The “Mob Wives” Fight Between Carla Facciolo and Love Majewski Allegedly Gets Physical?

Mob Wives - Season 3 Cast - Carla Facciolo vs Love Majewski

Things have really been heating up in the drama department on Twitter these past several months between the Mob Wives. Just when you think everyone is getting along, all hell breaks loose and here comes in a tweet or two from one of the the ladies that starts a whole new round of fuckery for the world to decipher. Speaking of which, the latest shenanigans comes this time from Carla Facciolo and new Mob Wives extremely controversial cast member who proudly brags about stabbing and poisoning people, the one and only Love Majewski. According to her VH1 profile, Love has been engaged six times but was never married to any mobsters. Love was born and raised in Staten Island, New York and had met childhood friends, Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo while in high school and they’ve been connected ever since. Allegedly, Carla’s current boyfriend Derek aka “Handy Man” had a short lived relationship with Love, long before he met Carla. Maybe the feud between them stems from the mutual relationship they had with the same man who Carla’s currently with. That brings us to recent events of a more dramatic nature. During February 2013, it appears that Carla and Love had finally met up with each other to settle up their differences. From words being thrown around on Twitter, they had allegedly got into some sort of altercation and somehow Love ended up with a very swollen hand…

Love Majewski vs Carla Faccilio - Fight - February 7 2013

The picture seen above was posted by Love on February 7, stating “@carlafacciolo nah even a donkey face ain’t doing this” That was later followed by another tweet from Love saying, “@carlafacciolo amen my hand will heal she’ll still be talkin smack on twitter #horsefaceI noticed this incident was buried in rumors and not to many bloggers have talked about the alleged fight that happened between Carla and Love that night. However, a few deleted tweets from both women were thrown out there. Carla had stated, “@LoveMajewski Love u wish u looked as good ad me. Go pop another pill or go punch some walls and through ur Lil Hissy fits!! #trashbag” Love replied with, “@RamonaRizzoVH1 @KarenGravanoVH1 I never stand in Ramona’s way but how you gonna smack someone that runs away from u?” Carla replied again to the taunts coming from Love, “Love how girls think there tough when all they do is pull hair! #pathetic #Losers #Clowns”

So we are left wondering at this point if it had really happened or not. The fight drama from February 7, rolled into the following morning. On February 8, Love was asked how her hand will be fixed, she replied, “…@CarlaFacciolo surgery I think a steel plate n titanium screws is the normal” Carla wasn’t done ranting as she posted later that morning, “…@LoveMajewski Loves a pussy who pulls hair!!” Love was obviously still pretty angry and amped up. She had replied with another tweet just a couple of hours later saying, “@Carlafacciolo #somebitcheswillsayanything2look interesting” A few days later more tweets came from Carla and Love’s timelines.

On February 8, Carla had tweeted some frustration about the show, saying “It’s so sad that #MOBWIVES became such a lowlife show!! They need to get rid of the #trash !!! #Love” A couple of days later on February 10, Carla posted a tweet in order to taunt and harass Love saying, “With a face like hers now u knw Y she’s such a hater! @lovemajewski aka #dirtylove aka #QueenLoop” Love fought back with reckless tweets calling Carla crude names and posting some retaliation tweets,@Carlafacciolo if you wanna play picture games i got a few beauties of you TY #HandyMan #NowPumpYourBrakes.” Which she posted more of the unnecessary childish horse face pics that have been floating around twitter for quite some time.

On February 24, we watched as Love brought up Carla again in some tweets possibly referring to their fight, “Each one of the real MW’s have hd fistfights n moves on like soldiers only imposters call cops.” Adding another tweet saying, “Amen the day that happens she looses all her horse teeth #twitathug.” Last but not least happily misspelling Carla’s last name Love added more insults, “@carlafacciola close ur mouth n ur legs nobody’s buying it.” Hmm, that’s interesting. Is Love for real?

Love Majewski vs Carla Faccilio - Instagram Hate

After the alleged hair pulling and face smacking fight happened with Carla, emotions were still running rampant with fury. Love posted the picture shown above on her Instagram account. She stated, “One of these things just doesn’t belong here.” In the picture we can see that Carla’s face has been crossed out. The war between them has been burning ever since the new Season 3 started. We notice that Love and Carla really do hate each other. Most comments coming from Carla’s end are in retaliation to the negative hate being thrown her way. When watching the “Mob Wives” episodes, we see Love’s constant attacks on Carla’s character that show a deep seeded HATE for her. There’s a serious issue between them that hasn’t been handled or maybe it already has. What will happen next with the war between them?

More of the same drama happened when Love accused Carla of taking her “Angel Wings” logo from her personal cosmetics business called Veritas Cosmetics that she has had for a few years, according to her personal blog. I can see from comments, her customers include Mob Wives producer Jennifer Graziano and long time friend Karen Gravano. In my opinion those specific “Angel wings” have been seen all over the world, Literally. Not to mention that Carla’s father-in-law Dr. Ferragamo and his son Joseph Ferragamo owns that business. Carla has nothing legally to do with it but get some facial treatments once in awhile. I see Drita D’avanzo trying to warn Carla of the “impending fight” that you’ve read above. Drita acts like she wants to stay out of the middle of the crazy feud and help Carla at the same time. Big Ang is just tired of it all and wants it over. We are tired too and have to agree with her. We have also seen Renee Graziano defend Carla, when drama came her direction.

