Jenelle Evans Crazy Week: Domestic Violence, Miscarriage, Divorce and Teen Mom 2 Cancelled?

Jenelle Evans

Looks like everyone’s favorite Ke$ha loving Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is having major drama again. Yes, I know that this is nothing new. However, for people that love to watch trainwrecks in action, this past week was a whirlwind of fuckery that includes blatant lies, cheating, drugs, miscarriage and divorce drama. Watching it all go down was actually better than any novella (soap opera) I’ve ever seen on T.V. The New York Post has just published an article saying they are possible ending the show due to Jenelle’s busy week and other reasons. I mean really, who in their right mind marries a person she’s only dated for maybe two months tops? Word is Jenelle had allegedly married Courtland Rogers so he could become her next of kin since her mother, Barbara “Babs” Evans had Jenelle committed to some kind of mental facility or drug rehab for a few days last month for being out of control and on drug abuse. The world knows that Jenelle’s life has been a serious hot mess since she made her reality show debut. Here’s a random scary thought to ponder: Because of all the drama and no obvious “pre-nuptial” agreement between them we have to wonder if Courtland will go as far as to have Jenelle committed now that he is considered “next of kin”? Since Courtland’s so vengeful, I’d be careful if I were her…


Let’s trace back to the beginning of how it all went down. On January 20th with Courtland supposedly going out to a bar and coming home drunk at 3am. Tons of girls contacted Jenelle via Twitter and Facebook to notify her that Courtland had tried to pick up on them. Then Jenelle posted a screen shot of a list of “DTF” girls names that Courtland had hand written on a piece of paper. Taylor, whose Courtland’s Baby Mama, verified to Jenelle that it was Courtland’s handwriting. Jenelle also found out that another girl is pregnant by Courtland. The girl also provided proof with pictures. For those of you not familiar with the term “DTF” it stands for “Down to Fuck”.

It didn’t stop there. Jenelle then claimed Courtland beat her the morning of January 21st and gave her a skull fracture that she couldn’t get x-rays for because she was pregnant. Which I thought was pretty convenient because without x-rays how can you claim that you actually have a skull fracture? That’s easy for Jenelle thou…

Jenelle Evans Runs To Gary Head While Having Fake Miscarriage

On January 23rd, Jenelle filed charges against Courtland for assault on a female with an unborn child with her lawyer, Dustin Sullivan (remember him from the Ke$ha tickets episode? I still laugh at how stupid that was) How did Mr. Sullivan even take that case, which the state of North Carolina will be paying for (per his own words) without actual proof? And why did Jenelle wait two days to file charges? One little tiny bruise on the cheek (a photo which Jenelle posted) does not equal a skull fracture.

She had already claimed she was having a miscarriage by now, so why not go ahead and get proof of the skull fracture so you can have it for the court case? If she indeed has a skull fracture, she is no longer pregnant, so now she can get an x-ray but still hasn’t. Do you still believe her story? C’mon Jenelle, go get that x-ray done now!

On January 24th, they took it live. Gary and Courtland had simulatious Stickam sessions. Jenelle was with Gary Head (her ex) at his house, crying while on camera while they smoked weed, while Gary threatened Courtland with guns. If I had a skull fracture, I don’t think I’d be at a “friends” house, I’d be in bed resting, especially if I was pregnant, which she claimed to be at the time, along with claiming to have severe cramping and bleeding. Gary doesn’t seem to be too smart by threatening people with guns while he knew for a fact that he was being recorded. Courtland was shacked up in a hotel room with a girl named Tiffany who didn’t want to give her name.

But the Twitter detectives Classy Carmen and Jenelle Bombs had her name and mug shot up before the Stickam session was even half over. Courtland also threatened Gary, and claimed that Jenelle only visited her son to take pictures, and also gave up the names of drugs she was using. Can we say they got exposed WWE style?


He claimed “nothing happened” with Tiffany yet they kissed on camera and he showed off a pack of condoms. After he saw the pictures everyone posted of them kissing, he said “our lips barely touched”. No Courtland, you’re MARRIED and you shacked up in a hotel with another woman in another state and you kissed her and led everyone to believe you two were going to have sex. No matter how you slice that up, its wrong on both sides. These two are clearly too young and to immature to be married. Both claimed they went to find comfort in others because the other did it first. The immaturity made me feel like I was in grade school all over again.

On January 25th, Jenelle claimed she had a miscarriage and tweeted the whole ordeal LIVE along with Gary and a few other friends. The day ended with Gary taking Jenelle shopping for personal items and clothes after being released from the hospital, and Courtland disappearing from Twitter and being blocked (supposedly) by Jenelle on Facebook and Jenelle posting a mirror picture before heading out to party with Gary and friends at Cave Gentlemen’s Club (a strip joint). I know that’s the FIRST place I’d be going if I had that kind of a day (rolls eyes). See them in the picture below…

Jenelle With Gary Head At Club Cave (After Miscarriage)

Courtland had pretty much disappeared at this point trying to get his shit together I guess. But we were wrong when he then showed back up January 28th and dropped this bombshell on Twitter which made Gary Head and Jenelle laugh their ass’s off. We can agree since the comments he got in return from Gary really say it all…

Courtland Rogers - Proudly Cheats On Jenelle With Jade - January 2013

To which Gary jokingly replied to Courtland via Twitter: “You have fun with Jade tonight. Laughing at you dude. I ain’t got no worries.” But the fun wasn’t over yet as Gary really hammered Courtland pretty hard about him trying to get with Jade in some other tweets posted as replies exposing what really went down with his “20 minute” meeting with Jade, that ended with an EPIC FAIL. That’s no surprise.


