Tila Tequila Claims Her “Freedom Fighter” Movement Is “A Political Movement In Disguise!”

It’s time to post a quick update about Tila Tequila. I haven’t written about her in almost 2 weeks and I know most of you have been wondering what the heck the angelic Freedom Fighter has been doing since her bar tour ended. Besides not being online as much since her major posting spree last week after saying she was going to “take a break.” Which is one of her million breaks she claims that she is taking every month. It’s either on an alleged month long vacation that never happens or she’s leaving on a Truth Movement mission that the Pleiadian Alien Tila has to battle for all of her warriors. Because Tila claims that she is always risking her life during her spiritual war with the shadow government.” But we know how Tila is and she never can seem to actually leave the internet and keep her mouth shut no matter what she tells anyone. It might be a rare occurrence that she is not on the internet sucking up the attention that she begs for. Speaking of which Tila has been talking her crap acting like she is a psychic making random predictions of what she thinks will happen. Or should I say she made some random amazing and shocking generalizations that anyone could make about seeing future and how awesome her alleged psychic abilities that she claims to have. Over the weekend she claimed something big was going to happen and she was warning people about this powerful news. However, Tila contradicted herself many times, as usual…

On November 8, Tila posted onto wannabe government clone victim Donald Marshall personal Facebook wall and told him, “Why do you think that you’re the “LAMB” and me (which I am indeed a Scorpio) a “SCORPIO” in Nostradamus Quatrains?” Arrogantly elaborating, “I am the purest of hearts. That is why they do not scare me and you fear them so much Donald. That is why the “SCORPIO” has come to bring the sacred “LAMB” over to the GOLDEN OF TRUTH AND TREE OF LIFE!” She also added, “Also they are planning something? yes like they always have. Be on the lookout for on or around November 13th.” Well talk about guesstimates and leading dialogue. Alien Tila’s fake prediction was about the SOLAR ECLIPSE that the entire world already knew about. That wasn’t all she alluded to.

She also claimed that she had predicted the super storm known as Hurricane Sandy and also President Barack Obama’s second presidential win. She said, “I also told everyone a month ago that Obama was already elected as President. I was right. I also told everyone about SANDY.” Justifying her amazing psychic powers she stated, “I didn’t say those words in particular because I am not a prophet but I DID warn everyone that there is going to be a HUGE event happening, and it was Hurricane Sandy, just like I already said that Obama is President.”

On November 9, Tila had posted some more information consisting of some private conversations that they had. Tila exposed Donald in a vindictive way. She revealed that Donald had worked up a few extravagant plans for both of them to be Saviors Of The Free World and  become more famous. But Donald has of course DELETED it all of so no one can see what a FAKE CLONE leech he really is. Tila then told Donald to basically fuck off and she didn’t want to be a part of his fame whoring agenda. She also made it seem that her last BTR show about clones was all fake and bullshit to. I have posted lots of screen shots in links, on this post from their deleted online brawl. On the same evening in a weird kind of stalker type of obsessed way Donald told his many loyal brainwashed followers, “Do Not trust Thien Nguyen/Tila Tequila.”

He got really pissed of at her and went off on her in many now deleted posts and comments, “Thien is a hardcore Meth addict. This is why she doesn’t have her Lamborghini and lives the simple life now. She sold everything for crack and meth. She threatened me last night to go along and I refused and stuck her fingernails in my face while in restraints, saying that if I told about it I would receive more of the same.” After their blow out and David being exposed as a clone victim fraud. He keeps running to her private page acting like he’s love sick for her…

Tila also claims that A lot of the “ELITES” Are Currently Living on Mars.” She also said that she had picture proof Of “Life On Mars.” However the pictures she had posted were from Retired Command Sergeant Robert O. Dean, which he claims to have been a part of the Supreme Headquarters Operations Center (SHOC) and the NATO war room. Of course Tila claims that she is the originator of the pictures she posted and never gave the guy proper credit for them. She brought up her special knowledge about Extraterrestrials claiming, “People have the wrong perception of “REPTILIANS & GREYS” just like on Earth, we have MANY RACES, SPECIES & BELIEFS. Well, same with them. They are not just ALL ONE TYPE. From what I know so far there are 4 different types of Reptilians who were at Dulce There are VERY VERY BAD AND EVIL ONES who are trying to control and conquer our world, but also some good ones who try to dis-assocociate themselves from the bad ones. Also “GREYS” are “ORANGE” also…. ahhh so much…. I gotta go now. Showtime in an hour! :)” Then she went to her club gig looking like a tramp…

