about the “truth movement” she claims to as her own and she started. The problem is Tila is confused and doesn’t realize that Santilli and many others are USING her to come up. I would post his pathetic kiss ass video here, but I really can’t stand a “investigative journalist” who doesn’t research his subjects. If Santilli did and was honest with his intentions, he would realize that Tila is only destroying any type of credibility he has.

Let’s get to the next post from Tila about her exposure of CIA Spam Bots that she claims she has real proof of. When I saw what she had to say, I really had to laugh at it all, because there wasn’t any proof posted, just a rant. She said, “I constantly try to alert people of the world to beware of those “CIA SPAM BOTS” who are made in DRONES to viciously attack Freedom Fighters like myself, and others.” She continued on again declaring, “WE ALL HAVE OUR RIGHTS TO SAY WHAT WE WANT AND BEIEVE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE!  WE SHOULD NOT BE CENSORED FOR OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH NOR OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OF FREE WILL TO STAND UP FOR THINGS WE BELIEVE IN!” Geez dammit, she’s on CAPS lock again, because she feels the need to scream at us all to prove her point. Little does Tila realize that she is being a fucking ignorant HYPOCRITE when she posts this shit.

She added, “Here is the link to article about “SPAM BOTS” written back in 2009 that I found. Please copy this as I’m sure it will be deleted soon.!” Here is the article she posted, Twitter’s Most Active Users: Bots, Dogs, and Tila Tequila.” Just fuck no on that article that is so old. Sadly, Tila happened to pick it out random because it said BOTS and had Tila’s name in it. That article is 3 years old and proves absolutely nothing or backs up whatever claim she is making. Pfft… Try again Tila…

She is the QUEEN of CENSORSHIP as I and many others have already proved. Also Tila admitted DELETING comments from those she perceived as “EVIL ONES.” Yes its TRUE, Tila is full of shit and she knows it. Her agenda is so fucking twisted its scary. She doesn’t give a fuck about FREEDOM of SPEECH like she always protests.

She only wants what she has to say to be heard. NOT what anyone else has to say unless it benefits her own egotistical needs. She brought up, “For instance the recent website that one of my TILA ARMY CANADA made to support me, merely just putting together a sweet, innocent video from people all over the world wishing me a happy birthday and showing how much supporters we have in OUR TRUTH MOVEMENT!” Oh really? That same website is also run by a well known obsessed fan of hers, that has already been exposed and brought up in previous drama surrounding Tila. The real reason why her site got deleted is unknown to me and was definitely NOT my fault, as I never even mentioned her shitty website on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere for that matter, until now. Let it be known that I really don’t give a flying fuck about her pathetic multiple alias stalker ass and she knows it.

The problem is Tila has been encouraging her Tila Army slaves to do her dirty work for her. That’s just the FACTS, that’s why 2 other sites related to Tila got DELETED, because Tila encouraged her obsessed Tila Army fans to post up people’s personal information (ie. IP addresses and emails etc.) which is a VIOLATION of PRIVACY. You all know I could go on all day about that insane shit, but I am not. I am sure you get my point. In the end we all know that Tila is using the constant “helpless victim” card and lies to promote her “credibility” that she thinks she has in the industry. I know for a fact that Hollywood is really scared of what she is going to do to herself next. I have posted lots of screen shots above, including all of her recent posts.

Tila really needs help and posts like those she sent today show us that she has lot complete touch with reality, “Please note that just like the GOV. has their ways of doing things, censoring stuff, reading through my emails etc etc… well, luckily for me, I TOO HAVE THE SAME ACCESS! Let’s just call us “THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” if you will. I have help from MANY people in MANY different areas of expertise so I do indeed have special ways to block out any CIA PRICKS who try to do anything further to spy on us! *HIGH FIVE TO ALL YOU UNDERGROUND RAILROAD FREEDOM FIGHTERS* This shit is fucking awesome! We have secretly built our own little network and soon….. ohhh I just can’t wait. Change is already taking place and WE ARE STILL WINNING!  *Double High FIve*”

Son of a bitch, I just can’t with her last statement. She keeps adding new words in her snazzy secret truther vocabulary that make me really question her mental state. From Tila’s made believe creations of “CIA Drone Bots” to “CIA Spam Bots” to “Freedom Fighters” to “Underground Railroad Freedom Fighters”, the last one being highly insulting to those slaves who lost their lives trying to be free. Tila is doing nothing but constantly insulting truthers around the world every single day. Sadly, the real truthers that matter who have called her out, get labeled the “enemy”. The ones who seem to be lost constantly drink her “hogul-aid” are being led down the wrong path that will end up in complete failure. It’s sad that not one of her Tila Army has stopped inflating Tila’s ego and told her to seek help she needs. Anyone that does call her out on her blatant nonsensical rants, has been labeled “jelis haterz” and other stupid names. I can tell you right now this crap surrounding Tila will end badly.

