“Octomom” Nadya Suleman vs Gina Bryson: “Nadya Is A Sick Woman” & “Neglectful” Mother

Here comes Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s dirty fuckery in high gear. Can’t say that I didn’t tell you so about this fame whoring crew’s intentions. As its been proven many times in the past, they are totally full of shit. It’s only been a week and the TRUTH about the desperate attention whore and the convenient REHAB. That Octomom was supposed to be taking seriously, has been exposed as a total FRAUD. Because of Octomom’s claimed drug addiction to XANAX, which really seemed to be not the entire truth as there was more to the actual story. With reports of her addiction to alcohol, as the real problem she was having. Ironically, a ex-nanny told on Octomom exposing her real problems. It was reported that Nadya had allegedly enrolled herself into this FREE REHAB that was supposed to help get her clean and free from her addictions. Other stories surfaced talking about Octomom’s father also being addicted to alcohol. Including some other allegations about a former nanny of hers and strange incidents between her son. This cluster fuck on this crazy train doesn’t want to seem to end. Octomom’s supposed to be in rehab until the end of November. However if a chance to make money shows up, she’s apparently ready to bail at any moment and say fuck her treatment. That’s pathetically sad and shows the world that she doesn’t care…

On October 30, it was reported that on October 23, Octomom had checked herself into Chapman House rehabilitation center for an alleged anti-anxiety drug Xanax addiction. She also claimed that she had some stress and exhaustion. But that story didn’t fly as Octomom’s own dad had been concerned about his daughter’s drinking problem and had told her now ex-nanny that he was worried about his own daughter. According to long time nanny Gina Bryson, Nadya puts cheap VODKA in a water bottle filled with diet cranberry juice. Octomom gets wasted frequently and cannot drive her 14 children around. Leaving all of her young children with caretakers.

On November 1, dead beat dad Michael Lohan decided to run the the press and claim it was all because of him that Octomom was getting help she needed. Michael also said that, unknown to many, he has been running a non-profit organization based out of Florida for the past nine months. It stages interventions for people in need of substance abuse treatment, with Lohan claiming he has already performed more than 25. The same day it was also reported that Octomom’s daddy, Ed Doud, had also checked into the Chapman House, for his drinking problem. He didn’t stay long either as Mr. Doud had checked himself out on Wednesday, October 31.

On November 2, it was reported that Nadya had refuted claims that Michael had any involvement with her rehab. A story was posted on November 3, saying Nadya was going to keep her gig with Deeyoon debate site, “Nadya decided to check herself into rehab for a Xanax addiction this weekend, she made it clear to the center that she couldn’t go 30 days without a paycheck and got permission to work from the facility. In fact, we’re told the center has agreed to design Nadya’s treatment schedule around her work schedule. Which consists of several 90 minute video chat sessions from a computer at the facility. The facility will monitor all of Nadya’s chats just to make sure she’s staying on track and not doing anything stupid, like asking people for Xanax.” Yup, it’s pure crapola…

On November 5, reports surfaced saying that according to legal documents filed Gina Bryson has been incessantly harassing 11-year-old Elijah Solomon with phone calls and text messages. Octomom said she fired Gina over the summer and that’s when Gina allegedly began her campaign of psycho calls and texts. The TRO also accuses Gina of leaking false stories about Elijah to the media. Including a story about him sexually molesting his younger sisters and he also watches porn on his cell phone.

Later that day ex-nanny Gina B, got pissed off at allegations filed against her and defended herself against the Temporary Restraining Order saying, “It is one thing to make up lies to sell to TMZ but perjuriously filing a restraining order can result in criminal persecution and jail time. When being served the Sheriff’s Deputy expressed to me that I was the first person he had served that seemed happy to receive a Temporary Restraining Order from him. I told him I had some faith in the justice system and the truth on my side.” She responded to rumors of her being fired saying, “Of course another lie. I have never been paid even though I volunteered many thousands of hours taking care of the children over the last 3 years.” She added, “It needs to be said that I am a “Mandated Reporter” which requires me by law to report ANY suspected abuse, which I have multiple times a couple months ago.” Gina, wasn’t done handing Nadya a public media bitch slap, “Nadya is a sick woman that has her definitions confused as she has claimed that I was obsessed with her children; the correct verbiage is love, I do love them and will continue to try to protect them against their mother’s neglect, abuse and OBSESSION to use them to make a profit from.”