She added, “in each of us resides 50 dimensions! YES 50 DIMENSIONS INSIDE OF US!!!! Now how does your brain handle that info? Pretty cool huh? :)” Then she claimed, “Teleportation is possible now. I teleport. I’ve even created my own mini-wormholes. But again, these are things I won’t go into further detail. Just making a little… “Appearance” here for now…. I’m not always “FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU” you know? I’m pretty silly when I’m not “WORKING” :)” :)Oh she works now. Doing what? Oh yeah she’s a escort on the side. These few pictures were neither proven or dis-proven to be from Mars. All of the info she posted was recycled of course making it appear as if she had some secret info no one has ever seen.

Before she went to her cheap club gig she claimed, “So when I closed my eyes so I can see with my “REAL EYE” since this is a “HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE” afterall: I was able to do things one could not even imagine. Like create energy “balls” and bounced them around, then I started further started experimenting with this new ability to see how far it will go, so I started “SPINNING THE ENERGY BALLS I CREATED” then all of a sudden that ball started spinning on it’s own so fast that it created a REAL MINI-WORMHOLE right there in front of my face! :)”

On November 10, the last day of her scheduled club tour. Tila went off on after her show talking about how awesome she is, “I was walking out, these 2 guys were about to get into a brawl, but right in that moment I saw what was about to go down so I stopped and looked at the aggressor (he was about to charge the other guy) I smiled at him and sent him some “Positive Energy” knocking him off balance with the Love vibrations I sent out, so I forgot he was about to beat up some guy.” Then it all went really wrong and the mood changed when she told her followers that her movement was really, “A POLITICAL MOVEMENT IN DISGUISE! :) :) no but really tho.. it’s is AMAZING how many people all over the world are talking about this. It’s like a DOMINO EFFECT! They all know about what’s up. Everyone always tells me how it’s happening there as well in each city I go to everyone is all about the movement. Pretty fucking awesome stuff. I love it!”

She continued on her self-serving rant, “How the fact where I felt like a “CAGED PRISONER” while I was being “SILENCED” but due to “THE PEOPLE’S” own choices, they themselves (Some of you) Came together to “HELP SET ME FREE FROM MY WRONGFUL “IMPRISONMENT” it is beautiful indeed for I started off as a one Woman March, and ended up as a “BILLION MAN MARCH” and nothing was by choice, it was all THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE! That to me, most beautiful thing ever. When people stand up for each other because THAT’S WHAT US HUMANS DO! You fuck with one of us, you fuck with the rest of us! Cheers!”

When you look at Tila’s bullshit post directly below from earlier today she changes the wording to suit her personal agenda. She claims now, “I recall the past few weeks I kept saying to be on the look out for on or around the week of November 13th as something “big” was about to take place. I said the same thing in October about “Sandy.” Well, I leave for a few days, then come back and realize there’s this huge scandal going down right now with Petraeus, former head of CIA. Hmmm… interesting. Right on the mark….” Oh really? How convenient of her…

Tila kept talking crap non-stop and the lies just kept flowing out of her mouth. She belittled her “Tila Army” and Truth Movement fans. She also insulted anyone that didn’t agree with her in typical Tila fashion. She claimed that, I HAVE TO DUMB DOWN MY LANGUAGE AND DISCLOSE BABY STEP NEWS! Calling all non-followers and non-believers of her movement, “Zombies”, “Sheeple”, “Sleepers” and “Cows” as she stood on her Purest of Hearts pedestal. She says she was trying to educate people about the Human Harvest while ranting about Reptilians. She happily said, “Keep it up Freedom Fighters, Truth Seekers & Light Workers!” Congratulating them on the job that they’ve done with her over over past month. She’d post insults on her fan page then run to her private one, posting things like she was protecting her followers with Triple White Light Powers.” Saying she was fighting on the front lines, claiming she had to keep her distance to protect them.

