“Valkyrie” Tila Tequila Says, “At The End Of The Day, I Decide Who Lives and Who Dies.”

Come on folks and grab your tickets (which are free) and let’s hop on the crazy train. It’s time to get your fill of some delusional rants from the wannabe Angel of God and Joan of Arc that needs some major psychological help but refuses to get it or doesn’t think that she needs it. The ultimate attention whore and out of work reality star known as Tila Tequila or the Queen of CAPS LOCK as she likes to call herself. When you think that Tila aka Valkyrie can’t get anymore fucked up in the head, she turns her insanity on full blast and keeps tweaking like she is on some crank that keeps her amped up for days. This crap has been going on for months and months. How the hell does she do it? The constant rants, disinformation and prophetic type updates she posts hourly onto her Facebook walls just blows me away. As you all know, I have been ignoring the hell out of bobble head Tila aka Eina Goddess from Gaia.” But this particular mornings fucked up nonsensical ramblings coming from her fan page and her personal profile page were just out of this world. What Tila says on her fan page and personal profile always differ as Tila thinks that no one is really paying attention to the discrepancies in the claims she makes within her comments section and in the posts she shares from one wall to another. Ironically, we know her many brainwashed followers (at least most of them) never question anything she tells them. They keep blindly believing everything that she has to say to them. It’s sad and quite disturbing to see so many of her fans lacking the common sense to research anything that Tila spews like diarrhea onto her many profiles…

For the last 24 hours, especially the last 12 of those hours, the heroic “Baby Tila Ninja” has been posting lots of her alien head pictures of when she was a young child. We saw Tila placing her “Tila Head” in various shots with food, on top of lunch boxes and other strange scenarios. Of course in typical Tila style she has also been posting lots of her older photoshopped pictures, including a recent photo showing her wearing a red dress where she called herself “ORIGINAL SIN” as she was speaking about a imaginary lover on her personal Facebook wall, commenting with the following, “What an Evil Angel that Woman is.. Indeed. Indeed. So please do proceed….” she added “This isn’t 50 shades of Grey this is Miss Tila Torturing you all day. So either fuck off or come play. Man up already, I don’t like the middle. It’s always all or nothing… come play with the Fiddle. Farewell.” What a classy female…

Now this is where Tila gets into that crazy mode she is known for. As you can see from the screen shot shown above she’s been making some pretty wild claims about who she thinks she is now. She claims to be Valkyrie and she says, “Aside from protecting all the creatures of Earth, I also have lead many battles head first. At the end of the day, I decide who lives and who dies. I have many past lives, as well as all of you, but I remember my role fully now, that’s the difference too. As the Activation Date Nears, I shall help decide, I have remembered all, who have been painfully cruel to all. So you best believe that as the goes on, I shall rid all of the zombie folks, and kill them once for all.” She added, “Oh how I love to have so many roles, it’s fun to switch them back and fourth as worlds collide, I can choose to be any of my Past lives to take lead or be kind. Right now however, I’d like to chose those whom die. – Valkerie” Pfft, yeah right…

In the screen shot seen above Tila also claims that she’s somehow now the amazing Vietnamese version of “Joan of ARC” and she has also rode not one elephant shown in the picture she posted, but she rode “3 Elephants” as Trieu Thi Trinh in her past life adding, “Oh yea, I’m also French Blood in me. Must be Ms. Joan. :)” Can she get anymore arrogant? Why are all her past lives always famous and powerful?

She brought up something really stupid that makes absolutely no sense, “Oh yea.. there’s also that “TILA” website made back in 1994 but it just looks like a bunch of random furnitures. HOWEVER, since I am also “EINA FROM GAIA” you can google that and notice the SAME FURNITURES from the “TILA FURNITURE WEBSITE” built back in 1994 and had nothing to do with me at that time… well… Look up “EINA FROM GAIA” photos on google search and look at furniture!! THEY ARE ALL NAMED “EINA” which is me. DA DA DA DUMMM!! Another puzzle solved. Please make it more interesting. Laters.”

