Tila Tequila FAILS On Stage At Euro Palace, But Rocked GOPARC! Herford in Germany?

At least Tila Tequila made it to Germany this time around for her round of strip club and regular bar tour performances so far. We all remember the beyond ridiculous mess that happened in June 2012, with her missing her flight and trying to say that TMZ and other websites were LYING about it. When in FACT that Tila was the one who was LYING about the crazy incident itself. That fuckery eventually led to the demise of Tila’s working relationship with her ex-manager and talent agent, who was basically tired of all the bullshit that Tila gave her and fired her. The whole cluster fuck of a mess was so bad that her manager had to call the LAPD on Tila because she was ignoring all communications with her. Once LAPD arrived on scene, Tila LIED to the officers faces claiming that she didn’t have to be anywhere to be. When in reality she was already supposed to be on a plane to Germany the night before. Now after the incident occurred, a few days later Tila managed to kiss ass with the promoter who said he was done with Tila after getting burned twice by her. Tila finish the rest of her bar tour with 5 clubs left on the roster. After the incident happened, Tila never once apologized to her fans that were expecting her. The promoter went back on his word even letting her finish off her gigs he originally scheduled her for. On this specific tour the same promoter and DJ got amnesia again and had her back at the same clubs…

The set of pictures shown above are from November 2, at Euro Palace which was promoted by H.O.E. Entertainment. Which is quite suiting considering that Tila’s a straight up porn star and a proud whore. As you can see above, Tila showed up wearing some tacky ass torn jeans. Those jeans are really old and almost look like the same jeans, she wore when she lied to Radar Online claiming she was “anorexic” and had a FAKE life threatening eating disorder for press time. The jacket is also tattered and torn, including the bra that she has worn for years. Seriously speaking, I have to ask you how slutty and LAZY is that for her to look the way that she did?

She also flashed the LA hand sign after saying that Los Angeles and Hollywood is played out, when she bailed to New York on her fake move during July 2012. Sadly, Tila’s a walking hypocrite and a poor example and representative for humanity itself.

In the video above posted on Youtube Tila performed her song for skanks around the world, known as  “I Like To Fuck.” While doing her live performance on stage at Euro Palace in Wiesbaden, Germany, she asked the crowd at the end of the song if they wanted to hear more. The club goers screamed at her several times “NO!” She asked again in desperation and they replied multiple times saying “NO MORE!” I totally can understand and agree with them when they say hell no and practically shoo her off stage. When you listen to the song its pure fucking trash. Hearing her sing it live without lip synching sounds like daggers in your ears making them bleed in pain.

I guess Tila thought that she looked awesome and was killing them with her singing perfection. She must have thought they would beg for more. But people were really there to see the other act that Tila opened up for which was Guinevere. Along with her trademark style high tech looking robots. Guinevere is a dark pop diva with the soul of an admitted Star Trek fan and gaming geek, an expert Call of Duty player who often surprises her online male competitors when she reveals her true identity. Named after the legendary Lady of the Round Table, who stepped out on King Arthur for his best friend Sir Lancelot, the Toronto native also plays ice hockey like a dude. Guinevere has REAL TALENT and is far better than Tila could ever dream to be.

As you can see from the many pictures above (click each one to make it bigger), Tila was looking pretty dirty at Euro Palace, acting like she didn’t give a fuck. I guess she decided to take a shower after partying all night and threw on a decent looking dress and brushed her hair. She put on lots of make up to hide her imperfections. In the very top picture you can see some white dandruff in her hair and some flaky skin from her spray tan on her arms. Complaints were about her fake blue contacts and the heavy make up that she was wearing. You can see the complaints in German on GO PARC!’s Facebook page under the comments from others who went there to see her perform.

In the other set of pictures you will see Tila sitting around the same 2 guys as before. Including the same dudes who were her handlers during June 2012. She took some pics with fans but not so much as times before, which seemed to piss people off. You will also see around Grey Goose Vodka and other liquor items, including an energy drink called Effect. I’m guessing its something like Redbull with the same potency. Tila had a huge glass that was made for her, its hard to tell if any Vodka was in the mix as I can’t enlarge the pictures. The bottle was open and she was smoking, laughing and acting a fool as usual. There are no after event pictures, so one can only guess what went down last night. She has 2 more dance clubs left to hit before making her way home. On November 9, she will be at Bermuda Eindhoven located in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant. Also November 10, she is scheduled to appear at Club Eleven located in Weert. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts below…


  1. Marie says:

    That dress is more proof that she never lost her luggage like she says…the girl really needs to start planning her lies more carefully LMFAO

    • Exactly, Marie. Why does she have to LIE about every singly thing. I hate the way she sold herself as a DJ to get gigs. Once she got the clubs hooked and paid for she then claimed she lost all her luggage and DJ equipment at the airport. Promoters are really stupid to keep promoting her. They need to STOP hiring her LAZY drugged out ass. AS she NEVER once tells anyone where she is appearing now, she lets them do all the work. What a BITCH she is…

      • Marie says:

        One other thing I forgot to add is why is she even wearing a red dress? Didnt she go off about red dresses being worn only by Babylon Whores recently? WTF and isnt that the same red dress she wore to the NoH8 Campaign party? All the girl does is LIE.

