Hot Music Video – My Life (Explicit) – 50 Cent ft Eminem & Adam Levine

My Life” is a song by controversial rapper 50 Cent which serves as third single of his upcoming fifth studio album Street King Immortal. The new single features fellow rapper Eminem and Maroon 5‘s lead singer Adam Levine with production by music producer Symbolyc One.The new song premiered on popular New York hip hop radio station Hot 97. The song is incredible and will dominate the industry with lyrics like this one “Sold like 40 million records, people forgot what I did,” raps Curtis over the Symbolyc One production. Although without a confirmed name, the single was announced in September 2012, by 50 Cent himself in an interview with the radio station Channel 4 FM, with host Chris Birks. He stated that he wants to top his most-successful single so far, In da Club, before retiring. 50 Cent also talked about his performance in the Atelier Festival in Dubai, which he will be performing songs from his recent projects, such as The Big 10 (2011), The Lost Tape and 5 (Murder by Numbers) (2012). While confirming the name of the single, 50 Cent had revealed, during an interview while he was in France, the beat of “My Life” was taken from Dr. Dre‘s long awaited album Detox. It marks the third song off Detox for his album Street King Immortal, along with New Day and “The Psycho”. The song was created as a diss to The Game who has really taken it to heart. Check out the new music video for “My Life” below after the jump. You will have this song on repeat…

Video Synopsis: The music video begins with a helicopter illuminating a building which 50 Cent and Adam Levine are inside. While singing the first chorus, the Maroon 5‘s front-man is sitting down behind of a wall what the helicopter lights up. 50 Cent raps his first verse, walking inside the building illuminated by the chopper, going to find boxer Andre Dirrell. When he does, both men get into a Chrysler 300. On the second chorus, Adam appears walking inside the building, again and Eminem makes his first appearance in it walking on a dark road. Eminem appears running from the chopper sometimes in the video. He also appears rapping his verse on a park, under the helicopter’s spotlight, as does Adam. During the song’s third verse, 50 Cent then appears in a Razer‘s laptop screen, used to locate him. Driving a car, he continues rapping his verse, with Andre Dirrell on its passenger seat, while pursued by the helicopter. The video finishes with artists stopping from running from the helicopter.

50 Cent performed the My Life song live for the first the very time on NBC’s “The Voice.” The G-Unit captain commanded the stage alongside the Maroon 5 frontman, (Eminem was absent that day because of prior commitments) as fellow judges CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton looked on. Check out the video below after the jump…

A video for the single was shot with 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam Levine in Corktown Historic District, Detroit and directed by Richard “Rich” Lee, who previously directed videos for Eminem’s single Not Afraid and Bad Meets Evil‘s single Lighters. Just before the video’s release 50 Cent and Eminem spoke to MTV News about the video, describing it as a perfect illustration of the difficulties they face day by day. Eminem stated: “The video is kind of abstract; it’s kind of metaphoric in a sense, like the paranoia of feeling like we’re being chased,” Eminem teased when he spoke about the “My Life” video while on set in Detroit last month, saying “Whether it’s true or not, it’s kind of how we feel. It’s kind of a metaphor for us running for our lives. Personal lives and from fame, everything that goes with the game.” Eminem elaborated his thoughts, saying “Me and Fif can probably go on forever talkin’ about our lives.” 50 Cent mentioned his album.

He said of his upcoming February 2013 release of Street King Immortal, The album itself is more personal than the albums in the past. Now this record, it’s allowed us to do different things creatively. I’ve been able to come out a few times, more than usual to come to Detroit and work with Em for this record.”

In the first verse of the song, 50 Cent dissed former members of G-Unit, Game and Young Buck. He mentioned the facts of writing songs for them, and both former members being ungrateful. Game responded to 50 Cent’s comments in an interview with Los Angeles, California radio station Power 106, calling him a “zombie” and he can “suck a dick.” The diss on the “My Life” song has created a war, “Maybe he got something he want to tell us about his secret life. You know what it is, ain’t nobody worrying about 50. Just ask the people. That’s really the best he can do. Buck is in jail and his situation is that and he can’t defend himself form there, but every now and then, you get these zombie movies where no matter how many times you shoot them, they just keep on [haunting noise]. I might need to figure out a different scorpion gun or get a bow of poison, a bow-and-arrow with peanut butter and Skippy on it, I’ma kill him, though.” Hmm, secret life?

Chuck Taylor said that he’s contemplating releasing a sequel to his marathon diss track “300 Bars & Runnin’,” stating that there’s more to say about 50 and G-Unit. “My freestyle that killed G-Unit, the whole staff, record label and clothes, is 300 bars. I might have to go in and double that up and just really say everything I want to say. There’s more to say.”  That means he’ll be hitting back really soon.

Symbolyc One aka S1 took some time out from his Thanksgiving holiday to answer a handful of questions about “My Life” including how the track came about, how it feels to have is premiered in front of millions and more. Symbolyc One was asked about being an iStandard Showcase participant to working with some of Hip Hop’s finest rappers, aside from his obvious solid talent. Why does he feel that he has been involved with some of today’s most prominent artists. His response, “I think its just being consistent with the music and persistent in your drive.  You have to go out and get it because no one’s gonna give it to ya.  So with me, it’s just habit for me to stay on it at all times. To keep bringing good music and continue to build relationships and plant seeds wherever I go.” Take a second to check out and read the short interview seen here and congratulate S1 on an amazing year.

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