Now Tila claims that she has allegedly died 7 times trying to validate the number 7 with, “yea Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, 7 days of the weeek goes onnnn and onnnnn and whoohoo I died 7 times got banned on October 7th ad released November 7th” Tila is so whacked in the head that she called herself a “GIESHA WARRIOR.” Guess she doesn’t realize that Geisha’s were well mannered Japanese entertainers or hostesses whose virginity was sold to the highest bidder. Oh yeah forgot to mention that she saved lives this past week. Geez, what the hell was I thinking? This chick claims that she was also talking to The Others and fighting Super Soldiers with her Super Psychic Abilities.” I could go on for weeks.

I am pretty sure you see that Tila has let go of her HUGE EGO as she claims that she has. *cough-bullshit-cough* I want to know what “political movement” she thinks that she’s making? Is she running for office or what? She felt like a caged prisoner really? It must have been in her own little delusional mind. I know this post was a tad long, but there was a lot to cover. What are your thoughts about the rants Tila has went on for the past week? Share your thoughts and comments below…


  1. AnonHaterDrone says:

    Tila posted this crap to her private page. She thinks no one can read it and posted this doozy. Let’s call this diatribe another alien bobble head moment with a shot of Tequila xD

    I’m going to say something here that I’m not going to say over “there” on my public page. Humans of this Planet were conditioned to:

    1) Lead
    2) Follow
    3) Be Ruled

    Of course it is a lot more complex than this, but for now I’ll just keep it simple. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying “Some were meant to lead and others to follow” Well, that is true, and that is why certain people will just be followers. Wow, this is more complex than I intended. It sounded so much easier in my mind, but putting it into words, and understanding the way Humans think, makes me not want to write anything at all.

    This is actually Mankind’s failure. Their EGO’s and the way they think. People need to start breaking free from that vicious cycle in order to free themselves from this current “SLAVE SYSTEM’ purposely built to “ENSLAVE MANKIND” which for centuries it has worked but now is the chance for everyone to break free from this Matrix.

    People were conditioned to be manipulated, slaughtered, and BE RULED as these are just our “slave” characteristics. Your EGO’s will only further trap you here. Let it go.

    More on this later…. so easy to understand, and would be just as easy to type out, but again due to Mankind’s massive EGO issues, it has blocked me from saying what I really want to. You see how vicious this cycle is and why you feel there are so many secrets around us???? :/

    Tila Nguyen: False to (or I disagree with) *Matthew* Ego is easy to control for ONESELF if we are awake, but it is definitely NOT easy, especially coming from others. That is their BIGGEST PITFALL, fighting amongst each other, feeling who is holier and mightier than thou… etc… they do it every second of the day without even realizing….

    Tila Nguyen: fale: Generalize me = for public: Private me= extremely complex, but you don’t know me so that’s ok. Your assumptions on my character was expected, hence why I mentioned it in this original post to begin with….


  2. I thought I would drop by Donald Marshall’s wall and leave him a message and ask him about his statements and the posts he had deleted. Lets see what happens…

    Donald why did you say this about Tila Nguyen. Then delete all the posts she put onto your wall? Hmm… It looks kind of suspicious… “Thien is a hardcore Meth addict. This is why she doesn’t have her Lamborghini and lives the simple life now. She sold everything for crack and meth. She threatened me last night to go along and I refused and stuck her fingernails in my face while in restraints, saying that if I told about it I would receive more of the same.”

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/donald.marshall.148/post

    • Donald Marshall says:

      Do not attempt to hinder me in doing a selfless act for the benefit of humanity you idiot, Tila/Thien is an Mk Ultra mindblown attention craving a$$hole and I would have told her anything to get her to talk… her motivations seemed to be money fame and power, and so I tried to capitalize upon that and told her we could expose the cloning centers and Vrill lizards together united… I woulda told her I'd make her the Queen of Monte Cristo if she would just spill the beans… I didn't erase her posts, they were beneficial to my cause,… you should feel honored that I even type on your grade c bull$hit page… in future you will be regarded as someone who tried to denounce me as a liar,…have fun then.

