Couples Therapy: Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden’s Creepy “Happy Bunny Spaz Juice!”

This awkward couple above is one of the main reasons why people should start turning off cheap reality shows that only seem to breed narcissistic fame whores. Who only want attention, just because they know that they can get it. I have to admit that I have watched only a few shows of VH1’s awkward reality series Couples Therapy, merely because of a strange desire to see what these celebrities had a problem with in the first place. Also why they wanted to tell the world their personal problems. The first thing that came to mind is they must need a major career boost. Doing a reality show sometimes gives that certain LOST celebrity who lacks luster in their current entertainment career that spark to get it going again. While some of these celebrities do have real problems, I see some of the couples who are on the show seem to be just fine and are playing it off for press time. It’s all about a pay check for some of these people and the way they act towards each other shows it. Regardless, there are some people like Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison who really NEED some serious marriage help. We know that their freaky marriage last year was beyond twisted. If you don’t know who Courtney is let me fill you in on this wannabe A-lister who’s beyond desperate for fame. She’s an aspiring model, actress, singer and now a reality television personality who wants to make it to the big screen…

At age 16, the aspiring country music and pop music singer signed up on the Internet for an acting workshop taught by actor Hutchison. Doug, who claims that he did not realize that Courtney was just a teenager. Which I call total bullshit on his claims because you know he asked her how old she was all guys ask that question. However, they began a four month long courtship with her over the Internet, during which they fell in love before having met in person. Allegedly after Doug became well aware of Courtney’s real age, he told her mother, Krista, who had monitored their online exchanges, and was aware of their relationship and their age difference. That he would cease his relationship with Courtney if her parents disapproved of it.

Her parents obviously lost their minds and thought their daughter was smart enough to make her own decisions at that age about her life and talked about their daughters devout Christian beliefs. I wonder what in the fuck where they thinking and why would they let their daughter make such a huge mistake? On May 20, 2011, they both married each other in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ironically, Courtney is his third wife. Their relationship drew controversy and criticism, as she was only 16 when she married 51 year old Doug, who had been labeled a “pedophile” and “predator.” According to Doug, as a result of his marriage to his teenage bride, his agent quit him and his family disowned him. He also received several death threats. Are we surprised?? Hell NO!

During mid October 2012, Doug and Courtney appeared as cast members during the second season of the VH1 reality television series Couples Therapy, in which publicly known couples receive therapy for relationship problems. According to Stodden, the couple enrolled in therapy in order to resolve issues that arose in their marriage from their age difference. Despite the criticism leveled at the couple for their relationship, Dr. Jenn Berman, the Marriage, Family and Child Therapist who worked with the couple during their appearance on Couples Therapy, stressed that she does not believe that Doug is or was, purposely seeking out young people, saying, “He’s not a predator. He’s not someone, who if Courtney left him, would be trolling the Internet or high schools for underage girls. That’s not his m.o. This is not a guy who was seeking out teenagers. He was teaching a class, she wanted to be an actress, it was an acting class… And that’s how it started.” Eww that’s creepy…

Though Dr. Berman was eventually surprised by the weird dynamic between the two, she also commented on her initial hesitations about working with the couple, saying, “I believe it was the wrong decision to let a 16-year-old marry a man in his 50s. It’s uncomfortable to see… [at first] I said to my producer, ‘I think this guy is a pedophile…I don’t know if I can work with these people.’ I don’t condone it, but I do see that this is a married couple that is genuinely married and they have marital issues that needed to be worked on. I came in saying, ‘She’s a victim, he’s a predator.’ What I found out was that she has a lot more power in this relationship and he is far more powerless than I expected. His family has completely disowned him… He unfortunately has nothing besides her.”

Ironically Doug was also defended by Courtney’s mother, Krista Keller, who praised him for the kindness with which he treats Courtney. Its creepy as fuck to say the least. I know if I had kids I sure as fuck would not allow that shit to go down. That is not the half of their craziness. The way he talks about her in front of people while at Couples Therapy, in a fatherly fashion is really twisted and utterly disturbing. What about Courtney possibly cheating with an ex-boyfriend of hers? Her Momager told a gossip site that she wouldn’t and was a virgin during that time. I say yeah right…

When looking at the video above the first thing I wanted to do is reach through my monitor and fucking choke this weird bitch out. I have no problem with her doing PETA videos trying to save animals and such, but that video she did in March 2012, acting as a spokesperson for them was a fucking embarrassment for their movement. Courtney is like 18 years old going on a dried up 45 with her looks. She talks like she is ready to do porn at any moment. To be honest with you all, I see that happening in the near future. She is so desperate to be famous that she literally prostitutes herself out to the media on every available social platform there is. Courtney claims that she dropped out of high school because she was bullied over the way she looks and finished her education by being home schooled through an online private Christian academy. So I guess acting like a silly slut was part of the course selection?

