Exclusive Details: 17-Year-Old Devin Walker Talks About His Love Affair With Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila Photo via Matt Barnes - Pool Table Sitting -  October 2012

I have continued the past post with the interview from the original article that had been originally posted a couple of days ago talking about Tila Tequila’s love affair with 17-year-old teenager Devin Walker from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. As most of you readers notice in the last post comments section Devin Walker has come to the site and had decided to do an interview with us. We really wanted to hear what had happened between him and Tila, also giving Devin a chance to share his side of the story without fear of retaliation. Most of us wanted to know what exactly occurred with Tila and have him answer some questions that really boggled our minds. There were several questions that were asked of him to which Devin kindly responded to. Here is the full interview with Devin about his short relationship with Tila Nguyen. Some of what he had to say was pretty shocking to say the least. Maybe now people who for some reason did not believe that Devin had this short love affair or sexual encounter with the controversial and train-wrecked former reality star, who has also claimed new omniscient titles as God’s Messenger and so on, will now see that he was telling his side of the story. check out what Devin had to say below and maybe you will want to run to the clinic to check yourselves for an STD after you’ve read the quite shocking details. We’re still perplexed as to why Tila would prey on teenager and take advantage of his TRUST for her. Why would Tila threaten him with his dirty picture unless she has something to hide about their relationship together…


1) How did you first meet Tila Nguyen? I met Tila first through Facebook, It then  went to phone calls, then she actually flew down to stay with me for awhile.

2) How did your relationship start with Tila Nguyen? It sprouted instantaneously from our first phone call where she said I was her true love, she said that. She accidentally spoke what she was thinking Haha!

3) How long did you know each other before Tila Nguyen came out to visit you in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada? We knew each other for a little under 2 weeks before she came down to visit.

4) What were Tila Nguyen’s reasons for wanting to come see you in Canada? Our Love! That’s how she said it. She also said it would be nice to kidnap me and take me home with her Lmfao!

5) How long did Tila stay with you at your home? Did she stay in a hotel, if so how long? She stayed down at 2 hotels and a couple nights at my sisters house!

6) How long did Tila stay in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada for? When did Tila arrive and leave Canada? She stayed for about 3 Weeks and I’m not exactly sure about That last part, I would have to look at the messages that you guys DON’T have…

7) What did Tila Nguyen promise you while you were together? What did you talk about? For the first part of the question refer to the Love Letter. For the second part we talked about EVERYTHING, I literally know EVERYTHING about Tila.

8) Did you have unprotected sex with Tila Nguyen? Did Tila care that you were only 17-years-old? She did NOT care at all! The FIRST night I seen her I was really shy, for about 20 minutes I was blushing, she was too. And then we ended up having really long sex. It was funny cause after she said “What Happened To Being Shy!” Lmfao Crazy. We had sex every time I seen her everyday, multiple times everyday…
Just adding this for something to laugh at but I was too big for some positions!

9) Did Tila Nguyen know your age was 17-years-old when she went out to visit you and did she ever say anything about it? I told her straight up at the time that I was turning 18-years-old in 3 months! She didn’t even care about that one bit, just like how I didn’t care she was 31-years-old!

10) Did Tila Nguyen ever ask you for money for time spent with her or for the trip out to Canada? Tila never once asked me for money and actually tried buying me stuff!! I really tried my best to limit it to just food when I stayed over on weekends when I didn’t have Co-Op!

11) When did Tila Nguyen give you the “Love Letter” talking about the “Two Weeks In Heaven” that she had with you? How did you feel about what she told you in the letter about wanting to have your children and taking your last name? She gave me the love letter about a week before she left because I made her multiple love rap song for her, probably an estimation of 7 or 8. I felt fully open to the idea of having children with her and I’m pretty sure she is pregnant because we NEVER used a condom once and we had SO MUCH sex!