In case you don’t know who this girl is, it’s none other than Gary’s recent ex, Jade. How in the FUCK did these two youngsters end up together? Courtland must live by the “payback is a bitch” slogan since he wasted no time in hooking up with Jade or should we say trying to hook up with her since he got shot down. I mean really, it was bad enough she was already associated somewhat with all of this fuckery, but to hook up with Courtland? We know that Jenelle’s soon to be ex-husband is beyond desperate for attention and even more of a wreck than she is. What was she thinking?

Courtland’s turned into such a fame whore that he literally tweets his entire life out for everyone to read. Then complains when someone doesn’t agree with him. Speaking of which he had ranted for almost 4 straight days talking crap about Jenelle and Gary.

Yep its all true, I have snagged some of his craziest tweets so you can read them without hitting his timeline. On Janaury 24 he was talking more shit and added the following,PBandJenelley_1 why are u still smoking weed jenelle with our baby in your belly? Hopefully that’s just a rumor!! Take care of yourself :(“ Then on January 27, after he returned to Twitter he posted “Definitely not in jail !!!! I dont know what the fuck Duffy is talking about I just chose to stay off twitter for a few days and I get this?” SMH, we already know Courtland  smokes out…

Gary Head vs Courtland Rogers

No way, this should be enough to ensure that Courtland’s thirsty “Almost Famous” days are most definitely over and he’ll be granted a quick divorce and Jenelle might go running back to Gary. That stupid tattoo Courtland got still makes me laugh my ass off. I hope he didn’t pay too much for it. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is.

Courtland Rogers - Almost Famous Tattoo

My thoughts of the situation: Let’s start with the alleged “miscarriage”. I personally have seen several fake pregnancies and fake ultrasounds. I have also watched someone go through using the abortion pill at 11 weeks pregnant, then go back for their one week post appointment. I have also watched someone have a miscarriage at 7 weeks and they didn’t wait one whole week (or two depending on how you read Jenelle and friends timelines) of bleeding and cramping before seeking proper medical care. Both were in no shape to go out and party afterwards and these are two very healthy young girls. Neither had all the bleeding that has been described by Jenelle and friends. You would think they all were describing being at a crime scene.

I have also seen several ultrasounds of six, seven and eight weeks gestation fetus’ and none of them look like the one Jenelle posted for the world to see. Most doctors don’t perform an ultrasound at six weeks, they simply tell you if you’re pregnant or not with a simple urine or blood test. Why have no doctors, nurses or staff come forward to confirm that in fact Jenelle was at their offices and she was indeed pregnant? Why no picture of a home pregnancy test since Jenelle provides EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of her life? By now, someone looking for a huge payout should have come forward since this story is all over the place. Sorry but too many things just don’t add up here.


Jenelle posting her “baby bump” pictures at six weeks took me back to the time Tila Tequila also sold a fake pregnancy story to Radar Online, puffing out her stomach to make people she was pregnant with yet another Jayden. Tila also was admittedly using drugs and it was also a lie, that’s when many people started calling them a new fitting nickname of “RadarOnLies”. If Radar Online really had paid an alleged $20,000 for Jenelle’s stories (according to Courtland) can you imagine how much the gossip rag would pay to someone with REAL proof of what went down between them?

We know Radar Online would shell out thousands more. They know what’s bullshit and what’s not. The picture Jenelle provided could also simply be from one of her many visits to the hospital for her cyst problems, because if you really look at the ultrasound there is no sac like you see in other pregnancy ultrasounds. It looks more like a uterine wall than a baby. Compare the pics for yourself. Can you guys see the difference?


I do have my own theories of what Jenelle DID do. Let’s say she was in fact pregnant. She either took the abortion pill and possibly paid Gary to take her to the one week check up just to make sure they got pictures for proof OR she had a D&C which would explain the “we’ve been at the hospital all day” and “she just got out of surgery” tweets from Gary, but she wasn’t there long enough for a D&C according to all the Twitter timelines that “live tweeted” her dilemma. These people she associates herself with are all sick for helping her make this such a big production and the one person who will suffer the most for this in the future is Jenelle’s young son, Jace.

Obviously none of these kids have learned the damage social media can bring when you air your dirty laundry constantly to the masses. If Jenelle indeed paid any of these people to help her with this story it was a massive fail because none of their stories match. What kind of friend would tweet about your “bloody vag”? Jenelle’s “friends” are disgusting. Speaking of which Gary tweeted the craziest unnecessary bullshit.

