Michael Lohan vs Kristi Horn: Paternity Test Proves He’s Ashley Kauffman’s Biological Father

A couple of months ago I had reported that Michael Lohan, posted some rude and derogatory tweets directed at Kristi Horn. About his now legally proven by DNA test, love child, a young girl by the name Ashley Kauffman-Horn. Michael has been fighting these allegations for months and denying his involvement with Kristi for the past several years. Even thou he kept denying, we knew this woman wouldn’t just come out of the wood work and make that kind of claim against Michael, unless it had some partial truth to it. Michael has a big chip on his shoulder and always says a lot of cruel and unnecessary things to several mainstream tabloids and popular gossip sites about his personal life. Back on June 30, 2008, Michael submitted a sample for a DNA paternity test after a Montana massage therapist, Kristi Kaufmann, asserted that Michael was intimately involved with her in 1995 while he was separated from Dina, and fathered her daughter, Ashley. A Montana court subsequently ruled that Michael was Ashley’s natural biological father and his name was added to her birth certificate. Michael said he didn’t know Ashley existed until Kristi (whom he first met in 1982 in Houston, Texas) contacted him while he was serving prison time in 2005 for DUI and other charges. After Michael took the test back then and he complained, still doubting that Kristi’s claims that Ashley was his daughter, “If the test is found to be negative she’s gonna be sued for libel and defamation.” That’s right because Michael is always the victim and wants to sue everyone, because we all are lying about him. That’s Michael’s style, always putting the blame on someone else…

Ironically, even though Michael already knew back during July 2008, that he was the father of Ashley, he still kept denying it and making it appear as if he was the only one being victimized by Kristi’s alleged false paternity claims. Michael can’t seem to shut his mouth and keeps flapping his jaws acting reckless while posting tweets like the one seen above. This is not a new thing for him by any means, as he does it all the time. When Michael was sitting on twitter wasting space back in May 2012 battling it out with his various naysayers and fighting with Kate Major. Things got really heated and out of the blue he had brought up some names and made some wild accusations.

He tweeted the following crazy allegations to the twitter user, “@cege25 Kristi or ashley!!!” followed by, “@cege25 YOU are evil. Do u know what God says about gossipers. Read about it, I bet YOU’RE miserable. cege = Ashley and Kristi KAUFMANN. = cowards and opportunists. How many marriages Kristi? How many fathers have you claimed for Ashley? 18 followers? WOW! You SOLD “stories” for money with NO tests. ONLY bc I couldn’t be in court! That’s why you one by default. W/ NO PROOF” At this point I’m guessing that Michael was on his man period and felt all high an mighty. Nice way to EXPOSE and accuse random people online of being someone without any PROOF, jerk. I personally find it hilariously hypocritical that Michael can thump his Bible preaching the gospel, while knowing he has the law waiting for him to screw up. We all know that Michael doesn’t care about anyone except himself, that’s a given. But his constant fuckery is really immature.

Everyone who reads the gossip sites and watches entertainment news already knows that Michael is a DEAD BEAT DAD and owes thousands to Dina Lohan and his other baby mama Kristi. He also knows he has several outstanding warrants sitting on his shoulders for the money he owes them. For over seventeen years, Kristi has been extremely adamant about Michael being the father of her daughter Ashley. Kristi also claims he owes $300,000 in back child support. Which he knows he owes her. He can’t lie or deny it anymore as it’s been officially confirmed to the world he’s Ashley’s father. Life & Style reported back in September 2010, that Ashley’s birth certificate names Michael as her father. So how could he be saying all this time he wasn’t?

Kristi sent a warning to Kate, telling her that she shouldn’t expect anything different from her baby daddy. In July 2012, she told TMZ the following, “I just feel so bad for Kate. She’s going to be a single mother eventually, he’s going to leave her to raise their child alone like he did to Dina and I.” Michael didn’t take the public embarrassment very lightly as he explained to a TMZ camera crew that Ashley’s paternity has never really been established. Which we know was a blatant LIE he told folks. He said, “There’s no paternity test done. How can they grant her support if they’ve never proved it’s my daughter.” He added, “Kate and I are gonna stay together. We’re happy. We’re very happy and I’ll never leave her. I’m not an absentee father. I love my kids and I always be there for them.” Yeah sure…

As seen in the picture shown above from Thursday, November 15, we see show host Trisha Goddard, talking to We Love New York (WLNY) about the test results that were already known several years ago. Special guest Maury Povich revealed the test results of Michael’s paternity test. The only way to get adequate press time wanted to fill Michael’s attention whoring needs, is to appear on a televised talk show. This was a pro and con as it only affirmed to the rest of the world that he’s been LYING about his affair with Kristi the entire time. But we already knew he was a liar.