12) What about Tila Nguyen’s claims about having a record deal with Universal Records? What was was the name of the record company that she claims to have been signed under Universal Records? Did she make you any promises in regards to your possible career in music and Hollywood as an actor? She said she would introduce me to her agent because she seen my music talent right away when I rapped some of my written and free-styled a bit. We role played a bit too Haha. I can also act really good… obviously! But when she threatened to take away my dreams, blacklist me to Hollywood and make my life miserable I flipped out. Cause I really want a career as a rapper, I dedicate my life to the rap game, I love it. You can’t just take that from somebody and expect them to go away just because you threaten them with a dirty picture. Go ahead and post it because if she does I’ll sue her for everything she has!

13) Why and how did your relationship end with Tila Nguyen? She just turned into a complete bitch when she got back to L.A. It makes no sense to me as I gave her everything I have plus more. I just wanna find that girl that would treat me right, know what I mean?

14) Why did you attempt to “commit suicide”? Cause man, stressed right out. Think of it, you have your life planned out, then it all breaks apart and then she threatens to fuck up my life and take my dream as a rapper away. I have been dreaming of that shit since a youngin!

15) How did it feel when Tila Nguyen made all the promises of being with you “forever”? Fuck it felt like ecstasy! Best thing I could get in life and I never ONCE thought of using her for ANYTHING. She doesn’t get it at all. It felt like I was lifted and nobody could bring me down!

16) How did it feel when Tila Nguyen told you to “try harder” and “finish the job” in reference to your suicide attempt? What about the threats Tila made saying that she would expose your “dirty pic” that you had sent her? It made me snap out even more when she said that. That she wishes I was dead. Is she fucking serious? That’s a joke and a half. How much more can you hate somebody that has only given you straight love? And I laughed when she threatened me with the picture because she would be fucking herself over for posting it!

17) Why did you decide to expose your relationship with Tila Tequila on Zimbio? I did that for a couple reasons: 1) To piss her off. 2) To try and keep my dream of being discovered open because she tried taking it from me… Hopefully I do get discovered soon. and 3) Because why should it be hidden?

18) How emotionally attached with Tila were you? Are you still in love with her? Me and Tila had the craziest love for each Other. Straight to the max, shattering the scale from 1 1o 100. Of course I still love her. No matter how much shit she keeps throwing at me, you can’t possibly understand. I gave that girl my everything and still would. I’m too forgiving sometimes, but I would take her back a million times!

19) How did you feel when Tila Nguyen told you that she had “Blacklisted” you all over Hollywood? Rage, flattened, crushed, the whole bit. That’s my dream, you can’t just take that from somebody… it’s not human. I have dedicated my life to rapping and acting. That would be throwing all my talents away, and my life!

20) What about when Tila told you that she was going to involve her lawyer? Tila doesn’t scare me at all, I know everything about her. That shit don’t phase me.

Tila Tequila Talks About Parenting Children - April 2013

Now Tila has the nerve once again to give “parenting advice” to her followers. Tila had posted her advice on her main page and then again on her private page. She left the following responses to her fans, “LOL we are sweet southern belles but we sure aint afraid to whoop that ass if you’re outta line! haha! Then I’ll give you a lollipop afterwards and make you dinner haha!” She also added on another post, “Who says Angels don’t carry Ak-47’s? Ok maybe not all Angels, but no ones gonna take away my guns here… bring it. Let’s cut to the chase shall we? I love sugar, but I don’t like to sugarcoat. That’s for sure! :P” She also had made other claims that are really ridiculous and laughable. She spoke about an incident she had with law enforcement officers, “lmao! A few years ago I remember some po-po’s came to my house without a warrant just because I posted up a pic of me with ma guns-a-blazin.. like wtf? I WAS from Texas after all! Geeeezus wtf LA??? So prissy there are we? lmao!” Oh really? That’s pretty funny that she claims that cops came to her door over some pictures she posted on the internet. Ironically, the LAPD has been at Tila’s door several times over the past few years. Only because she was freaking out. She must’ve conveniently forgotten when her alter-ego Jane tried to kill her, posted a video of her “arm meat” and several pictures on her website.

