Teen Mom Trainwrecks: Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers FAKE Pregnancy Scandal

Janelle Evans - January 31, 2013 Night Out

Is Teen Mom 2 trainwreck Jenelle Evans-Rogers going to gain control of her life any time soon? I’ve seen fuckery at it’s finest in my days but this girl has hit the holy grail of crazy jackpots and is going for broke. It’s like she really doesn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything except for the ATTENTION that she can get out of all the drama. Most people don’t go through this much crap in a whole lifetime, let alone in just a couple of months. She’s also managed to keep the partying going as she started just hours after allegedly having a “miscarriage”, according to all the pictures Jenelle and her “friends” have been posting all over cyberspace. If you missed the last post on Jenelle, you can read it here. We know from our source that the “pregnancy” was totally FAKED and was concocted by Jenelle and Courtland during the time she had “gone missing”. Remember when Courtland posted the picture of the crashed car? Our source tells us that “Jenelle was LYING to everyone. She was in the car with Courtland that day and they were high.” They add that it was one of the main reasons why she was “locked up in the pysch ward because her drug use and abuse was out of control. Her mom [Barbara Evans] put Jenelle in there to Detox after the ‘hit and run’ accident Courtland and her was involved in.” The story gets crazier from this point on as there’s so much more people don’t know…

Gary Head Claims He will Never See Jenelle Evans Ever Again

Remember when, Gary Head stated to Courtland Rogers via his Twitter that he there was no way he’d be with Jenelle because she was a married woman. He also tweeted back in December 2012 that he would never get back with her again and called her a “sorry piece of shit” and advised Courtland to “GET AWAY!!! #fast”.

Well it seems Gary has had a change of heart. Are we surprised by this? No fucking way as their fight in court was all for headlines and press time. They have always been friends contrary to what Jenelle tells everyone, while trying to make her life seem “perfect” for fans. Jenelle’s life’s a constant mess that she can’t seem to fix.


Doesn’t this look cozy? This was taken during her friend Julia’s Ustream the night of January 31st. I mean, if they’re happy together fuck it right? For some reason when I look at this picture I hear Jenelle’s mom Babs screaming “PUT YAH FRIGGIN PHONE DOWN JENNNNNNELLE I’M TRYIN TA TAKE A FUCKIN PITCHA!!” and/or “WHY YA PUTTIN’ YA DAMN BIZNESS OUT TO THE PUBLIC AGAIN JENNNNNNELLE” and/or Jenelle screaming back “LEAVE ME ALONNNNNNNNNE!!!!” Fact remains. She’s still married to Courtland but we know the REAL reason WHY she married him and that is another scandal in itself. Jenelle claims that she’s known Courtland since highschool.

That is a full blown disgusting LIE to the world and she knows it. But since Jenelle loves the drama in her life, she keeps the blatant lies going and it’s all for MONEY. A “source” who was really close friends with Jenelle for several years tells us “Jenelle NEVER knew Courtland until 6 months ago. She met him when he needed a ride from the courthouse.” The source adds that “Jenelle only Married Courtland so she wouldn’t have to testify in court on January 3, about his STOLEN gift cards he tried to use.” So it all makes sense now. Jenelle is just protecting some random dude she never really knew in the first place. How desperate does she have to act?

The source shockingly stated, “The pregnancy was totally FAKE.” Revealing how the picture came about and how Radar Online got it, the source tells us, “Courtland found a random sonogram with Jenelle’s name on it and used it. The middle initial on the picture isn’t even Jenelle’s!” The source explained why they made up the story, “They needed money because they are BROKE. They sold the LIE to Radar Online for $20,000 and they were going to split that money that they were going to get from the FAKE pregnancy story.” If you thought Jenelle had lied to the world about her quick pregnancy and her miscarriage, you were right!

