CPS Visited “Octomom” Nadya Suleman’s “Immaculate” Home, Finds No Abuse or Neglect

The child endangerment and abuse allegations against Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has always been a really heated issue for the past several months, well years to speak more frankly. As most of you remember a few days ago I had reported a breakdown of the past weeks events that had led up to Octomom receiving another visit from the Los Angeles County Child Protective Services, to perform a “welfare check.” The new DCFS visit came after an anonymous call was made to the local agency this past Friday [November 2], in regards to the care of Nadya’s 14 young children and the wild child abuse allegations that were started by ex-nanny Gina BrysonWas the CPS visit necessary? As stated under California family law anytime someone makes a report about a child being in either physical or emotional danger an investigation will be launched and a visit to the home is legally required. “Social workers will most likely want to speak to all 14 children individually. There is genuine concern about the well-being of Nadya’s children. DCFS will want to know who is taking care of these kids, and are the older ones regularly attending school?” A allegation from the alleged “source” to the gossip site had claimed,Officials are trying to get a hold of Nadya and speak to her, but have so far been unable to reach her.” There was more to the story as more information was revealed…

In response to various claims saying Octomom was not available for contact by CPS while at the Chapman House, when they tried to call her. Her manager refutes the allegations saying, “As far as Nadya, CPS had been in touch with Chapman House and did make a connection with Nadya. CPS also visited her in Rehab a week after she checked in and they are supportive of her.” As I had previously posted in response to allegations from ex-nanny Gina Bryson including the harassing text messages and the TRO against her, Justin Rakisits has worked for Nadya since June. He travels with her to events and he has been given Power of Attorney over all 14 of the children prior to her entering rehab. Justin took Elijah to the courthouse to file the TRO against Gina Bryson after he received another text from her last week, this is amongst many texts we are in possession of that were sent to Nadya, Elijah, Joshua and Amerah since August to present.”

A statement from Octomom’s manager in regards to reports of who had signed the Temporary Restraining Order against Gina Bryson and how it was processed, “It was falsely reported that Nadya did not sign the TRO for her son because she was in Tennessee. The TRO was filed in court by her security who she gave Power of Attorney for all the children while she [is] in treatment. Nadya did leave rehab on Sunday night with a counselor from Chapman Treatment center (which the center knew about prior to checking in) she filmed the video Monday and flew back Tuesday and went directly back in the treatment center.” 

The recent CPS visit happened on Wednesday, November 7, her manager explained the outcome of what they had seen during their inspection of Octomom’s Palmdale home, “CPS visited Nadya’s home on Wednesday afternoon and interviewed and checked all the kids for bruises (which there were none). They were welcomed into the home and they commented how immaculate the home was. They came as a result of a false report that came into them last Friday. They saw the kids are all well taken care of, eating, bathing and attending school daily.”

She elaborated further in regards to complaints of the children having access to pills lying around the house, “There are no pill bottles in the home the reports of the children having access to the pills is ridiculous. CPS saw their were no pills in the home. None of the children have ever had access to the Xanax.She also added that, “There is no abuse going on with any of the children, this is just another attempt by the former babysitter who called in the report after she was served with a TRO from the oldest Elijah last Friday. We made CPS aware of the ongoing harassment by the former babysitter and showed them the TRO.”

Nadya family and camp added that, “We are actually happy they came because this will stop the false allegations the former babysitter keeps making to them. We told them there is an open door for them and they can come by anytime unannounced.” If anyone had any worries if Octomom talks to her children and see them while she is in rehab, she does. According to her manager, “Nadya speaks to the kids twice a day and has had visits with the kids as well at the treatment center weekly.” This is good news as the children’s health and care are the things we worry most about. On the other hand, Nadya’s personal problems were already a long time issue. It appears no one noticed what was going on behind the scenes.