Tila always tells her followers there’s no such thing as coincidence. So now knowing how she treats an ex-lover and a 17-year-old teenager, is there a wonder if there is a possibly a dead ex-lover in Tila’s past? Some people would probably argue that its maybe coincidence. However, Tila would totally disagree with that theory because in her mind she thinks that there is no such thing as coincidence. The irony of it all. And we are left with connecting the dots to her crazy fuckery. Isn’t that right Tila?

Tila Nguyen aka Tila Tequila Making Threats To Calls Feds - April 2013

UPDATE 04/15/2013: This will be a short and wild blurb to give you an idea of what is currently going on in Tila Tequila’s head. It appears as if Tila is on super freak out mode and now making more threatening statements saying, “I’m calling the feds. You know who. Sit down child. Sit down.” To make matters more interesting she changed her profile pic to a toxic type avenger chick holding a gun. She made more wild comments, “I warned people how many times by now? In how many posts ? Is it not clear enough? For instance my “White Picket Fence” poem. Fucking go read it again. Don’t fuck with me. This isn’t directed to anyone but yeah.. Just saying. Don’t push me to the edge of having to go there because I WILL!”

Tila really needs some psychological help and quick because it also appears as if the “child” she is referring to could be Devin Walker. Those type of THREATS and claims are not at all unusual to see on Tila’s profiles. I also find it funny after throwing around a barrage of hate for the government, Tila now claims that they wanted her to be a “super soldier” for them? She can’t be serious. LOL! yeah right. Talk about pathetic hypocrisy and fuckery beyond rational proportions. Tila please get some HELP girl…



  1. Devin Walker says:

    No Need To Be Perplexed At All, She Loved My Maturity, You Would Never Think Of Me As A Kid If You Knew Me, And She Loved My Music…Aot!

    • I understand your feelings Devin. But being that Tila Nguyen is 31-years-old and there are some morals that are lacking. Tila’s own maturity level shows us that she acts like a child and is very abusive towards others only thinking about herself. She takes revenge on anyone that has been personally involved with her in some way. However, I’m not saying that you’re not mature, just saying that Tila has some serious psychological issues and has had them for years. She really needs help. I am sorry that you were victimized by her vengeance.

    • SheriffGauncent says:

      Yep, you're coming off SO mature!

    • Christina says:

      Devin you are a piece of shit fucking liar. You told Tila you had cancer just to get her up there & now you're spreading more bullshit just to get people to listen to your shitty rap songs. You are a fucking joke get a life asshole

      • Really? says:

        If Tila fucked everyone who told her a sob story she'd never stand up. There is only one fucking joke asshole and that's Tila.

      • Anon says:

        Christina if you knew Tila as well as you THINK you do, you would know that Tila would NEVER go to Canada just to see a kid with cancer. He had something she wanted. She didnt get what she wanted so she dissed him. Can you read?

    • YUP says:

      Hope you were paid well to help SLUR Tila, Devin, you worthless, greedy little cockroach.

  2. Devin Walker says:

    Good Job Posting It Btw @GRR!

  3. Queen_LaQueefa says:

    If this child knew everything about Tila as he claims, he would know that she's a hasbeen and nobody in Hollywood wants anything to do with her. In addition, she doesn't have a pot to piss in, nor window to throw it out of… I mean come on, all her crap in storage was sold off to the highest bidder a couple of months ago… for a measly $2,800. Her mental health issues and drug use are all over the internet, as well.

    Lastly, I would like to point out that just crossing state lines in the US to have sex with a minor is against the law. She went as far as crossing a whole country border to have sex with a child. THAT IS A FELONY!!!

    • You should read the THREATS that Tila told Devin after he had exposed their relationship on Zimbio. Tila knew exactly what she was doing when she hooked up with Devin and flew all the way to Canada in March. It’s like Tila uses Facebook as a dating site to hook new tricks (because she is an ESCORT) and prey on teenagers who seem to worship her :(

  4. Marie says:

    Devin are you listening to yourself? People had warned you on the other post about what she is and you still don't hear it. You say you know EVERYTHING about Tila but I doubt that because you don't seem to know the facts about her.

