Andrea Herrera Adamantly Tells Her Book Editors: “I Will Not Glorify The Kat Stacks Persona”

Kat Stacks aka Andrea Herrera - Pink Hair

With Andrea Herrera’s soon to be released this May 2013, autobiographical book Admire Andrea: Surviving Savagery to Saving Lives in the editing stages. The  book editors hired by World Star Hip Hop appear to have other plans for her book that were NOT APPROVED by Andrea. For some reason the book editors have ignored Andrea’s real life story and her life changing message, she wants to share with the world. Andrea tweeted earlier today, “Some people just think about money instead of helping others, don’t sell your soul to the devil.” She added very adamantly, “If its not my own story, an empowering message then I don’t want to publish my book … I refuse to be controversial just for money … I will not glorify the game or follow the code, I’m above all that.” She stressed to her followers and fans that she’s only promoting, “My voice, my story, my life … My way fuck a pimp or the game I’m all about women empowerment. The devil can keep his cash, I’m loyal to God …” We have nothing but respect for Andrea only wanting to “keep it real” and to make sure that people don’t misunderstand what her true intentions are. I see lots of unnecessary hate that Andrea gets on Twitter. Also some bloggers who write about her negatively without giving her the shadow of a doubt, should maybe accept that she has changed for the better. People can change their negative ways and learn. Read what else Andrea said about the book editors…

Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks - Book Cover Preview - February 2013

When Andrea had originally released the preliminary cover of her upcoming book onto her Instagram account. She had also explained and wanted to make sure everyone knew the picture (shown above) was just a promotional sample cover of the book.

As you can see from the several tweets, Andrea isn’t very happy. She’s feeling a bit betrayed right now and she has every right to feel that way. Andrea really wants to make it clear that her book is supposed to expose the evilness of the pimp game. She also states, “I want my book to be positive & a message to the youth, not some trashy vulgar pimpin’ & hoen talk like the editors want. We’re suppose to be un-brainwashing the game talk not supporting it, so I will not sell out.”

Kat Stacks Tweets Complaint About Book Publishers - March 2013

As I had previously written in regards to “Kat Stacks” upcoming book. Andrea also made a personal video talking about her new book. She told her fans, “You know I wrote part of it when I was wrongfully detained those two years at the federal immigration facility. The rest of it I wrote it between January and February… So it’s finally done.” During that video from February 2013 she had also revealed that she picked the title of the book simply because, “I’m a survivor of underage sex trafficking in the United States of America and I overcame and fought for my rights to stay in this country as an immigrant and to be protected for what I went through in my childhood. And I’m hoping my story will change lives, touch hearts and make a difference.”  No matter what people think, I know Andrea has made a real change and wants to HELP women. She’s showing everyone that she is not that old “Kat Stacks” that everyone knows her to be. I really wish people would finally get it through their head that she’s through with that life and has moved on.

Andrea wants to emphasize that money is NOT the reason she has written her book. She wants to help women and change lives. She also says, “How am I suppose to be saving young ladies lives & women by calling them “bitches & hoes” by the editors in my book? That’s not right… I’m not doing that, women are Gods children & I’m not about to downgrade them.” We thank you for that Andrea.

Kat Stacks aka Andrea Herrera - Book Editors - March 2013

What do you think about this news and the problems that Andrea is having with her book editors? Do you think its fair for them to do what they are doing by twisting her story around? What about the editors trying to make her book more vulgar and show support for the pimping game, that she has gotten away from? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this controversial issue down below…


  1. Marie says:

    So proud of Andrea for standing up for what she believes in…this is her chance to make things right for her and her son. Her son will grow up having respect for women, something these men in "Kat Stacks" previous life didn't have. People seem to forget how young Andrea was when this first happened, and when you get older and certain things happen, you start realizing whats right vs wrong and she deserves that chance. I wish her much success.

  2. Fam Knows says:

    What a liar!! There have never been 'editors'…editors edit what others write. Ghost writers write what others can't write. What an ungrateful delusional piece if work!!
    True story was uncovered and portrayed and she went ballistic. Contrived story was ghosted as a vanity piece.
    Truth is Andrea's earlier stunt of leaving g WSHH ….is the real her…. habitual liar and selfish to the core.
    Hasn't helped girl number one… and she's as savage as they get. She needs to read the book that was WRITTEN FOR….NOT by her…. and learn the life lessons and LIVE them. UFB…

  3. WeSeeThruYou says:

    What a hypocrit!! She is the FIRST to call a female a bitxh or a how. Nothin real about this chick IF you do your homework. Her version…..straight lies!!!

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