On October 22, gossip magazine In Touch Weekly did an interview with Octomom. During the interview she had revealed some interesting things about her schedule, “I wake up at 5 every morning and take a five-minute shower. I do the cooking for the next day in the middle of the night. It’s been exhausting.” Nadya added, “I just do as much as I can to survive and generate as much revenue as I can.”

As far as we know from my last conversation with her manager, Nadya had entered rehab on October 23 and has now been in rehab for the past 18 days. I do know Nadya’s enrolled in a 28 day program but her manager says that Nadya might be staying in the facility longer if needed. If I hear anymore information in regards to this extremely controversial situation I will post an update in this post or another article if needed. What do you think about the CPS visit? What about her camps statements in regards to all of the allegations directed at Octomom, from past babysitters and also ex-nanny’s that have helped Nadya take care of her children? What about the security guy that Nadya has given Power Of Attorney to over her children? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below in the comments…


  1. kkkk says:

    Am I missing something, but how can an 11-year old kid file a restraining order? Seems pretty weird to me.

  2. Anne says:

    She just moved into the Palmdale house, so it wouldn't be trashed yet. Of course CPS thought it looked great, the nanny's are there. Also, I never heard that the abuse allegations were about physical abuse, so why were they looking for bruises anyway? Being locked in a room for hours, is abuse, but wouldn't leave marks. The allegation of the older kid, abusing the younger kid, was that on top of clothes? Because there wouldn't be physical signs of sexual abuse, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
    I just think the timing is too convienient for Nayda to enter rehab. I think it was to avoid the investigation, get away from the kids and give the kids some time to forget some of the relevant issues they live day to day with their mother being there. These small kids are young, so they have short attention spans. If the nanny's are taking good care of them, they wouldn't seem stressed or out of control. TMZ even said that they thought it was strange how behaved the children were since she's been gone. Others had the same opinion.

    • kkkk says:

      Yeah, that's what I also wanted to ask – what was really the purpose of such an investigation? Of course sexual abuse and similar stuff won't happen when CPS workers are present in the house – surprising, duh. What about medical and psychological examination?

  3. Laurie says:

    If Justin travels everywhere with Nadya AND has Power of Attorney over all the kids, it still begs the question – Who has legal control of the kids? Especially when the Octomom cannot be reached for days while at rehab? I have read on other articles that the Chapman house is an OUTpatient facility. Does anyone know if that is true? Is Nadya just hanging out in an Orange County hotel and not really in an INpatient rehab? That might account for why state officials were unable to contact her for a few days. Anyone have details?

  4. donedonedone says:

    I'm curious as to why media reports rely on the truth coming from Nadya Suleman"s "manager". Whose duties and top priority include using disinformation PR spin to deflect the truth as much as possible . Meaning the very last thing, as we have way too often seen after the fact is getting any kind of relevant truth out of the "manager".
    Although the media by now must be aware Chapman House is an outpatient facility, it keeps reporting that Suleman is secluded into some intensive program, when it sounds more like dabbling in a few hours a day at a facility and then being released to go frolic carefree in LA and without the responsibility of 14 kids far away. So of course she gets to talk with them twice a day. Only if she bothered, though.
    The manager can claim Suleman was accompanied by anyone up to and including the Tooth Fairy in Tennessee. Reports from those present in Tennessee say she was unaccompanied and that she was still in Tennessee in an Econo Lodge when the manager was, of course, claiming she was in Chapman House. Not like the "manager" would be exploiting CH"s need to adhere to confidentiality laws or anything.

  5. donedonedone says:

    It might be interesting for the media to check to who owns Chapman House and what their connections are to the porn business. Not to mention in what regard they are held by the actual rehab community.
    Gina Bryson, with no financial interest in exploiting children, has had a very long time to witness learning not to be utilized by this bunch of bottom feeders who do. When she makes a claim she can usually back it up with documentation and videos. Four hours of testimony to the authorities for starters. And she is saying we only know the tip of it so far. A really grim thought. All the media have to do is present that. I suggest the media start verifying anything the manager claims before reporting it to the public.

