“Miss World Star” Kat Stacks Says She’s No Longer Exposing Rappers, Plus Shocking “Tell-All” Book and Reality Show Coming Soon?

Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks - Instagram - January 2013

Incredibly Andrea Herrera better known as her groupie street name “Kat Stacks” has survived the odds against her and made it out of ICE’s immigration hold that she was placed in for over two years. Most of you know that I’ve not written anything about Kat Stacks since July 2012. When her second appeal to avoid deportation was DENIED because of her extremely controversial and really negative “persona”. That same persona is what she was promoting daily and proudly used to get to the top of the Hip Hop world, with the help of World Star Hip Hop backing her every move. Since Andrea’s release on January 2, 2013, we have to wonder if Andrea has really left her Kat Stacks life behind and has moved on to do more positive things with her second chance she was given. I can only wonder what Andrea is planning since she tweeted the following, “I’m laying low, but once the book drop … IT’S ON LIKE KING KONG !!! :)”. Hopefully her statement will be used to do good, especially after her upcoming autobiography type book is made available to the masses. I can see on her Twitter account that she’s trying to keep it clean and drama free…

In the recent interview above done by Vlad TV, Andrea briefly discussed her stay in the ICE facility located in Trout, Louisiana. She mentioned that she was a victim of child sex trafficking, which she claims led her into a life of prostitution. She even mentioned that as a “working girl” she had witnessed a pimp cut off a girl’s pinky finger. Also another pimp knock a girl’s teeth out with his elbow then run over her arm for disobeying the rules of the game. Andrea has been deemed as the “First Lady of World Star” and is currently working on building her brand and her image.

Reflecting back to her recent release the article posted by NBC 6, where Andrea says she’s leaving behind her “Kat Stacks Ways” adding, “I had gotten the adjustment of status, and the first time I was crying, I was ecstatic, I was, well, crying of joy. Anything I do from now on is on a positive light. Not no more of the Kat Stacks ways. I was trafficked, and I was tortured. I was abused. And that’s been my whole life, so why would you deport the victim and not prosecute the predator?” She also wants to go back and get her GED and a higher education. I was feeling bad for her, when on January 27 she said, “Sorry, the psychologist/social worker said I have the mind of child still developing but I’ve matured.”

Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks Biography - January 2013

In the tweets above we see Andrea talking about her upcoming book claiming the following, “The Andrea Herrera (Kat Stacks) Biography is coming out !!!! get readyyyyyyyyyyyyy”. Of course adding a super special thank you to her number one sponsor, she said, “@QWorldStar i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you daddy you dont know how happy I am! #KatStacksBook.” Speaking of which back on January 19, she even tweeted a prospective release date for the new “tell-all” book about her life, “The book will be out before May, manuscript deadline is in 30 days and it will be hardcover.” Surprisingly she tweeted about getting a reality show saying, “This reality show will be fun :) Everybody will see the real Andrea Herrera behind the Kat Stacks character.” If claims by Andrea do happen to come true, I will most definitely be surprised. The reality show industry is really cheap these days and anyone could get a show, if you got a good hook and screen writer. On the downside of things Andrea’s character was NOT not as fake as she claims.

Back when she was exposing rappers for fame. When her mother Johnyelsi Cardenas told NBC 6 the following, “All that she went through on the street, she created that person, Kat, to survive.” Hmm, oh really? During a memorable August 2010 interview with “The 305″ Kat happily told them: “When I first made the Internet blog, I regretted it, because everybody stopped talking to me. But as I got bigger in time, bigger names and muthafuckas in the game, they all started getting at me. It just upgraded my career. Now I don’t gotta go work. I don’t gotta do shit. All I gotta do is show up at a [club] and get paid [for appearances] I don’t regret it anymore.” She also added, “The first time I did it, I was like, ‘Damn, why the fuck I did this shit? Because I was drunk? Just to embarrass muthafuckas?’ I didn’t expect to get money out of it. Now these muthafuckas keep fuckin’ with me, so I’m gonna continue to do Kat Stacks.”

That brings me to January 6, just 3 days after she was released and given a second chance to do things right, things went really wrong. All hell broke loose after hearing the news of Freddy E’s suicide, Andrea blasted Freddy E’s former girlfriend Honey Cocaine, viciously calling her a “murderer,” insinuating that while the Tyga signed the up and coming female rapper, she didn’t pull the trigger, but she might as well had. Andrea also says that she responded so strongly because she and Freddy were good friends and he edited one of her most popular videos that was on WSHH. After Andrea was done, she apologized with one subtweet not directly mentioning Honey’s name, “I shouldn’t of had said that, my apologies to the grieving girlfriend”

The video seen above is of Andrea coming clean first claiming that, “I won’t be talking about them anymore. I still do business with them, entertainment business, but not like it used to be.” She also discussed why she LIED about her infamous Soulja Boy doing cocaine story she had perpetuated in August of 2010. She claims, “Soulja Boy did not do cocaine. It was Advil pills that were laying around the hotel room, and it was set up by three guys that were in the hotel room after Soulja Boy left.” When asked why she made the video, she responded, “I was drunk I was in another state of mind.” She surprisingly was tight lipped. Was she told by her daddy “Q” to refrain and make smarter moves?

