Adam Barta Releases New Song “I Need A Doctor!” For BFF “Octomom” Nadya Suleman

Move on over Elton John and Marilyn Monroe! Yes, its true. “Octomom” Nadya Suleman finally has her own tribute song created for her, specially from her gay bestie. Billboard Top 20 recording artist Adam Barta, and it’s not “Candle in the Wind” guys! Instead it’s a tribute to Octomom’s epic struggles and triumphs that she has been through, called I Need A Doctor!” Octomom entered the Chapman House in late October for a prescription pill addiction as well as “anxiety, exhaustion and stress.” Now one of her closest friends Adam, who had previously been strangely silent on the issue, has come out with a brand new song which he says was written exclusively for Nadya to “inspire her to finish her stint in rehab and look forward toward the bright future she has waiting for herself and the kids.” The song was officially released on Saturday, November 17, and has already rocketed to #85 on iTunes charts according to the website Art Of The Mix. People can download the song off iTunes here:I Need A Doctorwhich features L.A. Kid. The single was written by KC Styles and Adam Barta. Few people have been closer to Octomom. Literally, than who some have called her “best friend”, duet partner Adam Barta. The two released a single earlier this year called “Sexy Party.” The cover art sure stirred up some major controversy when Adam was seen holding Nadya’s bare breasts…

Adam was seen traveling all over the country with Nadya this summer, supporting her endeavors, spending time with the kids and working on promoting their music together. They even made time to create a special birthday video for Adam in September.

Adam released this statement with the song: “The words will speak for themselves and people will have to listen VERY carefully to really interpret what it is saying. I wanted Nadya to know that I love her so much by writing this just for her, because to me, music can cure the soul. This chronicles the struggles and triumphs she has endured recently. The world will be her oyster when she is done and we may be back in the studio to work on new music together, or we may focus on performing “Sexy Party” like everyone has been waiting to see.”

Also featured on the track is rapper, Chris Snail, who is known as L.A. Kid. He is the son of Gina Rodriguez, who owns GR Media Firm who reps both Nadya and Adam. Chris starred in the SONY Pictures reality series “Mommy XXX” back in 2009, where camera’s followed his journey along with his mother and sister. Adam decided to put the mega-talented young artist on the track to add an urban contrast to the dance beats crafted by KC Styles. The song was co-written and produced by Canadian DJ and music maker KC Styles, whose production on remixes have also cracked the Billboard Club Charts. Adam really is quite an accomplished artist already.

Adam’s landed the #1 “Ultimate Sexiest Video” of all time on LOGO’s “Click List” to scoring a Top 20 Billboard hit with Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge. His song VIP was featured on multiple seasons of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” He had one of the official “Fist pumping beats” of Jersey Shore. Most recently he was in the headlines when he went head-to-head with Angelina Pivarnick on the heated subject of gay marriage. Debating each other on: Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

Meanwhile, Adam continues to promote Dial-A-Star, where he takes paying calls from fans mainly for charity. He also has plans for another song release in the future with a soon-to-be named reality star who he says, is a New Jersey icon and no, it’s not Snooki. I know that most of you have been wondering what has been going on lately with Octomom and her 14 children. It has also been reported that Octomom will be staying for an extended 30 days of rehab at the Chapman House. Her manager recently told the gossip site the following, “After 30 days Nadya will be coming home three days a week with staff from the Chapman House and then returning to the facility. Nadya’s first visit home will be Thanksgiving Day. She is looking forward to being home and spending time with the kids for Thanksgiving.”

UPDATE 11/24/2012: Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman checked into Chapman Rehab on October 23, for Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion and Xanax. After completing the 28 day program Nadya checked out on November 22, to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Nadya’s Statement in regards to being home with her family: “It feels good to be home with my family and to be in a better place then I was prior to entering Chapman Rehab. I am looking forward to my future and still feel I have a lot of work to do on myself, therefore I will be continuing my treatment. The staff at Chapman Rehab have been amazing and have changed my life, I am forever grateful for the valuable tools they gave me to help deal with my anxiety.”

Her manager also says that Nadya will be continuing treatment at Chapman Rehab for 2 day weekly retreats while living at home. What do you think about Octomom staying longer in rehab? How about Adam’s brand new song that he made with L.A. Kid and KC Styles for his super BFF while she is in rehab getting better?

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  1. mizsilverside says:

    I actually take it as a positive that she's staying longer, unlike some celebs who treat 20 mins of rehab as a cure all. I've not liked a lot of her actions, but I genuinely believe she wanted fame and went crazy when she realised what it entailed. I really hope she turns it around, at least for the sake of those kids.

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