I have not laughed this much in a while since I wrote about her her silly ass last week when she tried to pull another fake suicide hoax, then claim it was a fake hacker who took over her account. That is nothing new for “Valkyrie” as she always has to make up stories and lies to make herself feel important. Tila is way over infatuated with her alleged past lives she claims to have lived. A few months back she named them all before on her main fan page. Now she has changed a few of them to suit her needs to make herself look more like a earth saving “warrior” for the “freedom fighters”, who still believe her delusional tales. That she tells her brain dead die hard “Tila Army” members on a daily basis, who literally hang on her every single word she says.

In the screen shot above the infamous Pleiadian Alien claims again that she is “Eina-Tila-Gaia” and the Valkyrie side of her claiming that her weird, “zombie appocolpse ready to blow. Just one push of a button. That’s all it takes. I feel nothing.” Admitting that, “as VAL i do want everyone to die. I don’t lie. Val is fucking FIERCE but she kills. Please change that! I hate this feeling but it’s mirrored from all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Still not making any sense she says “And I hope you all can come together faster and more powerful to change me back to Miss Tila Blue Sky!” Who in the fuck is she now? Someone please help this girl.

She makes ZERO sense and is beyond the breaking point. I have never seen her this crazy to this extent before and its sad. I guess people will start listening AFTER she has finally did the deed and she has expired. I didn’t even waste my time with half the shit she has said over the past week because its just to stupid to waste any time on. What do you think about the stuff she has said? Share your thoughts down below…


  1. AnonHaterDrone says:

    Tila is nutso! She talked about MDMA and other drugs in these posts below telling fans to take some drugs and relax. Making lame jokes along the way and backing out at the end when things did not go her way o.0

    Tila Tequila: PS-as for those who say "WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?? CUZ I WANT WHAT YOU'RE ON!" Well good news!!! If you want to be in LA LA LAND like meeee then duh… let go and stop being so scardie cat! *HANDS YOU MDMA & SEROTONIN* see? I share too! :) and this one.. IS NATURAL AND LASTS FOREVER!! COOOOOL! :)




    Tila Nguyen: COMMENT FROM COW WHO TOTALLY MISSED MY POINT WHEN I WAS JOKING AROUND: "The dose of MDMA, 1.7 mg/kg, was psychoactive and participants reported heightened mood, increased extroversion, feelings of altered reality, and mild perceptual alterations. Feelings of "extroversion" correlated with CBF in the temporal cortex, amygdala, and orbitofrontal cortex."


    Tila Nguyen: makes them look SOOOOOOOOO fucking stupid when they do shit like that. It's SO TRANSPARENT! lol *akward*


    All I can say is Tuna is a fucking raving psycho bitch to everyone who doesn't bow down to her. She thinks she knows everything in the damn world. Can someone please slap this gutter whore already and lock her up in the securest insane asylum. xD

  2. Marie says:

    I have to say she's totally lost my interest. She's gone so berzerk that I cannot wrap my mind around the crazy that she types, and I don't see how she's even getting comments at this point. The girl is terribly mental and at this point I must assume that the crazies that leave her comments and pretend to know what she's talking about have to be thrown in the same mental ward as she'll get thrown in (hopefully for her own good) sooner or later. She thinks that SHE'S going to decided if WE live or die? Does she really think that what she types scares us? I'm more scared for HER than I am about the world ending and that says A LOT. I suppose they'll finally commit her when she goes on a killing spree like all the ones before her when it's too late.

    • When that day comes and Tila goes beyond ballistic taking many people down with her and she finally does follow through with some insane act of violence. We can at least say that we tried to warn people about her mental instability and how bad it really is and has evolved.

      Tila has only become a joke all over the internet and the people on YouTube only make fun of her and mock her attention whoring ways. I am so tired of Tila and her antics that I don\’t even bother looking anymore. I only paid attention today because she is making claims that are disturbing and show me that she really has no morals, empathy towards others or guilt saying the words she does.

