“Teen Mom 2″ Star Jenelle Evans Left Drug Rehab To Reunite With Courtland Rogers AGAIN?

Where do we start with this new and never ending crazy story about Jenelle Evans messed up life that always seems to be in serious trouble every single month of the year. However, we all know how Jenelle is and she can’t seem to keep very many real friends in her circle. For some weird reason Jenelle always wants to try and fix the bad relationships that she has by going out with them again after big blow outs. Ironically, the story only gets stranger from this point on. In December 2012, Jenelle married her boyfriend Courtland Rogers, that she only knew for a few months. The couple had got engaged in November 2012 and Jenelle was allegedly expecting her second child. Jenelle stated that she missed a few days of taking her birth control pills and was notified of the pregnancy while at a doctors appointment. It was announced on January 25, 2013 that she and Courtland split and a reliable source came out and exposed that Jenelle’s pregnancy was FAKED just for money and press time. If you don’t believe what I am saying I ask you to please check the tweets from Courtland dated January 12, saying that Jenelle was “NOT PREGNANT” and they were “NOT HAVING A BABY.” This rehab news comes just a month after Jenelle filed assault charges against her “almost famous” and attention whoring husband Courtland. Jenelle then conveniently suffered a miscarriage with ex-fiancé Gary Head by her side enjoying all the attention that he was receiving. Getting back to the rehab story and the drama with Courtland, this cluster fuck gets worse day by day…

Jenelle Evans with Courtland Rogers

After returning to rehab for an alleged heroin addiction, the troubled “Teen Mom 2” star is back home and blowing up her Twitter account. On March 2, Jenelle tweeted the following message, “This is for you Jace, no one else.” Jenelle then wrote a tweet hinting that she might be entering rehab, “If anyone deserves this you do. Love you so much buddy. Bye everyone.”’ Jenelle’s current attorney, (who is paid for by MTV) Dustin R.T. Sullivan, recently told E! News on March 6 that, “Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address any addiction issues for drug use.” He did not specify what drug she was being treated for or how long her stay in the facility would be. Jenelle continues to ignore her responsibilities of motherhood because she rather party instead. She wants her adoring fans to think she sees Jace all the time, but we know that she doesn’t. Sadly, Jenelle has proven herself to be so irresponsible that she has to rely heavily on her mother Barbara Evans.

The two have a highly explosive relationship, which is amplified by the fact that Barbara has temporary custody of Jace. Through it all, Jenelle struggles to prove herself as a mom and responsible adult, but her party girl ways and her trouble-maker boyfriends and current husband, keep leading her down the wrong path. Jenelle must choose between changing her ways or continuing on a downward spiral that is quickly leading her to hit rock bottom. With her bailing on rehab, just four days after admitting herself. A unknown source reportedly had said, “Jenelle just needed to spend some time trying to figure things out. She wasn’t in rehab that long because she doesn’t think she really needs it. She’s ready to live her life like a normal person not on drugs or dealing with the crappy guys who were around her.”

Courtland Rogers Talks About Himself and Jenelle Evans - March 2013

While Jenelle was doing another short lived attempt at rehab, her attention seeking husband had also been arrested on March 7, and he still found time to tweet about it, “They.got me…brunswick.coybty jail i am.on my way…write me …sorry i got caught. i tried to tell everyone on twitter a week ago that ya’ll we see ….i just had to wait untill i could say. i love all of u… even my haters because of u ..i am never alone… true story n yall have to admit yall love me well i hope u do lol.” Courtland added, “i hate jail by the way watch how i turn my life around now JAJA here dad comes lil angel its our time.. n please somebody find taylor 4 me :(”

Pender County Sheriff Deputy Chester Ward told E! News that they discovered Courtland had outstanding warrants on March 5, when they were dispatched to an unrelated call in Hampstead, North Carolina. Multiple arrest warrants for Courtland exposed disturbing details about their dysfunctional relationship. One warrant dated November 16, 2012 claims he allegedly “unlawfully and willfully did assault and strike Jenelle Rogers, a female person, by picking her up throwing her against the wall, bashing her head on the wall, punching in her head, back, stomach and legs.” Courtland had proudly tweeted on March 7, saying “shout out to BRUNSWICK COUNTY JAIL for actually taking a nice mugshot pic of me lol……damn i am sexy as a motha fu@c&er” and he was in Jail “for like 7 hours” He says his “bond was 300 dollars.” Looking at the screen shot of his tweets above show how arrogant he is. When he says stuff like “IF I CAN MARRY A REALITY STAR I AM PRETTYYYYYY SURE THERE ARE JUST A FEW GIRLS THAT WOULD LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO GET IT ;)” He claims to have changed his fame whore ways? I seriously doubt that.

Taylor Lewis and Courtland Rogers on taylewis1993 - March 2013

A couple months ago Taylor Lewis made “friends” with Jenelle then they had a fight so they aren’t friends anymore (no surprise). Taylor then deleted her original twitter account after being allegedly exposed for drug use and that “evidence” was passed to CPS which took action against her. On March 7, Taylor tweeted about her deleted twitter account, “The reason why i didnt reactivate my old twitter. cuz i want to start fresh without all the drama! All the drama is not good for me & jaja.” I can see that she wants to start out “fresh”, so why go back to twitter? Makes no sense. Jenelle also blocked Taylor on March 10, because she was fighting with Courtland.