J Taylor Cries To Twitter about Courtland Rogers

While I was searching Twitter and came across some very interesting stuff that doesn’t add up and it still leaves me wondering how Taylor Lewis (the mother of Courtland’s daughter, JaJa) fits into to all this. Or does she? I personally see no reason for her to be involved in this mess. I also don’t see any reason for her to be crying and complaining on Twitter about her baby daddy problems but after catching up with her Twitter timeline I have a feeling I know why she keeps it up now. Maybe it’s all she has in the twisted web of constant bullshit that all of the people around Jenelle keep living. Taylor has received a huge response from followers via Twitter and Facebook when Jenelle and Courtland were arguing with her online about some clothes that Courtland and Jenelle allegedly refused to return to Taylor.

Then some of those same people asked for her address and started sending her stuff for JaJa because they felt sorry for her. According to Taylor’s Twitter time line, she received so much stuff she couldn’t remember what people had sent and had to verify what was sent so she could thank her followers. To be honest, I felt kind of bad for her too for a minute when Courtland was mouthing off all over the place about wanting to be famous and trashing her.  Would you send complete strangers your address over the internet with all this bullshit going on? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

As most of you know, Jenelle has some really crazy obsessed fans, from what I’ve witnessed and seen on Twitter and Facebook. I suggest Taylor catch up on a few episodes of “Catfish” on MTV or watch the actual movie that made the show possible “Catfish”. The web of deceit and lies floating around is mind boggling. But then all of a sudden things were peachy and Courtland was at Taylor’s house, and Taylor made sure to have someone take a few videos, then was too scared to post them, asked a few people to do it for her, got scared again but then finally did it herself.

If you watch the videos, you see Taylor and Courtland talking about how he was just using Jenelle, and it seems Taylor is quite happy this is all going down. Of course she is. Who wouldn’t want free stuff from people who feel sorry for you? She possibly thought Courtland would share some cash with her since he was bragging about how he would be appearing on Teen Mom 2 soon. Also how he was just using Jenelle for money. Not to mention that there was no pre-nup signed by Jenelle, which was really fucking STUPID, it’s not like she has any money anyways. I guess she forgot to go to her lawyer Dustin Sullivan, which she doesn’t pay for because she can’t afford it. She she gets into so much legal trouble MTV hired a full time lawyer for her. Geez…

Why would you be sitting on a married man’s lap Taylor? Taylor and Courtland are not married, he’s the father of her child. Like I said before, she seems like a nice girl, but some of the things she does on Twitter and in cyberspace make her look suspicious. You can see one of the videos with Courtland and Taylor right here and also here.

Courtland Rogers Turns Himself In

If I were her, I would stay far away from Courtland and Jenelle’s cluster fuck of constant drama. When the shit hits the fuckery fan and all the nasty truths about what really happened come out, she will be included with the backlash for milking the situation. That’s just the plain truth of it all. I guess “fame” makes people stupid. According to the screen shot from Taylor’s tweets today, it appears that Courtland has turned himself in and was is in the hospital before he goes to jail. According to random tweets claiming, “Courtland is in jail for the next 48 hours for double assault and obtaining goods under false pretenses. He was finally caught driving the stolen rental car. Unless a drug dealer bails him out, he’s stuck.”

Here’s Taylor crying on Twitter again on February 3 (see the pic here). Doesn’t she realize and understand that Courtland has a full blown admitted drug addiction? He previously said, “I don’t do heroin. Every once in a while I take Percocet because I just like to float, and I use xanny bars (a 2mg dose of Xanax in a bar-shaped pill form). But I’m okay with that! And I smoke Kush.” Do you believe this guy?

Then there’s the girl named Bree Vaught who claims that she is allegedly very pregnant with Courtland’s baby. This doesn’t make any sense to me. This girl just seemed to appear out of nowhere to announce she was having his baby. The song “Havin’ My Baby” is now stuck in my head. Thanks Bree. Why did she wait all this time? She claims she wants nothing from him (including money) and has everything she needs so why bother telling her pathetic baby daddy drama to the masses?

Unless she wanted attention and wanted to get her name out there in the gossip blogs. Also not mention from Bree as to when she was seeing Courtland and when asked for specifics, she gets highly defensive and says she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Bree must be Super Woman if she thinks that she doesn’t need financial help with a baby. In case you care, Bree says she’s having a girl in June.