She has been quoted as saying “I don’t fit in where I live. I am a lot prettier and I get bullied all the time. I’ve known since I was a little girl that I didn’t belong in this town.  Everyone in Ocean Shores is just jealous of me. I’ve been a victim of bullying.” Wow, that is someone definitely full of herself. She needs to hop off that soap box for a hot second and realize NOT everyone is “jealous” of her looks…

Have you watched her music video called Don’t Put It On Me that she put out in July 2010 full of crappy auto-tune. Here’s another video link of Courtney attention seeking when she was 14 years old. I have to ask where the fuck were her parents while she was making all these sexually suggestive youtube videos? Besides being REJECTED by Playboy back in September 2012, what does this girl have to look forward to besides becoming a PORN STAR. She can’t sing for shit and her voice with that laugh of hers sounds like a dying cat. We already know that her mother wants her to get her own reality show. Yuck! The thing about having Courtney and Doug back on Couples Therapy after being kicked off for breaking house rules really makes me wonder about the real intentions of the show itself. What does that say about the network? What do you think about this twisted story? Share your thoughts below…


  1. Fame Whore Courtney says:

    [youtube kSUQcX9EMPs youtube]
    This pathetic bitch is far from being a celebrity. She ain't even popular on Youtube. Every single one of her videos since she was 14 years old has had voted more NEGATIVE than positive. That sleezy teenager needs some serious help. Her mom and her robbing the cradle husband is straight pimping her ass out for screen time to save his career. Dont forget that she is an “inspiring actress” that makes all her videos with comments DISABLED. I guess she can’t handle the FAME o.0

  2. Penny says:

    LOL, they were on TMZ tonight, and that girl should never speak. She should have stayed in school, gone on to college, and tried to be a productive member of society. There is not one legitimate thing she has done, or will ever do. Guaranteed!! If it wasn't so laughable that she keeps getting turned down by popular sleeze mags, it would almost be sad. But alas, she looks like a hooker and a porn star, so that's what it is and will always be for her. Maybe she should get Gina R to represent her. Low lifes swing together.

    Anyone can spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look like her, but no amount of surgery can fix her kind of stupid. That thing she is married to…Yuck!!! I won't even watch anything they are in. (I only had the displeasure of seeing them cause TMZ loves to make fun of them) They are sick, twisted and beyond stupid. Neither one of them will ever be taken seriously as legitimate actors.

  3. Joann says:

    I have to say I had never heard of these two before seeing ridiculous stories and poses by them on Radaronline. I read he was on Lost. I use to watch that show all the time but I can't place the dude. His bimbo wife is just that…a freaking bimbo. There is absolutely nothing about her that says sexy but it's a lot that says "trying too hard". I'm pretty sure she will end up in porn, just as you said GRR. She's pathetic and I guess he's just out of his mind.

    I watched them on Couples Therapy and immediately knew they were on there for media time, just as Alex and Simon are. The rest seem to have legit problems that need some sort of therapy but Courtney and what's his name do not…they are on there solely for entertainment purposes and media attention. It's so obvious.

    I stopped watching the show after a few episodes but if they are bringing them back it was probably scripted that way from the jump. Like I said……entertainment and media attention. They are probably hoping a network executive will see them on CT and offer them their own show.

  4. kkkk says:

    I haven't watched that show, can someone please tell me why they got kicked out, which "house rules" they broke?

    And yeah, I would NEVER advise any girl that young to marry or have a relationship with 50-year old guy – no matter how much they may think they're in love, it never works out, the age difference is simply too much and it can end pretty badly (usually for the girl). Her psyche is scarred for life. I also think they both may have some alcohol/drug problems, they are definitely acting like they`re on something.

  5. Marie says:

    @kkkk – I believe you can watch the last episode on and it shows the whole reason she got kicked out. Bottom line was because she didnt want to adhere to the clothing rules Dr J had implemented for her and claimed it as bullying when it wasn't. It was frustrating to everyone in the house. I was even frustrated watching it.

    The video up above in the comments here shows you how contradicting this girl is. You cannot claim bullying then turn around and say everyone is just jealous of you. If 4 other couples are saying the exact same thing about her and Doug PLUS the fact that everyone in his family disowned him, there has to be A LOT more to this story.

    Doug cant have much money by now as his only real fame was The Green Mile (yes the guard that pissed himself) and Lost yet I have to wonder who is supporting who here because Courtney walks all over him and he just lets it happen. On the show he admitted the way she dressed bothered him and that she also had a boyfriend, yet when she got kicked out for the exact same reason he BACKED her on it. Why is this guy afraid to get his wife in line?

    This girl WILL do porn. Once you get rejected by Playboy and you have no skills in singing or acting what else is there? Hopefully she throws away that black bra soon too bc she wears the damn thing 24/7. She really needs a proper education

  6. Holly says:

    Every time I read about these two I come away feeling like I need a Silkwood scrub. This time is no different.

  7. Kate Addict says:

    "My breasts are RILL, my hair is RILL, my body is RILL"

    Derp. 0_o

  8. Wannabe Celebs Suck says:

    Are you fucking kidding me with this attention whoring fuck fest here. These skanks need a good ass beating to whip them back into reality. They are not famous!!!!!!!!!!! o.0

    Courtney Stodden's Mother Thinks 'Couples Therapy' Star Should Be Paid For Interviews

    The "Couples Therapy" star is famous enough to get paid for interviews, Courtney's mom/manager Krista Keller thinks, according to one publicist who works with the family. Krista "thinks Courtney should be paid to do interviews,” the publicist tells me. “Krista knows that Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake got paid for [their] wedding pictures. She can’t understand why Courtney shouldn't get paid.”

    In recent statements to The Huffington Post, Krista made it clear that she has big plans for her daughter and herself. She even said a mother-daughter "momager" show could be in the works.

    “Both of them have lost perspective of their real value. They see all the photographers following Courtney around and have convinced themselves that Courtney is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Now they are seeking to turn this fascination into cash," the publicist added.

    “It’s easy to make fun of Courtney, but stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Who would ever have thought Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton would become so famous?” asks one celebrity weekly editor. “If she sells magazines, then she is being smart asking to make money too.”

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