Lil’ Kim Talks About Her Upcoming 5th Album, Documentary and Book “The Price of Loyalty”

Miley Cyrus - Lil Kim - Twisted

Lil’ Kim’s in the news again and as its quite obvious that you haters can’t keep this “Queen Bee” of Hip Hop royalty down. She’s definitely been “keeping it real” so to speak and quite busy working with her new protégée Tiffany Foxx. Lil’ Kim recently called into DJ Whoo Kid’s popular Whoolywood Shuffle” radio show on Shade 45 located in New York City. Lil’ Kim talked about many things during her time on the air. She discussed some unreleased Biggie material and had once AGAIN brought up her serious dislike for the Notorious movie. Coincidentally she was discussing her disdain on the anniversary of Biggie’s death. With a documentary and book, “The Price of Loyalty” on the way, she also talked about about her upcoming projects, her not so personal relationship with Biggie’s ex-wife Faith Evans and also controversial rapper 50 Cent. She also talked about what she thinks of Miley Cyrus and her rebellious ways. She also discussed why she decided to work with Tiffany. Last but not least she discussed her upcoming fifth studio album. The album has been in the works for the past few years. In November 2010, Kim began recording material for her fifth studio album, tentatively titled Hard Core 2: All Hail the Queen. Back in March 2012, during an interview with MTV’s Sucker Free, Kim had revealed that contract issues with production duo Trackmasters was the reason behind her upcoming album delay, saying “…contractually, by the courts, I could not record any music – I wasn’t supposed to put any music out.” Check out the interview with Kim below…

Kim is expected to release her fifth studio album, which is scheduled for sometime in 2013. In another radio interview at 99 Jamz, Kim also stated that her upcoming book, “The Price of Loyalty”, is on hold in order to coincide with the release of her album. In January 2013, Kim had announced via Twitter to her many adoring fans that she is the final stages of the album, saying “…I will be in the studio finishing up my new album!! I can’t wait to see everyone VERY soon!!!! Muaahhhh :) !!!!!!!”

During the interview with DJ Whoo Kid the infamous female rapper had lots to say. She talked about her beef with Faith Evans saying, “If she wants to believe in her mind that we cool, that’s fine.” Then she brought up 50 cent revealing, “We were so cool before all the craziness. We always genuinely liked each other. There was a lot of bull in the middle of it.” In March 2012, it was reported by Rap Fix Kim also revealed another song on her album titled “I’m Ready”, which she hoped to do with 50 Cent, whom she did Magic Stick with. Kim also commented on the direction of her music, saying she was in “Kanye West mode”, adding “…You do whatever you want to do …it’s all about taking chances.” Talking about when her new album would be released, Kim said “I would love to put one out this year, this summer, going into next fall.” That didn’t happen so it will be released sometime this year.

On her loyalty she revealed, “I was literally brought up by wolves. It was hard for me to not be who I was. I care about people, even if I’m not cool with them at the time. I’m a real loyal, loyal person. I care about people’s lives. Sometimes I’m loyal to a fault.” On her album she proclaims, “My fans still love me. They’re still waiting for me ’cause they know that I always reinvent myself. I know how to change with the times. I love a lot of the new music that’s out right now.”

Talking about Miley Cyrus she explains, “I just love her. At the end of the day, whether we feel it’s right or wrong, this is what the heck she’s feeling. She’s being real about her feelings. She’s not just going with the flow because this is what made her. Some people would say, ‘Well, I have to get my money.’ But she’s rich as fuck.” Maybe that’s why Miley’s in Tiffany’s new “Twisted” video?

During February 2013, Lil’ Kim was at BOA Steakhouse located in West Hollywood, celebrating her newest artist Tiffany Foxx from St. Louis, Missouri. officially to her label called International Rock Star Records. Lil Kim enjoyed hosting the Legend and Future dinner to embrace the news. Appearances of Lil Kim’s several close friends included the pregnant LoLa Monroe, Lil Mama, Lisa Raye and Laura Govan. Here’s a little history about Lil Kim’s new talented artist. Throughout her musical career with June 5th, Tiffany Foxx worked with some well known Hip Hop heavyweights like Eric Sermon, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Jim Jones, Akon and many more. Since embarking on her solo music career, Tiffany was also working with reputable infamous hit maker, Bangladesh. With Bangladesh taking her under his wing, her project gained much momentum and some serious attention. When all was on point, Tiffany’s debut solo mixtape called Yellow Tape, was finally released to the world during Summer 2012.

Tiffany Foxx and Lil Kim - BOA Steakhouse

A reflection of her personal style, Tiffany’s music maintains the description of “street couture.” You can hear her love for fashion and style and her story of struggle and sacrifice that she has made. Having claimed personal triumph over tragic events in her past such as sexual assault and other personal struggles. Tiffany refuses to allow any worldly force to keep her from realizing and living her dreams. Regardless of the many disappointing deals with past managers and shady industry characters, she also remains heavily focused in her goals. Having overcome many professional and personal obstacles over the past years, the dominating theme for Tiffany in life and music is that of pride, independence, perseverance and humility. Tiffany says, “The devil has thrown every possible ball of fire at me, and I constantly find a way to stand back on my two feet. Each time I get back up, I dig in deeper and I come back stronger. I don’t like to harp on the personal details of my struggles, but I don’t mind the responsibility that comes with my survival. There is a girl out there somewhere who is living a story similar to mine. I do this for her. I don’t claim to be a role model, nor am I perfect. But for someone looking for a boost of self-esteem, encouragement or a lesson in self-empowerment, I’m your girl!”

I am glad to see that Lil’ Kim is out doing her thing and having fun. But I’m concerned with all the plastic surgery she has been getting over the years. Lil’ Kim doesn’t even look like Queen Bee anymore. What do you think about her upcoming book, album, documentary and the way she looks? What about her new artist Tiffany and the new video with Miley in it? Please share your thoughts and comments with me below…

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