“Octomom” Nadya Suleman Allegedly “Steals” Diamond Ring, Earns 4 AVN Award Nominations?

This awkward story is all to strange and also very unnecessary, since this drama has gotten way out of control. Back in February 2012, I wrote about the twisted and strange PUBLICITY STUNT that appeared at that time to have been concocted by CEO and Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman. Against Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s wishes, she was literally dragged into an uncomfortable situation that she publicly said she did NOT want to be a part of or have anything to do with. The thing that made it worse is during the time of the attention seeking stunt, Damon was a MARRIED man. Yes you have read that correctly. That is just insane to think that he would stage that kind of drama when it was uncalled for in the first place. Back during the week when the alleged “engagement” to Damon appeared on the gossip rags, Nadya posted a video during one of her Octo-TV web shows. She addressed what went down on the very day she was duped into going through with the staged stunt. The pictures were also staged and from what Nadya said during that time, she was really furious over the fake engagement. She had said, “the owner [Damon] kept reiterating that he wanted her to do this publicity stunt with him.” We do know Octomom went to the Pillow Fighting Championships to earn some cash and then go home to her 14 children. She says she made only $750 for 2 days of work and in retrospect she would NOT have gone, but needed the money. She also added that “when she walked into the room to get paid, she had no idea that there was a photographer hiding in the corner.” Talk about fuckery…

On November 14, it had been reported that Damon was going escalate this feud with Octomom for allegedly “stealing” a $7,500 diamond ring, that belonged to Damon’s ex-wife, back in February 2012. Per the 3 page police incident report filed back on November 13, via a copy obtained from Pennsylvania’s Marple Township Police Department. Damon claims the diamond ring still has not been returned to him.

In return he filed a theft report with the police dept., which states the following info: “The proposal and ring presentation was done with the understanding between both parties that it was only for publicity purposes. Since that time, the business relationship between Suleman and Feldman has ended and Suleman has not returned the ring. In the past month, Feldman has made numerous attempt to contact Suleman and her manager, Gina Rodriguez. He has not received a return contact from either party nor have they returned the ring.”

Damon added, “You know her manager does a lot of PR stunts so she wanted me to do an engagement piece, which I did because I was guaranteed $5,000. I never got my money and I never got my ring back. The ring is my ex-wife’s and she wants it back. Gina said Nadya would just have to wear the ring for a few weeks and since I trusted her because I’ve worked with her a lot, I let her and then never got the ring back.” However, that’s not the story told by her manager.

On the same day Octomom’s manager Gina Rodriguez gave E! News the following statement, “Nothing this man says is true and Nadya never left with the ring he tried to put on her. The ring was probably a $5 ring. There was never any agreement about ANY publicity stunt with Damon.” Rodriguez added, “When her and her girlfriend arrived to the room, Damon opened the door, let her in and dropped to his knee and conveniently had a photographer snapping pics of it quickly. The ‘ring’ he is talking about was fake and did not fit on her finger.”

I have to mention that if you look in the picture above the screen shot of Damon’s responses to my questions this morning. You will notice that the alleged “stolen” ring never even makes it all the way on to Octomom’s ring finger. You can see the ring NEVER even crosses her second knuckle on that finger he put it on in the first place.

As for the threatened civil lawsuit, Octomom’s manager adds, “We hope he does file a civil suit because we have the texts and emails arguing with Damon over the stunt that we were not aware of.” I guess Damon forgets he apologized for it to?

On November 21, the situation got out of control and more dramatic as Damon filed a civil lawsuit against “Natalie Suleman” and “GR Media”, for the cost of the ring. He said, “I have filed a civil suit to get my ring. I am in total shock that she has not returned this to me. This whole ordeal was planned by her and her manager and I went along with it because I was guaranteed to get money.” He claimed, “Now I have to go to court to get my $7,500 ring back that was stolen. I am very disgusted. I went with this whole plan and I have always helped her. She made thousands of dollars in celebrity boxing. This is so ridiculous that she would do this to me, so she will pay. I am going to the extreme to get this back.”

