Nik Richie’s Controversial Memoir “Sex, Lies and The Dirty” Will Be Dropping May 2013

Sex Lies and The Dirty - A Memoir By Nik Richie

Anyone who has been on the internet knows about The Dirty, which is a heavily trafficked online controversial gossip blog that was created by an entrepreneur using the name Nik Richie. Being of Iranian descent, Nik Richie‘s parents had given him the birth name of Hooman Karamian, who is a Scottsdale, Arizona resident. Using the alias Corbin Grimes, he was also the CEO of Capitol Imaging Group. Richie’s many appearances on various programs and talk shows like Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper 360, Nancy Grace and 20/20 have ironically given him celebrity status. Plus the positive and the negative press including several lawsuits against his him and hi website had suddenly provided him with some unexpected notoriety and he had earned his place as the Internet’s bad boy. To make matters more interesting “Anonymous” had created a video back in June 2012, that give Richie disapproval and also a warning because of his websites activities. Richie of course likes to play games and had joked around in the past by claiming his website was taken over by the Department Of Homeland Security. Richie’s gossip site is employed by angry ex-mates (of both sexes) to post sordid and vengeful type revelations online. “The Dirty” website also presents short opinionated comments from Nik himself about the shape of women’s bodies, as well as the use of lots of some very colorful language that’s only particular to his gossip site.

Some of those references about females include calling them “Porta-Potties”, which describes some “loose” women who have prostituted themselves out to the perverse Saudi royalty. There’s also “The Greg” that ironically refers to his or anyone else’s penis, and the “Scooby” which refers to Richie’s sidekick and long-time friend…

Richie began his gossip site back in March 2007 calling it “Dirty Scottsdale” while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. During that time, Richie was working as a credit card processor but was very unhappy with that job, so he began “Dirty Scottsdale” which was “to chronicle the nightlife of the ‘cool kids’ in the Arizona town.” The original site content on the “Dirty Scottsdale” gossip website initially just focused on Richie’s personal criticism and the lampooning of Scottsdale residents and its nightclub scene, which Richie highlighted with various “rudely captioned photos of drunk people, of breast jobs gone bad and so-called $30,000 millionaires showing off their cars, apartments and expensive jeans” and so on. However, the current version of “The Dirty” website allows users to upload and submit their own “dirt” on random people they don’t like which may also include real news, gossip, photos, videos or text.

Users can leave comments on posts and content that has been submitted by other users. Richie had also described the decision to create “Dirty Scottsdale” now known as “The Dirty” originally just “as a joke for me and my buddies. The word spread so quickly it got out of hand.” Thus creating an empire of fame and drama for Richie.

Nik Richie Marrying Shayne Lamas in Las Vegas

Sex, Lies and The Dirty is Nik’s confession of the backstage realities of his website, and also his sordid lifestyle prior to hooking up with his beautiful wife Shayne Lamas. Nik Richie’s also the host of his weekly web-radio show that commands over a million listeners each week. Along with his wife Shayne, he will star in the popular VH1 reality series called, Couples Therapy. Nik Richie eloped with “The Bachelor” Season 12 winner, Shayne Lamas, who is most known for being the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. Shockingly, Nik had married Shayne in Las Vegas, Nevada only eight hours after they met. They had no idea who one another were that is until the many tabloids and gossip site broke the crazy story the next morning. Not surprisingly, Shayne was really appalled to discover that she had married the man behind “The Dirty”, a gossip website that she also considers offensive to women. Which sometimes it really is.

Nik’s website has caused some tension in their marriage. But the first year of their relationship was passionate, spontaneous, and adventurous. Their honeymoon came to an abrupt end when Shayne became pregnant with their daughter a little more than a year after they had gotten married. Today, the stress of Nik’s website, Shayne’s alleged out of control spending habits and challenges of being parents is destroying their marriage. On March 13, Richie’s wife Shayne was hospitalized citing “marital stress” allegedly caused by Richie’s “non-stop partying”. Richie released a photo of his wife in the hospital on Instagram, but had offered no details about the incident except a short apology posted on Twitter, stating “my personal life is a mess.”

Sex Lies and The Dirty - A Memoir By Nik Richie on Instagram

Some people have criticized Richie for the harsh comments frequently posted on his gossip site, suggesting that the site encourages cyber bullying and “slutshaming”. Other critics have suggested that Richie’s website could potentially ruin someone’s life, career or reputation. In the debate, some questioned whether the site is actually a public nuisance or a much needed public forum. As interest in the site continued to grow, Richie was named one of the 10 most fascinating people by Arizona Republic newspaper which also noted, “what makes him interesting is that his site has prompted a dialogue about public and private space and about what is and is not celebrity.” The irony of it all. When do we separate TRUTH from wild gossip?

Sex, Lies and The Dirty is by Feral House publishing and will be available in paperback on May 7, 2013 at Barnes & Noble book stores. You can also find Nik Richie’s personal memoir on Amazon Kindle the same day. The controversy has just begun as its about to get messy. Will you be buying a copy of Richie’s book?



  1. Marie says:

    I actually really like Nik and Shayne after watching them on Couples Therapy, they have a GORGEOUS daughter, and I was actually surprised that Nik continued the site after having a daughter and seeing how much stress this puts his wife through. He could probably turn around and sell it for a nice profit and continue his radio show. As for his book, I'm curious so I will read it.

  2. Dirty Army says:

    The book is available on Kindle starting 4/19 according to so I guess they pushed up the release date.

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