        Hey Tila if you read this its about time you GROW UP and OWN what it is you do. Maybe then you wouldnt get so much damn backlash and people might (and I use that term LOOSELY) start to try and respect you.

        • Yeah, that is right Marie. She wore that similar dress to the NOH8 nose snubbing red carpet. LMFAO… :) I am almost dying of laughter here as I look at almost the same exact red dress here in this picture I posted last year: Tila Tequila at 3rd Annual NOH8 Party (December 2011)

          Damn Tila get with it hooker, you’re off your game HUNNY… Bwahahaha!! :)

          • SMHatFools says:

            I wouldn't be surprised if she claimed she made that dress as well.

          • Fashion Police says:

            They are really similar but, it's actually not the same dress if you look really closely. The most recent dress has pleated peplum that isn't split like the first one. The buttons on the sleeves are also absent on the most recent dress. Also, one has a sweetheart neckline, the other has a low scoop neck. I'm super in to clothes so I notice these things 😉 They both look cheaply made though and are obviously off the rack, something a real star would never be seen in.

          • deluwiel says:

            FP – if you look at the picture of her sitting down and putting whatever that orange thing is in her mouth, you can see that the split peplum has been pinned or stitched together. It's gapping over her tummy. and in the other pic of her sitting down with the yellow things in her hands, the split peplum is there. You'll notice that in the NoH8 pic on the right neckline (Tila's left) the facing has been pulled up, changing the contour. She could have altered the neckline a bit, shortened the skirt and took the buttons off. I think it's the same dress.

          • Fashion Police says:

            I'm not saying it's impossible, but I feel like it's a different dress. If the peplum had been pinned together it would be tighter at the waistline, and it's instead baggier. The stitching near where the buttons were is absent in the most recent photograph. With the pattern that was used for the first dress the straps were stitched on and not one whole piece…in order for that to happen the entire top half of the dress would have to be different. Seems like a lot of effort for such a cheaply made frock.

          • deluwiel says:

            I see what you're saying about the straps. Good point. In any event, it looks an awful lot like the first version.

            Gross out moment – when I zoomed in on that picture at the NoH8 event it looks like she hasn't shaved her pits in a while. urk.

          • Kate Addict says:

            @FP: You're just like my cousin lol she was all about fashion and actually got to direct some runway events, in NYC I believe. If I ever became a celebrity I'd hire her as my stylist in a second

          • Fashion Police says:

            I've always been in to clothes :) It's a shallow life I lead but, hey, I'm happy in it 😉

  2. SMHatFools says:

    Some pictures show her drinking from the energy drink can, so the fact that she was later seen with it in a glass means it was used to mix with the vodka.

    Also, as "classy" as she was in the dress there is also a picture of her puling down the top of the dress and exposing her bra to everyone in attendance. So even when she doesn't dress like a whore, she still manages to reveal her true nature.

    • Right on SMH, she will never stop being a prostitute as she knows that is what gets her bills paid and the ONLY thing she is good at. I posted lots of multiple pics in the gallery above. Some of them I crammed together in one screen shot. Tila was all over the floor and wore a short enough dress to show her ass and crotch when the people looked up and she was bending down. The hooker will NEVER change…

    • Marie says:

      Thats the "Babylon Whore" in her she just cant help it LOL

    • I did not have the one where she pulled down her dress to show her bra. I have added it to the set of pics above and a few others of her eating. That was the same bra with pink bows she wore the night before at Euro Palace. SMH, she probably gave herself a whore bath and maybe rinsed her hair.

      But knowing Tila, she has matted hair underneath that top layer…

  3. Percy says:

    She even looks like a CLUCKER .But in LAS VEGAS We call them MUD DUCKS .QUACK, Great radio show the other night.You have a good voice.

  4. Pshhh says:

    Good post! The video made me laugh at the audience Not wanting an Encore! Damn! Her teeth are different, it seems to me. Compare one of the above pix with this: http://www.nyacyouth.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/… Aside from color change they seem less even and smaller. What say you?