So what, that Michael ran to the nearest gossip site and apologized, “While I am sorry this took so long, we finally have the answer, we are all okay with it and we will deal with it in the best way!” He elaborated his statement adding, “Kristi and Ashley have been really good about it! She’s a wonderful kid!” During the talk show’s downtime is where the real drama happened and they both finally had a chance to confront each other and release some pent up aggression that had been building up over the past several years. That is when things really got heated.

Tempers were on overdrive when Michael finally showed up on stage. In the picture above you can see the shit eating grin and the expression of “I am fucked now” and thousands are watching. Sooner or later more of his silly lies will be exposed. Things have a weird way of smacking that nasty long awaited KARMA back in ones face.

Kristi told Trisha, “I don’t want to be a part of the Lohan trainwreck.” Michael clearly gets really agitated backstage and proclaimed, “I’m not playing Trisha’s game. She wants me out there now, or I leave.” Ashley was feeling pretty hurt and cried, “What gives you the right to tell me that the kids have a right to disown me. What made you say that to me? How can you keep lying?” Ashley said Michael has never been there to support her and has refused to acknowledge that she is his child, except for early on in her childhood. Ashley told him, “Being there and then disappearing. You talked to me when I was seven-years-old. Why would you even tell me to call you daddy?” Ashley’s mother got really angry with Michael on set telling him, “You have known about Ashley since the beginning! You’ve been promising to take the DNA test. How could you do something so cruel?” On the other hand, Michael’s many bullshit LIES after blatant LIES were finally catching up to him. He started caving under the pressure while backstage, just before taking the DNA test he told the camera crew, “I think I’m gonna get sick.”

Which I don’t blame Ashley in the least. I find it pretty amazing that after all the crap he talked about them on twitter and to the world , they would even waste their time with him. Now with Kate’s baby due really soon, Michael has more responsibilities to deal with that he really can’t handle. It’s crazy how this all worked out and how it will all end up in the future. Do you think that Michael will pull the same drama on Kate after their son is born? Please share your thoughts and opinions down below…


  1. Diane says:

    Do you think that Michael will pull the same drama on Kate after their son is born?

    Is the sky blue. Two things will be guaranteed. he will hit kate again and if they break up, he will not pay child support. it's all a matter of time. he's shown he has not changed in any way but the way he treats dina and lindsay. he uses child support as a negotiating tool to get what he wants not as a legal and moral responsibility to his kids. he says he's working out a settlement with kristi for child support, well he did that with dina too and eventually stopped paying so if i were kristi, i wouldn't get too excited about getting support over a long term period.

  2. Anon says:

    Cringeworthy, and creepy……as Mchaeljlohan approaches the young girl and forces himself on her. You can hear her objecting to him by nervously stating; "No! No! No!", but Michaeljlohan does not listen, nor acknowledge her protestations……..he says "but I just WANT to hug you". And, of course this sociopath does exactly what he WANTS, and won't respect her boundaries.
    Michaeljlohan doesnt respect the word NO!
    Who is Trisha Goddard ? I recall an earlier article here, where idealist wrote that 'Goddard' was once an alias used by Michaeljlohan; aka Desiderio,Goddard, etc.,in an earlier article where he was on the run from the police, and evading arrest.

  3. Penny says:

    If Kate listens to Kristi, (which she won't, cause most women don't look at the past relationships failures as warnings and think it was the other womans fault) she needs to do a paternity test on her baby as soon as it's born, so ML can't say down the road, it isn't his. Kate is off in lala land right now, thinking things are great. However, there will be a rift in their relationship, because Kristi seems to still carry a torch for ML, and now they have a common thread to hold them together. Oh yes, mark my words, Kate has always been jealous of DL, and the kids, and now there is KH and her kid, and there will be major (no pun intended) jealousy issues. Which will lead to fights, and more domestic violence. If ML knew back in 08 that he was the father, and lied about this up until this point, then he is still incapable of being honest. Kate will learn the hard way, just like DL and KH. Oh and once the child support kicks in, less money for Kate and more drama.

