“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham Discusses Her DUI Arrest, Sex Tape and Rumors With Dr. Phil

Farrah Abraham -Bathing Suit Model - March 2013

An aspiring model and controversial “Teen Mom” reality star Farrah Abraham is the mother of the beautiful 4-year-old Sophia Abraham. Last year Farrah had written her autobiography called My Teenage Dream Ended that was published by MTV Press in August 2012. Her book chronicles her teenage pregnancy and the many problems she had faced during the time, including her drug use, the arrest of her father and the shocking death of her daughter’s father, Derek Underwood. Farrah’s music album going under the same name is a companion work to her autobiography that got really negative reviews from music critics. Citing the overuse of auto-tune and the serious lack of natural singing skill. Each of the 10 songs on the album My Teenage Dream Ended also shares a title with each chapter of her book. As most of you know there’s been a lots of drama in Farrah’s life more recently, that has also been keeping her in the headlines. First was her DUI arrest back in March 2013 that Farrah had written a long Sulia two part post trying to defend herself against the media and her haters, she wanted to explain what had “really happened” to her that night. Was the DUI post of Farrah’s, manager approved? Considering the several grammatical errors in it, I am guessing that it was not. However, I will get to her awkward DUI public post later.

Then there is also Farrah’s Vivid Entertainment celebrity sex tape with porn star James Deen that she had first denied its existence. Now she has sent a Cease & Desist to Steve Hirsch to prevent the sale of the tape itself. That is unless they pay Farrah a cool $2 million for her sex tape. The letter says, “Ms. Abraham retains ownership rights in this video and any unlawful conduct could infringe on those rights.” Ironically, the legal smack down and pictures coming from the “victimized” Farrah to Vivid we can clearly see that the sex tape rumors hold some truth…

Let’s get to the interview with Dr. Phil McGraw that didn’t go as planned as there were moments that Farrah freaked out and had enough questions about her personal life. We wonder if Farrah really had planned to leak the tape to remain in the spotlight, so she can give herself a career boost. Or is this fuckery just a big misunderstanding?

Despite no longer being followed by reality TV cameras, Farrah says that her life is still fodder for the gossip tabloids, including the reports that she planned to leak her own “personal” sex tape. Farrah told Dr. Phil the following about her life, “My ultimate goal, at that time, was to show a struggle, and no matter what, any teen who is pregnant can get through it. I graduated high school early. I had my daughter, and then it spun into Teen Mom. Teen Mom was for me to say, ‘OK, if I’m going to continue with TV, then what else am I going to show? For my current career goals, being a reality star has helped get me to step up as a business woman.”

Then during the interview Farrah fought back against Dr. Phil’s questions about her controversial “personal” sex tape. While Farrah admitted she had hired a company who hired the porn star known as James Deen to be in the tape with her. Farrah told Dr. Phil the following, “I did not make a porn video.” She added, “I made my own personal video. My personal video does not show any other male’s face. He is just like the prop in the background. It’s more about me. I’m celebrating my body, and I’m showing my feminine side. This is something that never should have been talked about publicly, because it was something that I personally wanted when I’m older. I want those sexy photos of me of my best year.”

“I am not shopping the tape,” she protested. “If I’m going to release something because somebody’s already seen it, I really need to take into consideration my future, and yes, there is a money amount to that. I’m not going to just let something be out there for free that should have never been out there.” Farrah had gotten pissed off when James Deen first exposed and talked about the sex tape, which she claims was never intended to be public. Farrah had said, “Why should you speak about a woman’s private business and not even consult with her first or wonder what this is going to do to her life?” Farrah then told TMZ something crazy about the size of the porn stars penis. Guess that was her revenge for exposing her..

