Tila Tequila’s Planting Seeds, Fake Suicide Notes, Fake “Hacked” Account and Tell-All Book?

Here we go again with the infamous Hollywood ultra-train wreck extraordinaire Tila Tequila, who can’t seem to save her life. Or get her delusional mind together even if she tried. Hell lets face it, Tila couldn’t begin to act normal even if she was paid to do it. I haven’t written about this lonely Pleiadian Alien with the mental capacity of a bobble head doll, in about 3 weeks. Why? You might be asking. That’s really easy to answer as it is very tiresome after almost 3 years of keeping track of her daily fuckery and blatant lies to the world. That she constantly tells herself and most of all her fans that she keeps tagging along. The way she treats her followers is quite appalling and quite disgusting. Watching Tila Nguyen abuse people’s feelings left and right at her own pleasure really makes me sick. What’s even worse is watching her Tila Army fans keep brushing it all aside and most of them acting like its never happened. So today Tila gets another blog from me, as she is more than deserving of what I would like to call a massive Freedom Fighter cyber-bitch slap. The stunt that Tila pulled last night is disgusting. However, all this fuckery is just a repeat of all the crap she has pulled over the years amplified a thousand fold. All of her antics are way out of control and something needs to be done. I have been begging the folks in Hollyweird for years to get her mental help. She’s dangerously gone over the edge…

Tila posted this video you see above with a huge long rant attached to it. That was posted on her Facebook accounts. I will only post the weirdest part of it because it’s way to long to waste space on. Tila claimed all of her posts were “just experiments” she said, “So what I did was I stopped posting things about anymore “TRUTHS” and just wanted to talk about LOVE! Then those SAME PEOPLE who used to support me for speaking TRUTHS started going AGAINST ME just because I started talking about LOVE instead?? So then my next experiment was to talk about “FREEDOM FIGHTING” again and all that did was get everyone SO COMBATIVE AMONGST EACH OTHER! While those who rather talk about LOVE ALSO WENT AGAINST ME FOR “CURSING” and nit picking about SILLY STUFF!”

It got worse from this point on as Tila was updating for several hours straight rambling on about the world ending and she was done with her work on Earth. She claimed she was leaving because she completed her mission, etc. Check out the screen shot and read what craziness she had to say. It’s way to long to post here or believe me, I would. Here are a couple points she proclaimed, “I shall miss you all but That’s it for my duties here.” She added, “I will always love you, but now is time for me to go. My duty is done here […] I shall never forget you! If you need me, just feel me in your hearts for I am always there! ♥ Always Miss Tila Angel of LOVE *END*” She wasn’t done yet, “Time for me to go home now… .. 3D is not a place for me. I reside in the 12th Dimension. Where the rest of the Gods reside.”

She continued commenting on her post blabbing about the “Wrath of God” and other mumbo jumbo, “one last thing, this is the ONLY REASON why I finally revealed EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE is because My Duty here is done. The Gods are waiting for me now. 12th Dimension where we reside. Again I only tell you this now because I shall return no more xox” Yeah really Tila? As she also stated, “Yes I am one of The Gods but not SUPREME GOD. That is whom I must report back to.” Oh hell she is a fucking “God” now? Talk about having a messiah complex…

That’s when this doosey of a DELETED POST showed up around 5 hours after the “End of Days” type rant. If you notice in this screen shot seen above, Tila’s unknown “Star Mite Helper” had posted claiming, “Miss Tila has left and will not be coming back to Earth ever again. She has already ascended back to 12D, not 5.” When we thought that Tila was gone for good, she shows up a few hours later stating that she was no longer Tila but instead she was “Eina Goddess of Gaia”. Which we have heard all that same crap before. After throwing some threats around she arrogantly claimed again, “Yes, Miss Tila already ascended. Those Evil ones try to trick the world with their blasphemous lies!” The FAKE SUICIDE looking type note was another attention ploy of a seriously attention seeking played out reality star.

We all know that Tila was far from done and would eventually have to come back on to her Facebook accounts, to cover up her ridiculous games and lies that she plays with her fans. After posting that she was done playing the “Eina Goddess of Gaia” game she started acting and talking in 3rd person (which she has done before).