On November 6, as seen photo at the very top of this post. Nadya was on the set of her video shoot and was confirmed to be staying at a local hotel located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Nadya had been spotted filming a shoot with Cledus T. Judd, a country music artist known for his comical parodies of many popular hit songs. The source had revealed that, “Nadya has been in Tennessee since at least Monday [November 5] where she’s filming a spoof in which she gets married to Cledus. She was extremely annoying to everyone on set and her crazy laugh scared all the geese off!” That source also reveals while Nadya’s supposed to be in rehab, she was paid $1,500 to do the shoot. Her airfare and accommodations were also paid for. 

The source added, “It’s interesting that Nadya’s son filed a restraining order by a member of her manager’s team stating that Suleman is unavailable due to being in rehab. When really, she’s just off making money and taking a break from her kids!” That same day it was reported that Octomom had allegedly returned back to the Chapman House. Nadya’s manager said, “When Nadya checked into rehab she had two bookings she could not cancel: one is Deeyoon.com (who is still paying Nadya for her weekly debates but is going to wait to continue them until she is out of treatment) and a Country Music video where she was doing a cameo appearance,” the rep explained. “We had discussed this with Chapman House prior to admitting Nadya into treatment. The production company was also aware and they paid for a counselor from Chapman House to travel with Nadya and stayed in the same room as Nadya. They flew in late Sunday night and she is already back in Chapman House.” Do you believe her managers story? I know that I don’t! There are way to many conflicting reports running around the net.

Another report also claimed that in April 2012, Octomom didn’t even remember if she had payed her Brazilian Blowout hair stylist or not. Stephanie O. revealed, “My name was misspelled and illegible. I then left her house at 11:15 p.m. and the babies were still locked in the room and not checked on. I had been there for five hours! The next morning I received a call from Nadya asking if she paid me. I responded with, ‘Yes, you wrote me a check for $320, you don’t remember?’ She replied, ‘No, I had a little too much to drink.” That was when Child Protective Services showed up at her old house and a cleaning crew was sent by her manager.

Octomom will reportedly be getting another visit from the Los Angeles County Child Protective Services within the next week or so. This new DCFS visit comes after an anonymous call was made to the agency last week in regards to the care of Nadya’s 14 young children. “Social workers from DCFS will be visiting Nadya’s Palmdale home this week to do a welfare check. Officials are trying to get a hold of Nadya and speak to her, but have so far been unable to reach her. Under the law anytime someone makes a report about a child being in either physical or emotional danger an investigation will be launched and a visit to the home is legally required. Social workers will most likely want to speak to all 14 children individually. There is genuine concern about the well-being of Nadya’s children. DCFS will want to know who is taking care of these kids, and are the older ones regularly attending school?” Looks like karma’s going to hit the shit fan now…

It’s really awkward that the companies where Octomom is getting her Rehab from and also earning a weekly salary, are also clients of PR Agent & Publicist Gina Rodriguez. Can we call that conflict of interest? According to the screen shot above showing all the companies that GR Media Firm represents, you will see many familiar names on there that have come up recently and in the past. Yes, its TRUE and that explains the FREE REHAB that Nadya’s getting. Which really conflicts her statement saying, “I am paying for my own treatment; I am finding my voice here.” No matter what she claims, we know Nadya isn’t paying for any treatment. As its all being covered by all the free press that Chapman House is getting from all the reported gossip sites.

I have to ask is Nadya really finding her own voice or is she just doing what she’s told to do by her agent/manager? Every thing that this crew does appears to be really devious in nature and extremely self-serving. As you can see from the crazy tweet above from her manager’s new twitter account. She got her main account suspended because she had posted various hater’s personal information in some revenge tweets. However, her account was returned to her sometime in the morning of November 8. That sounds like some stupid shit Tila Tequila‘s done. How childish is that? Do people really like SCANDALS that much to where they don’t even care who is running to the media and selling their stories. Which we know that GR Media Firm does, because its her job to get her clients press, whether its positive or negative they don’t care.

UPDATE 11/08/2012: Here is a response from Octomom’s manager Gina Rodriguez, in regards to the several allegations posted by gossip websites mentioned up above. The following is verbatim to what I was told in an email this morning after I asked why her twitter account had been suspended. Rodriguez wants to set the story straight…

In regards to Rodriguez’s official twitter account suspension she says, “My twitter was suspended after I posted the phone number of a person that called me several times and left me threatening voicemails because I am working with Nadya Suleman. My twitter has now been unsuspended and I am taking the voicemail and the callers info that I obtained after I had EmailRevealer.com investigate the number to the police department today to file a report.”

