Mob Wives Reunion Stirs Up More Drama About Carla Facciolo & Love Majewski’s Fight

Mob Wives Reunion, Dr Drew Host

Earlier this month after previews of the Carla Facciolo and Love Majewski fight started airing on VH1, there were a lot of stories and gossip going around as to who did what.  I wondered to myself if all these people were watching the same previews as I was, and then saw that some hadn’t even SEEN the previews yet, but were still assuming that Love beat Carla’s ass and there was blood everywhere. When I write a article, I don’t think about who is my favorite on the show. I use logic and make my decisions based upon what is available to see to make my conclusion at the time.

The gossip that was going around at first was that Love smashed Carla’s face in and there was “blood everywhere.” Turned out that Love did grab Carla by the head and pulled her hair after taking a cheap shot at her by asking Carla to look at her phone. I posted several screen shots to my twitter account from every angle so that people could judge what happened for themselves. It was a different preview with many new angles. For some strange reason after posting the pics, Love pretty much had calmed down about what had actually went down. Now the Mob Wives Season 3 “Reunion” show has been aired and this issue has reared its ugly head again. Don’t forget the writers at this site had already posted the pictures of the not so bloody melee a day after the fight aired, including a video showing the “Love Hurts” episode…


Love had tweeted about the “new” angle and replied the certain opinionated fan who was busy defending their favorite Mob Wives reality star. Ironically, Love has claimed several times since the fight had aired on April 7, that the fight with Carla was of no concern to her, so why does she need these “new pics” to “clear her head a little”? It’s all really confusing and hypocritical to say the least. To each her own I guess…

However, I do agree with the fact that Love should have in some sort of capacity been on the reunion. Whether it be via Skype, green room, parking lot or whatever. If Love was NOT at the reunion, Dr. Drew Pinsky and the rest of the Mob Wives should have not discussed anything about her. It showed lack of decorum with all the random and reckless insults being thrown around by Ramona Rizzo and also Karen Gravano.

I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves. But we do need to get back to the real reason and the main point of this article. Favoritism. It’s a nasty biased thing.


In the above photo, we see that Carla’s hand is over Love’s mouth. It is now being said that Love had bitten Carla’s hand and that’s where the blood came from. From the looks of the second photo, you would think Love had a nip slip right? Totally WRONG.


If you look at the picture now, you will see that Karen was holding on to Love and the ring on her finger makes it look like Love may have had a nip slip. Is Karen smiling? Pictures can be deceiving. It looks like Karen was to busy trying to hold Love back.


Next we see Ramona with her hands around Carla’s neck. She actually had them there for awhile while yelling “No fighting!!!!” That in my opinion was really unnecessary but to someone else they may be thinking that Ramona was helping her out. It’s all about what your eyes see and for most people they will agree with whoever they like.


Now onto the glass, blood and the rest of the fuckery. I don’t understand how people that are watching this in slow motion aren’t catching this part. Sorry the picture isn’t all that great but VH1 didn’t have the reunion available yet but you can clearly see where this guy gets some kind of liquid all over his face. This is where Carla cut her hand. Below are a few more different shots of this where you can see the same thing


Still don’t think Carla was cut by a glass? Carla had her hands on Love’s WHITE shirt up until she moved to the side. So there would have been blood on Love’s shirt by this point when Carla was across the room after they separated the girls from each other.


Well what do you know, there’s NO BLOOD ON LOVE’S WHITE SHIRT. Regardless of what had happened at this point, its over and Love is no longer on the reality show. No amount of bashing and hating Jenn Graziano or any of her family is going to bring Love back on Mob Wives. But for some strange reason Love is now making wild claims saying that she was brought on the show to be the “new villain to take the heat off of someone else.” The more excuses she makes, the more unbelievable it gets.


As the constant unnecessary hate and childish drama being thrown around on Twitter only make Love’s obsessed fans and groupies look worse. Their negativity towards various fans of Carla and the producers of the Mob Wives reality show, also appears not to be helping Love’s situation any either. Let’s be honest here because Love had to have known her constant threatening actions were going to end up in failure. You can’t go around making threats and act the way that Love did and not expect any type of karma in return. Again, if you want to read another unbiased breakdown of the short hair pulling fight between Love Majewski and Carla Facciolo, that also includes the FULL EPISODE just CLICK HERE, to see more pictures and a video.

What did everyone think about the Mob Wives Reunion and the drama the unfolded there? What do you think about these pictures showing what had happened? What do YOU see in them? Please share your opinions and comments as they’re appreciated.



  1. Kathy says:

    I think Love is either psychotic or just a flat out liar. When she was talking to Karen in the car she said she hit Carla because she got snippy about why Karen was there. Unless there was a lot of editing, Carla did not say a word! Karen said she was there to try to keep the peace, Love said she was there to stop her from knocking her teeth out, Carla said nothing. All season we heard Love talk about Carla, the only thing we heard from Carla was that she didn't know her! Then the whole wings/logo thing was just fucking weird. Why would Carla have anything to do with Joe's fathers business!? I think Love is a pathological liar, and she tells her stories until she believes them herself. I am not a fan of Carla, but we did not see anything from her to instigate this feud. It was all in Loves head. I thought I was going to like Love in the beginning, but her obsession with Carla changed my opinion of her real quick.

  2. JustMe says:

    "I thought I was going to like Love in the beginning, but her obsession with Carla changed my opinion of her real quick." That's the EXACT same feeling I had. And the way those girls pick on Carla is just terrible. They want to be accepted for who and how they are, but don't let Carla be herself. It's like they want her to be the suppressed friend that never talks. I'm not even going to get into how stupid I think it is that people say she's racist…have they looked in a mirror lately? And Ramona saying she wanted to pick out Carla's ribs and pick her teeth with them = animal. Ramona is very witty but when things like that escape her mouth it makes her look trashy. I'm still on the fence as to what role she played in this fight, and it totally looks like Karen is smiling. I'm glad to see that Renee and Carla worked out their differences because they both said the same amount of wrong to each other. Still don't know what I think about the way Drita handled this either since Carla backed her for 2 straight seasons.

    Really hope we get a season four!!

  3. dawn says:

    I'm over the whole scripted show

  4. […] In the past Karen had a problem with Carla because she was friends and still is good friends with Drita Davanzo. Karen had major beef with Drita and Carla happened to be caught up in the middle. Time had passed […]

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