The Steubenville Rape Case: “We All Hate Rapists, Together We Will Stop Rape Enablers”


When first hearing about this unique rape case, I was truly shocked and sick to my stomach. I read through everything I could find on it, and was even more shocked when I finally finished my research. Strangely, I had seen the town of Steubenville, Ohio trying hard to keep this as quiet as possible and sweep it under the rug. As a mother, it was hard to read all this information due to the heinous nature of the rape of Jane Doe by these monsters that should have known better if they were taught human decency by their parents. They obviously were not. And its not just the males in this town that have me shocked, its the females as well. Cody Saltsman sent the following message out to his friends: “Nobody breaks up with Cody Saltsman, I’ll ruin that bitch”, after Jane Doe had broke up with him. Cory asked his friend Mark Cole to ask his current girlfriend, Makenzie Santoro to invite Jane Doe to a party. After arriving Jane Doe was drugged, rendering her unconscious. She was used and abused for several hours inside of a car and 2 to 3 homes where adults were present. Jane Doe had been urinated on, among other disgusting things. When the young men involved in the rape were done with her, they threw her like a piece of trash on her parents lawn for them to find her in the morning. Videos of the crime were made and pictures posted to Instagram and Twitter referring to Jane Doe as the “Dead Girl”.

Stubenville Ohio - Jane Doe - Rape Case

“The police did not and still to this day have not arrested the other kids who participated in or witnessed the assault. By all accounts, the alleged rape was relatively public. Horrifying videos and tweets reveal that many kids knew about what was going on. Many may have participated. None of those kids have been arrested or charged, and they all still play for their school’s football team.” The 18-year-old college freshman, Michael Nodianos, was filmed by Evan Westlake in a 12 minute video detailing the rape and naming participants, including himself and also saying “that girl was raped so hard” and “she’s deader than Caylee Anthony, OJ Simpson’s wife and Trayvon Martin”, among many more names that he mentions, has still not been charged. We have to ask police why?

According to the video, Jane Doe is in the other room or close by while this video is being made. Allegedly, he was attending Ohio State University on scholarship and is no longer a student there as per OSU Administration. I still don’t understand why he wasn’t charged along with the other two boys, as it’s clear that he also had some kind of inappropriate interaction with Jane Doe. Or several if you think about what he could be charged with at this point. Any parents or coaches that were anywhere around  Jane Doe that night, or had her in their house should be punished as well.

Can somebody tell me HOW the HELL do you NOT know whats going on in your own fucking house? Every minute of every day I know what’s going on in mine. Even if I have 200 guests in my house, I still know whats going on in every room. I truly believe that every single adult tried to cover this horrific act, to save their own asses as well as these football players that the town depends on for revenue. “Evidence at the trial also included sexually explicit text messages sent by numerous students after the party. Lawyers noted how texts have seemed to replace talking on the phone for young people. A computer forensic expert documented hundreds of thousands of texts found on 17 phones seized during the investigation.”

If the camera in the Jodi Arias trial can be washed in a washing machine (with bleach) and forensics can still get pictures that were deleted/washed off of it. I’m wondering why they don’t try the same with all the cell phones they collected from these kids? They also let the kids get their phones without accompanying them, so the kids had more time to delete anything that was on the phones. Luckily one kid had thousands of text messages and pictures on his phone. He probably didn’t know where to even BEGIN deleting. Since almost all of the witnesses didn’t have the balls to be filmed and/or recorded during trial, I really had to keep up through reading articles. So I had figured that I would just pray that everything would come out good for Jane Doe. I waited with great anticipation for Sunday to arrive and prayed some more that I  did not want to wake up to hearing these monsters were found NOT GUILTY.

My prayers were answered. The judge ruled in Jane Doe’s favor and announced a guilty verdict. It’s VERY good news, although I would of ruled differently based upon what evidence I saw if I were the judge, and the public was not prevy to seeing even HALF of it. I’ve actually seen most of the real stuff doing my own research since most kids involved were too lazy to erase what was posted, and I also easily found Jane Doe’s name. However, unlike Fox News I will never use it out of pure respect for her.

After learning of the verdict, I decided to find video of the sentencing and was appalled at the “apologies” that were given to Jane and her family by these two individuals. And don’t give me the “but they’re only 16 and 17 year old’s” lame excuse. If they would’ve been being paying attention at school instead of football, maybe they’d have better speaking skills. After burying his head in his hands and sobbing after he was handed a guilty verdict, Trent Mays stood up and said (looking at the judge, and NOT at Jane Doe and her family like he should’ve been) “I would truly like to apologize to “Jane”, her family, my family and the community. No pictures should have been sent around, let alone taken and that’s all sir thank you”. Please note that this is the exact same boy that had previously texted Jane Doe and arrogantly told her “I should be thanked for taking care of you.”

Ma’lik Richmond got up, walked over to “Jane Doe” and her family and said “I would like to apologize to you “Jane”. I had no intentions to do anything like that, and I’m sorry to put you guys through this and I know I ruined her life, for life…” Then he started sobbing so much that I couldn’t really make out the rest.

