Hot Music Video – Gangsta & Devil’s Command – Kat Dahlia + Behind The Scenes

Katriana Huguet better known by her stage name Kat Dahlia, is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. Kat was born in Miami, Florida, she moved to New York City where a failed relationship inspired her to write songs. After singing from an early age, she began recording in 2012 and signed to Silvia Rhone‘s sub-label of Epic Records Vested in Culture, and released her first track “Gangsta” in December 2012. With song lyrics that talk about real life struggles, “And this recession so depression / My parents don’t stop stressin / Just hopin I learned all they lessons / And I’m paying for this session / I’m paying for this session / And I’m paying rent, food, clothes, phones, Christmas presents / 6 shots and I’m just counting all my blessings / No days off baby I ain’t resting / I told my things / now I’m done confessin.” Back during late February 2012, Silvia had spoke with Billboard about the new label that recently had also signed pop duo Quadron, R&B singer/songwriter Deon Young, pop singer/songwriter/musician Sebastian Mikael and also rappers Casey Veggies and Cashius Green. The web first caught wind of 21-year-old, Kat Dahlia back in February 2012 while still using the name Kat Hue, she had quietly released her Shades of Grayalbum. After the recent release of her album and for unknown reasons, she had changed her stage name to Kat Dahlia. Take sometime to listen to Kat’s new music video for “Gangsta” and also another music video under her other moniker called “Devil’s Playground”. Watch down below after the jump…

Video Synopsis: In the “Gangsta” music video we see Kat reflecting on the past hardships that her mother had faced while raising her and her siblings following her parents’ divorce. The official music video was shot against the colorful landscape in Kat’s hometown of Miami and incorporates her bold Cuban roots. During various scenes we see Kat as she walks on the railroad tracks. Kat then gets all comfy next to her sexy male co-star in a classic blue convertible while rocking a colorful wardrobe.

The creative “Gangsta” track was described by MTV as “like a hip-hop Lana Del Rey crossed with the innate hardness of Rihanna.” Kat sings and raps in a deep, rich bass tone about her youth and growing up in Florida. It also shows through her lyrics that she loves 50 Cent’s style by the way she spits his lyrics, “You say you a gangsta / That don’t impress me none / Ain’t seen a thing you done/ I do it all myself / I ain’t getting help from no one.” Kat dropped by Wired 96.5 Philly’s Party Station to play her song “Gangsta”.  She give them a taste of what she’s all about. Her unique singing style and music is about to take the scene by storm so get ready and check her out. You can watch Kat sing her acoustic version right here.

About the “Gangsta” video Kat reveals, “It was really important for me to shoot this video in Miami because this is my hometown. I think that the richness and the culture, the colors, the story, it just felt right and the weather’s good in February.” Kat has her a lot going for her and is about to blow up in the industry.

During a January 2013 interview, Kat tells VIBE how she moved to New York on a whim and got tangled up in an unhealthy relationship that turned into “writer’s gold.” Even her debut single “Gangsta” chronicles her struggle in trying to make ends meet and provide a better living for her family. However, Kat’s inspiration to be original never ceases to amaze. Would you like to see more of Kat performing live? Check out Kat perform at the Jamn 94.5 IHeart Radio Lounge located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kat opened up about her motivation saying, “I’m always trying to create because I feel like music is constant change. You’re always trying to create something forward, something new… something that sounds good and once you’ve found that, you’ve nailed it.” While some people have twisted the real meaning of her new “Gangsta” track and have assumed that she is acting “gangster”. Kat told Wired 96.5 the following statement, “I’m not claiming that I’m gangster. I think that’s what the misconception is sometimes. What I’m doing is kind of calling out the dudes that say they’re gangster and it’s kind of like “you’re whack”…”

When asked about how the song came about she replied, “When I wrote it was during a time when all these dudes were trying to come up on me. It was dudes that sear that they were thugs and you realize that they’re not. Like after you get to know them a little more… It’s like yo, you ain’t doing anything.” Kat is young but has a fresh raw talent. Check out and listen to Kat’s entertaining radio interview with Jenny Boom Boom at Hot 93.7 located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Kat’s singing abilities and sound kind of remind me a little bit of Amy Winehouse, also artist and high priestess of soul/R&B Nina Simone, whose songs were featured in the 1993 original movie sound track called Point of No Returnwith Bridget Fonda. What do you think about Kat and her sound? Please share your thoughts below…

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