    She may have not asked you for money (sorry I really have trouble believing that as she lost her home as well as every item she owned and shes been living in hotels for over a YEAR and a half – PLUS the fact that shes an ESCORT) That red dress she has on in the pic with you is ancient because she cant afford new clothes! The fact you say you will sue her for everything she has is laughable at best, as she has NOTHING. People posted the auction info on her FB page did you miss reading that? That was ALL she OWNED DUDE!!!

    The only thing you can do is get her for crossing state and country lines to have sex knowingly with a MINOR because that's what you ARE. She lied to you about being able to make you famous and you say you LIVE for your career, but yet you'd take her back? I would never take back anyone that threatened my dream and told me to try harder to kill myself. What I'd be doing at this point is going to the nearest clinic to get tested and pray I don't have a horrible disease. Straight UP Dude.

    If you have the TALENT you don't need her for anything…there's nothing she could do for you anyway and if you choose not to believe that and continue with this, I feel VERY sorry for you because this isn't even the worst thing she can do to you yet. Look what she did to Casey Johnson.

  5. Devin Walker says:

    K Everybody Fuck off With Saying I Have A Disease Cause Its Annoying As Fuck, I Already Got Checked And Im Completely Clean So Its Done…

  6. SheriffGauncent says:

    Hey Deven, How about doing another interview with Sheriff Gauncent? I have no affiliation with law enforcement. Just an old nickname. If you agree to an interview, I may be drunk.

  7. ACN_is_A_Fraud says:

    Devin before making a post please READ, dont just scan what people are saying because you're coming off like a jerk bc you're not reading. Nobody said you had a disease, they suggested you GET TESTED as Tila Tequila is an ESCORT and if she went raw with you then imagine how many other men she did the same thing with? Obviously she neglected to mention this to you, so I sent you some stuff to read via twitter.

    • Devin Walker says:

      Its All Good, If She Had A STD My Dick Woulda Fell Off By Now Lmfao, We Did It Raw Lots Of Times Everyday For Around 3 Weeks, Trust Me On That One Haha

      • FUYU says:

        What is with this pride that you have about being used?? I'm not trying to hate, just trying to understand why you feel the need to brag like that? A lot of us are trying to be supportive here but your comments sometimes are very disturbing.

        • deluwiel says:

          He's a 17-year-old who had sex with a former model/reality TV star with plastic cereal bowl breast implants. Yup, he's gonna brag. He didn't get that big break that Tila promised she'd set up for him with all the top flight music producers and her connections in Hollywood (HA!) but he got laid multiple times a day for 2 weeks, so it's all good. The question I have is, what did she get out of it? There HAS to be a reason and it sure as hell wasn't that she had fallen head over heels with a teenager. What's the real story, Devin?

          • ACN_is_A_Fraud says:

            I agree deluwiel theres got to be A LOT more to this story than Devin is letting out, for instance: Devin did you tell Tila about this "Cancer Serum" BEFORE or AFTER she came to see you? Tila would NEVER be with someone if it didnt somehow BENEFIT her.

          • deluwiel says:

            Exactly – and when she realized there was nothing to be gained from either Devin or whoever she thought she could get to through him she split and started with her silly threats and menacing on FB to shake him off. What could it have been?

      • ACN_is_A_Fraud says:

        That's NOT something I would be proud of Devin, its actually pretty disgusting knowing all the things I know about her. Some STD's dont show up overnight. Maybe you should educate yourself. People on here want to support you because we all know what a horrible person Tila is but you're making it kind of hard with your attitude. Time to grow up and report her ass already. Did you even read the article I sent you via twitter? All the ESCORT proof is right there and its FACT.

  8. Trica says:

    This story sounds so fake! I think Devin believes that this will make him famous.

