Police Chief Tom Keller Claims His Facebook Was “Hacked”, Then Resigns Over Racy Photo?

In some strange viral news hitting the internet. When this weird drama first started regarding the photo of police chief Tom Keller, he had only been suspended without pay. All of this happened because of the racy photo that had been posted onto his personal Facebook account. However, circumstances have changed and it has now been reported that the police chief from Confluence, Pennsylvania had shockingly recently resigned over the photo on March 1. Which was a day after the internal affairs (IA) investigation had been started on Thursday, February 28, after a Facebook photo surfaced of him and his wife. It was also reported that Keller did have his personal page set up so that random people who are not his “friend” list cannot search for him. It also appears that Keller was utilizing the privacy controls provided by Facebook that were meant for “friends only” for posts and pictures. The photo shows Keller’s wife holding two handguns in a racy pose. Keller claims he was allegedly “hacked” but changed his story after talking to another news agency. He also said he’s the victim in the situation that is really out of control and because of the photo scandal he resigned and has now left a town without a police chief…

According to reports coming from The Daily American of Somerset, Keller states, “This photo was meant to be private. It is a propped photo, a family photo of me and my wife just having fun.” Which he does have the right to have fun with his personal weapons in the privacy of his own home. Keller also added, “The photo was maliciously used. I filed a complaint with state police and hope someone will be cited for harassment in the case.” The story about the Keller’s photo scandal got ugly when local town Mayor Allen Gyorko was notified by a media outlet in regards to the photograph on February 28. The Confluence mayor personally viewed the racy photo and immediately suspended Keller without pay. Gyorko commented about the situation saying, “This picture is not good for the image of Confluence. We’ve been having trouble with Tom before on certain matters.” Hmm, interesting…

Robert Boose II said police chief Keller’s action are considered conduct unbecoming of an officer, which gives the mayor authority to suspend him until the matter can be discussed at a borough council meeting. Boose added, “We don’t want our police officers to be exhibiting that type of conduct. The borough is investigating their personnel matter and they will take the action they think is necessary.”

Keller said that he decided to resign because he has not enjoyed law enforcement for the past several years. He admitted problems saying, “I’ve become less and less involved with the police department. Maybe I was looking for a reason to leave.” Keller also said he is proud of the family photo of him and his wife, which was taken by an amateur photographer friend of his. Adding, “I am not embarrassed by the photo. I am just saddened someone I have previously arrested continued a vendetta in an attempt to embarrass me or get me in trouble.” Oh wow, really?

Diana Lopez Tucson, Arizona Police Department

This kind of scandalous story is becoming not so uncommon as it has happened to several law enforcement officers in the past. On February 5, it had been reported that a Tucson, Arizona police lieutenant was demoted after she took sexually explicit videos, and a provocative photo of herself wearing her police uniform shirt and sent them to a subordinate officer with whom she was in a relationship with at the time.

Lt. Diana Lopez, who is a former public information officer for the Tucson Police Department, was recently reduced to the rank of sergeant following an investigation that began last August 2012. According to the public department report, anonymous letters sent to the department and the Tuscon City Attorney’s Office about Lopez had prompted the investigation against her. The internal affairs investigation found that officer Lopez sent photographs and videos using her personal cell phone to the subordinate officer, whose name was not released. Lopez allegedly shared explicit videos with other TPD officers, from May 2011 through August 2011.

Some interesting points from the report included: Lopez acknowledged that one video showed her kissing a person in a police locker room while she was on duty. Lopez said that a sexually explicit video of herself was taken at her home while she was off-duty. Capt. John Stamatopoulos had lunch with Capt. Clayton Kidd in August 2012 and Stamatopoulos revealed to Kidd “the secret about the tapes” that Stamatopoulos kept to himself for 10 months. Capt. Kidd denied that he was aware of any graphic “sex videos” pertaining to Lopez. He said he heard there was some type of “Girls Gone Wild” video made that included a number of female personnel while they were on a trip to Las Vegas. According to Lopez’s attorney, Michael Piccarreta, they are looking into pursuing a civil lawsuit and appealing her demotion over her constitutional rights which violated Lopez’s lawful off-duty behavior that further violated her privacy.

In Keller’s case he claimed a “hacker” posted the picture to “embarrass him.” He also wrote on his private Facebook account, “A friend that was at our house the whole night, called and asked when we took this pic? I don’t remember.” Keller did call KDKA, saying, “that someone had hacked his Facebook page that was supposed to be private.” But that statement Keller told KDKA totally contradicts with what was reported by the Daily American. Reportedly Keller had said that thephoto became public when someone he had arrested in the past posted it on their page with a libelous caption.” So what’s the excuse he’s going to use now?

What do you think about these stories? Do you think that both officers legal rights to privacy were violated? What about their responsibilities to maintain themselves in a responsible manner? Please share your thoughts about this controversial subject…


  1. Charlene says:

    As I see it the racy picture in question was made available on Tom Keller's personal Facebook page for his "friends" to see. How can he claim he was "hacked" then change his story and say someone he arrested in the past had posted it on their page with a libelous caption?

    This guy makes no sense at all. From what was said he seems that he is trying to hide something and is twisting words around to make it appear as if he is the victim when his story isn't adding up.

    People have no common sense thou as its already been proven that anything you don't want reposted or seen shouldn't be made available to cyberspace "friends" DUH o.0

  2. ACNisAFraud says:

    Although I feel officers should be able to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own home, they are in a position where their conduct matters, especially on social media sites. Keller needs to get one story and stick with it. I think he rethought his lie and figured they'd be able to see who hacked his account and he would be found to be lying, so he changed his story. If it were me I would of probably just stayed quiet and resigned.

    In the Lopez case, you are not allowed to wear your police uniform in a negative manner so I dont understand why shes trying to sue for being demoted. She made a mistake and should be happy she still has a job if she was on duty at the time, but then theres the matter of how she used her uniform while off duty and thats a HUGE no no.

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