In response to Nadya’s treatment and care at the Chapman House rehab center, “Nadya was offered treatment at no charge but is paying for the treatment plan herself.” Rodriguez explained her current business relationship with them, “Chapman House is a client of mine for their new treatment center Teensavers.com as well a new App that parents can download so prevent their kids from texting/calling while driving, I do not exchange services with Chapman House for PR.”

Rodriguez also explained Michael Lohan’s involvement with Nadya’s rehab care and the reason why she ended up at  the Chapman House, “Nadya reached out to me to find her a treatment center, I reached out to Michael Lohan because he works with many and he gave me several numbers and one was Chapman House.”

Octomom’s manager told me how Nadya’s dealing with her rehab care and treatment. Also the reason why she had left the facility during the middle of her care, “Nadya is taking her treatment very seriously, prior to checking into treatment the center was aware she had 2 prior engagements she could not change. One was the Deeyoon.com debate she did and one was the video. The center provided a counselor from the center to travel with her and stayed in the same room with Nadya. She flew to Nashville Sunday night and returned to Chapman Treatment center on Tuesday afternoon with her counselor. She has been in the rehab for 17 days. It is a 28 day program but Nadya may be staying longer.”

In response to allegations from ex-nanny Gina Bryson including the harassing text messages and the TRO against her, “Justin Rakisits has worked for Nadya since June. He travels with her to events and he has been given Power of Attorney over all 14 of the children prior to her entering rehab. Justin took Elijah to the courthouse to file the TRO against Gina Bryson after he received another text from her last week, this is amongst many texts we are in possession of that were sent to Nadya, Elijah, Joshua and Amerah since August to present.”

What do you think about the ex-nanny’s statements and allegations? Do you believe her story? What about the responses from Octomom’s manager about the allegations? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below…


  1. Save Octomoms Kids says:

    Orange County Weekly asked Gina Bryson to react to what came next: Suleman's on-camera interview where she claimed to be hiring a lawyer to sue her accusers for slander. Gina Bryson believes Octomom obliquely referred to her as a stalker out to make money off Suleman's celebrity. OC Weekly asked Gina Bryson to take select Suleman quotes one by one:

    NADYA SULEMAN: She hired a lawyer "to go against them for slander and all the false allegations against me and their elder children."

    GINA BRYSON: "Well, first off slander means something is untrue and I do wish for the children's sake it were not. I truly hope she finds an attorney naive enough to take her case as I would love nothing more than to go into a court of law as I would welcome the opportunity to have Nadya questioned under oath. The other benefit would be the transcripts would be sealed considering it is about minors, Nadya would not be able to profit from it!"

    NADYA SULEMAN: "These were not nannies; they were never former nannies. They were just occasional volunteers and/or babysitters that would just come in …"

    GINA BRYSON: "The two nannies on Stacy Butler's interview were indeed paid nannies and if they wanted to make money they would have went to a rag magazine that paid them . . . not to Child Protective Services and the La Habra Police. It should also be mentioned that those interviews were done over five months ago and during a period I was not involved with the children. I didn't learn of what they contained until a few weeks ago, and shortly after is when I went to the police and CPS with my own evidence and concerns. As for myself, I was never paid and I know I spent more one-on-one time with each individual baby in the nine off and on months I took care of them than she did in the three and half years she has had them."

    NADYA SULEMAN: "They were plotting for years — unbeknownst to me — to make money."

    GINA BRYSON: "Plotting for years? No, she is confused as usual. They were witnessing not plotting, and the more this is broadcast the more nannies/witnesses will see it and come forward because there is strength in numbers. The nannies all know how horrible it is there but are too intimidated because they signed a confidentiality agreement and because some are undocumented workers."

    NADYA SULEMAN: "To actually accuse any of us–me, my children, my older children … of any type of abuse–that's like the lowest blow you can go, with sexual abuse. … I worked with children who have been molested and abused for years in school, working towards my counseling degree. That allegation is the sickest, sickest you can go."

    GINA BRYSON: First, there is zero track record or any proof of Nadya working with children, and if she actually ever even went to school and learned ANYTHING she should realize that not protecting your children and allowing them to be the tortured and treated as mere play things and punching bags for the older children that you are allowing ALL of the children a lifetime of emotional scars is the sickest, sickest you can go!"