  9. @Seola1 says:

    Given Tila's history with minors, I have very very real concerns she is a pedophile. I'm not even joking. She got a thrill out of that "phone sex" conversation with that 14yo. And some 12yo – and I'd bet she would go younger if any of them actually knew who she was. I truly do have some concerns here for what is essentially a mere child. Does Canada have extortion laws? She consented to the photos, the photos are his and he's not selling them so there's nothing she can do legally but if she puts out that pic, she not only violates the law but follows through on the extortion attempt.

  10. @Seola1 says:

    Now, that said – I have some doubts about this Devin's motives as well. Dubious at best but victimized? Perhaps in the legal sense but he came off a little nutty to me, scraping and scraping to get Tila's attention in what *seems* to play out (and smite me for saying) to use Tila. We've all seen fake "cuts" like Tila has so maybe that makes me a skeptic but the fact he did plaster her up and repeat her name over and over just so so so reminded me of Tila's words when she was "dating" Casey before she killed her.

    So to this end, Tila was wrong – no doubt. It's disgusting on another level, but pure out victim, sad little kid? I don't buy it. I honestly and truly believe he's just a little kid screaming "Look at me, look at me". So they both used each other. Meh. He's looking worse than her right now as far as character, but she's looking worse as a creep out child/legal factor.

    • itsastory says:

      i think its a set up !

      • @Seola1 says:

        I'm thinking 90% setup. Like I said, it mirrors an awful lot that Tila has already done that got her major attention and she found some goob kid to go along with it. I mean, the wench can't even make rent. How is she going to fly to Canada for what.. 3 weeks or whatever, afford a hotel for most of that and "lavish gifts" for this kid? Yeah… no.

  11. itsastory says:

    Sorry this just seems to be a little contrived (sorry if that was spelt wrong) to me ….. we all have to remember that Tila "plans" everything and whilst there is always truth to the matters that GRR writes about Tila will always have an escape route.

    How do we "actually" know this is a 17 year old kid, and why have the parents not been told and action against Tila made ?? I smell some sort of bad karma with this whole story

    If Devin really wants to have his time in the spotlight i dare him to file charges against Tila !! this will make him more money and maybe give him a opportunity to "crack" into the business

    • Devin Walker says:

      My Parents Dont Care As Long As Im Happy And Shes Not Abusing Me (Like Hurting Physically)

      • kkk says:

        But SHE IS abusing you, it's called emotional abuse and can be sometimes more damaging than physical abuse. Please read something about it and don't be scared to talk with your parents about it – the longer you'll keep it inside, the more damage it can do. You've already hurt yourself because of her behavior – that's not normal and it would be great if you realized what's going on sooner than later. I'm talking from my own experience, I've also been abused as a teenager and I'm still dealing with it 10+ years later…

  12. right says:

    Funny thing not one word about his claimed to have cancer,more funnier is that he claimed to be 18 on fb..so is this story of Devin true?Nah,not in a million..

    • Really? says:

      So the pictures of Tila kissing this kid are fake too?

        • right says:

          Where is the proof that you had sex with her devin?O that's right there isn't that's why tmz and radaronline or some other big hot shot website doesn't report your story beside ghost

          • ACN_is_A_Fraud says:

            Tila would have PAY TMZ and Radar to post on her at this point, they BOTH know she lies. At least GRR posts the truth about what a liar she is so #HaveASeat

          • right says:

            The truth?What is the truth?a 17 year old kid that want to be a dj and actor?That he doesn't have proof there was sex between 2 people?#HAVEASEAT

          • Truth Teller says:

            Listen Tila, this pathological pedophilia of yours is getting played out. Find a new angle. You could always go back to tricking yourself out….or pretending to have multiple personalities….or pretending to have a record label….pretending to be an ambassador…or even pretending to be pregnant. I'm sure I'm leaving out some of your lies but frankly, I don't have time to sit here and list them all.

            Honestly, why would you think anyone would believe anything that comes out of that cum guzzling mouth of yours at this point? You're a pathological liar and there's so much proof it just amazes me that you are that BAD of liar, yet you continue to tell the same fucked up stories.

            Get a grip on something besides a dick and grow the fuck up.

