“Tampon Girl” Giovanna Plowman Sucks Her Bloody Used Tampon Just To Get “Famous”

Giovanna Plowman aka hollagiovanna via Instagram

When people are desperate to become FAMOUS and make their mark in society, they will literally do anything to get there. When I say do anything, I really mean it. This has to be one of the most disgusting things that someone has done in an attempt to become a celebrity. Although there was this guy who allegedly ate his poop with some ice cream in an attempt to become famous. Giovanna Plowman, who’s a teenager from Buffalo, New York, had uploaded a video to her Facebook page on January 20, that appears to show her sucking on and eating her own bloody used tampon. If becoming viral star is was what she dreamed about, well I am pretty sure by now she knows she has achieved success. Giovanna has achieved the ranks of becoming an Internet celebrity and has now received the nickname “Tampon girl.” Since the original video’s release Giovanna has been receiving a lot of hate and cyberbullying for uploading the grotesque video to her alleged now deleted Facebook account. Several reports around the web say that her Facebook page had been deleted hacked after she posted the controversial video. The original video was removed off of Facebook and also had been deleted from YouTube for violating terms of service. However, the internet is faster then we expected and it was not soon enough to stop it from going viral online. Check out the shocking The Period Video video down below…

Just the thought of someone consuming their menstruation uterine lining, which is like trash from the body if not used for gestation purposes is pretty gross right? I mean how fucking twisted does someone have to be? The video seen above shows Giovanna in a bathroom pulling down her pants. She leans forward and appears to pull a used tampon from between her legs. She holds up the blood stained object in front of the camera for inspection before she puts it in her mouth and sucks at it repeatedly.

You notice in the video she also shows of what appears to be a half full cup of clear liquid which she says is water. But oddly when she drinks some of it she makes a face like she doesn’t like it very much. The tampon in question does contain what appears to be blood clots  and soaked full of blood. Maybe she has clear alcohol in the cup?

Tampon Girl -Giovanna Plowman

Giovanna’s unfortunate “15-minutes of fame” was possible thanks to the producers of TOSH.0, Facebook and Twitter. A Twitter account which has not been confirmed as belonging to the “real” tampon sucking girl has already over an amazing 155,000+ followers and gaining more and more by the day. We have to wonder is that account really Giovanna’s or simply a fame leeching imposter sucking up the real “Tampon Girl” claim to fame? The person controlling that account definitely shows that they love all of the cyber attention that they have been getting over their wild tweets.

On Giovanna’s real Instagram account she had tweeted a pic of her kissing her ex-boyfriend. Plus many other pictures from last year that are not seen on the newer twitter account. This twitter account hollagiovanna is also displaying the same name as in the pic seen above notifying everyone that she has only one twitter account that has just a few tweets on it. On top of rampant rumors that Giovanna had allegedly committed suicide because of the cyberbullying and harsh comments she received. Which was followed by a deleted tweet from the ItsGiovannaP account saying, “Hello this is Giovanna mom. I’m very sorry to say that Giovanna has commit suicide on 1/27 at 8:17. I’m extremely upset with all the hate she got.”

It also appears that Giovanna is also some how related to Dino Bruscia. This is the guy who got Internet famous for allegedly eating his poop with ice cream. She has called him her best friend but some people believe that they are more than that and they had gotten married. Gawker reports the two fame seekers, are probably not actually married, but have set their sights on the girl who released a video of herself allegedly having sex with a dog. Gawker quotes a Facebook post in which Giovanna proclaims: “Who is this bitch who got fucked by a dog and sucked its dick? Trying to out do me sweetie? Dont think so your ratchet as fuck and thats animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took shit to a whole new level!”

The bestiality girl who fucked her dog was named Alyssa Rosales aka “Dog Girl”. She has posted on her profile, “(Official Twitter Of Alyssa Rosales) I’m the girl who made that video with the dog, i lost a bet and i had to do it.. so stop hating!”

Giovanna Plowman Imposter Twitter vs Real Account

Here’s the problem that I am having with the validity of any of the accounts. We see the alleged ItsGiovannaP constantly updates their Twitter timeline on a daily basis. The account user has displayed no shame or remorse in bashing anyone who doesn’t worship the ground they tweet on. Both “Tampon Girl” accounts claim its their, “Official twitter account of giovanna plowman. :) hii i’m the new youtube star i ONLY made that video cause it was a dare, and i wanted to get famous!”

The most active account claims on January 22 that, “for everyone who’s asking YES, this is my real and official account! i made this account in NOV. 27 1 month ago!! started tweeting this week” and “what i did was stupid…but SO WHAT?! i’m famous for that, ill be on ellen, ill get verified, i’m getting money to show up at some parties!!” Also on January 24 they said, “all these fake twitters of me, i already told twitter to suspend 3 other fakes, they did it. will suspended more. unless they change.” But it all doesn’t add up and something doesn’t sound right. Because the account for hollagiovanna starting posting pictures months ago under their original name as seen in the picture posted before the screen shots above.

The picture seen below is from a January 25, 2013 deleted tweet from the same Twicsy account also going under the name hallogiovanna. The same account also posted a screen shot taken from her phone on February 1, 2013. A Facebook page who many believe was Giovanna’s authentic Facebook account had a little more than 200,000 followers. However no one has been able to confirm its authenticity before it disappeared from cyberspace. Before the page was deleted it was reported that she was waging an online war against all impostors who were attempting to take her shine and ruin her “Tampon Girl” name. I guess she was embarrassed for the crap talking being said towards various real celebrities and reality stars in Hollywood.