When you compare the alleged HACKED posts to the ones from the night before you can clearly see its pretty much the same context and grammar usage. The FAKE HACKER that allegedly took over Tila’s personal Facebook account posted several responses and a few really stupid updates that included a picture (seen above). Also the wannabe hacker aka Tila tried to taunt and rile some of fans, “TILA GOT PWNED! BITCH JUST GOT HACKED AGAIN! ahahaaahhaha what are you gonna do now Tila Army? hahahaaha your master failed you cuz we hacked her ass bitch! who’s the bitch now? hahaahah” Some people actually believe she got hacked…

A real hacker out to destroy the troubled reality star would have happily deleted Tila’s accounts off of Facebook. They would have exposed her pathetic attention seeking ass. Instead we got this excuse, “Miss Tila tried to warn everyone that the minute she speaks out against those Demons that they will do anything to discredit her. That is why she was smart enough to write down a Tell-All book about what they did to her as well as give a few people her Login info such as myself, just in case the Demons who control the world try to hack her page and send their drones in to make it look like Miss Tila committed Suicide!Yeah right, Tila…

Oh so this is a person who Tila gave her account info to? Yeah sure is. As that lie was followed by some more silly crack rants, “She never said in her video that she was leaving did she? No. She said that would be her last message talking about all the Freedom Fighter stuff. She never said she was leaving […] She’s taking a “Break” as she plants her seeds…” Now we really don’t believe her. It really all went wrong when Tila said, “Tila’s page is hacked. Clearly!” Oh wait, I thought Tila’s page wasn’t “hacked” and you were protecting it? The blatantly obvious crap going on makes me so sick of her ass. That brings me to the stupid post below…

Don’t forget that this same stupid shit happened when Tila got FAKE HACKED by her Maniac ex-Boyfriend back in May 2012. Also the fake cell phone hackers who posted the staged topless picture of Tila back in August 2012. Besides all the ridiculous posting about her Femme Fatale Clonesand Tila claiming that she has “come to save the planet!” even joking that she “brought all of her clones” with her. Plus all the sexually explicit stripper bar pics that she did with Matt Barnes in October 2012. Calling herself the “Lil Asian Mama” that was “Feisty” and so on.

Tila’s been talking shit for years acting like the poor little victim. Unfortunately, there are way to many of her followers who have fallen victim to her rants. They are mostly teenage boys, who don’t know what kind of mess they are getting themselves into. This crap you see above is just ridiculous and shouldn’t even happen. Tila has cried wolf so many times that nobody believes her anymore. The ones that care about her the most are the people she hates with a passion. Those are the people who have always been there to try to get her help. Although, they always say the addict can’t be helped unless they want to be helped. Truthfully, Tila doesn’t want help but she does need to voluntarily seek some professional help. Maybe someone who is close to her needs to take action and step in. This crap needs to stop as Tila is a danger to her followers and herself. This will all end badly if no one does anything about it…


  1. Marie says:

    The most hilarious thing here is that she posted within seconds on BOTH pages that she couldn't log on to EITHER page. She's so far gone that she cant even keep up with simple stuff anymore.

    Another thing is NOT ONE of her "friends" that are constantly coming after us on twitter were ANYWHERE to be found when all this was going on (except for SG who used it for her own benefit – nice try Seseley!) Not even her supposed ex BF (most likely Garry). So does Tila run all these accounts too? Sure starting to seem like it. Although the majority are SG, it seems weird that none of these people would try to save her life if they're FRIENDS…yet who calls LAPD for her well being? A person who is accused of being a HATER. And she wonders why we're so negative against her all the time? We're not the haters here, the people who SHOULD be calling for her safety and are NOT are.

    Grow the fuck up Tila and stop playing games with people…there are KIDS on your FB pages that will likely KILL THEMSELVES if you keep up with this bullshit. Its highly selfish and immature and you keep saying you don't want to hurt anyone, so stop it. These are the reasons we keep track of your nonsense and we WILL hold you accountable BELIEVE THAT!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about Tila growing the fuck up for once. She always pulls this shit, then comes back and acts like WE were the problem. She has some nerve to post a lame ass excuse with fake gushy crap posts like this one below…

      Tila Nguyen: Ps-Overanalyzing things cam also lead you down to a path of self-destruction. Your mind can play many tricks on you if you dwell on things too much! Remember, BELIEVE EVERYTHING AND NOTHING AT THE SAME TIME! Then go out and smell some Roses! Because I am a sucker for someone who sends me ROSES! *AHEM* ♥




      Yeah okay, just another “experiment” right Tila Nguyen…
      Keep fucking with people’s minds and see where that leads you…

  2. Anon says:

    I have to say this about the part where she says "Tila got PWNED what are you going to do now Tila Army?" – she saw that NOBODY was doing anything, they actually turned around and wished her well and said they'd miss her (that would of been enough for me to shut down my page!!) and that probably pissed her off so she came back and said she was hacked (on top of the fact she saw someone had actually cared enough to call the cops on her no good lying ass).

    She should be ashamed of herself and locked away safely in a mental facility so she cant hurt anyone.

  3. Hater Talk says:

    "Tila got PWNED" is what the last hacker who posted her wonkies said, and that was a hacker who was caught by two German fans.