    • Devin Walker says:

      Joke, My Birthday Is June 28th 1995, Im Not 18 Yet, Why Do You Think I Havent Been Signed A Label Yet?

      • right says:

        Because your not good enough Devin or you need to make a fake story to try to get some fame?Why did justin bieber had a contract why before his 18 or michael jackson and his brothers..?

  13. right says:

    Besides that i heard better scams this is all in the name of i want to be a dj a actor isn't it Devin?You can forget that career Devin after this stunt of yours..your a joke,next time if you want to do this again make a better story..

    • ACN_is_A_Fraud says:

      So is this Tila or Seseley? Neither of you want to go THERE about SCAMS do you? The Queen of LIES and The Queen of PhotoShop. And if this is SG you don't have any room to be talking Miss Fake I Live In Beverly Hills. You guys think you can fool the world and lie your way out of everything but not everyone is stupid and your lies are catching up with BOTH of you now. Tila must be worried or else you guys wouldn't be here commenting.

    • Devin Walker says:

      Your Just Mad I Had Her On Me And You Could Only Dream Of It 😛

  14. right says:

    And ghost that you can publish this bullshit..smh!!

  15. 007 says:

    been reading up on this story..and more and more getting the feeling its just another "stunt" of Miss Nguyen to get some media attention..we all know how far she is willing to go for it ! She just used this "kid"..played him big time…like she used/played so many before ! My 5 cents !!

  16. We Are Legion says:

    Is everyone listening to themselves? This incident happened to a TEENAGER not an adult.

    Hello morons, Devin is only 17 yrs old for fucks sake. How do any of you know he is lying about "having cancer" or about having sex with Tila. We don't live with him. There are also PICTURES on the past post of them laying in the bed together and of them kissing! Looking grossed out or not, might have only been for the camera because Tila may have NOT wanted any pics of her visit with Devin. You must all be blind as old bats because there are also SCREEN SHOTS of Tila's conversation with Devin, telling him to do a better job killing himself and to try harder next time. Then Tila threatened Devin with the posting of his dirty picture on the internet that he gave her. That's ILLEGAL and AGAINST the LAW!!! Not to mention that is considered possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!! That's not only insane its sick and fucking twisted!!! Worse is the mob mentality style of hate this kid is getting from people who aren't realizing that something intimate really happened between Tila and Devin.

    As far as what he has said about his claims about his "Elite" father having a "cure to cancer" I have no idea and it does sound far fetched to say the least, but that really doesn't matter he is a kid and is still immature no matter what he thinks. Not to mention his dreams of becoming a rapper/actor or whatever is even more of a reason WHY Tila would prey on him because he is still immature and young. Tila wants people not to believe Devin because of his personal issues. That gives Tila and good ALIBI and her "Tila Army" of idiots an excuse to bash him and not believe his story. Again take a look at the screen shots and pics of them in the last post. Realize that this happened to a teenager. Stop victimizing the victim and realize who the real predator is TILA NGUYEN!

  17. deluwiel says:

    holy cow. This is good stuff! With all due respect, Devin, WTF?!? your father is an "Elite" who cures cancer… you're a talented rapper/actor/writer not to mention so well endowed that several sex positions are physically impossible for you ('scuse me – BWAHAHAHAHA!!!) okay… where was I? Oh yeah. With that said, we all know Tila Starseed Mother Gaiaia-gag-me Nguyen is a certifiable narcissistic nut case who WOULD be so flattered by this kid's attention and adoration that she'd fly to Canada so she could bestow upon him the blessing of having sex with her oh-so-desirable former Maxim cover model self.

    And… just as an aside… threatening to blackball him in Hollywood? The same Hollywood that's overrun by Reptilians and Illuminati? The same Hollywood that kept her a mind-controlled slave until she managed to free herself and vowed to expose the horrific truth about? Maybe I'm crazy here, but if she really wanted to put an end to Devin wouldn't she be setting him up to SUCCEED in Hollywood so the brain suckers or whatever they're supposed to be would get him? And all of a sudden she's consorting with record labels and the music industry again? Thought they were part of the Axis of Evil. She's an idiot, poor Devin is deluded, and I so hope this whole thing doesn't get swept under a rug somewhere. If nothing else, I sincerely hope Tila gets busted for possession of child pornography. Now THAT would be poetic justice, right there.

