‘Mob Wives’ Star Pia Rizza Shockingly Reveals, “I’m Leaking My Own Naked Pictures!”

Pia Rizza - Chicago Mob Wives

Mob Wives Chicago is a short lived reality television series that aired on VH1. The series debuted in June 2012 and is a spin-off of VH1’s New York based original Mob Wives, with a new cast based in Chicago, Illinois. The introduction for the show was filmed on March 2012, behind Chicago’s Cassidy Tire located on Canal Street. The first promo for the show aired back in April 2012, during a new episode of the original series. A preview special of the new series aired in May 2012, after the second part of the Mob Wives reunion special. Back in October 2012, cast mate Pia Rizza had tweeted the following, “#MobWivesChicago is over now I don’t see the need to keep reliving the drama that killed the show time 2 move forward new chapter new time.” She had confirmed that Mob Wives Chicago had been cancelled and the series will not be renewed for a second season. It was also reported back in January 2013, that Pia will also show up on the new reality series called Boss Ladies“, that will make its premiere sometime this year. However, according to a response that I had received from “Boss Ladies” producers, she will not be on the upcoming show. Pia had also responded and said, “Confirmed I decided not to do the show… Wish them all the best of luck!” If you are kind of behind on your mob shows and do not know who Pia Rizza is, I will tell you a little about her history. She is the daughter of Vincent Rizza, who was a dirty Chicago police officer who worked for the organized crime syndicate called The Chicago Outfit. Pia had subsequently testified against them and had entered herself into the Federal Witness Protection Program

Pia Rizza Pics by Gino Baileau

Yes, it’s true. Pia may have a mouth of a angry mafia princess, but she hasn’t spoken a word about her father since she was a little girl. Pia’s doing her thing and is a happy woman who’s living her life to the fullest and trying to make ends meet. We can’t hate on that. Pia has unfortunately struggled most of her life and has tried to hide from the shame of having a “rat” and mob “snitch” for a father. It’s been especially difficult to avoid the judgments and constant finger pointing in a town that celebrates organized crime folk heroes and glory days of the Mob. But times have changed greatly over the last several years and views about the Mob is much different than it used to be. Let’s fast forward to the past year after the Mob Wives Chicago season aired. During the show we saw Pia had a bit of a temper and her personality is pretty dramatic at times.

However, Pia has been very consistent with her demeanor throughout every episode of Mob Wives Chicago. One of the scenes that we saw on the show was Pia going to see Deanna Morales, who is a talent manager and PR agent. Since Pia started the reality show, she expressed that she wanted to change her current “stripper” type image to something that is a bit more respectable. Pia’s main goal was to get herself some legit work within the Hollywood entertainment industry and make more money.

Morales is CEO of Wite Gold Management & PR and during her first consultation with her new client Pia, Morales had set up a photo shoot for her and promised it will show Pia in a really sexy, but classy way. During that first initial meeting, Morales had also told Pia that those particular photo shoot pictures with Cold Steel Vodka would open up some doors for her in the near future. We have to wonder which direction did she really want to go? It appears that her management takes care of her talent but Pia wants to do more things with her body and use her ASSets that she has been given.

In some interesting and surprising news, Pia wanted to go for gold and attempt to get a gig doing some nude modeling. She wanted some feedback and decided to take some personal pictures of herself. Ironically, things went wrong. When Pia found out there were a few naked pictures of her being shopped around to various media outlets around town. She didn’t freak out and had instead decided to release them herself.

Pia Rizza TMZ Naked Pics

Pia recently told TMZ that she had taken the racy pics (shown directly above) which she took sometime during last year, while she was still filming “Mob Wives”. Pia had sent them to her boyfriend to get some feedback on whether she had the right stuff and looked good enough to pose for Playboy. We do agree that there’s absolutely no harm in wanting to get an opinion from your man. But Pia tells the gossip site that the pics somehow got into the wrong hands and someone was trying to sell them without her permission. So Pia being a outspoken personality that she is known to be, went to TMZ to publish them herself. Of course the two pics you see above have been edited.

The reason why Pia published them is: 1) She doesn’t want anyone making money off of HER image and 2) Yeah, she wants Playboy to notice her. I will say that Pia does look really good for her age and if she does makes it into an issue or maybe as a Playboy cyber girl of the month, it will be an achievement of sorts. I wonder what Pia’s manager thinks about her move to do this so early in her career. This is definitely a crisis PR thing that needs to be handled carefully. What do you think about the pics?

Do you think that Pia is “fit enough” for Playboy? Do you think age will matter or will Hugh Hefner be kind to the reality star? Please share your comments down below…


  1. Anon says:

    I think Pia did the right thing by turning it around and releasing them herself. Pics like this should always be shown in person, not via text or email because of sending to maybe a wrong number or hackers. One small glitch in the story for me though: She sent them to her boyfriend? He should already know what her body looks like nude and should have been able to tell her without seeing pics. Regardless, kudos to her for taking this matter into her own hands and not allowing any scum to make $ off her. GO PIA!!!!

  2. Mona says:

    This is one thing I don't understand. At Pia's age why is she giving up being on a show that has the potential to be HUGE for a few years of paychecks vs a "maybe" one shot payday from Playboy? That makes no sense. I also don't see Playboy taking her on unless they decide to do an over the hill issue (which wouldn't sell and Heph might be old but he's not stupid). She's doing this backwards. She started out on a show then started doing appearances for what Vodka, I believe? I've never seen anyone go backwards. And I have to agree with Anon up there, the BF story makes zero sense to me either. She may have sent them to a BF and maybe he was going to release them but the way she went about it makes her look like she wanted them out there herself.

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