  6. donedonedone says:

    From watching the "manager's" previous modes of action, in my opinion there is every possibility that these kids are no longer in that household or in process of removal to temporary foster homes. The whole "rehab" thing is a classic salvage bottom-feeders move when it all gets ready to hit the fan. It 's just preemptive spin at its worst.. And there is nothing there to salvageGhostRR has done more to report accurately than mainstream. But the weird thing is that all of the media continue relying for facts on the one person paid to keep the truth from coming out– that is her actual point of her job to do. Once again, the article contains truth-free spin while the actual facts are sequestered into whatever comments are made available by those who know what is really going on. The real story is so much more complexly incriminating to Suleman and Rodriguez ( all those drugs have to be coming from somewhere, for example) It's coming out anyway, so why not be the first to get it all nailed down CORRECTLY in one place.

  7. Kay says:

    I find the whole Power of Attorney thing creepy.

    Gina Rodriguez says "Nadya gave POA over her 14 children to Justin Rakisits before entering rehab".

    Who the heck is this guy? He's 27, and is very recently on Gina Rodriguez's payroll. He lists his position as "Talent Coordinator for GR Media Firm in Palmdale. Gina describes him as "security" and had him paint her living room last week. He sound like just the man to make life and death decisions for 14 vulnerable children!

    How long has he known the family? Gina Rodriguez claims since June. I doubt it. Nadya moved to Palmdale October 1st. Justin R was supposedly part of the moving crew with Gina's sons. So probably Nadya and the kids have only known him 3 weeks before Nadya left for the alleged rehab Oct. 23. THREE WEEKS AND THE GUY HAS A POA OVER THE KIDS!!!

    Think of it from the children's point of view. After a stressful summer, they were suddenly uprooted from family and friends in the OC, to the High Desert in Palmdale a month ago. A strange new environment , new school, and all new strange people in their lives. And three weeks into adjusting to THAT, their only parent leaves them with an "illness"!

    NORMAL people with compassion for a child's feelings would understand that this might be very unsettling, in the least, for these kids. Most children would be frightened, even traumatized by their mother suddenly leaving.

    A CARING person would have sought out a friend or relative that the children had a relationship with and trusted to maintain continuity and help them feel more secure. A teacher or pastor from their old school, a family friend, even the family lawyer, Jeff Czech.

    Why a stranger like Justin? It seems obvious that Gina Rodriguez appointed him as someone she could boss around to to fulfill her agenda. His appointment just shows that Rodriguez doesn't care about the hearts of those children, her priority is protecting a lucrative train wreck storyline. She assigned a warden to protect HER interest in a media property, not a childcare professional who understands a child's needs.

    Justin Rakisits may be a very nice person just happy to get a paycheck, but I doubt he has the background to be making legal, medical, and educational decisions for 14 children he barely knows.

    Gina Rodriguez has said they are in the process of taking out restraining order for the other 2 older children.

    Nadya has a 10 y/o daughter that lives with her grandmother in Whittier to attend a private school there. What if Justin shows up at her school next week and demands that she go to the court house with him? Maybe she has never met him or doesn't feel comfortable with him. She CAN'T say no, and legally the school would be required to release her to him. That is CREEPY !

    Thanks GRR. This is an excellent and intelligent blog. I appreciate that you stick to the facts.

    • Anne says:

      Spot on Kay!!! Something that seems to be getting too common for Gina R's clients…Getting Restraining Orders. I think Gina R should have to pay the county for her part in the MajorLo RO blitz. And now, she is taking part in THREE new RO's for Octo's kids. This is ridiculous.

      And really if Octo gave that guy POA, after knowing him (as well as exposing him to her children) for such a short time, then she clearly has zero concern for her childrens safety. Who on this planet would hand over legal rights for their kids, to someone they recently met? Shady shit going on here!!