    • Devin Walker says:

      Poetic Justice….Nice Play On Words…
      Like I Said My Idiot Ex-Friend Wrote That I Have Cancer, Which I Do NOT.
      And Yeah I Do Have Talent, Listen Up For The Radio Interview With Ghost Rider Radio Comming Up! (Y)

      • Ivanna Vodka says:

        Devin, I can't take it anymore. PLEASE USE PROPER CAPITALIZATION!! You don't HAVE to, but when you capitalize every word in a sentence, not only does it rob your ideas of any merit, but it makes your argument look weak and it makes YOU look unintelligent.

        We're on your side friend, but when you hurl random comments around and come off so stand offish, it makes us wonder. I'm interested in the truth, whatever that may be, but you aren't going to convince anyone of the truth with the tactics you're using.

        Friendly advice to another friend 😉

      • right says:

        Of course your friend wrote that you had cancer Devin..getting fame on a not famous why isn't getting you famous..This is a story on ghost site not even on tmz or radaronline or other big hot shot websites i guess why

        • ACN_is_A_Fraud says:

          Bet you wont be saying that when they DO pick up the story! Tila's just mad because she knows its WRONG. Go be a sheep on her Facebook page

          • right says:

            I would say the same where is the proof the there was sex between those 2?Did you see the proof?No you didn't..A kiss isn't against the law But fact is tmz and radaronline and all those other hot shot websites doesn't report this story hmm i wonder why..!!

          • Marie says:

            Because Tila has been caught lying to them so many times that they wont even consider her anymore. Last time TMZ reported on her is when she lied trying to say she converted to being Jewish did that ever pan out? They interviewed her on air and she made a complete FOOL of herself. She didnt even know simple words that NON JEWISH people know. She was just claiming all that because she wanted the world to know she was fucking David after she got out of fake rehab. You really think they never caught on to that? Not everyone is as stupid as Tila's followers, even SHE knows that and has said so.

  18. FUYU says:

    While I am a bit confused about Devin's behavior and wonder about his motives with the interview/responses and the information I saw on his Twitter (Profile basically bragging and following Gina of ALL people)… I DO hope that Devin will actually do something about what Tila has done to him because she has gotten away with too much shit and to see this horrible incident fade with the wind while Tila preys on more vulnerable young boys will be the worst thing that can come out of this.

    My question is what will HE do about what happened? He can cry about it all he wants in the public, but there is very little that we can do. He may be too wrapped up with his feelings of her taking him back, but I hope that he knows that it won't happen. More than likely, she probably will get away with this act of pedophilia and she will do it again.

    Devin, I do hope that once you snap out of denial, that you talk to your family about what happened to you. Nothing will happen unless YOU take action. Please step back and seriously look at the outcome and what Tila has been saying on her Facebook. Please also look back in GRR's blog and take note of the pattern that she has. You have witnesses in your home that have seen her come and go. You have proof. Only YOU have control over this situation.

    • Devin Walker says:

      1. Not Crying At All.
      2. I Dont Expect A Future Relationship With Tila…Ever.
      3. I Know Shes Nuts, I Know All About Her.
      4. Im Not Sure What My Final Decision Will Be Yet!

  19. Maya says:

    Has Tila acknowledged any of this as of yet? I mean, what has she said? Is she claiming it's a lie? Is she ignoring it?

  20. Curious says:


    I'm curious as to how your parents feel about this? Are they aware that you were involved in a sexual relationship with a 31 year old woman?

    As for Tila, if I recall correctly, didn't she posit that the government was entirely corrupt? If she believes this, then why is she threatening Devin by saying she will contact the FBI? She does realize that they are in fact a government entity, correct.

