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Guy Sebastian Battle Scars

Battle Scars” is a song performed by recording artist Guy Sebastian and rapper Lupe Fiasco. It was released digitally in Australia and New Zealand in August 2012 by Sony Music Entertainment. The song lyrics and music were written by Sebastian and David Ryan Harris, with the rap written by Fiasco. It was the third single lifted from Sebastian’s seventh album Armageddon. Fiasco added “Battle Scars” to his fourth album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 in countries other than Australia. It was released as the fourth single in August 2012, credited as a duet. “Battle Scars” is a song that reminisces about the scars left from hurtful and broken relationships. In a radio interview Sebastian said, “It’s about your own personal battle scars and for every individual those are different; some might be words or labels… it might be relationship scars. When I wrote this song, and when Lupe wrote his bits, we just really wanted it to be something that just inspired people to, sort of, confront those things, and also maybe try and work to think about burying and ripping up those labels; throwing them away.” Fiasco was always Sebastian’s first preference to contribute the rap, as he wanted to stay true to the theme of the song and he found Fiasco’s work very deep. Sebastian said, “He doesn’t rap about booty shaking or cash, he’s much more political and insightful and exactly what I wanted.” He looked at other options as well, as he didn’t know if Fiasco would be interested, and said he was overwhelmed when he heard Fiasco wanted to come on board. Watch the “Battle Scars” video below…

The music video for “Battle Scars” was filmed in New York in locations including industrial areas with destroyed cars and burning oil drums and ruined derelict buildings, where Sebastian and Fiasco are shown performing the song. Various individuals are filmed in a variety of cityscape’s are shown periodically, expressing their sadness and personal scars by writing and holding up signs with words that show how they feel. The words they do use include: “abandoned”, “abused”, “fatherless”, “outcast”, “empty”, “slave” and “bullied”. Near the end of the video they tear up their signs to symbolize moving on from their hurt and pain stemming from a relationships that fell apart. It also brings in a military soldier war theme showing loss and pain of love.

Explaining why he agreed to participate in the song Fiasco said, “Guy’s vocal performance first got me about the song because it’s great and then the story of the song was attractive; I just tried to enhance it.” Speaking of what it meant to have Fiasco collaborate on “Battle Scars” Sebastian said, “Just to get someone like Lupe on the track I knew it was going to have heart and have depth.” He said of Fiasco, “He is a lyrical genius and he has really portrayed the emotion of the track”. Sebastian says “Battle Scars” is his “proudest release”, adding “Every now and then in your career you release something that you feel has a deeper meaning and purpose. I don’t know how it will chart, but I am really proud of it regardless of what it does.  The song is a R&B ballad with a hip hop rap, and is written in the key of F minor. Sebastian and Fiasco contribute equally in the “Battle Scars” song, with the sung and rap vocals interspersed throughout the track.

Come on to the set of Guy Sebastian’s single Battle Scars for a behind the scenes look at making of the official music video featuring Lupe Fiasco. In interviews during the release week Sebastian explained that usually when he writes a song he comes up with the melody first with no words. However this time some of the lyrics came at the same time. While driving to a friend’s house Sebastian started singing “These battle scars”, and then other phrases such as “Don’t look like they’re fading, don’t look like they’re ever going away” came to him. These words form part of the main chorus, which is used throughout the song and is one of its two hooks that are sung during the song. After completing the song with David Ryan Harris it was recorded leaving all the parts where Sebastian envisaged the rap should go.

When Fiasco was in Australia for Supafest he came to Sebastian’s Sydney studio to record the rap verse. Fiasco already had two versions prepared, one with war themed lyrics. Sebastian decided to use that one without listening to the other one. Fiasco said he came into the studio with other rap peices as well. One was the phrase “Hope the wound heals but it never does, that’s cause you’re at war with love”. Fiasco explained that he does not feel fully confident musically when collaborating with other artists and he had been prepared to discard those lines if Sebastian didn’t like them. Sebastian decided to use the phrase as the intro and also three times in the bridge with slight variations to some of the words. It became the second hook in the song. Fiasco said, “I didn’t recognize that. I just looked at it as a filler and maybe it will work. But for him to take it like ‘No, that’s dope and we’re going to use it, and we’re going to put it here and here’, it was kind of like ‘yeah thanks man’. It made me feel really good.” It also makes us feel really good when listening to the song. “Battle Scars” is incredible and brings on emotions that bring goosebumps and tears to my eyes. You know when you listen to a song that makes you feel amazing.

I know we’re a little late on this but recent events have enhanced the need to post this wonderful song. Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…

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