Mob Wives Drama: Karen Gravano Defends Love Majewski, Talks About Beef With Carla Facciolo

Karen Gravano

When we thought the drama from Mob Wives season 3 cast members would end until the next season. The intense animosity that Karen Gravano has for Carla Facciolo is really coming out. As it appears that she has been running around to every gossip site and media outlet that will interview her. Most regular fans of the Mob Wives reality show know that Karen’s issues with Carla started a long time ago, well before her more recent outbursts. In the past Karen had a problem with Carla because she was friends and still is good friends with Drita Davanzo. Karen had major beef with Drita and Carla happened to be caught up in the middle. Time had passed with the end effect being Karen and Drita having a non-violent sit down to work their problems out. There’s still problems because Drita wasn’t the only reason for their fight. It was Karen’s father Salvatore Gravano aka “Sammy the Bull”, that had allegedly saved Carla’s father from what was going to be his brutal murder. Lucchese crime family boss Victor Amuso suspected Carla’s uncle Bruno Facciolo of being an informant.

However, the constant stabs that Karen and Carla make at each other on Twitter show their fans that their personal issues are far worse than we ever thought they were. From the drama being played out observers can see that Karen has never really liked Carla. That brings us to a couple of new interviews that Karen has recently done with two different gossip sites. After finally ending the controversial season 3 reunion show with a screaming match between Carla and Ramona Rizzo. Wounds haven’t healed up just yet when Karen dropped by the Global Grind offices in New York to chat with fellow VH1 reality star, Sharon Carpenter. Most of you know that Karen is a no holds barred type of woman. That means that she was not going to hold anything back when it came to letting everyone know what goes on behind the scenes of the Mob Wives show. It’s no joke as Karen really went all out and said lots of things that maybe she shouldn’t have said. Watch Karen’s awkward interview below…

In the short interview seen above Karen spoke about everything from what she believes drives ratings on reality TV, to what exactly happened behind the scenes at the reunion special. Karen also gave the gossip site something you won’t be seeing on the reality show. Karen gave an in-depth explanation behind the beef that she has with Carla, which apparently goes deeper than any of us could imagine it does.

Karen’s reckless interview above was not the only surprising thing of the day. Karen also gave an exclusive interview with infamous gossip site Radar Online. She told them that Love Majewski was both fired and banned from the reunion show taping because Carla had allegedly threatened to sue the network over a cat fight the two women had back in February 2013. Karen revealed, “I think Love wasn’t invited because Carla pretty much spoke to VH1 about not showing up if Love was invited. Carla’s threatening to sue and VH1 wanted to avoid any lawsuits.”

Karen Gravano Defends Herself Because Of Fight - April 2013

Karen also added, “The thing about it is when Drita, Ramona and I had a falling out the second season, we pretty much could talk it out without getting the police and lawyers involved. But Carla’s sue happy.” She went on her rant in defense of her long time friend saying, “At the end of the day, maybe VH1 didn’t feel like dealing with lawyers. I think its unfair because everyone has the right to defend themselves so it’s unfortunate that Love wasn’t invited so that she could say what really happened.” I agree with Karen that Love should have been able to go to the reunion show so she had a chance to defend herself. It’s only fair.

Getting back to the war between Karen and Carla. They have been having various battles on and off for quite awhile. Back on March 4, Karen received lots of mentions from Carla in response to others who had tagged them both in the same tweet. Karen was also pretty pissed off as the drama had also included an incident that happened between her and Janine Detore’s sister during October 2012. Karen had first tagged Janine and that’s when the argument started, “@CarlaFacciolo what are u talking about paperwork R U implying Something? any one can check my paperwork not Sealed bitch @janinedetoreVH1.” According to what Janine tweeted as a response, “@KarenGravanoVH1 October 27th you came to the monkey to say she’s a rat are you dumb.” Karen replied, “@janinedetoreVH1 you really are a dumb bitch If I had anything to say about your sister I would of said her name not Tweeted Carla.” Hmm… does Karen have a dirty secret that she doesn’t want exposed?

We aren’t what really happened at the Monkey but would like to know. When they fight you will see lots of sub-tweeting going on with very few direct mentions. I have no idea why they choose to fight in such a social manner. Is it for show ratings?

Karen Gravano vs Carla Facciolo - Twitter Fight - Deleted Tweets

In the screen shot shown above (click the picture to make it bigger) you can see that Karen and Carla were throwing punches at each other for over an hour in these now DELETED tweets. One of Karen’s main problems during this fight was with hearing that Carla was talking about her daughter. Carla denied it and claimed it was one of Karen’s “fake friends” to which Karen had asked who it was. Carla did not respond with a name and then the argument changed to talking about Karen’s father coming out of jail soon. Karen also mentioned that Carla’s uncle was playing for “both teams” and that is the reason why he was murdered. They finally ended the argument saving it for the season 4 of Mob Wives, if there is one. According to Jenn Graziano there might be.

Karen’s other issue with Carla is that she thinks that Carla is for some reason “racist” against people of color and different ethnicity than her own. Carla doesn’t agree with those allegations and has posted some tweets to refute those rumors against her.

Carla Facciolo Twitter Beef With Karen Gravano - April 2013

Carla spoke with All About TRH in response to the allegations against her and she also shared her reason why Love was released from Mob Wives. Carla says, “First of all my lawyer spoke with VH1 and would never threaten them! That’s her first lie! Second it was in our contracts that there were to be no physical contact or u would be fired! That was all decided by VH1 after Karen & Ramona jumped Drita! So Love got herself fired from the show.” She went on to explain that, “If Love was going to attend the reunion.” She says, “no I didn’t want to be part of it but it wasn’t my decision it was VH1. I wish I had that kind of power to get someone fired because I have a few others on my list!” Carla is sick of the childish DRAMA. So she wants to clear up the nasty RUMORS floating around the social networks claiming that she had called the cops on Love after the fight.