      • Fake Clones Suck says:

        If this was such a bullshit page douchebag. Why in the fuck are you commenting on it?

        A “selfless” act? Who the fuck are you anyway? You must think you are a GOD saving the world. Damn homie your lonely life must be sad. using Facebook to get attention from others.Especially all those women who stalk your page daily posting everything and wasting their time worrying about you. You have sucked them right into your fuckin games brainwashing them as you go, tagging them a long because they want so hard to believe your reindeer games.

        You don’t know shit about Tila Nguyen and her fame whoring life do you Donny. You only latched on to Tila when you saw you could try to elevate your own status and make waves in the “truther” world. Don’t flatter yourself MORON. Tila doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. She barely can take care of herself. She hates people trying to take her shine, especially people like YOU who LIE to make themselves look better than others.

        You know fucktard, its a FACT that Tila reads this site all the time. But you have no idea don’t you? Nope, didn’t think so. Tila and her past managers have been stalking this fuckin site for years. LOL of course you don’t know shit as you are stuck in your fantasy land of everyone catering to good ole kind hearted Donny. Who has NEVER even left Nova Scotia.

        I have never laughed so hard in my damn life. I hope you know that GRR, doesn’t give a shit what you say. I know that most of the people who read this site have known about your scamming going on for the past several years. Everyone like you keeps dancing around the truther circle leaking little by little stressing people out, leading by fear mongering. That’s sad.

        I can’t believe that you have fans that actually believe your fake cloning games. You claim to have written all those songs? You are such a LIAR and trust that those artists and musicians have been contacted and the screen caps have been forwarded to their lawyers.

        You are going to “denounce” GRR? Shit, GRR has people like you for breakfast. You make me laugh mother fucker who looks like a crack whore. I seen your videos and you look like shit. No wonder why that other psycho Stephen Christopher, who thinks he is gonna rule the world with a symbol tattoo’d on peoples head and body parts. Hates you and you dont like him. You guys want the same thing and that is to rule the world.

        Talk about crazy fuckers… o.0

        • Donald Marshall says:

          Ok… Don't think I'm a God, demi-god or anything like that,… just a human… I have been out of Nova Scotia before, went to Calgary for a little was in Ontario for a bit and visited Boston once,… I have only been informing on these people in earnest for about a year… not years and years… I'm not that familiar with computers and these conspiracy sites and the Illuminuts run most major media… didn't know where to turn, every avenue I tried was a dead end… about fear mongering, I would never do that, I would only be charged with slandering names and attempting to incite panic or something… I did make those songs, didn't write them, just sang them while there as a clone to avoid being tortured, only one I ever wrote down was "Next Go Round" by Nickelback while there…

          • Donald Marshall says:

            I'm sorry I don't look physically attractive to you, thats kind of irrelevant given the severity of my situation, I dont do crack g… Used to smoke the odd joint of weed but can't even do that now, it makes my heart go on the fritz… I am nothing like Steven, he is down with them and is attempting to go along with their agenda. I don't want to rule the world,… I just want to replace some of the leaders… I know it all sounds retarded dude, that is their best and only defence… I wasn't denouncing your GRR site,… they called me a liar and an attention whore or somethin,… I just had to respond and say why her posts were erased, when she blocked me the original posts she made were automatically removed,… I wanted those posts to stay there… when all is known you will see how much I crave attention,… cloning centers will be shut down vrill parasite lizards and drones will be eradicated and I am going to withdraw from the world… wow you guys are negative… (an ugly liar crackhead lookin crazy guy?) I got a chip in one of my front teeth from a streetfight while ago too… anything else?

          • Donald Marshall says:

            I'm not mad at ya dude, I know what it all sounds like…. can't blame you for not believing it… it's hard to fathom. Just read my wall it's free and I don't want nothing… Oh and one last thing… I am the opposite of that Steven guy.

