VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” Beef: Consequence & Joe Budden “Spoke Like Men” During Face-Off

Joe Budden and Consequence - January 4 2013

As most of you know, VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop follows six very dynamic women in the business. Each with a compelling connection to the world of Hip Hop. All are trying to make their way in a world of backstabbing and jealousy and other fuckery that goes on in the industry. They deal with broken promises and shattered dreams on a daily basis, but keep it moving. To the casual observer and fan, the world of Hip Hop looks like it all thrills and excitement. There’s the gold and diamonds, the Bentleys and the Maybach’s, most of all is the power and the fame. But behind the scenes, Hip Hop can be a difficult world to navigate. To be honest with you it’s even harder for women who are trying to get ahead in the game. Things are not always what they seem to be. VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” returned for its third season and it had brought in new additions to the cast for the new season. It also brought Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden and former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence. Some fans wondered what happened recently when the rappers met face to face just a couple of days ago…

Things got really crazy and I have to say very awkward on the set of Hot 97’s morning show when Joe Budden ran into Consequence. Word going around town saying that  Consequence has recently been on a drama mission, taking random jabs at Kanye West and also at Slaughterhouse MC Budden during a recent interview at Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Budden, whose long awaited No Love Lost album hit stores on February 5. As most of us realized Budden was not happy to hear some of the unnecessary comments made by Consequence and his mouthy baby mama Jen ‘The Pen’. Budden had enough of the bullshit and decided to address both of them in person and in the middle of an interview they were doing on Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show. That’s when things got crazy, but interesting to watch and listen.

It was obvious through watching the video of the live confrontation Joe Budden had remained calm during the exchange, while Consequence looked a bit shook up and very surprised at Budden’s appearance. In the video Consequence seemed to fumble on his various explanations for the negative comments he had made about Budden. Which he now claims were instigated by interviewers’ questions and their “Love & Hip Hop” co-star Raqi Thunda. Joe wasn’t having it, but fortunately he was able to come to an understanding with his reality co-star before any hands were thrown on the set of the morning radio show. And it seems, after discussing their differences, the two rappers concluded on a positive note. To show they were cool, Budden tweeted a picture of both of them together that said, “Spoke like men… #NoLoveLost”

After the video was released of the confrontation between them, Consequence posted some now deleted tweets off of his official twitter timeline, “So Joe didn’t Walk out & come back once he got the Heart 2 Holla? I just explained things so the company I was with off cam didn’t blitz.” Adding, “Where’s that footage??? And where’s the footage of Joe talking Jen??? #Reaching” and “I PROMISE that Edit is BOGUS… But it’s COOL. Believe what you want.” Finally ending it all with, “NO MORE TALKING #StraightLikeThat” Wow, okay he still acts like a hypocrite…

When asked about his relationship with Joe Budden during a interview with Vlad TV. Consequence considered putting his hands on Budden. With a smirk Consequence said, “I don’t have time to talk about nobody. [The radio hosts] asked him about me doing a record and he scoffed – so he got what he got for that. Other than that, we’re on the same [‘Love & Hip Hop’] show so in my business mind, I would have never said anything about him…. Diss records don’t make any money. Trust me. I did enough of them, they don’t make no bread.” 

Even thou Consequence opened up about his perceived beef with co-stars Budden and Raqi Thunda. Strangely he claims that he has no animosity towards either of them. He added that he only got on the show, because he wanted to use it as a platform for his religion and to support his girlfriend and mother of his child, Jen the Pen. For some reason people like Jen ‘The Pen’ and others think that Consequence‘s baby mama acts a bit out of control at times and needs a leash. In the interview seen above Raqi shares her thoughts on Consequence’s Power 105.1 interview. Where he wickedly clowned her, Kanye West, Q-Tip, Big Sean and many more celebrities.

Raqi had said that it was a “hoe ass” move on his part. Raqi also revealed who she’s gotten close with on the show. What do you think about Raqi and the rest of the ladies on the show? What about the “racist” comments that Jen ‘The Pen’ said? What about the tweets she posted in response to the heat she got from them? Is there to much drama between them? Please share your thoughts with me below…


  1. Marie says:

    I know the season just got started but I'm having a really hard time warming up to any member of this cast except for Yandi's baby boy he has the most GORGEOUS EYES.

    Jen "The Pen" is a crybaby straight up whenever it has to do with her husband, she needs to make herself equal instead of looking like a chump. From what I saw last episode she has a voice, but needs to think before using it. What she said was bad no matter which way you look at it, especially because she's in a biracial marriage. Cons shouldn't be talking crap about anyone because you never know who's path you're going to cross in this business and you could lose a huge opportunity due to mouthing off.

    Cons is also a grown man with a wife and child to support so he should think of ways to make his home situation better. On the show he comes off as an uncompromising jerk.

    Erica Mena is straight up crazy as fuck…I don't keep up with these people IRL but if Rich is still with her he's crazy too. With all these people acting the way they do it makes Olivia look extra nice this season.

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