    Bryson wanted to make clear the Weekly, "Please remember just because the district attorney sent the case back for lack of evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen or unfortunately isn't happening." She added that her specific allegations that contributed to the police investigation can be found in an open letter she posted on Nadya Suleman Forum: http://www.nadyasuleman.net

    Source: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2012/10/oct

  2. Stop the Lies says:

    [youtube fo5oOXUxFrk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo5oOXUxFrk youtube]

  3. GrandmaB says:

    I have NEVER seen it all encapsulated into one article ever. This is the best I've seen.

  4. donedonedone says:

    Gee, Toto, we're not in Orange County any more……….

    Go for it LAC CPS!!!! Sounds like you have better things to do than build onto another four years of excuses file.

    And then PLEASE prosecute Backdoor Gina Rodriguez for slander and misuse of the courts as an encore.

    BGR you done brought this all down on your very own bottom-feeding ( in every sense of that term) snout.
    May you enjoy the results for the rest of your LA days.
    Those sounds you'll be hearing from the minute when it is officially revealed how you were complicit in exacerbating the abuse and neglect of 14 trapped, half-starved feral kids are the continual bangs of door slamming shut to you.

  5. Penny says:

    I really hope and pray that DCFS actually does their job. Far too many times, they just cave into the pressures of celebrity (term used loosly) and close their eyes. I have seen the Deenoon debates, and Nayda appears to be on speed or meth. Someone needs to check into that shit. I believe all the Nanny's. I believe that Gina covers all the dirty shit up, and I also believe that SHE is the mastermind behind all the fuckery and drama b.s. for all her clients.

    • Penny says:

      Lets see, is Damon Feldman still a client? He sued Lohan and their fights were pretty fake. Last week Feldman showed an airline ticket Lohan bought for some woman, and alledged Lohan was cheating on Kate. Feldman also said something about "Telling about Kate." wondering if he really knows that she is about to give birth, and the whole pregnancy was staged. Since Lohan was on Judge Alex, Kate made a very intersting comment when Judge A. asked if Lohan threatened her. She said no, she was just mad, so poof, where's the DA to file charges against her for making a false claim about abuse. Kate and Nayda have debated together, which was totally lame, but showed Nayda appearing to be on something.

      Summary, Gina's clients are all full of shit, cause trouble, never are held accountable for breaking laws, & cost tax payers money.

  6. deluwiel says:

    and the truly tragic thing about this whole degenerate circus is the 14 children who were brought into this world for the sole intent of fame and notoriety for their mother. My hope is that due diligence is done and an air-tight case is made against this woman. so her children can be placed in homes where they have a chance at a normal life. Of course, that would mean that these brothers and sisters would be split up and raised apart… This whole thing is absolutely sickening and to see pictures of of her smiling and enjoying herself at her ridiculous pathetic 'jobs' while her kids are in the eye of this storm of crazy drama makes me want to punch my computer monitor. Hard.

  7. Marie says:

    Awesome post GRR!! I agree Gina is doing no good for her clients, when you fail at sending not one but TWO clients to rehab and both are not mandatory, you have FAILED as a Manager. *COUGH* Tila Tequila anyone? I don't exactly know MJL's rehab story, only that he got PAID to go for 3 weeks so that's not really rehab either. Same will happen with Nadya if she doesnt get the proper help she needs bc she also has the stress of having 14 kids. If she had prior JOBS, she should of checked into rehab AFTER the jobs so she could concentrate fully on getting better for her kids. NOBODY gets anything out of rehab if they're allowed to leave. PERIOD. Leaving rehab for $1500.00?? Come on now, you're not fooling anyone. 19 to 21 days or 3 weeks of rehab isnt helping Gina's clients, but I guess them giving her a percentage of the money they bring in IS.

    That video of Nadya on Dr Phil breaks my heart watching those kids look in thru the window because I know they're wishing their mom would let them inside. When I was the little ones age (that happen to be looking thru the window) our babysitter would lock us outside during the summer and we would do the same thing, and it was HELL. Difference here is they've been locked outside by their own MOTHER.

