Yikes! Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers Arrested For Heroin Possession and Assault Charges?

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers at the Laundramat - March 2013

This news about “Teen Mom 2″ reality star Jenelle Evans is NOT surprising at all. After all the bragging that she was “SOBER” and clean, she also made claims that she was all caught up on her child support payments for her son Jace who is staying with her mom Barbara Evans. The troubled star finds herself in more trouble with the local law enforcement. Reports are swarming the web with the reasons why Jenelle got picked up today in Caswell Beach, North Carolina. So let’s not waste time and get to the wild news so we can shake our heads in amazement at the unnecessary and childish drama that Jenelle constantly brings upon herself. However, the fun doesn’t end there as her “abusive” husband Courtland Rogers has also been in some trouble lately with the local law enforcement. Earlier this morning Jenelle tweeted, “I’m doing great. Eating healthy. My weight is back to normal. I take Multivitamins daily and melatonin at night and I’m SOBER!” She’s made that claim so many times!

Making themselves look more unbelievable on April 6, Courtland had tweeted the same ridiculous thing telling his haters and naysayers, “While y’all are living your boring lives @PBandJenelley_1 n I are Living it up!! SOBER!! And no matter what at the end of the day were happy.” Those people who follow them on Twitter have seen Jenelle and Courtland constantly protest that they are “SOBER”. Courtland also claims that he is “still smoking weed” which would make him NOT SOBER and lying to the rest of the world. Ironically, their karma came back with a vengeance…

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Claim They Are Sober - April 2013

Since Jenelle escaped out of rehab to go back to her husband and her hot mess of a marriage. Jenelle has been claiming that she and her husband are “SOBER”. Reports claim that Jenelle and Courtland had been arrested today at their apartment located in Caswell Beach, according to the Brunswick County Jail website. Records show Caswell Beach Police arrested Jenelle for possession with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute heroin, simple assault and simple possession of a schedule II controlled substance. TMZ had also obtained the official Caswell Beach Police Department arrest report, that states police were responding to a domestic dispute call that had went on between Jenelle and Courtland when drugs were found on the property. During the altercation Courtland had allegedly assaulted Jenelle by “hitting her on the neck and striking her with a closed fist on her head.” Jenelle is also facing assault charges as well for striking and hitting Courtland with a piece of furniture.

The arrest report also states that there were allegedly 12 bindles (paper packets used for storing drugs) of heroin in the home. Since both Jenelle and Courtland had obviously denied ownership, they were both charged. Jenelle was in possession of Percocet, plastic wrapping papers and a glass smoking pipe, which is considered illegal drug paraphernalia, according to the documents. Courtland is currently being held on two separate bonds. The first for $25,000 on the assault charge and the second for $10,000 because of the heroin charge. Jenelle was also being held on a $20,000 secured bond for criminal heroin and assault charges as well as a $260 cash bond for non-payment of the child support she owes. Rumors say Barbara has bailed Jenelle out and she has changed her Facebook relationship status to single.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office had also served Jenelle with an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support. That is after she claimed she paid all her bills on Twitter just yesterday. She also said that she is really forgetful. No kidding!

Courtland Rogers Claims Jenelle Evans is Sober - April 2013

As you can see from the several tweets above Courtland is still making some hilarious statements saying that Jenelle is SOBER. He also claimed on April 20, the following, “What’s freaking perfect for me now on this subject is tht I can pass a drug test and the courts know my every move due to probation happyface.” Yeah right!

Click the links to check out the larger versions of the MUG SHOTS for Jenelle and Courtland. In more awkward news Jenelle’s ex-fiance Gary Head began serving his 7-day sentence stemming from prior DUI arrests this morning. Ironically, it appears that Jenelle, Courtland and Gary were all in Brunswick County Jail together. Yikes!

To make the fuckery even more entertaining was when Jenelle had claimed earlier this month that she works closely with Radar Online. So she gave them a call as soon as she was bailed out because she has them on speed dial. She told them that she was “set up” by her loving husband who makes her world go around. Isn’t that special? Courtland also put the blame on Kieffer Delp, who is NOT even in the picture now.

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers - Happy and Sober - March 2013

Courtland proudly tweeted his “innocence” last night, “Don’t worry babe u finally got away from that pos kieffer u are so much better now without him n the world sees how u got addicted to herion. If it wasn’t for kieffers dumbass u wouldn’t have got so bad on drugs and to think everyone thinks I got u started smh. we knew these last 2 episodes would b intense babe but guess what? U got through them now its done! U are beautiful n sober. well I would of made her just have a tantrum!! She would of got over it!! He enabled her and got her completely addicted!” So his claims of “smoking weed” had nothing to do with it?

To end the night in debauchery Jenelle’s “source” has now claimed last night that “Jenelle is back on the birth control patch.” Hmm, I thought Courtland had said in January 2013, that Jenelle was on the pill? A source (who is probably Jenelle) also had stated that, “She has told friends that she just isn’t ready for a baby now and she seems really serious about this. She wants to try and get custody back from her mother, Barbara Evans, and she’s trying really hard to do everything she can to do that, but she knows it is a process.” Isn’t that funny to hear after Courtland posted this tweet a few days ago, “I can’t wait for u to be the mother of my child so I can finally b the amazing father that I am @PBandJenelley_1 at least jace gets to see :(” Oh well Courtland, it looks like your wifey Jenelle’s NOT having anymore kids because she wants to be a “good mother” to her son Jace.

What do you think about this recent incident? What about Jenelle and Courtland’s constant claims of them being “SOBER” and keeping their personal lives “PRIVATE”? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this weird article below…


  1. JustMe says:

    I KNEW Karma was gonna knock on their door sooner or later and Jenelle would turn around and blame Courtland. They look high in every picture they post and if sober why all the "I'm completely sober!" posts? If you're sober you dont have to tell the world every five minutes, even if people are bothering you about it on social media. Jenelle doesnt have custody of Jace so I hope this time her lawyer Dustin Sullivan makes sure she is put away in a 90 day or more rehab or she gets put in prison so she can come out and be CLEAN for once. I feel the only reason why she started taking vitamins is because it makes it harder to go to the bathroom therefore less withdrawl symptoms (old trick lots of addicts do this and someone probably told her about it). Jenelle needs to quit pressing charges and own WTF she does. GROW UP ALREADY!!!

  2. @Boqueefa says:

    Tired of ppl saying MTV did this to her, no SHE did this to her. No one put a gun to her head. She needs to own up to everything and stop going on and off her meds

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