Carla Facciolo Responds About The Fight With Love Majewski - March 2013

Frankly speaking, we admit that we’re quite confused about the alleged showdown that left Love with a “broken hand.” Did Love hit an adjacent wall or did she actually hit Carla making physical contact? There was also mention of Carla’s hair being pulled but Love also said that Carla had “ran away” from her. Also it appears that Ramona may have been involved in that incident that night. However, no one outside the feud knows why or how this alleged altercation happened, as it really hasn’t been explained to anyone either. It’s a hushed incident that producers and their PR people are keeping secret for some odd reason. If the NYPD was called that night, how will that incident affect Love’s position on the reality series? If Carla or Love would like to explain more about what happened that day, we would be really interested to know. I guess we will all have to watch the season finale of the Mob Wives show to find out what really happened on that day. That is if they show anything related to the incident at all…


  1. I liked the Article. Good job!! Although when Love went to that party she had just had the Surgery. I confirmed that with her. You really did a great job! 2 thumbs up!

    • Thank you for the insight and your comment. I kind of gathered that from the comments that Love was tweeting when she had originally posted the picture and the replies she had given to a couple fans of hers. Including Carla’s name in that tweet was a bit of a attention seeking move to spark controversy. JMHO

  2. Karen says:

    Love had surgery on her hand about 6hrs following the incident. This happened at Drita’s birthday party. Love went to the party with the injury (boxers fracture) and a woman by the name of Melissa who was present assured me that you could hear the slap across the room. She defiantly made contact. My source claims there was more security then guests.

    • Thank you for your reply as its really interesting to hear and makes lots of sense. When I posted this article last night Linda Scarpa had mentioned that Carla only had her hair pulled but did not get smacked. I guess there’s so much more to this story then we will get to know unless Carla, Love or Drita or anyone in attendance speaks about what went down that night. PR must be keeping a tight lid on it. I guess time will tell.

  3. YeahISaidIt says:

    In light of information that was just released about the "MobCandy" name possibly being stolen, its beginning to look like maybe Carla was being set up to distract from info that someone knew was going to be released sooner or later. If that's the case then it backfired terribly.

    Speaking of the wings drama, if Love thinks she has cornered the market on wings, well then she needs to also go after my Grandpa because he got some put on his shoulder after surviving Pearl Harbor. They look IDENTICAL to Love's and Love probably wasn't even born then…(sorry not sure of her correct age). You can also find those wings in 95% of tattoo shops, places that specialize in window stickers etc. I just think that was the dumbest argument ever. I would like to think that Love has more important things to worry about. Totally different business…move on get over it.

  4. The article about Renee Graziano allegedly "stealing" the brand name "Mob Candy" can be seen in the link below along with an excerpt about the allegation, that contains lots of evidence to prove their case against her. You can click the link provided to read the rest…

    Mob Wife Graziano Alleged "Mob Candy" Brand Thief?

    I say alleged, because I am going to let you decide yourself if you think VH1 Reality TV star Renee Graziano pulled a low life gangster move, and ripped off the Mob Candy name, after the Mob Candy Magazine gave her the honors of being on the cover.

    Not too long after the mob wives production company knew we were looking to put a mob wife on the cover of our magazine, they reached out to suggest Renee Graziano. Me and Frankie D met with Jenn Graziano. Our goal was to talk our deal out, so we could push forward. Only, we wanted Karen Gravano on the cover, if anything. He really was not excited about the mob wives idea, I was pushing it hardcore. Little did we know, Jenn was gung Ho to force the exposure for her sister Renee, and not open to any other of her mob wives.

    There were verbal promises to promote the covers on TV interviews, and social media. We also discussed future project collaborations with the MafiaLife Facebook game app, and possibly producing a podcast for them, since we have been mastering the arts with our own Mafia Talk Radio podcast, and my experience on Sirius XM when i hosted my own hour special. We even showed her some of our Mob Candy jewelry! She loved it all. It was all a perfect fit.

    Read More:

  5. On another drama filled note. Renee Graziano must be really feeling the pressure obviously about the "Mob Wives" reality series. Jenn Graziano and Renee were fighting with Linda Scarpa last night and this morning about their fathers. I posted the "Mob Candy" article last night asking Renee if it was true. In no way did I ever accuse Renee of "stealing" the "Mob Candy" brand name, I only asked her if it was true or not and to alert her of it.

    See Here:

    I also tweeted an article directly mentioning Renee and Jenn about their father Anthony “TG” Graziano, that article said that he pays price for the "Mob Wives" show and nothing more, I also referenced @GangLandNews and the journalist who the New York Post had sourced the story from.

    See Here:
    Read More:

    That's when I woke up to a few angry tweets from Renee that feel like she was blaming me for the story about her father and the Mob Candy Magazine article. I was pretty surprised to get that negative response when I only tweeted it to her referencing the sources of the information. Renee called the Mob Candy Magazine people "Attention Seekers" and that is her right to do. But I personally I had nothing to do with any of those stories, I was just passing the info to her.

    See Here:
    Also Here:

    I see that Renee is angry and feeling on the defense against her accusers, saying that Mob Candy Magazine are "attention seekers". I can understand the pressure she is feeling. However, I have done nothing but shown complete respect towards every single cast member of the Mob Wives show. Why does Karen Gravano always involve herself in business she has nothing to do with? I know she’s been fighting with Linda on occasion but when drama has nothing to do with her she has to get her “two cents” in. Its getting childish now o.0

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