Giovanna Plowman aka hollagiovanna picture proof - January 25 2013

A post left on the Facebook page had said: “ATTENTION EVERY ONE!!! this is my real and only twitter @hollagiovanna all others are fake please follow me and rt this picture we need to get #report @itsgiovannap that fake troll needs to go! Following all who follow back.” Another post on the page had stated: “EVERY ONE I NEED YOUR HELP!! theres a fake twitter of me called @itsgiovannap! THAT IS NOT ME AT ALL and there starting up a bunch of drama in the hollywood circles! PLEASE REPORT HER AND UNFOLLOW IF YOU DIDENT. and follow my real twitter @hollagiovanna!!! Im following every one back who does!” Just looking at the pictures shown above I can believe what they are claiming. Hmm, are BOTH of the ItsGiovannaP and dinobruscia777 who claims, “Yeah. Im the kid who ate his own shit! Im married to giovanna plowman and alyssa rosales is our bff! Were famous! Holla” twitter accounts just FAKES simply trolling for ATTENTION?

Its all too crazy and a huge cluster fuck because there is another account who also claims to be the alleged “real” Dino going under the twitter name dinobruscia0420. At this point its really hard to know who is who. But from what I am guessing Giovanna could possibly be running both accounts. It’s so damn confusing. Until one of the accounts actually gets verified, I am going to guess that Twitter is being trolled pretty hard and lots of people are falling victim to the rampant fuckery going down.

We all are wondering if the horrifically gross video is REAL or FAKE? Who do you think is the real Giovanna? What do you think about her doing this radical publicity stunt? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below…


  1. Marie says:

    Just reading this made me ill..I cant even watch the video. This is SOOOO disgusting and I can't believe that there are shows out there willing to put this on air so that pigs like this can get a few minutes of fame. What happened to people wanting to be famous for REAL reasons like talent or doing a good deed for the world? OMFG this girl is seriously mental and if her mother really supports it she's mental as well.

  2. The “Tampon Girl” is only 15 years old and seems proud of her new found fame. Here is what she told her haters and naysayers on her now DELETED Facebook page…

    Giovanna Plowman: “OMG! SO I JUST FOUND OUT IM GOING TO BE ON TOSH.O!!! One of Daniel Tosh’s agents got ahold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on their show! This is amazing. Like I never thought it would get this big. And of course I’ll be going.”

    And in response to all the haters…

    Giovanna Plowman: “Have you ever watched Jackass? Fear Factor? Jersey Shore? I know you all have. It’s okay for them to get famous from eating and doing such stupid stuff or being sluts and partying hard. But i eat a tampon and get so much hate? It makes no sense. Just because I’m a girl and ate something gross and got famous you hate on me? I’m a real nice girl. Don’t start drama… and I have only ever had one boyfriend? Please tell me how I’m a slut. Smh idgaf about you haters I’ll shine on with or with out you!”

  3. @Boqueefa says:

    That was gross thanks lol. Oh and she must have a heavy period my tampons never get that full

  4. deluwiel says:

    I find the whole thing sad, sad, sad. What this little girl doesn't understand is that notoriety (not fame – that's something else entirely) lasts only until the next clown comes along and all she'll be left with is this heinous video and the moniker "Tampon Girl". No money, no paparazzi, no extravagant celebrity lifestyle. Nope, this shit will follow her around FOR YEARS and by the time she's in her 30s it's not going to be nearly as exciting when someone on a blog devoted to stupid video stunts dredges it all up to point and laugh and gag for a minute or two. She's created quite a little legacy for herself, hasn't she?

    and also… WHERE THE HELL ARE HER PARENTS?!?!?!

    • That is exactly the same thing I was wondering. I am sure by know their daughter has embarrassed herself and its all over the internet. What is wrong with teenagers these days? The internet has bread some really disturbing trends amongst people. I agree that this TAMPON GIRL name will haunt her literally forever and she will regret it when she is looking for a career. SMH…

  5. nikki says:

    I was just about to ask about the parents as well. With being on TOSH.O and being a minor, I am sure her parents had to be there when a contract was signed. She couldn't have just traveled to the show without her parents' knowledge… also why does she think this is awesome?

    I wouldn't leave her such hate mail but after watching the video, I did want to gag. She compares herself to Jackass but Jackass guys didn't just do it for the fame but more or less cause they had money to be stupid and were over 18. I get we are all dumb at 15 but she just is pushing stupidity. Why do kids want to do stupid shit just to be famous? I mean all I wanted as to be liked by boys… not by the world…. ugh that video still makes me sick

  6. deluwiel says:

    This is definitely something that she's going to regret in, oh… about 6 months. She's going to have to change her name. Seriously. From now until the end of time whenever someone googles her name Tampon Girl is going to pop up. How is that going to play out when she's looking for a job? Applying to college? Maybe meets the guy of her dreams? "What? What came up when you searched my name? Nn..no! That's not me! Why would that come up? I… I have no idea… Tampon Girl? uggh no! What kind of sicko would DO that?!?"

    The Internet. Never. Forgets.

  7. LAdeeda says:

    well that sure was a 'live leak'….what a shame. she thinks it is cool to go by 'tampon girl' but yeah she didnt actually eat it. what about 'red wings' whats the difference in that? oh boy! smh

  8. Kate Addict says:

    Um yeah, that's gross, but I think people who eat placenta are by far more gross.

  9. Jas says:

    I read somewhere that it was vegetable dye and jam, but even if so, still very sad. She's not very old. Not many people are the same person even one year later as they're developing, and if she still thinks it's wonderful in ten years time that's even more sad.

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