Tila Tequila’s Weird “Freedom Fighter” Religious CULT War Against The “Shadow Government”

When people declare war against something, it really shouldn’t be taken so lightly or ignored, no matter how unimportant or innocent it might seem to be. Tila Tequila’s own spiritual war declaration on the alleged shadow government is something that needs to be looked at. We have to ask Tila what are her real intentions? When she is declaring this action in such a way that it questions her current mental stability. Tila has been fighting her own war against her haters that she has created over the years because of actions she has publicly done or things she has said to insult or anger people. When shit hits the fan, Tila usually fights back with more lies or she runs away and plays like she is the helpless “victim”, which in turn plays with her “Tila Army” followers minds and emotions. Why does she feel the need to do this? Since June 2010, Tila has been campaigning this war against what she calls The Others aka Illuminati and of course she added that somehow she is sacrificing herself for her followers to expose the truth about the Elite who run this world. Acting like she is doing them an honorable service to which they owe homage to and should praise her for. This mentality is disturbing, as many well known CULT LEADERS have shown the same type traits, while they lead their followers in fear of pending doom. Most of Tila’s new followers who have latched on as of late, don’t seem to realize that there is something wrong with what Tila is saying. They seem to be absorbing her words and praising it like it’s gospel. When will they wake up?

As you can see from the tweets above, from one of Tila’s old accounts back on June 13, 2010, which was 8 days after the Jane Tried To Kill Me! incident. Tila wrote some disturbing things. These certain things she said shouldn’t be taken lightly as her mental state has gotten progressively worse over the past few years. If you have been following what Tila has been writing on her blogs and saying on her BTR shows. You will notice an eerie resemblance in terms of word usage in order to coerce and sway her fans, to some of the most recognized cult leaders ever to walk this planet.

On October 28, Tila posted a blog claiming the following, “I am sick and tired and baby talking my language down trying to get those who don’t understand, to understand […] But I warn you, once I let this TIME BOMB GO OFF, everything will change forever. Now ask yourselves, are you PREPARED for this change? […] Again, this information is no joke. I said when the world is ready, then and only then shall I release my time bomb. As once I do, it shall change things forever!  I may even get killed for it.” Still continuing daily to insult her readers and make claims she will never follow through with. She does nothing but fear monger to try to make it seem like her life is always in danger for telling people things that are already freely accessible on the internet. Tila spends her time acting like a powerful gifted “spiritual guide” and a “truth movement” leader for a cause that has been around for decades. Tila has NOT ever shown PROOF to PROVE that she is special.

As you can see the several various screen shots posted above from Tila’s blog and from her Youtube account. Tila has been saying some really disturbing things that have really made me shake my head in amazement. On October 29, She brought up Henry Kissinger’s infamous National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) from 1974, saying that, “I just wanted to inform you that I have somehow stumbled upon some very important, undisclosed, and informative documents sealed deep within the White House detailing the actual real historical events that took place dating all the way back to 1931 leading up to this current day. I have been sitting here for about 3 hours going through them all, and after all of the information I just took in, I am rendered speechless.” Anyone with a brain knows the entire controversial Human Depopulation agenda is freely available on the internet. As I already posted the link in full, on Twitter for everyone to read.

Then later on the same day Tila ran to her BTR radio show and brought up the The Reptilian and Entity Disclosure Project.” Claiming it was yet another “classified document” and she managed to get her hands on it. Ironically with a quick Google search I found it effortlessly. It was NOT classified as she claimed it was. The study was freely available for everyone to read. On October 31, Tila posted a short clip from her show and the phone call with a man who claimed that he used to work for The Others. During the phone conversation on Tila’s show, the unknown man was always agreeing with and praising her for coming out the way that she did.

Tila twisted the entire freak show about the Reptilian and Alien race, making it all about herself. Twisting her agenda to lead her Tila Army followers. Claiming, “This was strange. I realized after re-listening to this podcast that the “GOVERNMENT AGENT” that called me, while my sound kept cutting out, his was not. Work of “THE OTHERS?” hmmm…… I also realized that this was “THE ILLUMINATI” Warning me that they’re going to kill me. The man who called was “THE OTHERS.” That’s their way of doing things. They’ll warn you in secret ways. I believe that was another warning from them as this was not the first time. You are witnessing a REAL DOCUMENTED WARNING FROM A REAL ILLUMINATI AGENT TO ME! And do you see how I keep combating that? Telling him to stop?”