      So, Chapman is somehow hooked up with Gina, and all the people in question are also clients. Just goes to show, this is more publicity for each and every client Gina has. Gina has NO morals, ZERO character, and pimps out EVERYONE.

  8. Joann says:

    This whole scenario is crazy and I'm inclined to believe there is so much more going on that has not come to light. I also would like to know why would you give a man you hardly know POA over your children. This is insane and unhealthy.

  9. I know most of you are wondering if Octomom is doing *Outpatient Care* or *Inpatient Care*. Here is what I have learned about Chapman House according to its own listing for rehab facilities. This is verbatim to what was advertised on their main site…

    About Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center

    Chapman House was founded in 1978. We are a State Licensed and Certified drug rehab. We are leaders in addressing alcohol, substance abuse and related problems. We pride ourselves with preparing our patients to deal with day-to-day emotional issues. The Chapman House inpatient drug rehabilitation is completely confidential. We have been the program of choice for people who insist on the finest treatment available in the country yet, with fees reasonable enough to receive such treatment. Chapman House has worked with everyone from students to celebrities. Chapman House accepts both men and women & adolescents who suffer from Alcoholism, Chemical Addiction, Sexual Addiction, Eating Disorders or other Psychological Issues. We are Located in beautiful Orange County California.

    Source: Chapman House: Inpatient Drug Rehab

    According to another listing on another website it states: *Chapman House Inc is a substance abuse treatment center located in Orange, California. Care provided by this treatment facility is primarily Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment.*

    Services Provided: Buprenorphine Services and Detoxification
    Type Of Care: Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment

    *A range of treatment options and services are available at different facilities.
    *Patients can either receive care while staying at a facility (inpatient/residential care) or on a visiting basis (outpatient care).

    Source: Chapman House Inc Treatment Center in Orange, California

  10. Tisha says:

    I don't believe CPS paid a visit, I don't even believe there was a call to CPS. I think it's all spin to make"s the unpaid nanny appear more "stalkerish" And more importantly crank up the PR machine.

    She probably did give that kid POA over her children. I guess someone needed it if she's going to the spa for a month. She was probably drugged and didn't know what she was signing. *wink*

    But what is the deal with Ed? I'm sure Nadya is away to avoid questioning. What is Ed hiding from and why? To avoid talking about his daughters drinking habits? Or something more sinister?

    You laid it all out there rather nicely in your last article. Chapman House hired octo's manager they are all married to each other now. Every time Gina gets to respond to something she gets to say "Chapman House" ***cha ching*** and "deeyoon" ***cha ching***
    I have to wonder why they continuously are mentioned together every time she speaks. What is the connection there?

  11. Bette says:

    14 helpless children under the complete, unsupervised control of a notorious pornographer-turned-PR-"agent" and her minions. What would possibly go wrong?

  12. stacy says:

    I would say yes, CPS came at the wrong time for the children's sakes, but at the right time for CPS. They are useless, always do the wrong thing, take children away from good parents, (with no evidence) and leave the abused children with the bad parents (ignoring real evidence). I would also like to add, that if anything happens to any of these 14 children after the evidence from the nannies was dismissed, Gina R should be prosecuted for interference with an investigation, giving false and misleading information, conspiracy to deny protection to the children, etc. It's really depressing to know how arrogant, devious, deceptive, and greedy people are these days, and how they seem to take such enjoyment it.

  13. Laurie says:

    Reading exactly what Gina Bryson (the nanny Octomom claims was stalking her kids) says about her time with Nadya and the kids is simply terrifying. There is no reason for children to have to live the way they are with Octomom. It would be really great if someone actually read what Gina Bryon says about the situation before just taking Octomom's PR/Managers statements as the final truth. There is a big and heartbreaking story right here but most reporters go for restating the PR summary sheet. I wish a real investigative reporter would do some research and reading and reveal the details of the other side of the story, then the public can make up their own minds.

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