    I'm really shocked that people believe the hacking story. She still has up the posts that say "I'm going to 12D" on both sites yet they're ignoring them because she's showing off her breasts and posting pictures. She needs to be banned from the internet for her sanity and the safety of others.

    It's just funny how much of a coward she is. I've seen her post that "her word is strong" when her word is probably the most worthless substance on the face of the earth.

    I liked fucking with TilaArmyCanadaa as her first post was "I hope you're okay" cause it sounded like a suicide not then when she saw how Tila got mad at that she changed it to "Tila is in 12D" and now that it's obvious Tila isn't she'll need to change her story again cause being a kiss-ass stalker is hard when you're stalking a sociopath.

    • Exactly, Plus obsessed stalker fans like *TilaArmyCanadaa* aka *AliRiotsss* are really dangerous themselves. Always egging Tila on and acting like they are really part of Tila’s everyday life. Even posting some crazy shit on multiple accounts like the tweets taken by *ACN_is_A_Fraud* early this morning, courtesy of *_TinaTuna_*

      AliRiotsss: https://twitter.com/ACN_is_A_Fraud/status/2753551
      TilaArmyCanadaa: https://twitter.com/ACN_is_A_Fraud/status/2753586

      These Tila Army fans who follow her are so whacked out. They really need some psychological help themselves. I fear for teenagers growing up these days, that come across sick and twisted people like Tila and the psycho bitch above…

  4. Marie says:

    I love how SG didn't mention Tila's name in her "I got a call from the police about my ex GF" tweets, but had to point out that "she's an entertainer". Talk about living in a fantasy world this girl is just as delusional if not worse than Tuna. I have a lot more to say about SG but that day will come 😉

    She really needs to learn to read better because the only person that was contacted by the police was an EX BOYFRIEND.

  5. I want to add that @tara1flirt was the one who mentioned the first obnoxious Tila fake suicide letter and then she called LAPD to notify them. Tila doesn’t realize the crap she puts her fans through. People like @tara1flirt need to be commended for taking that extra step to make sure that Tila is okay. Why doesn’t Tila get in trouble for this obvious HOAX? One has to wonder as may others in the past have played that dirty game online and have had legal repercussions…

  6. Enrique says:

    [youtube m8FtNjDmW0A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8FtNjDmW0A youtube]
    Hello GhostRider love your blog Ive been catching up on all this crazy crap!! 😮

    • Tila Army SUCKS says:

      Great video Enrique! I am really sorry the hell you went thru last night with that skank Tila and her army of crazy psycho's trying to get your account suspended along with @OnBlastx20 and @IvannaVodka for tweeting a picture of you holding a knife. That looked just like the one Tila did her methed out crack whore stripper dance with on ustream in 2009.

      The crazy bitch freaked out on you for no reason at all. I also love GRR blog because there is ALWAYS screen shots that no one has seen and GRR really cares about what important points needs to be referenced. GRR rocks the fuck out! <3

  7. Hater Talk says:

    Actually she can't claim to be writing a tell-all book because it was the "hacker" who wrote that.

  8. Maya says:

    Okay, so I'm confused. IS @AliRiotsss actually Skylar/Sesely or whoever she's pretending to be today?

    This whole Tila thing is quite the clusterfuck of crazy.

    • LiarsSuck says:

      Yes Maya that is Seseley but the picture on that account is NOT her, its Kim Lee, one of the many pictures Seseley has stolen over the years.

  9. Kate Addict says:

    The "shall" and the "such as" usage cracks me up every time.

    She is FLIPPING OUT because TMZ and Radar Online are completely ignoring her now, that's all this is, in my opinion. She keeps raising the stakes and they keep ignoring her.

    • We all know that Tila Nguyen is very predictable as about every few months she pulls some sort of massive stunt to keep her name in the headlines. Ironically enough, Tila is so stuck on herself she fails to understand that the mainstream media sites are sick and tired of her constant fame whoring attempts. Plus she does NOT have a manager to boot to push her PR stunts and make them credible. All of her past fuckery has only ruined her image and gossip sites are doing themselves a favor by IGNORING her antics… LOL

  10. AnonHater says:

    Well ya know that Tila has pissed someone else off and Tila even went as far as to ban the guy. Check out his post that he just wrote about her sorry prostitute ass!

    Tila Tequila, ‘Illuminati conspiracy fighter’, bans Facebook user over posting of controversial YouTube video

    Grant J. Kidney — Over the course of the past few days, I have been working hard to arrange an interview with model Tila Tequila. Tequila has apparently separated herself from the clutches of the controlled entertainment industry and is now speaking out against the powers that be.

    Tequila suffered a brain aneurysm shortly thereafter. Both her blog as well as her Twitter account were also mysteriously shut down. *Not so mysterious buddy. Do you fucking homework*

    This morning I awoke to a friend request from Tila Tequila’s personal Facebook profile. I had supposed that the actress, who’s real last name is ‘Nguyen’, had read my e-mails and was ready for our interview. It appears I was mistaken.

