Anonymous Exposes Westboro Baptist Church Members Over Sandy Hook Funeral Protest

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A few days after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting tragedy, the members from Westboro Baptist Church are proudly showing their true colors again. And are stirring up more controversy by doing one of the things they do best and that is what put them on the map of pure hate. For everyone who doesn’t follow their ignorant, twisted beliefs. If there is anything more disgusting and vile in the world, its members of Westboro Baptist Church who proudly protest with their fear mongering signs, happily spreading their hate towards others who don’t deserve it. They’re known for being raging fucking assholes and picketing funerals of soldiers and other acts of fuckery. However, there is some good news as the cannons were readied and set to fire, from our comical, friendly, faceless, internationally known hacktivists. Yup, Anonymous has responded again to WBC by doing what they do best and that’s publishing of some personal information, in this particular case, about the many members of the “religious” hate group/institution known as the Westboro Baptist Church. Shirley Phelps-Roper, a member of the Church, tweeted less than a day after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that she and her Book of Revelation bible thumping reading group “will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.” After she had tweeted the protest announcement that was planned, hundreds of Twitters’ users replied back with anger raged tweets in disgust of what they had read…

Shirley Phelps-Roper - Westboro Baptist Church - Sandy Hook Hate Tweets

Angered people from all corners of cyberspace pledged their time and bodies to a makeshift human wall that will possibly keep the Church of trolls away from Sandy Hook Elementary. When you look at all the bible thumping tweets that are directly from the “Dear Shirley” timeline. You can also see the retweets of the anger thrown back at her statements. The WBC somehow believe that its the parents fault and the state of CT for making gay marriage legal. The member of the WBC are declaring that God Sent The Shooter! to the Newton, Connecticut elementary school on Friday, December 14. In a video attached with a statement that was posted this morning in response to harsh criticism and hate they’ve received over the last 24 hours.

“As we approach the end of 2012, year-end stories are starting to pop up. One that recently caught my eye was about the top words of 2012 as reported by Merriam-Webster dictionary. The Washington Post recently wrote a piece about that list, noting the word “marriage” made the top 10 list, and did so because of what the Post said was “the fight for same-sex marriage acceptance.” The WBC DropBox document continued on stating, “It’s certainly true there has been a lot in the news lately about same-sex marriage, or what we here at WBC call “fag marriage.” You see, the people of God are plain spoken and direct; we don’t play the “politically correct” game. “Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech.” (2 Corinthians 3:12). So if it’s alright with you thin-skinned, wimpy Americans, let’s just call a spade a spade and call it “fag marriage.” Wow, the vile hate they spew makes me throw up in my mouth…

The WBC’s hate against “fag marriage” as they call is pretty sickening but typical as they display their ignorance on a daily basis just for press time. In retaliation for the ignorant statements made by the WBC, the cannons were fired in the direction of the WBC, a statement was attached with Anonymous video shown above. The collective stated the following, “Since your one-dimensional thought protocol will conform not to any modern logic, we will not debate, argue, or attempt to reason with you. Instead, we have unanimously deemed your organization to be harmful to the population of The United States of America, and have therefore decided to execute an agenda of action which will progressively dismantle your institution of deceitful pretext and extreme bias, and cease when your zealotry runs dry. We recognize you as serious opponents, and do not expect our campaign to terminate in a short period of time. Attrition is our weapon, and we will waste no time, money, effort, and enjoyment, in tearing your resolve into pieces, as with exposing the incongruity of your distorted faith.” I couldn’t agree more…

To top it off and add the #UMadBro? icing on the cake on the more legal side of their activism activities. The bible thumping group is also pushing a petition to legally recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group. Yup, what do you know, it’s already gotten the required number of signatures and they are proud of it. I guess the WBC failed to get the message after they were DDoS’d by Anonymous during last year, while they were doing a live interview on the Dave Pakman show.

What do you all think about the hateful actions of the WBC? Is this abuse of the first amendment rights of free speech? Do you agree or disagree with them? Please let me know your thoughts, opinions and comments on this extremely heated topic…


  1. Anon says:

    Prayers for all experiencing pain and sorrow.
    Prayers for healing.
    Hug someone today and ……..
    Pay it Forward 😉

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