    • I agree that they do look a lot more deteriorated and seem to be smaller than just a few years ago. Maybe she hasn’t been to the dentist is a few years. It also could be the drug use and abuse rotting away her teeth…

  5. Kate Addict says:

    OMG her FACE!!! I've been looking at pics from back when she was 18-20ish and she hardly needed makeup back then, because she really was naturally pretty and model material.

    Here's a pic of her from when she first started out, it's just mind boggling how much her looks are going down the toilet.


    K now I gotta go read the blog

  6. Kate Addict says:

    Ok, time to update the drinking game! So far:

    1. Every time Tila mentions “the rabbit hole” take a shot

    2. Every time she accuses people who call her out or question her of being “drones,” take a shot!

    3. Anytime Tila makes an empty threat full of bluffs with no content, take a shot.


    take a sip

    5. Meth smack, 2 sips!

    6. Every time she says I don't normally talk like this. Followed by cussing rant. Take a sip.

    7. Every time she reminds you that 'these are dire times', take a shot.

    Every time she harshly lashes out at someone who's asking an innocent question (and probably even is a fan of hers) because she mistakes them for being a "hater," take a shot.

    9. they are very cunning, very tricky, they can coax you"- SHOT!

    10. Anytime Tila uses the word "Idiot" or a synonym of idiot take three sips

  7. In Denial says:

    Didn't she blame "the others" on one of her radio shows for her past slutty outfits and behavior? That she was mind controlled LOL BS and was forced to act that way in order "to perverse the youth" in her own words.
    Well the above pics speak for themselves, despite her recent claims to be "enlightened". Looks like shit ain't changed, same old slut different day.

  8. sheriffgauncent says:

    Ok Kate, now you are making me incorporate this into Mt show tomorrow night. Prepare to drink.

  9. In Denial says:

    Mouahahahhaha video above:

    "You want to hear another song!!?" "Nooo!!" "You want another song??!!" "NOOOO!!!"

    • Kate Addict says:

      I saw a video of my friend's baby singing into their mike while her dad played guitar. She was singing along with him and she didn't sound all that different from TIA, to be honest.

      • In Denial says:

        Ha! The difference is it's cute when a baby tries to sing unlike a whore on stage who can't sing and thinks she's the shit, plain embarrassing.

  10. kkkk says:

    Ugh, what is this latest Tila's fuckery supposed to mean?

    I don't see any similarities with drawings of Nostradamus. Or should we believe that because of her Scorpion tattoo (or because she's a Scorpio), she's a great prophet of our time or something like that? Anyone understands this?

    • deluwiel says:

      kkk – proceed with caution. You're tampering with the Prime Directive – don't EVER try to make sense of or find rational meaning in ANY of St. Tia's blatherings. It will drive you insane.

      This latest video says nothing, means nothing, draws no parallels between her mediocre artwork and Nostradamus or his prophecies and there is no sense to be made here.

      She's obviously used all of the websites she's bookmarked to read from and is tired of trying to verbalize a coherent thought of her own so she's pulling out visual aids.

      bored now.

      C'mon St. Tia – how about video evidence of you manifesting stigmata? (go ahead and look that up, hunny. I'll wait). How about eyewitness accounts of you levitating or disappearing into ether or shimmering into a holographic projection? How about a picture of YOU shaking hands with an alien watcher? How about some full-on crazy times? Things have been way too slow lately. You're gonna have to step up your game, Tia Our Lady of Grandiose Delusions.

      • kkkk says:

        I thought so :)

        At least some of her shit made SOME kind of sense (even if it was untrue), but this seemed like an absolute nonsense to me. I'm ill right now (some flu), so I thought I might have missed something…

        • Kelly says:

          shes just full of herself! complete megalomaniac! oh actually, one of the paintings is of that picture of her, that looks egyptian. i want to find that pic of her. i think she photoshopped it to protrude her features outwards to look egyptian or something. let me find it.

  11. kkkk says:

    Btw. she's attention whoring again about The Others blocking her and putting "demonic messages" in her videos… Hmmm… Ok, so they are tempering with/blocking your videos on YouTube, yet you keep uploading them on Youtube? You don't know any other video servers out there or cannot use your own site as storage for that video? Really? L O L

    • kkkk says:

      Oh, I see she's at least realized she's been acting like a stupid drone bot and uploaded her valuable video on Vimeo too. But yeah, we're still supposed to believe YouTube is a bad guy, controlled by The Others, yet she keeps adding her videos there. Makes a perfect sense… riiiight.

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  13. Kelly says:

    hey did anyone see the comment tia left on DMs page…(he wanted them to fake a relationship. LOL! imagine THAT!!) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101512939

  14. kkkk says:

    LOL, I checked DM's page and this is just awesome: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101513273

    That guy is a total nutjob. Period.

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