          • Hater Talk says:

            Weird that you claimed 1/2 of what Tila was saying was MK Ultra'd stuff yet you weren't calling her out on it on her FB page before you were "banned" You were letting her spread disinfo as you were sucking up to her and posting fake pictures of when you two were making sweet fake clone love.

            Why would you let her MK Ultra'd speeches influence people without saying something if you were for truth? She said God spoke to her, you said it was MK Ultra in Tila's chat but never on Tila's pages. Why would someone speaking out for truth do that? Come on Donny, be consistent with your actions so your lies aren't clearly seen.

        • M.M. says:

          Engaging these types of people (i.e…Tila, Donald Marshal) is the worst thing you can do. It only fuels their delusions that the world is "out to get them". It validates what the warped ideas they already have. It's best to remain calm and refuse any type of interaction with them. Eventually the silence will force them to see things as they really are.

  3. Marie says:

    I really dont see how those people cant tell hes a FRAUD – all those songs he claims were wrote by him NOT written by him. DO SOME RESEARCH PEOPLE!!!

    • Donald Marshall says:

      When Thien/Tila blocked me her posts on my public facebook wall were automatically erased… I didn't want to erase those posts,… she was finally talking about the cloning centers!

      • Donald Marshall Lies says:

        Tila didn't block you LIAR. You have been commenting on her personal facebook for days and days. You have left numerous comments on her posts or have you forgotten already?

        Donald Marshall: You know what theyre doing to me at the cloning center and you wait,… my heart degrades and my life force fades and you wait… what are you doing Thien? Do I have to die first in real body before you tell all? They're going to re-animate me after death and shred me continually,… hell…. do I deserve that? We have to get the cloning centers shut down before I expire… do not leave me there, I wouldn't leave you…

        Donald Marshall: If Tila and I fail to alert the world, you will all one day be slaves, parasited hosts or food.

        Donald Marshall: remember when I sang this song to you at the cloning center Thien? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6iYGUn06QE

        Do you want me to post anymore of your obvious lies claiming that Tila blocked you? Why don't you go back to your fake cloning corner now and cry your eyes out :'(

        • Donald Marshall says:

          When someone on facebook blocks you your posts get erased…. however your replies to other peoples posts remain… just your little picture profile thing goes blank… she has blocked me and I wish she hadn't… I couldn't start posts on her page for some reason, could only reply to pre-existing posts… thats how it works,… wow you guys are some hateful…

          • We're feeding tila says:

            Don you've told what appear to be verifiable facts in a clear and concise manner regarding the operation of Facebook and I applaud you. How come you can't do the same regarding any aspect of your cloning experience…that's rhetorical btw no need to reply.

  4. Marie says:

    Donald Marshall you and Tila are the same. Both of you dont fully answer questions and you know it. Stop bullshitting people already. You're just mad because people are finally coming out of the woodwork and calling you on your bs. I've seen people ask you a question point blank and you skip around it like it was never asked. Why dont you ever answer questions straight up? Dont dance around the issue like Tila does if you're telling the truth. I saw someone ask you in chat if you've been filmed at the "center" and you said NO, yet the next day on your page it says "the people at the cloning center are filming me and making me look stupid" Care to explain?

    • Donald Marshall says:

      They video record a lot of the content at the cloning center,… never have I ever said i wasnt filmed there… find someone else to bother will ya? I always try to answer all questions… I dont get paid for this and I'm not plugging a book or looking to get famous,… in the future when this is all known I hope someone punches you inna teeth.

      • AnonHaterDrone says:

        You are a fucking asshole and you are the one who wants to incite violence on this site. No one started that but you Donald. Telling Marie, "I hope someone punches you inna teeth," is a cheap coward ass move.

        You are the only one who wants Marie to get hurt and for what? Your douchebag cause that you are selling to lost souls looking for something to believe in. You have some major problems. LYING is one of your major downfalls and you have done nothing but discredit yourself.