Remember when Damon banned Octomom from Celebrity Boxing back in August 2012. He later banned Michael Lohan after they had some bad beef between one another. When you look at the screen shot above you see lots of tweets. More importantly some tweets about Octomom being allowed to box again in an alleged match against controversial Tanning Mom” Patricia Krentcil. As we can see from the response to Damon, that match was not true as Octomom and her manager had cut ties with him in late July 2012. Then out of nowhere he got pissed off at her response and replied back saying she was “dishonest and a liar.” Then later he made threats once again claiming that he had a “sex tape” and he was going to release it to the public.

He has been making this same threat since February. I just don’t understand why he keeps pursuing it. Either way, his past tweets and previous statements may work against him on his case. Why would he tweet apologies for it unless he was wrong? Why did Damon wait 11 1/2 months to say anything about the “stolen” ring? It makes absolutely no sense and his story looks desperate and attention seeking.

On another note, Octomom’s heading to Las Vegas, Nevada this January 2013 for the AVN Awards. She was nominated in 4 categories including: Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Best Solo Release, Best DVD Extras and Best Marketing Campaign. She was blown away at her nominations. She says she was “completely surprised” and also, “I don’t consider myself a celebrity, but I have never heard of the other people nominated. So I’m pretty sure I have a good chance of winning.”

Nadya recently gave E! News the following statement in response, “This is my first time going on any awards show and I am really looking forward to it. Whether I win any of the categories or not, I am just thankful to have been nominated.” Nadya then elaborated, “I believe the success of the movie is greatly due to my manager Gina Rodriguez of DD Entertainment who put it all together, produced it and did the marketing in the media, Brad Armstrong of Wicked Pictures who directed it and did a beautiful job, Jessica Drake who was a ‘helpful teacher’ to me and Wicked Pictures for distributing it.” Nadya says that “It was a fun and life changing experience for me to make the movie.” Interestingly, she doesn’t plan on making more porn movies. We heard her say she wouldn’t do a lot of things but changed her mind after realizing she really needed the cash any way she can get it.

Share your thoughts about the alleged “stolen” diamond ring and the claim that Octomom and Gina planned the entire PR stunt. Do you believe him? Tell me why. What do you think of her nominations? Do you think she’ll win any of them?


  1. Tisha says:

    They are publicity whores! Every time they have conflict it's money in the bank. Win Win for all.
    Neither are going to cash in on fans. Octo banks on the haters.
    They are all helping each other like one big happy family.

    By the way, one cannot sue for property belonging to another.

    All this publicity and I bet the filing fee was under $200.

  2. Samantha Smiles says:

    Yeah, how could that dude Damon sue for his ex-wife's diamond ring? That doesn't make any sense. In the picture you can tell the ring is not all the way on Octo's finger. Oh yeah on the cost of the filing fee, I heard it was something like $153 dollars for the civil suit.

    Has Octomom and manager actually been served the complaint? I haven't heard anything on their end about getting any legal notices.

    Great write up GRR. Glad you kept track of this mess and took a screen shot of Damon's apologies to you all about this publicity stunt he pulled back in February. 😉

  3. Marie says:

    I have to agree with Tisha on this one, and it seems there is much more to this than meets the eye. Whenever theres been a confrontation with anyone managed by GRMedia the ending is always the same, and they all seem to miraculously get along again. Whatever the case may be, it seems to all be based on one thing. LIES. LIES ruin LIVES because somewhere along the line the truths of those lies come out. As with everything else ie. Tila's fake rehab, MJL and Kate's pregnancy/restraining order or whatever, it will all come out in the wash.

  4. Alvin says:

    I'm still waiting to see what Damon has on Gina Rodriguez and Octomom. One thing bothers me is that the ring wouldn't fit if it was his "current wife's" ring at the time – so that may be true. I've known GR has staged many photo ops. One being the boyfriend story for Octo. GR actually paid Frankie to pretend he was her boyfriend. I don't necessarily believe either one of them, but if Damon does have an Octo sex tape, I sure hope he comes out with it!

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