Bree also posted a text conversation she allegedly had with Courtland. There were two things that caught my attention here. One was the way she named Courtland in her phone “Courtland Bby Daddy” and the other was the speed at which the texts were sent back and forth. I have posted both the actual conversation and also retyped it (click here) somewhat to try make it easier to read what they said below…

Do people really forget the name of the guy who knocked them up and have to add Baby Daddy to it just to remember? If Bree is really having Courtland’s baby, he should kick down some money to get a new cell phone or get her a free phone on his plan so she can contact him when she goes into labor since her phone looks like its been around the block a few times. He sure is a shitty baby daddy. And maybe he’s not the baby daddy at all. At this point the crap is so high its overflowing the toilet…

Earlier I had said  Taylor Lewis (Courtland’s daughter’s mother) seemed suspicious. Word is that the girl Bree claiming to be pregnant right now with Courtland’s baby and is also allegedly a friend of Taylor’s and married with a child besides the one she’s pregnant with that she’s claiming is Courtland’s. The picture (seen here) is Bree and the real baby daddy “Tonee”. This may explain how Taylor and Bree knew each other and were DM’ing on Twitter, which I thought was strange. After some searching, her name also showed up on some adoption sites, where she is shown below trying to adopt and claims she “can’t have babies”. This shit is SUPER SCANDALOUS to say the least. How can people not notice this? Don’t people fact check and research??

Is it a new trend to go on an internet forum and try to adopt a baby, especially at her age? She proves she’s not trustworthy because of the fact she states she can’t have children when she already has a child and is pregnant with another. In my opinion I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point that Courtland is NOT the FATHER!! Heard in a *Maury Povich Voice* All of the people involved have DM’d each other via Twitter, emailed each other, called and/or texted each other at some point around the height of the “miscarriage” story. The excuse is always “oh it’s too personal to say on Twitter or Facebook”. I can imagine the reason it’s all so personal is because they need all their stories to match, which is why they all get so defensive when asked for proof. Very defensive in fact. If it’s the truth, it shouldn’t be a problem. Right?


The majority of us know there are plenty of apps available out there that can make text conversations, and because these are only screen caps, we can’t verify for sure if this is real. Most couples have pet names for their significant other in their phones.

If this is an actual conversation between Jenelle and Courtland, it’s some very damning evidence against both of them. Pot meet Kettle? What a fucking hypocrite…

Sunday night after the Superbowl, Jenelle, Julia and Gary were on UStream answering questions live that Julia was reading off. Someone asked Jenelle if she was getting a divorce or an annulment, to which Gary replied “An annulment” before Jenelle could even answer. Someone also asked who’s house they were streaming from and Julia answered that it was “her house, her boyfriends house and Jenelle’s house”.


At another point in the video, Gary also said they played PS3 games on the big screen every night in the house that they were streaming from (click to see the picture of him and Jenelle). Gary and Jenelle say they’re not together and Jenelle said she’s heard rumors that Courtland is bisexual. Jenelle also finally admitted that they had previously been living with Courtland’s mother, but then all the bullshit happened. I don’t understand what the big deal was in not admitting that they lived with his mother. At least they had a roof over their heads. Seems to me they were trying to make their life look better than it actually was. ANY roof over your head is good and Jenelle should know this by now considering how many times she’s moved.

Someone then asked Jenelle if she was “picking up with Gary where she left off” to which she replied “pretty much” which makes me wonder why Gary tweeted that he wouldn’t be with Jenelle as long as she were a married woman and it’s looking like they’re already back together.  No matter how far apart they sit and try to fool people, Jenelle’s track record speaks for itself.  Some people should just keep quiet until they really think about what the future holds for them, especially these two.

Didn’t Gary and Jenelle say they weren’t together right before they said they were picking up where they left off? Hmm… Yeah, I thought so too. Jenelle also posted the following on her Sulia account on her Sulia account earlier Sunday: “I am extremely happy with my life right now. I’ve never felt so stress free and happy in my life! I get to see my son regularly and an old flame might be sparked :)” Doesn’t Jenelle live about an hour away from her son now? If she put the same amount of time she spends playing PS3 and being on social networks with all her drama into trying to get Jace back, it probably would’ve happened a long time ago. But she doesn’t care.