        I feel sorry for your followers that have wasted their time on your fantasy o.0

      • Hater Talk says:

        Yeah Donny you said the whole "I don't get paid for this thing before" that you were typing in Tila's chat and when I brought up your free laptop all of a sudden I was "filled with evil" for pointing out your lies. Whoops!

        What I find funny is that when you're in such pain you're always staring at your computer screen typing about all the pain you're in instead of resting to feel better. One post of "I'm fine people, just resting" lets people not worry, but "I'm in such pain, if I even move my head I'll have an aneurysm" and yet you continue to post for hours on end. LOL

  5. sheriffgauncent says:

    Hey Donny, man up and come on my show next week.

    • Donald Marshall says:

      Man up? You have no idea what I am going through… man up omg… I can't go on negative joke shows to get spoofed or something, you do not understand the severity of the situation… I'll gladly do a big radio show, I have to warn the world… I'm not even going to live long, my hearts degraded from clone torture, I will never grow old… I have no alterior motive other than to save lives and end the Illuminati/NWO… they are trying to have people denounce me at every turn. They even RUN some anti illuminati pages themselves to find troublemakers clone them and ruin them… Ex Wrestler Chris Benoit was a prime example of them destroying someones life… they made me make the Chris Benoit song for the Insane Clown Posse… I didn't want to, he was a good man.

      • Donald Marshall says:

        I don't want to go on a bunch of small radio shows and say the same things over and over, relating it is stressful and takes a toll on me. I want to do one large radio show. Because I have to say it right to avoid panic and riots and stuff, thats what the Illuminuts want, to have an excuse to declare martial law… I have to explain everything in a calm and precise manner so people don't freak out… this is the end of days scenario…

      • Marie says:

        They made you write the "Chris Benoit" song for the ICP? You are such a LIAR because I know GRR just contacted Violent J & 2 Dope from Psychopathic Records to let them know the claims you made are totally bogus. See for yourself: https://twitter.com/GhostRiderRadio/status/268947

        Donald you also claim that you wrote "Bad Medicine" from Die Mannequin which the song was really written by Care Failure. Stop LYING already http://twitpic.com/bdbilj/full

        You want me to keep putting you on blast for your bullshit. Or are you going to stop your lies to the world. You can't win and that is just the facts. What is going to happen is you are going to get your ass sued. Then you will really be begging from your followers.

      • Kate Addict says:

        Donald, you are the Captain of the Illuminutty Fucknuts.

        Chris Benoit chose one of his "finisher" moves to be a flying head butt. He did this move so many times that by the time he killed himself he had the brain of an 80 year old man with Alzheimer's. The Illuminutty had nothing to do with that.

  6. Marie says:

    Donald I have screen shots of you saying you wrote those songs and that they DO NOT film you at the cloning center. What an easy out for you that "the cloning centers will be shut down" and dont threaten a girl about being socked in the teeth because it just makes you look hella worse than you already do

  7. Marie says:

    If (and thats a HUGE IF) you are telling the truth, you will provide video of this and thats the bottom line

  8. Anon says:

    Oh look he wont go on a small show but he'll go on a BIG show LOL wow dude you are such a LIAR

  9. sheriffgauncent says:

    Easy out pussy. You don't think I can be serious? I am well knowledged in all this. I ran a alternative topic/conspiracy website for 4 years. I'll give you a fair interview/conversation. Hell, I'll even pay to upgrade my blogtalk to give you more time. You gotta start somewhere.

    • Donald Marshall says:

      I was going to do yer interview dude,… but you sound so hateful and negative I'll go through someone else,… interview yourself :) Your a truthseeker like Jerry Springer is a family psychologist. It's all true fool.

      • sheriffgauncent says:

        Well, you said you weren't going to come on. I was just offering you a platform. Just doing one show isn't going to get your "word" out or your point across. You still have an open invitation with me.

      • Kate Addict says:

        Donald you are such a whiny little bitch why do you even bother talking to people on the internet if you have such a thin skin? You don't have what it takes to be a public figure because you act like a 2nd grader running to their teacher because one of your classmates called you a doodiehead. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

  10. Cult of Idiots says:

    Sounds to me like two crazies competing to see who's crazy. Get help for your issues and stop blaming others for your irrresponsible choices.

