Baby Mama Drama: Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Face Off With Taylor Lewis On Twitter?

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Just Married  - December 2012

The never ending drama and constant fuckery keeps flowing on this “Teen Mom 2″ stars timeline. Even after Jenelle Evans just yesterday totally denied that she was back with her abusive husband. She keeps showing the world that she currently is with him and is going to do what it takes to defend her extremely troubled marriage with Courtland Rogers. Yesterday it had gotten interesting when Jenelle posted on her Sulia account stating, “But I will let everyone know that I AM SINGLE and I AM NOT DATING ANYONE. I’m focusing on myself and my son’s life, nobody else’s. This means taking baby steps at a time.” We know from Jenelle’s recent “single” and “not dating anyone” claims and her new Facebook status saying she was in a “complicated relationship.” She contradicted her earlier statement telling her many fans that in fact, “I need individual counseling and therapy if anything for being addicted to relationships. I can honestly admit this about myself and can’t seem to help it unless I continue to get the help I need through therapy.” But the real drama doesn’t even begin there as Jenelle and Courtland only proved to the world last night that they were together. When a fight exploded on Jenelle’s timelline between her ex-friend and Courtland’s baby mama Taylor Lewis. Things got ugly and wicked between the three of them in the twitter battle. Check it out down below…

Jenelle Evans Fights With Taylor Lewis Over Courtland Rogers - March 2013

In several tweets from Jenelle seen above (click the picture to make it bigger). The war started with some few choice words from her telling Taylor, “@memory232323 that’s all in the past whatever happened and I thought u could of trusted u but saying he is on drugs when he isn’t.” She also added, “@memory232323 IS NOT FUNNY. I drug tested him and U have people sending money to u from twitter. He can have JaJa in his life all he wants but yr jealously has gotten out of had, DON’T even try to run my husband off the road, or anyone for that matter” So Jenelle claims that she recently drug tested her husband. I have to ask her where and how? That also shows that she’s been with him even after she said that she’s single.

She said something that made me shake my head in amazement “not to mention I see his phone now every 5 mins and I see u texting him pic after pic but IDC.” Oh fuck she can’t be that jealous and insecure can she? If she is that is really sad. However the fight with Taylor was not finished when she said, “@memory232323 dude I can honestly say I am an ex addict and that If he was coming off that shit his body would be fucked physically.” Jenelle continued the fight, also telling Taylor, “@memory232323 this conversation is about me and u bring civil so he CAN see his daughter. he wants to be with u he is “clean” now he isn’t?” 

Jenelle got more pissed off and told Taylor, “@memory232323 oh I haven’t have him a drug test? Why do u think we r keeping our life OFFLINE. We r making a change with our lives.” She wanted to end the fight about her being back with Courtland and told her, “I’m not discussing this over the Internet.” But for some reason she kept the drama going back and forth responding for almost hour after. Jenelle also said, “My step daughters mom is going psychoooo u guys, lol.”

Taylor Lewis Defends Herself Against Coutland Rogers and Jenelle Evans - March 2013

In several tweets from Taylor seen above (click the picture to make it bigger). We see that Taylor was really angry and hurt by what went on. She wasn’t taking anyone’s crap and had returned the insults to defend herself and her daughter Jordan against Jenelle and Courtland’s fury. She started her tweet war with a complaint to Courtland, “@courtyb11 dude you are sooooooo freaking lucky i didn’t run right into you’re moms car. But you know what you’re not even worth my time you.” To no one’s surprise she added that he was a “dead beat!” We can agree with that statement.

She continued on for over an hour telling Jenelle, “@PBandJenelley_1 you’re sick jenelle to say this about my daughter grow up!” Taylor showed how hurt she was and told her, “you acted like my friend the hole time and everything i trusted u with, u went right back and told courtland and added more to it i saw your text messages.” She added, “now that u have cland back where u want him. Where he’s not allowed to see jaja because u won’t let him. I saw the text messages and recording. As long as your happy. Right jenelle it doesn’t matter about jaja!” That’s when the conversation about Courtland and his drug use tuned ugly.

Taylor also told her, “@PBandJenelley_1 he is on monday he got his bottle of benzo’s and his bottle of pain pills. Before he got those he was doing bags! … also he’s been smoking weed!” Courtland did admit that he was still smoking and getting high a few days ago. Taylor told her, “you’re a lair jenelle! All u do is lie!!! U didn’t give him a drug test!” We have to agree with this statement too. Jenelle has lied quite a lot about people and lots of things over the past several years.