What’s Andrea’s real relationship with WSHH’s “Q” and why is she calling him daddy? It bothers me a bit considering rampant rumors of them allegedly getting married have made their way around the web with Andrea tweeting them out as if to confirm that they are true. However, besides talking about her “3rd eye” and seeing the future also alluding to having some “psychic abilities”. Andrea added tweets saying, “The freak in me wants to come out, but I’m remaining celibate until marriage” Adding that she was staying,“Celibate until marriage” and “I’ve been celibate for over 2 years & will remain that way for my husband” That’s good to hear.

Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks with The Dream Activist Team - Latigresa_1 - modaorg - Santiago

Andrea needs to keep her motivation strong and really make a difference in people’s lives in order to clean her image up. But she needs to stand by that change and the new positive energy she is promoting on her timeline. Her twitter was recently wiped clean of all the tweets from her past in order to pave way for a new lifestyle. With her found activism and support for the Dream Act calling herself a “Obama DREAMer, Hip Hop sensation.” Andrea wants to become a undocumented youth mentor to help other child sex trafficking victims. “Shout outs to all my #DREAMers !! Stand together to achieve Justice!” We will see her taking part in Dream Activist tweet-chats with various undocumented youngsters and other people with other issues similar to her experiences. Do you think Andrea can actually mentor them?

Besides that, Andrea followed me on Twitter over the weekend and had a change of heart and unfollowed me for some unknown reason. However, after I followed her this evening she followed me back. A new beginning. As most of you who have in the past read my articles about Andrea, you know that we had some unnecessary drama in the past. I want to make it clear that I never really had any personal animosity or hate towards her and I still don’t harbor any negative feelings against her. I truly hope that she appreciates the second chance she was given and stays on the high road steering clear of looking like a thirsty groupie and embarrassing herself. I hope she keeps her mind free of the negative influences in her life that will lead her astray.

What do you think about Andrea’s “positive energy” changes? Will she stick with her mission about making a life change for the better? Do you think that she will get bored of being a good girl and return to her “Kat Stacks” wicked ways? Will you buy her upcoming book or watch her reality show? Please share your thoughts below…


  1. Marie says:

    I'm sure like Superhead, people will buy Kat's (oops Andrea's) book just to see if they're mentioned in it. Its a TELL ALL right? I hope she changes her ways too, the way she made money before is easy but look at all those times she was beat up and slapped in public by people who she assumed were her homies. Obviously the girl wants to be famous. There are a lot better ways to be famous than the routes she's previously taken and I hope she figures that out. You know that phrase "You can take the girl out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the girl"? That most certainly applies here.

  2. Kate Addict says:

    Kat Stacks, the poster girl for sexual trafficking in America. That stuff doesn't just happen in Thailand. One being "turned out" means they've been raped. She spent two years basically forced to think about how she's going to live her life after she got out. I think it would be really good for her to work with "Children of the Night"( http://www.childrenofthenight.org)

  3. DDK says:

    You know, sometimes it takes one really big f*ck up to realize that you're spiraling out of control…and I think AH finally had hers. With all that she's been through, she could really do something good in this world, and I hope she does. I really do. Do I think it will be easy? No. She has a really long road ahead of her, but I also believe that all the time she spent reflecting when she was locked away made her stronger than even SHE realizes.

    Here's hoping she has great things coming in the future.

  4. ChangeMyTampon says:

    Hmmm… I wanna believe her and would be glad she changed for her son. I think her son is her #1 priority and not these rappers and tryin to get fame. But, once a rapper offers her money to do something, or says something about her then she will no longer be "Andrea" she will be Kat Stacks Biiiiitch! LOL but, at this point she does have to watch what she does so she doesn't go back to jail again. It doesn't even have to be for that same situation. It can be just hanging around with the wrong people that she always has been.

  5. I myself decided to give Andrea another chance when her mom approached me (of all people) once i met her mom i was intrigue by her love for her daughter the look in her eyes when she talks about her. I said in my interview with Andrea from jail " murderers rapist,thieves all get second chances I was willing to forgive and forget and i did whatever i could for her while she spent her final months in ice but yes i think she is serious right now hopefully she will stay that way only time will tell but i am definetly supporting her and u know her and i were never good but she said to me after our interview " your a good man and im sorry for everything i did to you" so i am gonna say i believe her

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