Hot Music Video – Everythang’s Corrupt – Ice Cube (Presidential Election Is A ‘Money Game’)

Over the past 25 years O’Shea Jackson, better known by his famous stage name Ice Cube, has been busy managing his successful solo career in music. He’s been keeping busy as a writer, director, actor and producer in cinema and TV. Of course always making time for his fans by doing interviews and performing live at several shows all around the nation. However, during the most recent 5 years or so, Ice Cube has changed from gangster rapper to activist for the West Coast music movement and has decided to stand tall speaking out more publicly about his personal political views on things that he sees going on within the Unites States. Does Ice Cube consider himself a religious guy? No, not really. We know from a past interview with British newspaper The Guardian,” Ice Cube stated that he is a Muslim, having converted back in the late 1990s. He described his Muslim faith as a simple, personal one that does not involve attending prayer services or following rituals. Although he has spoken favorably of the Nation of Islam, but he denied ever being in the organization. That leads me to his interesting political views which have been in favor of Barack Obama. Ice Cube has dropped a song from the upcoming release of “Everythang’s Corrupt”. The political and social charged single is the title track from his forthcoming album, due out next spring. You know Ice Cube keeps it real, regardless of the situation he is in. Check out the controversial new music video below…

Video Synopsis: With the presidential election literally just days away. Ice Cube stirs up some major controversy with the powerful video for “Everythang’s Corrupt,” featuring Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. Cube sends shots at many in power, “Go to school, the teacher wanna fuck the students / Go to church, my preacher turned to prostitution,” he rhymes at the beginning of the video directed by T.S. Pfeffer and also Robert McHugh, finds Ice Cube dressed in all black, rapping in a dark room as the camera circles around him in a 360 degree motion. To drive his point home, the West Coast rap architect flashes a number of politically charged and clips across the screen. As Cube raps, we see videos of Casey Anthony’s high-profile trial and presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama battling it out.

In a interview with Rolling Stone, Cube talked about Mitt Romney saying, “I don’t see how anybody could believe what that man says. He just reminds me of somebody who’s trying to sell me a Mercedes Benz. He’ll tell me that it looks good on me and this is my color and I can afford it and everything, just to get the sale. It’s astonishing that people are buying into that at the rate they are.”

Self-described “political head,” in the industry. Ice Cube says the track speaks to the corruption rampant in everything from politics to education to sports, but he notes that he was particularly inspired by the 99-percenters who spearheaded the Occupy movement. “That right there was basically the classes clashing. You were able to see the power of the rich really trying to step on the poor. It was really clear, it was really in your face. Corruption was in the air and everywhere.”

While the song Everythang’s Corrupt,” focuses mainly on corruption in the world, Ice Cube hopes it will help people get their “antennas up” about the world around them as a whole. “When it comes to political hip-hop, it’s like beauty – it’s in the eye of the beholder. Whatever you get out of this song is intended.” Ice Cube says that he’s been following this year’s presidential race rather closely. He praised President Obama for the work he’s been able to accomplish despite “a do-nothing Congress and the Party of No,” and he hopes if President Obama is re-elected, he’ll focus on jobs and ending poverty. He added, “We have to deal with that. We’re never gonna give what we need to give as a country if some of our citizens are lower than Third World.” His point of view about Obama’s progress is interesting.

It’s no coincidence by that Cube dropped the heated music video days before the upcoming November 6 Presidential election. He also revealed “It’s really the same feeling you get almost every election cycle. It’s a money game and nobody really cares, everybody just want to win. Ain’t nobody want to fix the problems. It just seems like it’s a whole circus and façade for money and control of a lot of money.” He added, “The song was inspired really by the whole collapse of 2008 where all the systems were breaking down because it was a house of cards that they were banking on,” he explained. “You have some people who really want to keep the status quo and really keep everything confused. It all boils down to money no matter what they tell the general public.” Hmm, he has a point.

In March 2012, Cube was on Good Day LA with Jillian Barberie and guest host Cenk Uygur to talk about his new movie 21 Jump Street. Cube shared his thoughts about President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidates like Newt Gingrich and others. Ana Kasparian and Cenk break it down on The Young Turks.

Although Ice Cube has changed his mind about Obama more recently as compared to what he said about him back in 2008. He is free to think that President Obama has done a good job and helped American citizens. As seen in the list posted above by Snoop Dogg aka Snopp Lion. He was really against Romney even calling him a “white nigga.” I have to as my readers has your life changed for the better? How about gas prices, cost of food and lack of employment. Do you agree with what he says?

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