  11. Kelly says:

    donald so were you hoping tila would have you on her show or something? tsk tsk…just go back to your safe little facebook bubble where those clueless donald followers all believe you and never question you. there will always be little buggers like that tila has them, donald has them….i dont think stephen christopher does tho, does he?

    • Donald Marshall says:

      Tila already admitted to it… you guys sound like desperate drones that know the jig is up… didn't you catch Tila/Thien's last radio broadcast? Ummm hellooo?

      • Hater Talk says:

        Tila also admitted to having received a personal message from God that was actually something she read on the internet that was posted over a year ago. So that proves Tila is a lying psychopath, so you saying "Tila said it so it's true" isn't worth shit.

        Nice try Donny. You're nothing but a liar with no proof of anything trying to nail a whore who fucks anything and you're mad she's turning you down. LOL

        Seriously, if you're in such pain why do you spend all day typing on a computer and looking at that screen? I had to ask it again since you ignored it earlier. SIlly Donny, running from tough questions and just screaming "trust me" like Homer.

      • DMs Jig Is Up says:

        Donald of course the jig is up (the jig being that you're a liar and you know it and people are finally proving it) but we are in no way, shape or form desperate drones. We are real people who are sick of lying swindlers like you and Tila who steal from innocent people who believe you're bs.

        You seem a little desperate to get into the crack whores panties, hows that working out for ya? She turned you away at her show and I bet you told your friends you were gonna hook up right? Oops you said you dont have any friends, yet Tila said there was a group of you.

        So many lies Donald – yes the jig is up for you

      • Marie says:

        Hey douchebag scam artist Donald Marshall. I see you haven’t learned anything yet about taking credit for writing other peoples songs http://twitpic.com/bdh5xd

        If FAKE CLONE Donald is so dumb on the computer as he claims he is. How did he know Sheriffs show was little one? I thought he wasn’t computer literate? This dude is such a LIAR its pathetic. Donald makes up so many bullshit LIES claiming that he writes the songs and then to cover his tracks he claims that they’re handed out after he is done with them while at the cloning center.

        So this guy goes to the cloning center every night in his mind? WRONG. It’s all stories to entertain his sheepish fan base.Talk about mentally unstable. Donald is fucking PSYCHO o.0

  12. Aliens! says:

    Donald Marshall is a sad, pathetic little internet troll. It's best we just ignore all his fuckery. I'd hate to see him stay 'round these parts.

  13. Anon2 says:

    I see that Donald skirted around every single question that was asked and I'm not surprised. Hopefully his "friends" on his page are reading this and finally catching a clue. This is nothing more than Tila, Donald and Steven trying to get one up on each other and all of their "friends" on their pages, who they could give a shit less about, are too stupid to see it. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Donald already swindled a laptop out of a girl and turned on her, Tila was asking for donations thru a fake person named Evan on a website she claimed she didnt run until she got word she had a solid booked whore tour.

    We are NOT negative people Donald. Truth hurts doesnt it?

    • Kate Addict says:

      Does Donald even know how we treat people who see the light and cut Tila out of their lives? We don't ever say I told you so, we never gloat, we just let them know how happy we are that one more person is safe from her. Her "Tila Army Generals" all quit a while ago and we're stoked.

      The fact that we are telling the truth and not what people need to hear does not mean we are negative. It's called living in reality.

  14. deluwiel says:

    hang in there meagain – hope things get better for you soon!

    Yup – Saint Tila Illuminati Slayer Lightworker of Ascended Scorpio Line of Startrash can't be bothered to donate her time or money (*snort*) to help people in any real way because she's just so damn busy wielding her replica Samurai sword at those bugs she sees crawling on her walls that must be The Elites' nanobots come to invade her body through every orifice.


    No worries, Tila. There are some things even Elite nanobots won't do.