“I am not a porn star,” she maintains. “I will never want to date a porn star. I don’t want to have anything to do with it.” Dr. Phil asked her, “Do you worry that your daughter will see this tape?” Farrah responded, “I’m not worried about my daughter seeing this. If she ever does bring it up, talks or asks questions or any of those things, I’m open. I’m honest, and we’ll deal with that.” Dr. Phil asked her about her sex tape being exposed, “You’re in Hollywood. You’ve been on a couple of shows. You know the tabloids go crazy. You know people write stuff all the time — did you really think this would be under the radar?” Farrah responded, “I really did, because I was really quiet.” Then Dr. Phil asked, “Do you think people believe you?” Farrah hastily replied with, “I don’t care what people believe.”

Farrah also told Dr. Phil that she didn’t tell her parents about her “personal” sex tape, just like she didn’t tell them when she had sex for the first time. Simply because she doesn’t ask them about their sex lives. Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham was on also on the show and responded to Dr. Phil’s questions saying, “My daughter is very attractive. She’s a model, and I started to temper myself a little bit thinking, maybe Playboy, maybe Penthouse, never that personal video being put out to the public.That wasn’t all as Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielson, who had been charged back in January 2010, with assault in an Iowa court for hitting Farrah, also had spoke with Dr. Phil during the interview, “My hope, as a mom, is that this was not produced with the mindset of making money — a quick buck — or using poor judgment. I would love to see my daughter in a beautiful magazine or creating something lovely. I don’t want people seeing my daughter exploited sexually.”

Farrah Abraham -Various Tweets - April 2013

Farrah was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Is she sorry? Dr. Phil and Farrah went head to head several times during the interview. Farrah told Dr. Phil, “I’m sorry I’m here.” Dr. Phil then replied to her, “You’re upset because I ask questions you don’t have good answers for. You want to argue instead of being accountable.” Still not admitting what happened Farrah told Dr. Phil, “I was not driving drunk.” If you want to read Farrah’s claims about her DUI arrest you can click the links and read PART 1 and PART 2 of her story that she had angrily posted on her Sulia account. After a line of questioning that Farrah obviously was not happy with, she went on an attack aimed at Dr. Phil. “You’re being really negative, and it’s upsetting.” Dr. Phil tells her, “You have an incredible sense of entitlement, and when you don’t get your way, you get upset.” We couldn’t agree more with what Dr. Phil has said about her. Why doesn’t Farrah want to own up for her wrongs?

UPDATE 04/21/2012: This morning Farrah was really pissed off at the hate she has received over the interview with Dr. Phil. She’s still in complete denial and wants to take no responsibility for all the negative things she has done and said. Farrah had made this statement to her fans: “Lmao @everyone who believes Dr.Phil; qued audience, told by producer what to say & payed me 2go on his show = fake drama :) thanks haters” What do you think about Farrah’s claims and response?

What do you think about Farrah’s drama in her life? Do you believe Farrah about her “personal” sex tape claims and her lame excuse she gave about her DUI arrest? Have you read Farrah’s book or listened to her soundtracks she posted on YouTube? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this heated topic below…




  1. Marie says:

    Farrah has some serious issues. I dont really care too much for Dr Phil but I watched the interview and he hit the nail on the head every time he described her very rude behavior. Farrah feels that shes somehow "entitled" to treat her parents with complete and total disrespect after everything shes put them through and thats really sad. She blames them for EVERYTHING that is wrong with her life, instead of acting her age and taking responsibility for what SHE did. I have to say her parents are a bit delusional when it comes to believing everything she tells them, and they should know better by now. She says she has a therapist and that her therapist told her to move out. I wonder if next shes going to say her therapist told her it wasnt drunk driving? She was drunk, came out of the club, got into her car and drove around a block to park her car. Sorry Farrah but that constitutes DRUNK DRIVING and Im SURE the Officer saw you do it, or else they wouldnt have given you a DUI. You were also sitting in the car (so you say) and the keys were most likely in the ignition. AGAIN – DRUNK DRIVING. Hopefully when you go to DUI school and pay all that money you might learn the rules of the road

  2. @Boqueefa says:

    Her tits are too big for her body she has no ass.

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