Super Human Abilities!? Tila Tequila’s Creating Energy Balls and Electricity Out Of Thin Air!

Tila Tequila Traveling With Mr. Buttons - January 2013

Yeah, it’s not your average Wednesday and I really had no plans to write about this drugged out and extremely mentally ill train-wreck, but can someone please call Tila Tequila a psychiatrist STAT! When we do our best to ignore Tila Nguyen it appears that she has to do something else outrageous to get our attention. It never fails, on a normal day I would just kick this down the road like some unimportant trash. Which Tila is just plain trash. However the weird claims coming from her today are just to funny not to write about them. DJ Tila Tee has been claiming for quite awhile that she has been gifted with super human powers and she can do amazing things.

There have been lots of crazy claims coming from her private Facebook account for months. However, Tila has never made a video to prove her awesomeness to the rest of the world. Tila had posted on her Facebook fan page the following statement: “OH MY GOD! I kid you not, my Super Human Abilities are becoming stronger and stronger by the day! Last night I was able to change the entire room into smoke and since everyone keeps telling me to either take a picture or post a video… well.. just now I decided create those energy balls I was telling you guy about the other day and this time I RECORDED IT ON FILM!!!!! OMGGG! This is so cool! Do you guys wanna see it??? I recorded about 10 videos of me using my Super Human God given Abilities which you all should be capable of also.. DO YOU WANNA SEE MY VIDEO???? I just recorded it!!” Wow, Tila. That’s great?

Could Tila be high on her own supply and wasted on some super strong crack drugs? So let’s take a look at Tila’s new video that she made for her diehard “Tila Army” fans today. Can you readers see the “energy balls” & “electricity” that she claims?

Earlier today Miss Tila Tequila posted this statement with her STRANGE video: “Hey Guys! For a long time now I have been able to do some pretty supernatural things that most would consider “SUPER HUMAN ABILITIES” I have noticed that everyday my powers are getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger. Now I know for a fact that God put me on this planet to help people remember that they too, are capable of having Super Human abilities because we were made in the likely image of God after all! You guys wouldn’t believe what other stuff I am capable of doing, but for now I just wanted to show you something pretty basic. Well, it’s not basic, but it is compared to my other abilities and I want to teach everyone else how to be able to do these things as well! These are the gifts that God gave you, and those Evil ones in power know this that’s why they don’t want you to remember! Well, too bad for them I am going to be the one to teach you how to get your GOD GIVEN SUPER HUMAN ABILITIES BACK!!”

She continued on her rant begging people to subscribe to her YouTube channel: “So please subscribe to my channel because you DO NOT wanna miss these lessons I am about to show you. For this first video here it’s just an example of ONE type of “Energy Ball” that I can create out of thin air. If you look closely at my palms and in between my fingertips you will see the electricity that starts to form and change colors as I create them! Also you’ll notice that since I caused the energy levels to go so high around me, that the sparkles of purple, green, and yellow spreads throughout the room! This was shot using my photo booth so there is absolutely no special effects whatsoever!! More to come to stay tuned!!!” Oh Tila, you poor little lonely girl. You’re sadly delusional. Get HELP

As you can see from the rude comments posted below. “Bad Bitch” Tila still is calling most of her naysayers “CIA Drone Bots” and of course “Sheeple”. Simply because Tila refuses to listen to anyone’s logic but her own twisted beliefs. It also appears that super Tila thinks that her way is the only way because she is all knowing and “God’s Messenger” who is on a super duper special mission to “save the earth” from the Illuminati. When Tila is getting insulted or questioned about her claims, her eyes are wide open but her mind and ears are forever closed to the opinions of everyone else.

Tila Tequila Calls Naysayers Sheeple and CIA Bots - April 2013

Tila’s been non-stop posting lots of crap on her wall. This is some of the same off the wall claims from last year. Lately she’s been more bold with her fuckery on her fan page. Yesterday, Tila wrote what I am guessing is an imaginary story about how cool she is and what things she has accomplished. She originally posted her wild story on to her fan page wall. But Tila really didn’t make any comments, as she rarely does. When Tila’s cool story got reposted to her private page she started commenting and that’s when it got weird. She had claimed, “this is going to be fun!! We”ll all start teleporting soon! haha! Ohhh I also “time traveled” back to 1951 last Saturday but I could only sustain it for about 30 seconds. I’m gonna get back to blogging now on my website… to talk more about these things, of course.. hehe.”

Tila told one of her followers named Bill that asked her to make the effects better so he could see her “energy balls” in action, “You must want to get slapped? Who the fuck said anything about special effeccts? As a matter of fact, I made SURE to use my SHITTY laptop camera so that there would be NO SPECIAL EFFECTS. And when I get angry the lights will blow out and bed starts to shake like crazy. Last night I created a wormhole the half the size of my body. Anyway I knew some people wouldn’t be able to handle this.” So Bill came back and responded with something that didn’t make Tila mad and she happily told him, “it’s ok there will always be skeptics. Come see me in real life Bill. I once made a car float for 4 minutes.” Hmm, so Tila claims that she had made a car float for 4 minutes? Was it made by Tonka or Mattel? I just had to ask since it is probably much easier for her.

I also know about Tila’s boring radio Blog Talk Radio show that she did yesterday. But it was really lame and I don’t want to dissect it. What do you think about Tila’s recent video showing her looking a hot mess? Did you see Tila make any “energy balls” or “black smoke”? Please share your thoughts and comments down below…


  1. Really? says:

    Bill also is the guy who claimed Tila proposed to him after just chatting with him on Facebook.

  2. Marie says:

    Tonka or Mattel LMAO!! Just when we thought she couldnt get any fruit loopier than she already was BAM!! Here she is again! I needed a good laugh today and I CERTAINLY got it with this!! The comments on the video are funny as HELL!!! You go Tila…first you fuck a 17 year old then this? SMH

  3. TruthSeeker says:

    Hi did you guys see Devin's page? He has been asking himself questions including "Love How You Jokes That Hate Ask Anonymously!‎" which he replied "Yup ^^", but it shows that he asked himself the question. lol and another question he answered "There Are Some Things You Guys Will Find Out Soon, Its L.A. Haha, We Can Make Up Story's For More Media Attention, Drama Spreads The Fastest, Keep An Open Mind!" so did he admit to making up some stories?

  4. TruthSeeker says:

    a S.S just incase he deletes it. Not sure how to understand that answer?

    • deluwiel says:

      Devin Walker is a deluded young man who has photographic evidence that he had some kind of relationship with Tila. I believe they did have a sexual relationship not so much because Devin says so but because… well… it's Tila Tequila. And her freakout on her FB sealed it for me. Do I think he's milking this? absolutely. Does that make me doubt that it happened? no.

  5. deluwiel says:

    Three words: Emperor's. New. Clothes. There's absolutely nothing to be seen, but her weird cult members are too scared to admit it. (Here's my personal favorite comment: " Everybody says Im crazy just because I can see jesus following me everyday, the ones who don´t see him are the crazy ones right? fools") whoa.

    This could get pretty funny to watch, though. Please, Tila – please make more videos showing you performing your amazing super powers!

  6. catdeeley says:

    Hahaha jesus..that made my day 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  7. @Boqueefa says:

    LOL Dude where is the other half of her eyebrow? Is she a chola now?

  8. Rap says:

    Devins rap for Tila [youtube 0ElLv-OMFSg youtube]

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    Super Human Abilities!? Tila Tequila’s Creating Energy Balls and Electricity Out Of Thin Air! » Ghost Rider Radio™

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