  15. Kate Addict says:

    We're praying for you meagain

  16. Pshhh says:

    All this amusing banter, and all I can add to the table is a joke.
    "What's the difference between a ho and a bitch?"
    "The ho will sleep with everyone, and the bitch will sleep with everyone But You!"
    Drum roll.

  17. TruthSeeker says:

    Donald since I know you love to write comments every other second, why dont you explain your post from four hours ago where you said you were with Tila in the cloning center last night…I'm wondering how this can be possible since you claim people only go there under REM sleep. Tila was on the phone with Godlike productions lying to them about why she bailed on their show and AWAKE so how do you explain this?


  18. Kelly says:

    where is tila going now? she just posted she going away (AGAIN) for a bit? wacky lady!

  19. meme says:

    Normally I wouldn't get my panties twisted for a whack job like Donald, however, his other "persona" posted very privy information on his wall yesterday that I felt was necessary to report to authorities. I hope others at least reported it to FaceBook because posting his supposed family's home address where minors are living, on a fear mongering (and frankly, rather anti-semitic) facebook page is truly reckless. In case it's no longer there, or you don't know what I'm referring to; the home address of his relatives had been posted (with his approval of course) on his page with the direct orders to send them mail, and people were encouraged to do everything other than to kill them. How truly fucked up does a person have to be to take it to that level, knowing there are young children in the home and that people who are posting or befriending, happen to be such criminals or loons like Stephen Christopher? That man has a serious rap sheet, completely accessible online if you know his real name (also posted on Donalds wall), that involves kidnapping and many domestic assaults. He was also arrested for the threat of assignation on Obama! These people are not operating well, and Donald knows this, yet he posted personal information of innocent people along with all the bullshit he claims of people being pedophiles, rapists and sadists. I don't understand how Donald can live with himself, knowing full well the extent of how damaging these accusations can be to a persons life. It's obvious a few of his avid posters are in fact, Donald himself. Their writing styles are exact among other things. I do not like Tila but I can't help but fear for her own personal safety as she's walked herself into a line of fire of very dangerous men (Donald and Stephen). Don's growing obsession with her can't just be "odd" and alarming to me alone.
    And I like how he set up his excuses on why no one has sued him yet over the false claims, one of his given excuses is of giving a crazy man attention. This points out that he knows he's being deceptive and a con artist. He's probably right as well, they aren't suing his ass because he is broke and he is stark raving mad. I almost am at the point that I don't believe the laptop was even a gift, because I think the person it's supposed to have been from is just another one of his fake accounts. I know everyone thinks he's a crackhead, and I do think he's on drugs or a "maintenance program" of sorts, which is why he's so jumpy regarding his sobriety. The old saying goes "Doth protest too much".
    It's also pathetic that he won't go on "Small radio shows" because where does he exactly plan on starting out? If it's not all about the fame and glory, he would be hitting any and all news outlets no matter what their audience size is. If he's not tech savvy or whatever he claims, he has no real concept of the shows anyway, so how does he know they are "small"? I do enjoy how he's went from straying away from hinting and setting up "God" or prophet stuff and now he's not only slowly niching out his "I'm a prophet and maybe God", but he's growing more cult like about his mentalities. He's so much like Tila it's as if he studied her dumb ass and her way of conning her "army", watched star wars a few times, went on a binge listening to horrible music on youtube with karaoke lyrics attached – and that was the foundation or how he came up with his crap.

  20. kkkk says:

    Ah, I hoped this wacko would stay away from this site, not a good idea to bring him here guys :( Anyone with a normal working brain can check his FB page and see his modus operandi, hardcore attention whoring, weird sexual fetishes and very unstable behavior. Unfortunately, it's obviously not enough for some lost souls who don't see or don't want to see through this (from my point of view) obvious facade and believe what he says. Pretty sad. Please let's not give this weirdo more popularity, he doesn't deserve a slightest bit of it and I'm seriously worried that someone may get directly or indirectly hurt by this nut's fuckfest.

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  23. […] Let me say that after writing about Tila Nguyen for over 3 years she is by far the craziest celebrity out there still living. So I am not going to insult Amanda by saying that she is on Tila’s […]

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