      When will someone close to her step in and do something about it?

  3. As a mother of an adult child with a very serious psychological/mental disorder, there is NO WAY that I would allow my child to succumb to this level of mental incapacity or extreme delusion.

    My son has Schizoaffective Disorder and when unmedicated, he wants to kill people.

    My son has been stable for about 5 years now and with good conscience, says that Tila is a TOTAL UNMITIGATED FUCKING WACK JOB.

    This, from my own child, who stated he wanted to slit me up the middle of my body like Jack the Ripper, as he was being strapped to a gurney in an ambulance for yet another inpatient psych ward visit.

    If this chick hopes to get a reality show out of this, she's DONE. She's nothing but a pariah in Hollywood. I dont think she'd earn but a small pittance from doing cheap porn shoots.


    • Kate Addict says:

      I'm sorry about your son. I don't know what I would do if my daughter acted like that when she got older.

      I have the same disorder, only when I'm not medicated and I get insomnia I go bezerk and start self-harming and hallucinating. It took two years of being in and out of hospitals for me to get the right combo of drugs, which I have been on for almost a year, I think.

    • Bleep says:

      You are a very strong woman for what you do. I've known of so many people that end up giving the child up, even after years of a relatively normal life with them, and cut all ties. It's an impossible situation for me to put myself in either you or their shoes, so I can't say what I would do … but I'm very happy to hear that your son is stable.

      There are genetic issues on both sides of my family that worry me about my own future. I'm at the age where certain things "appear" that other family members have suffered from. Sadly, I was aware of the possibility of what my future could be and about ten years back, started self medicating to try to kill the impulsive thoughts that would spring up. It was thoughts I never had any intention on acting upon, but I was worried that one day it would happen. Each time I picked up a knife to cut a steak, I'd imagine myself slicing myself up. It was just an image that popped into my head and I knew exactly what it was and that I wasn't going to act. It was the fear that maybe one day I wouldn't be able to separate it from reality and I'd do something.

      I did a lot of research and talked to a few people and learned that taking medications that weren't prescribed (prescription and street drugs) could make things that much worse and chances are, those are the reasons I was slowly starting to get worse.

      I'm much better now. People in my family know signs to watch for (I wasn't living close enough to them at the time when I was at my worst, but now see them every day) because they've experienced it in other family members.

      To tie this in with Tila, I feel like she is in a similar situation that I was with self medicating to try to make it all go away. It doesn't matter where she exists, as long as it isn't in the reality of her own sober mind, which scares her. I almost wish I could speak to her when she wasn't manic so that I could say, "Yes, I know what that is like. There are better ways to take care of it."

      It's such a lonely feeling when people you truly know are around you and just don't understand that things are not clicking correctly for you. That is why I consider these people who comment on her posts to be enablers. I believe it is obvious to them that something is wrong with her, but they are happy to be having contact with her, so they are going to keep pushing her deeper into these delusions because they are selfish.

      I think Tila has far surpassed Lindsay when it comes to having a chance at a comeback, but I'm not going to say there is absolutely no chance for her. I know Britney was a much bigger star, but look at what she did. She was very lucky to have family and people around her who truly care for her. That is exactly what I think Tila needs, but I sadly believe she does not have that. I don't know if it is part of culture or if Tila did something really bad to her family, but it does not seem that they are there at all for her. This is one of the things I hate about people who comment on Britney … They say "Oh, she is able to work and go on tour, why does she still need a conservator?" She is able to work and go on tour BECAUSE she has a conservator. She needs that stability or it will be very easy for her to slip again. Tila doesn't have that stability and I think that simple thing alone could save her or be her demise.

  4. SMHatFools says:

    Even when Tila isn't being Baby Tila yelling at "pee holes" her English and grammar has greatly deteriorated. I'm not sure if it's that she's just WAY high, or that the drugs have actually done some brain damage because simple sentences are now near impossible for her to construct and it's past the "well I'm typing so fast I make a typo" type of mistakes.

