Hot Music Video – Rest Of My Life – Ludacris ft. Usher & David Guetta + Behind The Scenes

Recording artist, actor, philanthropist, restaurateur, etc. Just to name a few of the many befitting titles for Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, who first gained worldwide acclaim more than 10 years ago with his debut album, Back for the First Time (2000). Ever since, his unrivaled lyrical prowess, dynamic performances and timeless hits including “Stand Up,” “Get Back,”, “Number One Spot,” “Money Maker” and “My Chick Bad,” have solidified him as one of music’s best entertainers and led to the sale of more than 20 million albums domestically. With the highly anticipated 2013 release of LUDAVERSAL, fans can look forward to more great music from Ludacris. Ludacris sends out some really crazy party vibes with his new video for “Rest of My Life.” In addition to immense commercial success, Ludacris’ consistent output of stellar music has garnered the admiration of his peers. As well as numerous awards and honors including three Grammys. The same talent and versatility that Ludacris showcases in his music has enabled him to make a seamless and successful transition to acting, with acclaimed performances in many films. His work in Crash earned him the prestigious Screen Actors Guild and Critics’ Choice awards. Ludacris has been working hard and iIn May 2013, he will co-star in the latest installment of the series, Fast Six. But, his new hyper club track is coming from Ludacris’ upcoming Disturbing tha Peace early 2013 album release, “Ludaversal”. Which also features R&B singer Usher and popular European DJ David Guetta. Check out the video after the jump…

Video Synopsis by Ace Showbiz: The Sims directed music video is full of positive energy and catchy dance beats from the very start of the video. Its movie-like set shows Usher and Ludacris performing the song at a smoke-covered highway, waving their lighters and just having a knack at urging people to get up, go out, and make their dreams come true. The empowering visuals for the pop/dance-influenced track also includes soaring shots of the sky, crashing waves, mountains and a lot of waving of the American flag. Guetta then enters the scene using a not so luxurious, but one eco-friendly vehicle in the form of a smart car and speeds his way through random ray of lights and wisps of smokes while Ludacris continues the flag waving shirtless. NBA star Chris Paul also makes a cameo in the video. “Rest of My Life” is also produced by Guetta and promises to become a certified club hit for the upcoming album.

The video above is some behind the scenes footage. So much goes into making a video, it takes even more to bring a record to life with three phenomenal superstars on it. Now you have the chance to see newly released behind the scenes footage for “Rest Of My Life,” with Ludacris featuring Usher and Guetta. This is where vision met creativity and musical magic was made. Watch and see how it all happened.

In addition to his non-stop efforts in the studio, on stage and on the big and small screens. Ludacris’ long held entrepreneurial spirit led him to open a restaurant, Straits, in Atlanta, back in 2008 which he closed after 2 years in business to concentrate on the opening of his new restaurant, Chicken n Beer. Which is scheduled to open in the Atlanta, Georgia unique Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Concourse D sometime in 2013. Along with launching his own spirit, Conjure Cognac in 2009, Ludacris also entered into a partnership to launch SOUL by Ludacris headphones, which entered into the market in the summer of 2011.  Both of these ventures have captured the attention and affection of the public and firmly established themselves in their respective markets in a short time. Although one could wonder how Ludacris finds the time for anything outside of work, his artistic and business fortitude is only rivaled by his desire to give back and use his success to change the lives of others. This passion inspired him to establish the Ludacris Foundation, a non-profit organization which seeks to inspire youth through education and memorable experiences to live their dreams by uplifting families, communities and fostering economic development.

Ludacris tells his fans how he pitched the “Ludaversal” project to Usher. He talked to MTV News a few months back stating that, “This album Ludaversal, it’s all about progression. We’re taking it to heights that you never, ever seen before.” He revealed to Forbes Magazine the following, “I traveled the world over the last two years, I got to see a lot of things and had a lot of experiences,” he says. “That’s what Ludaversal is all about. Really kind of being vulnerable and letting you into my life … people are definitely going to understand a lot more about the personal side of Chris Bridges when they hear this album.” He stated, “Never did a record like this in my life, crazy how this came together. I’ve been on a million Usher records. This is my first record featuring Usher. History has been made.”

In the meantime, Ludacris is trying to pass along the entrepreneurial torch. He’s helped his daughter, Karma, start an educational website called Karma’s World. “She’s the CEO at age 10,” says the rapper, who owns the site himself. On the kids learning site, youngsters can hear stories about Karma’s interplanetary detective agency, play carnival-style math games and listen to science-themed songs like “Spacetacular.”

I really like Ludacris and his community effort he puts into making the world a better place. As Ludacris evolves, his music does to. Its not always going to be that Dirty South hardcore rapping style that he is known for. I say give the guy a chance, he has done so much for everyone else. What do you think about this single and music video? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below…

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