On November 1, Tila posted about “Presidential Clones” claiming that she once again was spreading “truths” as she like to call them. She literally plagiarized most of the article, stealing the pictures and made no mention of where she got the “secret” information from. I have posted screen shots above so you can compare both articles. Let it be known that Tila scrapped most of the article from Bibliotecapleyades. On all three occasions Tila has NEVER once ever linked back or gave the original authors CREDIT for their work. That’s NOT something new as Tila has STOLEN and plagiarized content from other writers, never bothering to give them credit they deserve.

Tila replied to a comment on her video saying, “1) My name is NOT “TIA” 2) I don’t need your “PROTECTION” 3) You are a fraud, not a real starseed or lightworker, just a wannabe. I’m sorry if that came off harsh but I’m all about truths and calling people out the way I see it. I hope it didn’t hurt your feelings but you need to just stop trying to be something you’re not.” Can we say POT meet KETTLE = Tila Nguyen aka “Eina from GAIA” aka “Joan of ARC” etc, etc…

Her comments got worse, “Just like I said in my blog post on my Birthday. God gave me the gift to remember and gave me back all of my natural super being powers that we all once had but got lost along the way living in the dark. But I now have all 48 strands of my DNA activated so I know everything since God rewarded me with it! SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO TELL YOU GUYS! IT ONLY GETS STRANGER IM TELLING U! U BETTER BE READY!!!! LOL” She added, “ARE YOU LISTENING TO YOURSELVES? I ASKED YOU ALL ON MY BLOG IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND IF YOU ARE PREPARED? WELL, SEEING HOW MOST OF YOU WHO RESPOND YOU ARE CLEARLY STILL ON A PRIMITIVE LEVEL OR A CLONE! THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT…. LETS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! I KNOW WHERE TO GO AND WE’LL ALL LEAVE HERE SOON! I LEFT ALREADY! FUCK THIS PLACE AND THESE IDIOT ZOMBIES WHO CANT THINK!” Where is she going and why do they have to go with her? She claims that she left already. Where did she go?

If Tila Army followers reading are taking Tila’s demented and delusional rants as holy gospel and words from “God” himself. Its time for them to WAKE UP and realize that Tila is a FALSE PROPHET and is making claims that she cannot follow through with. What she has said is exactly like those CULT LEADERS that have come before her, who also invoke the word of “God” to control their followers. Like Charles Manson, Wayne Bent (Michael Travesser), Jim Jones (Jonestown), Marshal Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate), Church of the Last Testament, Shoko Asahara (Supreme Truth) and many more that I could post here for reference to prove my point.

As you can see from the Anonymous video posted above. They’re done playing nice with Tila and have decided to start #OPdronebot in response to her take down request of a fellow “anon” member’s Youtube video about her fake anonymous video. The mission is to have many LuLz including cake and pizza, at her expense. Is she deserving of the impending wrath? Hell to the yes she is and she knows it. We know that Tila has some serious mental issues. What they are mainly I could only guess from her words spoken and things she has said over the years. She shows traits of having narcissistic personality disorder. She is only worried about herself and she thinks she is the only victim, when the army that follows her is filled full of gullible young teenagers and others who are weak minded. That’s scary and Tila needs help. She needs it quickly before it turns into something that’ll hurt many more in the process.

What do you think about all of the CULT mind doublespeak? What do you think about Tila’s constant push to control her Tila Army of fans and followers coercing them to do her evil bidding? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…


  1. One of the funniest and most off the wall fucked in the head comments she left on her own site. Was in response to a person named Gabe-G. who also responded in defense of Tila saying, *because shes sick of all of this corruption and satantic rituals happening. shes tired of the human race being a bunch of idiots going on a fast train to nowhere because theyre all mindless zombies controlled by the government that promised to protect us and our rights. she’d rather risk her life than be a slave.*


    Donald Marshall also left a comment: *Your doing well Tila, continue, but leave out the dimensional bs an the mk ultra visual effects. Can’t blast em with magic thats just the inception stuff, you know this. You will not be killed, you and I are relatively safe. We gotta stop em before they set the idiotic plans into motion. I know yer a little whacked now, so am I but we gotta stay coherant for the greater good. You need to message me. Or come here… Tell people about slave 1.*

    Oh FML, a 100 megawatts she claims she can kill demonic forces with? *Yawn*

    • Marie says:

      Every day Donald talks about being killed and is still trying to get people to BUY him stuff like a stupid blanket that will supposedly "keep him from being taken to the cloning center at night". He already conned his followers out of buying him a new laptop, and then his reasonings for not being able to go on FB are the same as Tila's or he's been drained of power. Considering Donald has never met Tila how does he even know what kind of danger she's in (LuLz) unless he's NOT in danger and KNOWS that nothing will happen to either of them because they're both simply FULL OF SHIT OMFG the two of them DESERVE each other.