    My only question to Gina the Manager is: If the Nannies are wrong, WHY did you find it necessary to send a clean up crew to your clients (Nadya's) house to clean up for CPS? I believe what those Nannies are saying is true bc there is too much evidence to indicate otherwise and I pray that the right thing is done for those kids. No child deserves to be given "mother time" just because theres a camera in the room. She plays with them for a Dr Phil interview, then when she's doing debates online or her online shows totally ignores them and has the older ones take care of the younger ones and you clearly see them hitting each other in the background and the younger ones being drug around by the shirt by the older ones, and eating anything they can get their hands on. Would you do that to your OWN kids?

  8. Gina B says:

    I have no reason to lie, but I do have 14 reasons to tell the truth.

  9. Penny says:

    Do we believe Gina?? Hum let me see…Um HELL NO!! It's her job to lie for her clients, supress information that could be vital to the mental stability or instability of that person, make nice-e-nice everything is A.O.K statements, because that is what she gets paid for. Her credibility is zero, really, who would believe her. TMZ even had that picture of her old house, totally dirty and wrecked, with the locked door. They talked about the allegations of Octo locking the kids in there. COME ON!!! How many red flags need to fly before someone with some balls steps up, steps in and protects those kids?

    Octo can go play with herself on more video's, drink, do drugs, pretend to fight for feldman- and break some more girls fingers with no remorse (which is a mental instablitiy issue), do lame ass debates for deeyoon, (Is that a Gina made show?) or drive off a cliff. Who cares, just as long as the kids are safe, protected, loved, and cared for. (which octo is incapable of) It is just sad, that Gina would lie to protect her income, and put the kids safety in jeoprady.

    • GrandmaB says:

      So Justin has POA over the kids? Then why couldn't CPS find Notamama nor Justin for the check on the kids? Where was the mother? Where was Justin? Where were the kids? Was it an empty house? Did Gina move everyone to her house and just not tell CPS? Why was Justin given POA when his mother, Terry, is the one babysitting the kids? This whole story by Gina Rodriguez smells.

  10. Tisha says:

    So this is the guy responsible for 14 children?

    Looks like a total creeper to me!

  11. done done done says:

    Exactly why would Backdoor Gina Rodriguez need to ask Lohan for a referral if Chapman House was her client?
    Has GhostR checked to see if the rumors are correct that this an outpatient facility and if NS is an outpatient where is she spending her time during these 28 day when she isn't dabbling in a spot of rehab? Other than in Tennessee?
    Why would you ever give POA to someone for your kids in your absence and then be travelling with him
    Why isn't having to believe Gina B almost a moot point since she was smart enough to back up her allegations with video, photos, phone records for those tweets and documentation.
    Why have readers had for 4 years to read the comments to get the truth while the articles themselves merely parrot Suleman's latest delusional easily disproved if anyone ever bothered to check spin

  12. donedonedone says:

    And what I find interesting is, what can Backdoor GinaR possibly hope to gain here? Other than the few that worry over the kids until the truth hits the fan, there is such little interest in Suleman that even Backdoor GinaR has stopped advertising that grotty phlegm wad porn. Why be a publicist to someone that emphatically no one on the planet wants to pay any attention to? What could make Backdoor GinaR think that some homely sociopath is going to be the next marketable sensation merely because she birthed and then proceeded in every publicly provable way possible to ignore 14 kids? Is Backdoor GinaR you should definitely pardon the expression with this one, laundering something?

  13. […] child endangerment and abuse allegations against Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has always been a really heated issue for the past several months, well years to speak more […]

  14. Anon says:

    Great job GRR!
     I  hope that GRR, as well as the rest of the mainstream media keep reporting the truth about them all. 
    The apparent common denominator continues to be Michaeljlohan.
    The trail of his innocent victims will soon be joined by KM's unborn fetus, aka- Michaeljlohan's Future Investment.
    Remember balloon boy ?

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  16. Alvin says:

    Restraining order against Gina Bryson has been dismissed! Judge tells Octo she is wasting the court's time!

  17. […] off of welfare back in July 2012 then back in October 2012, she allegedly had made enough money to purchase a new home located in Palmdale, California. We have to wonder when will things actually get better for […]

  18. […] reported that DCFS arrived at Octomom’s home on February 16,  after a former nanny (maybe Gina Bryson?) complained that Octomom has been using drugs, drinking heavily, blacking out, forgetting […]

  19. […] afford to pay for it as all of her other homes. Nadya was then accused by a former nanny of neglecting her 14 children while spending hundreds of dollars on herself for services such as Brazilian blowouts which she […]

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