    There is one other thing that gives me pause about this whole situation. Tila, was clearly involved in some sort of relationship with this boy (most likely sexual in nature) yet, she repeatedly refers to him as a "child". If she makes that distinction now, what is her excuse for being involved with him in the first place?

  21. itsastory says:

    i dont know the laws in and out, but can "random" people not report acts of child abuse to authorities and have it investigated.

    If so why are people not reporting this ? and have it investigated.

    • Curious says:

      I'm not sure how the laws work in Canada, where Devin lives. I know that in the US anyone can reported suspected abuse to the Department of Children and Family and the law requires it be investigated. I'm not entirely sure how that would work in given that Tila resides in the US while Devin resides in Canada. I'd have to do some research in order to find out.

      • itsastory says:

        would be interesting to know…. maybe i watch too much SVU but it wouldnt matter if Devin was a "willing" participant its still against the law.

        I thought that was how say a 18 year old can get a sex offender record just cause a parent gets annoyed their 17 year old is having sex ?

        im not in the states, but i would report them…. and if Devin wants fame he should do it himself and really shove it up her :)

        • Really? says:

          Age of consent in Canada seems to be 16. Which would explain why Tila would fly out to be with him instead of having him fly out to be with her. 1 is a crime, the other is just repulsive.

          Sadly because it's not a 31 year old man preying on a 17 year old girl it's not getting the sick response it should be getting.

          • itsastory says:

            ohhhhh so technically she has done nothing wrong which is exactly how ever move of hers is made with accuracy :)

  22. RockitQueen says:

    "I told her straight up at the time that I was turning 18-years-old in 3 months! She didn’t even care about that one bit, just like how I didn’t care she was 31-years-old!" Of course she didn't care–she's a fucking pedophile!

    This is all shocking, but not surprising, I guess. The scary thing is that you know she's done this before and it just didn't get out.

    • Devin Walker says:

      If She Is A Pedophile What Does It Make Me For Also Wanting It?

      • FUYU says:

        I have no idea what you're so proud about here regarding getting USED by Tila? What does it make you?? It makes you a horny little boy that would stick his dick into anything. Sorry, just had to say that.

        Do some research about Tila, seriously. You say that you know everything about her, that she's crazy, but you don't seem to realise who or what else has been in that shit hole of hers.. and when I say shit hole I mean all of her holes.

        Despite many comments here saying negative things about you does not mean it is "hate" by the way. People are confused about your motives here. Lots of us are on your side, but unfortunately you are pushing it with your attitude.

      • Curious says:

        It makes you a normal teenage boy. The fact that you wanted it doesn't negate the fact that she is a 31 year old WOMAN. It was her job here to say, No, this isn't right. She didn't do that. That makes her a pedophile.

  23. Anon says:

    @ghostriderradio please send the documents re the Boston Marathon she made, and that this person is claiming that "she was informed that it was to happen prior"!! She needs to be taken seriously, this is not 'entertainment' and she should either be arrested or placed in custody like a psychiatric hold (5150), for an evaluation.
    Thanks, from a concerned citizen.

  24. Greetings Anon… Just to let you know that I have already notified the Boston Police Department and the FBI located in Boston via twitter yesterday an hour after Tila Nguyen had posted her claims on her personal Facebook account about the Boston Marathon Bombing

    Tila Nguyen: Why did someone tell me this was going to happen before it happened? Then a few hours later it finally happened. What do you think would happened if I woulda made a post about this? People would call me crzy again right? Then focus on minor shit like ohhh my past? or even current lies about me when there are MORE important issues to worry about here? You know… LIKE REAL PEOPLE DYING???? geeez! || Posted Monday, April 15, 2013 at 1:22 PM PST

    In the statement shown above Tila claims also to have knowledge of the 2 articles about her relationship with Devin Walker. Tila also made 3 references yesterday in her comments section on the post alluding to her knowing that the Boston Marathon bombing was going to happen. Read the screen shot: http://twitpic.com/cjn21b

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