    Thinking I would extend a gesture of good will- and do what all of Tequila’s friends do- I posted a video concerning the corrupting influence of money to the former reality host’s wall. Seconds later, I was banned from Tila’s Facebook page. Is it possible that my video hit too close to home? Is it equally as possible that Tequila is now working as an agent of disinformation?

    • Hater Talk says:

      He's just another idiot "truth seeker" who does NO research before writing an article. Just trying to leech off her thinking he'll get press.

    • Wow, yeah another one of these dudes who don’t do their RESEARCH before attempting to talk to *Pleiadian Alien* Tila Tequila. Don’t these *truther* people get the point yet? Tila does NOT to side with anyone, especially if it draws any ATTENTION away from her fame starved self. That is just the dirty FACTS.

      When will these fucking people wake up and STOP indulging Tila will undeserved respect and admiration? I’m waiting… *crickets*

      • Kelly says:

        tila is now all about love, straying from freedom fighting (or is it an experiment?) i think she is getting sick of attempting to be a 'truther' her work there is done in scrambling the whole movement into some giant clusterfuck of god knows what she just spewed out…she is now promoting a 'teenager' site on facebook. she knows her fanbase…lonely teenagers who feel priveledged and honored by obtaining the attention from her. shes going to try to conjure up something new….shes getting bored of 'tilas truth movement'….

  11. sarah says:

    now the crack slut is signing her facebook posts with "187", which is slang for murder. WTF????

    • We're feeding tila says:

      Indeed, i posted this on JDT regarding that MD vid;

      MD has a good point about the FB likes per post. Now that she's broke she cant afford to buy the "likes" any more. The reality is she is only influencing a very small group of people thank goodness.

      The 1.8 million followers are fake IMO just like every other thing about Tunado. Look at any other FB page with half that many followers and the likes are in the thousands per post. Google "buy facebook followers" to see just how cheap and easy it is.

      An article re buying followers from a local rag; http://www.smh.com.au/small-business/smallbiz-mar

  12. Enrique says:

    [youtube xJUvT0fyIdk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJUvT0fyIdk youtube]
    Here is my response to crazy Tuna Tequila the crack whore. Tila LIED and claimed my twitter was suspended and her stupid followers like TilaArmyCanadaa who doesn't even live there was talking all that shit, cause that fat bitch lives in Texas. Those stupid dumb fucks actually believe that shit Tila says. Y'all are getting mindfucked by busted ass Tila the slutty escort o.0

  13. Kate Addict says:

    I don't know if GRR remembers this:

    I'm gonna say this here so it sticks:

    I thought it was pretty fucked up how TRS raked her over the coals They were really ganging up on her and that ED entry is probably a culmination of the people who were harassing her and that zennie62 dude. She said they were even writing to her school about that vid she made.

    At the time one of the members of TRS (I won't say who) thought they could bully me and call me an obnoxious cunt because I joked that isn't Tila the one who broke the news first about Jane trying to kill her and said Nikky hasn't done anything to me and that I liked her. People were leaving nasty comments on one of my old blogs, but it didn't last long, just another bunch of kids from the generation after me thinking it's more important to be a celebrity and famous than anything else.

    • Kate, I remember the drama with Nikky and anyone who was nice to her. It was really unnecessary and maybe one of the things that led to the demise of TRS towards the end. The thing that made it worse in my opinion is Tila ridiculed Nikky publicly then TRS went in and made the *kill*

      However, Nikky was egging on a lot of the stuff at the same time when she was writing for Zennie62 and on her own personal blog. That guy she was writing for had a dirty history of his own and it had to be exposed also. Nikky did do a lot of stuff to purposely piss TRS off by taking credit for a lot of things with Tila AFTER it had already been reported by TRS. JMHO

      It was really a big cluster fuck, actually huge. Which was one of many incidents that happened with TRS and some of the crazy psychos who revolved around them only made it worse. I have always tried to remain fair and not spend my time wasting it with flame wars. That is why I always chose to do my own thing and keep out of most of the drama that happened during that time.

      • Kate Addict says:

        Nowadays, who DOESN'T have dirty laundry, you know?

        That's how news works: you search for articles about the subject you're writing about, research them, put the info in your own words, and then give citations as needed. If Nikky didn't cite TRS then that's bad journalism on her part. I also told her it's not OK to flip flop between wanting to be on TRS's side or Tila's side. It made her look bad.

  14. AnonHater says:

    [youtube n31Wy7ng8zE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n31Wy7ng8zE youtube]
    This anon video about Tuna head Tequila was hilarious! :p

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