  4. stacy says:

    Honestly, I feel bad for the children. First off, Lindsay, Michael Jr., Ali and Cody now have to face the fact that their father cheated on their mother. Regardless if he uses the excuse that they were seperated, Ashley was concieved inbetween those four kids. And Ashley seems really taken back that those kids haven't reached out to her. It's sad. They will all have animosity towards Ashley, even though she didn't ask to be here. The adults never think about what their actions do to the kids. And, I don't think that Kristi has been that honest either. She was married to another man when she conceived, or they were seperated or newly married, (sorted stories) whatever, but had that man raise the child for 7 years as his own. Only after they got divorced and or Ashley had medical issues, did she do a paternity test to discover he wasn't the father. So, she wasn't really 100% honest. But, as I said before, the kids are the ones who have to deal with all this drama, lies, deceit, cheating, etc. and Michael and Kristi act as though it's all ok.

  5. deluwiel says:

    as sick an individual as MJ obviously is, he also must be really charismatic and charming to rope these women in and keep jerking them around for years and years. I mean, surely this Kristi person KNOWS his history and the likelihood of getting any $$ from him is pretty much zero. Why drag her daughter through all this unless she's going for the talk show and gossip mag circuit sellout herself? Kate is just as sick and troubled as he is, and her child is never going to have a chance. every last one of these assholes needs to be shipped off to a deserted island where there's no chance of any of them ever getting any publicity again. I feel terrible for Ashley – she didn't ask for any of this, and I can only imagine what kind of nightmare her childhood was. God I just want to slap these self absorbed idiots!

    • Diane says:

      Apparently he is very charismatic but that's only a facade to hide the anger, violence and control, which eventually come. Ashley is the one that got lucky not to have him around growing up. She didn't witness him beating up a woman, she didn't get the verbal abuse (at least not until she confronted him on a radio show last year), she didn't get the stalking or harassment that his other 4 kids were put through. She needs to be careful what she wishes, there's a reason the other 4 don't want him in their lives.

    • Anon says:

      Deluweel, You mean ML, as in Michaeljlohan? Not ( mj).

  6. Marie says:

    Kate beware! This is what is in your child's future, so I hope you have yourself set up for misery. He's done bad things to all this children and yours will be no different.

    What a hypocrite this guy is. A professed man of God who shits on his children and chases fame, yet calls people "The Devil" when he's caught in a corner with no witty comebacks. You can't just all of a sudden claim God and expect to be forgiven yet this man thinks you can. Its beyond sickening.

    I'm calling this now. I bet we dont see a single picture of Kate's baby with him, but when we do, the pictures will have been sold to the highest bidder. These people are SICK.

  7. Anon says:

    In 1995 Michaeljlohan was not allowed to leave the State (New York).  
    And has an affair in Montana?
    Hmmm……..so shortly after being (early) released from a 4-year prison sentence, and while on 5 year supervised probation, he VIOLATES the conditions of his early release, by leaving the state of New York. 
      Michaeljlohan you ARE busted!
    Hmmm…….didn't Michaeljlohan say that it "was my daughter's fault that I violated probation by leaving the state, because I went to California when she had an asthma attack".
    Hmmm…..maybe it was just because you were caught! And, only after being reported by a 'survivor'! 
    Pay it Forward  😉

  8. Dead Beat Dads Suck says:

    Keep up your LYING Michael Lohan and see what happens next xD

    Michael Lohan: I Didn't Cheat on Dina …WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!

    Straight out of the Ross Geller handbook … Michael Lohan tells TMZ his secret love child was NOT the result of an affair … claiming he and Dina Lohan were ON A BREAK when he inseminated another woman.

    NO THEY DID NOT "BREAK" THE STORY!!! NYT posted this info back in 2008! TMZ LIES!!! =>>> We broke the story … DNA results proved Michael is the father of 17-year-old Ashley Horn — who was born in 1995, while MiLo was still married to Dina.

    But Michael tells TMZ … he does NOT classify the relationship as "cheating" or "an affair" because … "Dina and I were separated and living separately at the time for 8 months."

    Michael is also calling BS on his other daughter Lindsay Lohan — claiming there's no way she could have been in the dark about the love child because, "Dina has been telling our children that Ashley is my daughter for years, without even knowing the results. So how could this be news to our children?"

    • Anon says:

      Yep, as the saying goes……….and The Deil is in the details !
      So, did he lie when he said that he "was violated when he left the State out of concern for his daughter" or was it the time he was having unprotected sex in Montana, while his wife was home with his young children?
      DNA was collected before, of this Cowardly creepy little con.
      Pay it Forward

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  10. […] constant war of words between Michael Lohan and his ex-wife Dina Lohan is out of control once again and I don’t see it stopping anytime […]

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