  2. sheriffgauncent says:

    It's all a ploy to get pants off dance off created into a game for xbox Kinect.

  3. Mia says:

    I can't with this twit anymore…all I hope is she has someone in real life that can take control and get her the help she needs. Prob won't happen and that's pathetic in itself (most people have at least one person who truly cares) so best of luck to you tila. I don't hate you, certainly don't like you either, but only have left a sliver of sympathy for your wasted life.

    Lately I've been having a really shitty time, have been sad and a little defeated..sort of trying to shut the world out. Yet the people I have in my life keep me going, they wont let me hide away and not face my problems. Who have you got tila? A handful of misguided individuals you'll never meet in person? Yay for you.

    I may not be a hogul, an ambassador, Joan of arc 2012 or the other millions of self appointed titles tila has given herself but at least I have real people who will never give up on me. Pity she can't say the same and that's why she'll keep going down the bullshit hole

    • kkkk says:

      Oh no, another CIA drone bot/demonic entity with feelings?! IMPOSSIBLE!

      Just kidding, Mia, I wish you the best. I've been having shitty time recently too, so I can relate, although we're both dealing with different issues probably… I hope you'll feel better soon. Sometimes, you only need time to help you heal and regain strength… Glad to hear that you have good people around you, that's pretty important too!

    • Some days I have to also ignore Tila and her constant antics for attention as it gets so tiring to watch her demise and further crash and burn into failure. In the past it was easier to just brush off her crazy diatribe. But seeing as her delusions are really out of total control and she is trying to control others she is in contact with. I cant sit and watch her take other people down with her that dont deserve it and need to live their own lives.

      I feel your situation and hope all gets better for you…

    • Kate Addict says:

      @Mia: That's usually what I do with her: I comment her blogs trying to get the new sheeple to see her for what she is and then I just get sick of it and remind myself I'm not their parent.

      Sorry you are having a bad time, but everyone who has fam and friends who love them has a life Tila always wanted but will never have.

    • Sighs says:

      Yeah… I know how you feel. hugs n love to all having a shitty time… God knows I could do w some! :(

  4. kkkk says:

    Another thing she wrote (out of many, but this one is just… perfect) that made me LOL:

    "I told you things are only about to get weirder and weirder as I disclose more hardcore hidden truths to the world! A bunch of weird shit happened as I was trying to get on air but they blocked me for an HOUR until I had to find another way around it somehow by quantum hopping".

    O REALLY?! This is just too much…

    • The crazy shit she says is never ending. That was what Tila had posted on her Youtube video containing her broadcast about the Aliens and Reptiles that she scraped from another site with out credit…. Stupid Tila Nguyen :(

  5. Marie says:

    That video she posted and took down is straight up CULT behavior. So far she's declared war from another country while being a US Citizen (IF she even HAS papers!), wrote an open letter to the US Government, called out the President, said a past President is a clone and then that video up above…what more is it going to take for someone to put this girl away? For her this has got to be one hell of an ultimate power trip since nobody has made her responsible for her actions yet and thats pretty scary.

  6. sheriffgauncent says:

    Remember gang, I have a new show coming up on Tuesday November 6th. Entitled "whore wars – malfunction of the robotic clones" on blogtalk radio at 8pm Pacific.

  7. kkkk says:

    Angel of God bombarding us with her love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3iO02FLJTA

    • kkkk says:

      (I would love if someone posted this on her FB with a title like "Lightworker Tila Tequila on tour", in a way all those "truthers" repost her shit out there; it would probably get deleted as soon as she sobers up, but the reactions of "truthers" to this might be precious).

      • Smh says:

        Please someone post this on her FB… she is sick… It gets me angry why her family just sit back and watch her ruin what little brain cells she has..if any. It's disgusting, greedy & disturbing. I cannot fathom…If I was a member of her family/friend/lover/whatever I'd get her evaluated ASAP.

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