Courtland has been pretty quiet for the past few days then out of nowhere on February 4th a shocking video surfaced online of him allegedly “snorting heroin” in a hotel room with Tiffany. Do you all remember her? She’s the girl that Courtney went to the night he split with Jenelle and claims nothing that happened between them. But we know the TRUTH. This is what Courtney had to say about this new development.


Sources are stating that Tiffany was allegedly paid a whopping one thousand dollars for this video. With proof like that, I would of held out for a LOT more but maybe Radar is finally onto them. I also came across an article from OK Magazine from back in January of 2012 regarding Leah Messer Calvert’s unfortunate miscarriage, which made me immediately think of Jenelle’s live tweeted miscarriage timeline: “She was having bad cramps for the past two weeks, and then she miscarried”.

I wonder if Jenelle and Leah had any previous conversations about Leah’s miscarriage, because according to Jenelle she talks to all the girls regularly. Leah expressed that she was truly heartbroken after her miscarriage. What were Jenelle’s words via Twitter that day? Oh yeah they were “FUUUUUUUCK” and “I guess this is the end”.

Jenelle Evans Annouces New Season on Teen Mom with Gary Head

Hopefully Jenelle will learn a lesson from all this when the cameras stop rolling. Some people love being in the spotlight and I think she will finally see who her real friends are and who really wants to be with her for who she really is when it’s all over. Or maybe not. Jenelle and Gary might be “cute” together, but the girl needs some real guidance and in my opinion Gary is not the person she should get it from. Jenelle just blows her money on cell phones, random cars, drugs and her attorney (paid for by MTV). She always has an excuse of why she hasn’t gone back to school yet.

But we know the real reason why as our source also tells us that “Jenelle NEVER wants to work or have a job” and “she’s high all the time”. They also tell us that she “won’t finish school either” and “she never had any plans to go, it was all for press time.” Wow… Looks like being reality star “famous” has tainted her brain and she thinks she’s going to live the “easy life.” Has all her arrests and drug problems really helped her? Please share your thoughts about this shocking story down below…

UPDATE 02/12/2013: Yep, we’re back to give you an important update. Last week we did an article on Jenelle Evans and certain key people who were ironically closely involved in the live tweeted fake miscarriage drama. We had also mentioned how Taylor Lewis who’s known as Courtland Rogers baby mama and how she played a part but really had no business in it. Today she ADMITTED to all the things I thought she was up to. These fame whoring people don’t get that its so easy to see the fuckery from the outside looking in. Sadly, it appears that all the people involved see the exact same thing that drives them to do the stupid things that they decide to do.

It’s always all about THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR pure and simple. The only thing I’ve seen any of them get out of this is their lives crashing down around them, while their lies are exposed to the world.  Now Taylor has to worry about someone posting naked pictures that were allegedly taken of her. I hope she has now learned her lesson, and I hope everyone seeing what she’s going through is learning from this as well…


  1. Ashlee says:

    I also thought Taylor and Bree were full of shit from the gate n this just makes them look worse. I dont have alot of time to keep up on this so thank you for breaking it down I imagine it takes alot of work with all these storys going on at once. JE and Court are junkie liars and should have to return the money to Radar.

  2. Charlene R. says:

    The "source" has to be a really close friend of Jenelle's and must know a lot more than what GRR put in this post. After reading that story yesterday of Courtland claiming that the story about him "snorting heroin" was FAKE and Tiffany SOLD him out to Radar Online. I totally believe that Jenelle and Courtland lied about her being pregnant and that being a fake sonogram. It's all laid out right here and the links in this article expose more proof of the bullshit going on.

    I never believed the story coming from Jenelle saying that she has known Courtland since she was 14 years old. This source just confirmed my thoughts and feelings about this whole staged publicity stunt that has been pulled. I am disgusted to read the blatant lies floating on Jenelle's timeline.