On March 8, she tweeted a response asking why she had disappeared from twitter for so long. Taylor replied saying, “i been at school for the past 2 weeks and jaja has been in daycare lol” For the past week or so, Taylor seemed pretty happy chilling with her baby daddy Courtland and their daughter Jordan. On March 10, Courtland who has access to that account because “he has the password and stuff.” Had also tweeted that, “I tried to keep it civil!!! @PBandJenelley_1 got mad at me for finally being a father!!! Well guess what JE I love jaja more than anything.” That same day Jenelle tweeted about Courtland saying “@taylewis1993 Taylor wouldn’t appreciate u BLOWING up my phone… I asked u to LEAVE ME ALONE. Yr mad bro not me lol” Then two days later Jenelle is in love with Courtland again.

By March 11, Taylor was using her old twitter account and tweeted that she was, “Heart brokenn :(“ Adding on March 13, the reason why “Soooo the reason i was so heart broken was because i thought jordan had a dad for once :(“ Taylor had also revealed that, “It wasn’t because i loved courtland, i loved seeing my daughter happy.” After what went on between her and Courtland she says, “he won’t come around since he’s back with jenelle and plus back on drugs.”

Courtland Rogers  Says Jenelle Evans Shit In The Tub

When a tweet coming from Jenelle’s account stated, “he doesn’t want any fame lol wtf leave him alone he is my husband.” I just threw up in my mouth a little. Some of those recent tweets on her account don’t even sound like Jenelle. Plus Courtland recently told a gossip site, “@usweekly thanks foro the articles… I buy one of ya’lls magazine everytime a new one comes out lol… SPONSOR ME.” Jenelle cliams he doesn’t want fame? We all know that’s total bullshit and sounds like that tweet posted onto Jenelle’s twitter was written by Courtland himself. The deleted Facebook post from Courtland (seen above) is really disgusting to say the least.

Things will never change with Jenelle as it was reported today that she has officially went back to her abusive husband, “Well, Jenelle and Courtland are totally getting along. For now. She’s hanging out with Courtland and spending time with each other. I honestly think she is in a confused state. She is a great girl and she has a ton going for her but sometimes she just associates with the wrong people. These guys just use her and try to control her. She wants to believe that they want to be with her, and not for her money or fame.” Unfortunately, the gossip site says today that Jenelle stayed in rehab for two weeks, when in essence she only stayed for the maybe 4 days. After being deemed a liability for the MTV reality show “Teen Mom 2″, it possibly being cancelled and her losing her position on the show. Jenelle insists on acting immature and doing stupid shit over and over again.

UPDATE 03/15/2013: In a post made earlier today Jenelle claimed that she was going to tell all her fans the truth about going to rehab. She said, “Maybe instead of voicing what REALLY happened I’ll just stay silent because silence is golden. :] But I will let everyone know that I AM SINGLE and I AM NOT DATING ANYONE. I’m focusing on myself and my son’s life, nobody else’s. This means taking baby steps at a time.” About her short rehab stay she claims, “Didn’t complete 30 days of rehab because for one I didn’t go to there detoxing off of ANYTHING and went there SOBER, second I went to a Florida rehab but transferred because it was a NIGHTMARE, lol long story. Once transferring the new facility was very nice and nothing wrong with the staff or patients there. I simply feel as if I didn’t need to go to treatment if my problem isn’t drugs anymore, and never will be again.”

What do you think about the fuckery going on with Jenelle and Courtland? What about how involved Taylor is with this whole mess? Will Jenelle ever get clean from her drug addictions? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below…


  1. ACN says:

    Jenelle must have missed that tweet about the shit in the tubl. I dont get why MTV doesnt monitor all these accounts that @ them about her bc they carry every shred of evidence to see what MAJOR fuckery is going on with Jenelle and associates. Jenelle isnt just trying to find a BF shes scared to death to be without one and thats what she needs is to be alone for a good year or more and get her shit together. I dont feel she looks at her marriage as a REAL marriage. I feel for her mother sometimes bc of her age she cant get Jenelle under control and shes tried several times. I cant imagine what thats like for her. I wonder if Jenelle dropped the fake charges against Courtland yet? She better think about that bc when they cant prove she miscarried (one charge has to do with an unborn fetus) this is going to get very ugly for her.

  2. Kandahar says:

    What a great breakdown of the past couple weeks. Great job guys!

    Why does Jenelle keep the crappy lies going on day after day when its obvious that her pregnancy was faked as already exposed by GRR in January. Also that screenshot that GRR posted showing the tweets from Courtland on January 12. When compared to the Sonogram dated January 10 it shows the blatant lies about the fake pregnancy.

    I can't believe that Radar Online and MTV would sponsor such obvious lies by these fucking idiots. They didn't notice the middle initial was not Jenelle's, seriously? o.0

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