Carla adamantly states, “To get the record straight I never called any cops and had a restraining order against Love. That’s just another one of her many lies ..That’s so easy to prove if I did so someone should go look it up and that’s the truth!” That makes sense as last month we posted about the fight and the many deleted tweets that had been thrown out there. Unfortunately, the only person who ever mentioned “calling the cops” was Love and some of her obsessed groupies. The ridiculous RUMORS created by several of Love’s OBSESSED GROUPIES saying that Carla allegedly has a “restraining order” against Love is also totally FALSE as it is considered PUBLIC knowledge that would have a case number and is searchable.

Love Majewski Shopping Around Reality Show - Love and Fate

If there is a “restraining order” those people need to PROVE IT or SHUT UP about it. Since people want to continue being ignorant and blaming Carla for allegedly getting Love FIRED from Mob Wives, maybe they should really pay attention to the actual VH1 contract that has ZERO TOLERANCE for VIOLENCE. Instead of throwing out reckless allegations against Carla. Love obviously IGNORED that very IMPORTANT part of her VH1 contract and got the wrath of the karma from it. All of Carla’s haters need to get it through their heads, Carla had NOTHING to do with it but get targeted the entire season 3. Jenn, Renee and Carla said it was out of their hands. Get over it!

UPDATE 4/26/2013: Now we have Ramona Rizzo running over to Radar Online making wild allegations against Carla. Ramona told the gossip site “She’s Racist & Homophobic!” Ramona says, “All season long, we repeatedly heard racist and homophobic comments from Carla. During the reunion, she made more racist comments and attacked my family, which were largely edited out.” Ramona felt the need to talk about the bully accusations made by Carla on the show. Because she felt it was unfairly skewed with the important parts left out. Ramona says, “I was not being a bully. I was putting a dog that doesn’t know how to behave back in its cage.” So watching Ramona and Karen run to various gossip sites talking about how bad of a person Carla allegedly is isn’t considered bullying? They must be confused.

What do you think about everything that Karen is saying about Carla? What about the RUMORS going around Hollywood saying that Love is allegedly shopping around a sizzle reel, trying to get a network like Bravo to run her reality show called “Love & Fate”? If her show does get picked up will the network also give Love the same stipulations? Share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this topic below…


  1. Deedee says:

    Totally believe Carla! After BBWs VH1 took a lot of heat because of all the fighting & they said they were making a zero tolerance on violence as the public wanted the show off air & JenWilliams was suing! Figures after the Karen/Ramona-Drita fight that would be it for Mobwives too. I believe it was in their contract!
    Love hates Carla over Derrick Carla's now boyfriend! All that he said she said bullshit was just bs excuse!
    Karen demanding respect is a joke too!! Respect is earned!! Can't believe Karen even brings up my dad saved your dad bs! Karen's working so hard to try & make people forget Sammy was the biggest Rat in history of Mob!!
    I think Karen totally set up Carla! The married man thing happened like 25 yrs ago!! NOT receintly like it was made out too!! All this was on twtter ova a year ago & I remember Carla apologized for it!Carla is NOT the only girl on this show to have gotten with a married man ova the years!!! Just sick of this show now! Such bullshit!! Renee too..Drama queen shit starter!! Done with show!!

  2. Janine says:

    If u want to know why I was in the twitter fight u should interview me and get the real truth why Karen is on my shit list

  3. Carmella says:

    [youtube JPhh31uuBxI youtube]
    Real Talk with Love Majewski from Mob Wives (EXCLUSIVE interview)
    Filmed and edited by Nik.R (Rockmetal Inc) | Published on Apr 10, 2013

    Rock Metal Inc. agrees with alot of fans of the show that Love was not getting enough airtime this season. She reached out to me and I let her have her own time to say whatever she wanted to say because I dont edit and twist peoples words. Whatever Love said is what she wanted to say. I support her totally and I wanted to give the fans and Love her time to say whatever she didnt get a chance to say. Thank you to Love for being awesome and real. Thank you to my interviewer Naycee for an amazing job. Thanks to Dougie and SplashBar for being awesome.


    Not sure if you have seen this silly interview of Love Majewski yet. According to the many fans who they are speaking for, they claim that Love didn’t get enough air time. Were they watching the same show I was? If anyone had more TV time it was definitely Love with her crazy outbursts and complaints about Carla. That’s all I remember out of the whole show besides the fight where Karen, Ramona and Love set up Carla and ambushed her.

    I am not surprised that Karen and Ramona are both once again talking crap about Carla. Talk about more sucker punches and acting immature. Karen and Ramona needs to realize that Love got FIRED from Mob Wives because she BROKE her CONTRACT which Carla had nothing to do with. Like GRR said up above, the VH1 contract states absolutely NO VIOLENCE is allowed or will be tolerated. That is most likely why Love got fired.

    Love is a very hateful and vengeful person and has been making threats to Carla and also Linda Scarpa since last year. I am for one tired of watching Love act like the “victim” when she brought it all on herself with the help of her best friends Ramona and Karen. I hope they feel good knowing that they contributed to the negativity of the show and still do. I think its also funny that after all the teenage drama with FATE she wants to proceed with doing a show with that MORON. The guy is a SCUMBAG piece of shit who USED her. I feel bad for the network that wants to hire such a walking liability. Reality TV producers BEWARE, Love will twist your minds and empty your pocket books!

  4. ANON says:

    The interviewer of love is a HOT mess! LMAO!

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