So its that time again and we are back with another update and as you know Tila aka “Eina from GAIA 33:33:333″ decided to make more videos and do another Blog Talk Radio show after saying she was going to take a break for awhile, stop making videos and posting blogs. She posted a warning on her website that announced a special message from God, “HERE IS GOD’S FINAL WARNING TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE EVIL OR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN SWAYED BY “THE OTHERS” TOO DEAF AND BLIND TO HEAR MY MESSAGES I AM RELAYING. HERE IS WHAT GOD WANTED ME TO TELL YOU.” Then Tila ranted again preaching her holy gospel on Youtube within her comments section deleting some of the comments that she didn’t like along the way. I know that Tila also had a club gig at Whiskey Rock and the doors opened at 5 PM. I guess Tila was supposed to be there early but fucked around instead of showing up on time. I can tell you that I contacted the club via Twitter to alert them of what Tila was doing during that time she was expected. Allegedly, Tila was going to arrive by midnight. Did Tila actually show up to fullfill her hosting contract?

UPDATE 10/28/2012: Yep, another fucking update because Tila surely LOVES the ATTENTION she is getting acting all “Angel of God” like the “Chosen One” spreading her DIS-INFORMATION around the internet, like it will “save the world.”  Before it ends or something to that effect. Tila always acts like she is doing everyone a fucking favor, like we owe her something. When people don’t agree with what she has to say she spends a lot of time talking shit about how they’re “brainwashed zombies” or drone bots. It’s getting pathetic now especially when she answers her fans with sarcasm, “Yes hunny bunny I speak to physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, NASA scientists, former CIA agents, Doctors, lawyers, attorneys, Journalists, and pretty much anyone else you would like to put on that list. Anything else you’d like to know? SPAM BOT?” Oh really? I guess they aren’t listening to TILA then. I am sure that at least one of those professionals would have told her to seek some professional help. Please share your thoughts and comments below…


  1. Joann says:

    I wish the people who are sincere about this Movement would open their eyes and see this skank is using them and this is nothing more than a hustle for her to get the admiration she craves. Hollywood has turned their back on her so she need to get her "fix" somewhere else and they are it.

    I know SOME of them had to have some concern about her saying she has proof but never tells you what her proof is or shows it to them. None of them have called her out on this?

    You're right GRR Tila uses fear and ignorance to keep people who are really sincere about this Movement in the dark about her validity as a real Truther. As I said before, I think these people are this gullible about her because she has been on TV.

    She tells them The Others, etc, will attack you, your home, your work, etc so if anything happens in their private life out of the ordinary they will say it was The Others attacking them instead of using their common sense and seeing it as something they might have done wrong. Then they turn around and give Tila credit as being right about The Others. If she were to leave for a few days and come back she could say she was kidnapped and they would fall for it.

    Tila wants them to look to her as their leader. That is the bottom line to her hustle. No one is attacking her, deleting her blogs, trying to run her over and she has no card or certificate to hop to another dimension, no underground railroad, no nothing. If she could really hop to another dimension why would she need a card or a certificate? She would just be able to do it. Do any of them, especially the ones who have been in The Cause for years, wonder why they don't have a card/certificate to hop to another dimension especially since she just came on the scene and they have been in The Movment for years. lol.

    I don't understand how people could possibly believe her with these over the top stories. They don't even make sense. We all can be scammed but at least the stories would seem plausible. This shit she spewing makes no sense AT ALL.

    I'm happy for blogs like GRR and JDT exposing this skank. I pray some of them might read these blogs and have their eyes open. When I would slam the AOI I use to joke about this and say "Tila could tell them to jump off a bridge at 12N and these nitwits would do it"……but the really scary thing is………this could really happen.

    She's hustling the hell out of them for the attention which she craves, and they are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

    • Kelly says:

      i belong to a few truth exposing groups on facebook, and while i say truth exposing, it means MK Hollywood, symbolisms, satanism, and plenty of MK'd stars, monarch'd victims from britney spears to the little girl that was found 'dismembered' near colorado. its very scary what happens in this world. we discuss this stuff but it is regular people, as individuals coming TOGETHER to discuss these matters in a private group. we do not look for a leader now do we need one. i urge you to do research, google project monarch, satanism in hollywood, etc….whitney houston sacrifice. anyways, i have brought up tila a bunch of times and so have others. they think that she is MK'd herself, that she has been programmed. the thing is, i showed them where tila even admitted her faking her personalities was her just having fun. well, what i am saying is, most true 'truth seekers' do not take what she has to say seriously. we do our own research, put together the clues, the peices to the puzzle. so most just ignore her, for the most part.

      • Joann says:

        Thanks for correcting me Kelly. My bad for putting all Truthers in the same category of falling for Tila's BS hustle.

        I read the comments from her fellow truthers and their answers blow my mind. Half of their answers go over my head and which doesn't bother me because I don't want to understand craziness and the half that I do understand is just downright stupid. I must remember this is just a small few. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the commenters was Tila using different names.