Gary Head vs Courtland Rogers Talking About Jenelle Evans Bloody Pussy

This is where it gets a little weird. In the past, Jenelle has pressed charges against Gary for trying to strangle her with a bed sheet. She also filed charges against Kieffer Delp for abuse, even though MTV has her on camera abusing him, and only Kieffer ended up being jailed. While watching last night’s Teen Mom 2, Jenelle admitted that she and Jace’s father, Andrew, also had a physical fight. Anyone notice a pattern here? There is one common denominator and her name is Jenelle Evans. These fools keep letting Jenelle back into their lives so they get what’s coming to them.


The picture you see above is what she posted right after getting out of the hospital for her “miscarriage”. So far there has been not ONE mention of any of that $20,000 from Radar Online being used on either of the two innocent children who are suffering the most, Jenelle’s son Jace and Courtland’s daughter with Taylor, Jaja.

Taylor has made no mention of receiving one red cent to care for their daughter, but has accepted and thanked people on Twitter and Facebook for sending stuff to JaJa, and these are people she doesn’t even know. With what I’ve seen from Taylor, she seems to be a nice girl but is also milking this situation to try and get what she can.

Courtland Rogers vs Gary Head - Jenelle Evans on Judge Judy

I’ve seen this happen so many times before and don’t understand how people fall for it. The tabloids need to wake up and quit paying Jenelle for any stories she has because they all end up being lies. Maybe Radar should offer to pay for their rehab stays instead. What do you think of all this past weeks nonsense? Do you think Jenelle has really screwed up her life this time? Will she be repeating the same fuckery in the future? Please share your comments about this controversial topic down below…


  1. Jenelle continues making all the bad moves. Why has she let her life and image get this out of control? Now not only will she suffer the consequences of being a LIABILITY to MTV and her family, she will be soon missing out on those nice paychecks she has been getting.

    Here’s an UPDATE in regards to Marie’s article. Starcasm reported…

    “The decision to end the show follows several months of erratic, headline-grabbing behavior by loose-cannon star Jenelle Evans,” reported The New York Post, citing multiple inside sources. However, all other signs seem to indicate that Teen Mom 2 will wrap after the fourth season. Although a potential cancellation can’t be positively attributed to Evans, multiple sources say she is a big factor in the decision. With a history of arrests, drug use, engagements, breakups and — most recently — a marriage, pregnancy, divorce and miscarriage, the 21-year-old Evans has burned more bridges than most people do in a lifetime.

    UPDATE: It seems our sources were accurate! “No decision has been made yet regarding a fifth season of Teen Mom 2,” MTV said in a statement. “But the network is planning to air the fourth season this year and will announce the premiere date soon.”


  2. ChangeMyTampon says:

    The best picture is Jenelle crying on live webcam and let me tell u, that was the FUNNIEST live webcam EVER! I'm so glad I didn't miss that cuz I would have been upset lol. Also… With Gary smoking weed live on webcam and jenelle right next to him, he passed it to his friend and I'm pretty sure jenelle didn't sit there so guilty afterwards. Like I said on my twitter, I bet Dustin Sullivan (her lawyer) would have loved to see that. Way to go jenellle.

  3. Marie says:

    UPDATE: Now she's possibly going to appear on Judge Judy per Starcasm due to non payment to her Facebook administrator, Sarah. Damn this girl is a WRECK!!!

    • Here is a portion of the story from Starcasm of Jenelle\’s new legal drama…

      Jenelle Evans can add yet another entry on her long list of recent problems. The Teen Mom 2 star is reportedly being sued in small claims court after she failed to pay her former Facebook administrator, Sarah ReAnn, for the work she did for Jenelle on the blogging site Sulia. While considering her legal options, Sarah contacted the producers of Judge Judy and she says they are willing to take the case! Sarah says MTV has given its approval and now it’s just up to Jenelle!

      “Just called MTV they said all I have to do is serve Jenelle the papers and she goes to court. Her contract doesn’t deny court cases,” Sarah revealed on Twitter, later adding, ”Judge Judy’s producer has contacted me. We’ve been emailing back and forth for days. It might really happen.”

      Sarah even reassured fans that MTV isn’t going to have an issue with Jenelle appearing on another network. “MTV will allow [Jenelle] to go on Judge Judy,” Sarah claims. “I just spoke with them.”

      As far as the issue between Jenelle and Sarah, it all started over a month ago when Jenelle enlisted Sarah’s help to essentially take on her weekly requirements with Sulia, which pays its users by the view. In her deal with the “social interest” site, Jenelle must post a minimum number of updates every week, or else she would not be paid. However, things went south between the two when Sarah began copying and pasting other people’s work onto Jenelle’s account without giving credit — aka plagiarizing.

      Starcasm spoke with Sarah and she tells us that she feels Jenelle owes her more than $700, which shouldn’t scare Jenelle if she agrees to appear on the show. “The Judge Judy show pays for all air fare and the money I’ll receive,” Sarah says. “Jenelle doesn’t even have to pay out of pocket if she does it this way.” (A free trip to Hollywood with no real financial risk, even if she loses? I can’t see how Jenelle could pass that up!)

      Read More:

  4. Marie says:

    Yeah the fact that she could fly out to Cali for free, I'm surprised she's NOT doing it, after all it can't make her look any worse than she already does

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