Courtland Rogers Joins Jenelle Evans In Fight Against Taylor Lewis - March 2013

In several tweets from Courtland seen above (click the picture to make it bigger). He was obviously feeling proud that his wifey Jenelle was only taking his side in the fight against Taylor. I think its quite crazy since just last week he was saying he was cool with hanging out with Taylor his daughter. Just a couple days ago Courtland couldn’t contain himself and told his twitter followers, “And no matter what Taylor says ….I am not using drugs like that!! I do smoke weed but that’s it!! She is so mad that jenelle is out. @PBandJenelley_1 it’s funny Taylor is making me look bad now when just two days ago she loved me so much n was proud of how I was sober smh. Taylor knows ima great dad and Jaja knows her daddy;) so just becuase my wife and I wanna make things right she’s gonna lie about ,e now smh.”

When Courtland tweeted to his followers “Sorry been busy spending much needed personal time with somebody special to me so we decided no twitter lol or less twitter I should say.” Hmm… I had to laugh and a face-palm moment came on. He needs permission now to be on twitter? There’s no way he can be serious can he?

For some reason Courtland stupidly exposed that he was in fact currently with Jenelle when he angrily tweeted the following, “@memory232323 taylor stop this!!!!just because I left u cause of the fact my wife and i both got sober!does NOT mean I left jaja quit it NOw. like nobody listens to your lies except people that listen to lies !! Think about it !!! Now leave my wife and I alone I still love Jaja and even though I dumped u for my wife that doesn’t mean ami bailed on Jaja look at th pics of her n I the other day. so leave me and jenelle alone now ok cool thanks bye.” However even after saying that Jenelle and him would “plead the fifth lol!!! ;)” After all Courtland claims, he continued on with the unnecessary drama for another 30 minutes or so then finally decided to shut up, stop responding and go to bed.

What do you think about this twitter beef between Jenelle, Courtland and Taylor? Do you believe Jenelle claims that she is “single” and “not dating anyone” right now and her statement saying “I need individual counseling and therapy if anything for being addicted to relationships.” How about her rehab claims and her saying that she is currently sober and drug free? Please share your thoughts down below…


  1. Marie says:

    Courtland Rogers is a grade A AssHole saying this shit: “@memory232323 taylor stop this!!!!just because I left u cause of the fact my wife and i both got sober!does NOT mean I left jaja quit it NOw. like nobody listens to your lies except people that listen to lies !! Think about it !!! Now leave my wife and I alone I still love Jaja and even though I dumped u for my wife that doesn’t mean ami bailed on Jaja look at th pics of her n I the other day. so leave me and jenelle alone now ok cool thanks bye." So he left Taylor because Jenelle decided she was sober this week? Did she NOT see the tweet about him saying she withdrew and left shit in his tub? WTF is WRONG with this girl?

    Now, everyone knows my stance on Taylor. I think she abused this situation just as bad as Courtland but for him to use her while he's down and out then publicly say that shit to her shows you what kind of idiot he truly is. Jenelle is a stupid idiot and this further proves she isn't getting help for ANY kind of addiction because if that were true, her therapist would be telling her to stay away from all these idiots. His daughter will be able to look this up someday and see how bad her father treated her mother. MTV seriously needs to fire this trainwreck NOW.

    And will someone please tell these idiots that marijuana is a drug? CLEAN means NO DRUGS, not even marijuana so every time she says they're clean shes LYING again.

  2. Samantha says:

    I thought Jenelle was done with the drama and gonna keep off twitter?

    Guess she lied again. This post more than proves that Courtland and Jenelle are back together. Why did she tell everyone that she was single? She is a nasty mess and needs to get her lies straight or get the hell off social networks for good. Why does she think that Courtland smoking weed isn't being on drugs? That's stupid. It's obvious that Jenelle is lying about the drug test because Courtland admitted himself that he smokes weed still!!!!!!! DUH o.0

    I used to feel bad for Taylor but she involved herself in the drama and made her intentions public by begging for attention and asking for money from her followers. The babies that are suffering the most out of this is Jordan and Jace. When they search their parents names on the internet they will be shocked and embarrassed. Its a sad thing to watch them exploit themselves and their personal lives for fame.

  3. Amanda says:

    There is no such thing as an ex addict and that's all imma say since I'm a stoner

    • Sober to Stay says:

      There is such a thing as an ex-addict. I AM one. I have been sober for 12 years, and I have no intention of ever going back. Just because YOU can't get sober doesn't mean that others haven't….and to undermine the struggle of people who have worked hard to get clean is more than a little offensive.

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