  2. Marie says:

    When I read that Bot article with her name in it she posted I had to wonder if she even knows how to read. The items Tila posts as "proof" have no significance whatsoever to what she's saying, whereas when we provide proof its backed up with facts and screenshots. Hers is a screenshot of irrelevant babble and more "we are WINNING!!!" Well Tila, what exactly have you won? What are you "winning"? Can you please answer that at least because the more you talk, the more ridiculous you sound.

    Every single person I've spoken to that has blindly followed her acts the same way. They cannot answer a simple question and they talk in circles and change the subject then either block or say you're a troll. I had a convo earlier with one and my question was "Why is Tila on "tour" stripping if she cant use money in the 5th dimension"? The persons answer was "are you trying to tell me she's a prostitute?" They have done NO research whatsoever.

    Back when TAC made that first failure of a website where she tried to get everyones info and she claimed it got hacked, she put the blame on me and blocked me because she didnt have the "others" to blame and I'm STILL waiting for the letter from her attorney, and still waiting for her to prove it. Every move Tila makes, she copies it.

    Seseley EVERYONE knows that you are TAC so give it up already. You're latest site was taken down because you abused the TOS and you know it. We know your other accounts too but its so much fun watching you make an ass out of yourself, trying to be other people so we just havent said anything. You also used some EX AOI pics and they didnt give you permission. Face it you're the only Tila fan left. Oh wait I forgot, she's your girlfriend HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a FREAK!!

    • Mia says:

      Hi Marie, I'm curious who exactly is Seseley? Is she the one who claimed on twitter a whole back that she was tunas half sister or something? I remember little bits and pieces of her but not sure of the story

      Speaking of whatever happened to her, I wonder if homer is still around too – guessing he would be

  3. Kate Addict says:

    What's one of the top rules of being a credible journalist?


    Jesus Christ on a hot plate!

  4. Mia says:

    GRR and everyone who comments has said it best :) All I can add is that tila sure is looking rough, greasy hair, greasy skin + those freaky spider eyes, yuck. What a fall from not even three years ago…ps tila your awful appearance is 100% your own doing "hunny"

  5. kkkk says:

    Ehm, she's had a huge meltdown on her latest radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tilatruthmovement/20… . Jeesh, so much anger and hate for a "soldier of light". She's saying she's done (again?) so no more truth movement for her? Surprise, surprise. I thought she was this brave fighter that couldn't be stopped or silenced. And what has been accomplished? Where is the evidence she was supposed to present on October 27th? This is incredible, how can anyone believe her at this point is beyond me.

  6. deluwiel says:

    As Kelly said, I'm sure that most people who are serious about the issues that Tuna garbles together into her own personal ball of fuckery recognize her for what she is and ignore her. It's possible that some have reached out to her via e-mail or direct message and not in public comments so we don't know what may have been said to her about it. She's probably pissed because the little flurry of attention she was getting a week or two ago has died down and no one who is anyone is responding to her anymore. She's going to have ratchet up the bullshit when she gets back to her motel room. This might start getting really good.

    • kkkk says:

      And let's not forget she's also been deleting comments on her FB page (although being "banned", alright), so we only see the positive reactions there… I've checked her latest Youtube videos and it seems someone is marking negative comments there as spam, then they are getting deleted too (although a few of them still remains). So much for the freedom of speech, lol.

      • Joann says:

        @kkk….what the skank is doing is making sure her fans don't see comments from the haters and start to wake up and see her for what she is…..a freaking liar. Tila want to keep that control over her idiot fans. She could care less about freedom of speech when it's not serving her faux cause.

  7. Pshhh says:

    ^ Bingo ^

  8. sheriffgauncent says:

    Hey guys, I'll be hosting another episode of SheriffGauncent's "Holding Cell" tues 8pm pacific time on blogtalk. Entitle "Demons in underwear traveling through 12 dimensions"

    Join me for 30 minutes of fuckery fun. I'll probably be 2 1/2 sheets to the wind again.

  9. CheekyBitch says:

    This is actually pretty funny: http://lagirlarrives.tumblr.com/

    And yes, Tila is mentally ill and needs psychotherapy. But it's so entertaining! However, not sure how much more I can handle.

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  11. kkkk says:

    Regarding her "Freedom" video – she's finally getting some points across (although again, other people and media wrote about this, she's only reading it, it's NOT a unique info that only she has – I'm wondering is she's talking about NDAA because GRR wrote about it and she realized it would be pretty lame to miss this one during her "freedom fighting"). But all this posing as a martyr that she constantly does is getting soooooooooooo damn tiresome, jeesh…

    • kkkk says:

      Of course, next time, let's expect talk about hollow moon, Nazi flying saucers, archangel Michael and quantum hopping, because she has to satisfy all sorts of "truthers". Tough business.

  12. torgo says:

    Where did everybody go? I miss all the banter here!

    • We're feeding tila says:

      Jelis Hater CIA Dronebot's are having a pay dispute with the government. The unions have stepped in and declared a strike.

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