You would think that the attorney representing each monster would of had them write a better apology based on the fact they already knew these boys would be found guilty. There was enough evidence available through social media for a guilty verdict. The whole WORLD saw those pathetic excuses for apologies and they weren’t even half sincere. These boys are obviously more upset that they had been CAUGHT.

The Mother of Jane Doe had the following to say to these boys: “It did not matter what school you went to, what city you live in, or what sport you’ve played, human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach or a parent, it is a God-given gift instilled in all of us. You displayed not only a lack of compassion but a lack of any moral code. Your decisions that night affected countless lives including those most dear to you. You were your own accuser through the social media that you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. This does not define who my daughter is. She will persevere, grow and move on. I have pity for you both. I hope you fear the Lord, repent for your actions and pray hard for his forgiveness.” I really have to commend Jane Doe’s Mother for being so strong and handling it so well. I know that if I were in the same exact predicament, I would be in jail right now possibly facing the death penalty, because I would’ve snapped.

Unfortunately for Jane Doe, her nightmare didn’t end there. As word of the GUILTY verdict reached the classmates of these hideous monsters. The classmates took to Twitter to say how they were going to “celebrate” while using her real name, how she “ripped their families apart” that she was “nothing but a whore” and that she was “a liar”. Luckily, there were several good people on Twitter ready for such a scenario to play out. They had taken to time to screen cap all tweets and had sent them to the local police department and the Ohio Attorney General. All while making sure Jane Doe was well protected wherever she was. I saw these tweets as they occurred and know who each girl is. The Sheriff has now read them off to the media.

You would think that by now, the parents of Steubenville, Ohio would have talked to their kids about how bad this situation really is.  Don’t these kids realize that when the truth comes out that she was drugged, Jane Doe will no longer be known as a “liar”? There is somebody involved that knows EXACTLY what happened and when the police come knocking on their door, they WILL eventually break and tell the TRUTH. Are these people going to apologize to Jane Doe? Most likely not. If you can tweet things as horrible as this, when you KNOW what happened to her, you have NO SOUL.

I came across updated information that made me VERY happy. I see more people will be convicted: “Immediately after the verdict, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he will convene a grand jury next month to investigate whether anyone else should be charged. Noting that 16 people refused to talk, many of them underage, DeWine said possible offenses to be investigated include failure to report a crime. Among those who have been interviewed are the owners of one of the houses where parties were held that night, the high school principal, and the football team’s 27 coaches, many of them volunteers.”

I want to give a special thank you to all the many angels out there in cyberspace like working on behalf of Jane Doe. In order to see her receive the needed justice she deserved while keeping her safe. I also want to thank Anonymous for bringing this case to the forefront because without you, I would of probably never even heard of it. To all others that tweet and blog about this trial that have helped bring justice for Jane Doe, I want thank you all kindly for your participation.

To Jane Doe I would like to say that I commend you for having the courage to stand up to these monsters who committed these criminal acts. Not be silenced like so many women out there who have been too scared of their attackers to even report that they were raped, let alone get on the stand in front of your attackers and testify about it. You are their voice. You are doing something very extraordinary whether you realize it right now or not. And hopefully because of you being so strong because the way the world views rape will be changed forever. I know you have an extremely hard road ahead of you, but just remember YOU did nothing wrong. YOU did not force those monsters to do what they did. Remain strong and keep your faith in humanity because not all people are like the people in your hometown. The world is watching and you have TONS of support from people you’ve never even met. It doesn’t matter what you did before this, what matters is what you do from here on out. Keep strong.

To the mothers and fathers of Steubenville, I sincerely hope that this has made you open your eyes to the way some of you have raised your children. To the girls of Steubenville who are so enthralled with these football players calling Jane Doe a whore and a liar, I hope that you are never put into Jane Doe’s position. Because if those boys did that to her, they would also do it to you. Actually, come to think about it COULD HAVE BEEN YOU. What if Jane wasn’t there at all? WHO would they have raped then? Possibly one of YOU. Consider yourselves lucky and stop spreading hate for Jane Doe. Use common sense before going on social media and looking like a fool.

What do you think about the Stubenville rape case that this little Ohio town wanted to cover up? Do you think the punishment the boys got was enough to fit the horrific crime they committed? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…


  1. face-like shadow says:

    They should have been publicly raped and the pictures put on twitter. Then sent to jail.

  2. @RobtheIdealist says:

    I don't think jail is the answer though. "But, you know what is okay?​ Also feeling sorry for these boys. Not in the way that CNN did it. Not at the expense of the girl who was raped by these boys. ​But including these boys in our feelings of sadness is okay. I, unlike many people reacting to today’s verdict, am not just thrilled to death that two 16-year-old boys are going to jail. What they did was terrible. There is no excuse. They have to be two seriously fucked-up kids to have done what they did. But what I know for damn sure is that jail does not fix broken people. It only breaks them harder.

    The fact is that once these boys enter the prison system, even ​in juvenile detention, chances are that they will return to it. It will, with little doubt, fuck them up more than they are already fucked-up. They will not likely emerge from prison as two well-adjusted men who respect women and understand that sexual assault against them is not okay. That’s not what prison does for people. "-Mia McKenzie

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