    At this point I do think she will be responsible for another death by either scaring someone with doomsday predictions or convincing someone that the way to reach 5D is by leaving their earthly bodies behind.

    What I don't get about the "enlightened" fans that she has is now she's claiming not to be in 5D when she's already said multiple times that she was there. So why do they ignore when she contradicts herself?

    • NopersNope says:

      Tila will always contradict herself and her small handful of genuine fans who still remain will always ignore it. I'm skeptical of her facebook following, too, because I have seen people comment more times than I can count things like, "How did you get on my newsfeed?" "I never liked you, why are you on my page?" "Could you please just delete me? I can't do it from my phone and I never followed you in the first place." But regardless, even if all 1.8m knowingly and willingly followed her (hypothetically speaking), the vast majority are people who watched her reality show back in the day and thought she was fun, and haven't followed her behavior the past few years enough to know she's batshit. The few true followers she has are that same handful who comment on her personal page. She gets minimal comments on her personal page, and even on her public page, the comments are a meager percentage of her theoretical 1.8m facebook likes. Half the comments on her public page are from people telling her she's crazy or to stop the drugs, and she deletes most of those.
      Her real followers are few and far between, and they are the ones who are unstable right along with her.
      Some really sad and tragic facts are these: (As much as it sucks, I think we all know that it's beyond a matter of opinion or speculation at this point; it's going to happen.)
      1) Some follower – at least 1, but likely more – will die because of her. They will commit suicide. Either because she flat-out tells them to, or because she willingly and knowingly manipulates them into it. It's going to happen, I don't think it can be stopped by this point.
      2) Tila herself will die before her time. Either the drugs or the insanity will end her. I don't think she'll commit suicide with her pliable followers, she's too much of a coward for that. But when she dies, it will be of an overdose or a really idiotic mistake made under the influence of either some sort of substance, or batshittery. It's unlikely she'll see 40.
      3) She will get bored of this current "I was so and so in my past lives" hilariousness and then jump to something else while ignoring every fan who asks her why she doesn't talk about it anymore. Just like she ignores everyone who asks her about her charity, her clothing business, her new music, her truth seeker bs, her surrogate pregnancy by her brother, etc. Since none of those things are real, she just pretends she doesn't see it when someone brings it up.

      Tila will continue to lie and be caught in her lies, 100% of the time. There is literally nothing she has said in years that has been true. How unbelievable is that? And yet it's completely accurate. Can anyone think of anything she's said in recent memory that was legitimately true? Anyone? I don't even think the smallest detail she's said/typed has been honest. I don't think she knows how to communicate without lies anymore.
      She does know what's real, though. I disagree when people say that she's so wrapped up in her own bs that she doesn't even know it's bs. I think she's totally aware that she lies 100% of the time and completely aware that she's leading on helpless lost people with her untruths. When someone calls her out on her lies, she's not shocked at all, she just pretends that she is. I think that the idea that she doesn't know she's full of it is giving her way too much credit. She knows. As does, at minimum, 90% of the population who still remember she exists.

  5. pbwilliams says:

    What scares me about her craziness, Some of the sick people following her have there facebook pictures up and there holding little kids. Can you see what these crazy's think, Tila saying the world ending.

  6. Unknown says:

    Great read GRR, you have once again captured the EVIL that lives inside Tila Nguyen in a great short easy to read format with cool screen caps to boot. I haven't commented on this wretched whore for quite some time because she bores the fuck out of me.

    Tila has pushed this Illuminati and freedom fighter stunt beyond its fun level. I know that I am tired of reading the same crap repeated over and over again on her FB pages. She needs new material and a good smack in the face. Problem is Tila does all these crazy things with no punishment for the stunts she pulls. 😐

  7. @Seola1 says:

    All I can think is – bitches be crazy!

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