    MTV should have gotten rid of Jenelle last year after her so many arrests and constant drug abuse. Why did they continue perpetuating the lies? I feel sorry for her poor son Jace, who she never sees, her mom Barbara that she treats like crap and her lawyer Mr. Sullivan.

  3. Ashlee says:

    The source has got to be someone JE messed over and I wish they'd just go public and out her stupid ass already what do they have to lose she's already messed over all of her friends even her own mom and Gary too and will do it again. I feel so sorry for her mom the way she talks to her, I would never talk to my mom like that and her mom should just keep Jace hes much better with her. She always says for years now she watches herself on tv and sees the things she does wrong but if that were true she'd be doing better not worse!

  4. FUYU says:

    I don't watch the show (I've tried, but couldn't stand it).. and all I needed was a clip from Marie's TL of Janelle's "best moments" to keep me steering clear of giving any additional ratings lol. It's extremely difficult to watch irresponsible parenting and lack of responsibility as an adult.. (and Janelle is NOT a teen anymore.. no excuses!) while at the same time watching it's impact on twitter via "fans" praising their bad decisions. Why become responsible when you've got people cheering you on and telling you that you're not doing anything wrong? And these fans… it's like cheering on a stray unspayed dog. I guess that I should look out my window for one and cheer that bitch on!

    The "standards" that Janelle and her circle has is disturbing. I've seen people mention it being another Tuna, but sadly Janelle has a child and is dragging that little innocent life along (whether he likes it or not) the same path of ruin and no self respect. He'll think all women are like her. SMH

  5. Here is the petition to Melissa Barreto (Senior Manager), Janice Gatti (Vice President) and Tamika Young (Publicist) for MTV in New York to Remove Jenelle Evans from MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Please see the petition below and sign…

    Jenelle Evans is a perfect example of so many people hate this show. So much money is being thrown at this girl, for getting pregnant at 16. She does not have custody of her child. She has been in trouble with the law constantly over the years for various things like violence, drugs, and cyber-stalking.

    She hops from one guy to the next. She has claimed that every one of her boyfriends have abused her, and then presses charges. Yet she takes them back once she breaks up with her guy of the minute. She has severe mental problems and addiction issues. She is a pathological liar. She puts people private information on twitter to get her followers to harass them. She has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution and she has been proven to be using heroin.

    She recently got married to a man she barely knew or had a relationship with, and ended up “pregnant” again. Which was most likely faked in order to get drug money. Had she actually been pregnant, whether it ended with an actual miscarriage, or she chose to have an abortion, she has to be the most heartless women in the world. She has no attachment what-so-ever to the children she creates! One day after her supposed miscarriage she’s partying, joking, and guy hopping once again.

    This is just getting sad MTV. Jenelle is obviously way worse of a trainwreck than Amber of the original Teen Mom cast. She is going to end up dead from an overdose and its going to be the money from MTV that makes it happen. MTV is morally obligated to cut Jenelle off and show that they do not support her behavior.


  6. @Boqueefa says:

    i think Taylor and Courtland were in on this together. I can not stand the sound of Taylors voice nor can I stand all these strangers calling her daughter by her nickname like they know her, its fucking creepy. Oh and if Duffy is your source dump him now he is a man scorned because he was used as a sugar daddy and can't get over it.

    • I can confirm that James Duffy is NOT the source of this information. Even though Jenelle destroyed Duffy’s business and practically his life. I can only say at this point its one of Janelle’s long time friends who wants to remain anonymous and is tired of the lies that she tells everyone.

  7. Marie says:

    So now Courtland is officially in jail (or in a loony bin depending on who's tweets you read) and Jenelle is tweeting "Shits getting old" . Did she really think she was going to lie like this and everyone would just forget about it the way she does? The people who help her with her bullshit stories are always the ones that get fucked over and she gets off scott free. One day that won't happen.

    Instead of wasting time posting pics of herself on Twitter this morning (no filter, starting to look like an Alien from the drug use) she should be WITH her son instead of saying "I SPYYYY JACE" in a picture frame. That's fucking pathetic and sad.

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