Tila Tequila Allegedly Has A Sexual Encounter With 17-Year-Old Fan and Threatens Him?

Tila Tequila Photo via Matt Barnes - Bar Crawl - October 2012

We have to say that we are so shocked an appalled by the information that has been passed on to us. We found out this news within the last few days and to be honest with you from what this source has told us we are kind of unsure at this point at what exactly to write about this shocking news. However, the show must go on and one thing must be made perfectly clear here in this article. The shocking information that we’re going to present to you readers might be considered “hearsay” and while we have screenshots and pictures to verify that they were together in Canada. We are unable to verify 100% exactly what happened between them because we weren’t there. Given the testimony directly from the victim himself to the source and evidence we have, we do believe what he has claimed happened to him, as it tends to back up the story we were told. So what is this new information that has us literally so fucking mind-blown? Get your popcorn and snacks because from what we have to report will definitely shock and maybe entertain you. Troubled reality star Tila Tequila turned self-proclaimed Angel of God and Freedom Fighter and other worldly titles as she claims, has allegedly had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old Canadian teenager named Devin Walker. Yes readers, you heard us correctly. Now the word “allegedly” is only there because without admission from both parties involved or video-taped evidence, we can’t 100% prove that Tila did commit the sexual act…

On the other hand we do have in our possession some strong evidence that shows that Tila did have some sort of intimate encounter with this 17-year-old Canadian fan. We also know for sure that Tila kissed and made out with him. No worries as we do have pictures to PROVE it. You can check out those pictures of them below…

Devin Walker Dating Tila Tequila - Zimbio Profile - April 2013

We are getting a little ahead of ourselves, so let us back up to when the source who passed us this shocking information, realized something explicit in nature was going on between Tila and the 17-year-old Canadian teenager named Devin. Now if you’ve been on Tila’s page the last few months as she continues to try and sell her “I’m a light being” lie you’ve seen her reference her “twin flame”. The source says that whenever they would see Tila say that there would always see a couple of pathetic followers imply that it was them, but Tila would never acknowledge any of them. Then one day the source says they saw something that made them click on the profile of one of those people and that’s when they came across Tila flirting on Devin’s page.

Now it’s very rare for Tila to post on anyone’s page but her own, so the fact that she was flirting with this teenage kid on his page was a huge sign that something was up. One odd thing was that this kid was not bragging about being with Tila. Given her past relationships (Casa Wilson, etc.), they tend to brag and both Tila and the guy usually flaunt the relationship, but this wasn’t happening. However, given that we know he is only 17-years-old, we can see why Tila was quiet on her end about her relationship.

As with all of Tila’s past relationships, within about a week of finding out who her boyfriend was, she publicly dumped him, calling him names and posting other crude remarks in order to belittle and embarrass him, like she always done to her exes. The best part about this whole “public breakup” so to speak, was when one of Tila’s very loyal “Tila Army” defenders and followers tried to tell her teenage boyfriend that his “imagining” of their relationship was sad as Tila would never touch him. Because he was only 17-years-old and it would be a crime for her to do so (click here to see the fight between Tila, Devin and another Tila Army fan). The awkwardly hilarious and somewhat mind boggling part of this is Tila had for some weird reason “liked” that particular comment, knowing full well that she had already visited Devin in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, kissed him and allegedly had a sexual encounter with him.

Devin Walker Dating Tila Tequila - Love Affair and Threats - March-April 2013

After their relationship went sour, Tila’s latest ex-boyfriend was really heartbroken and suicidal, like many teenagers feel when they’re 17-years-old and recently been dumped by someone who promised to be with them forever. He sent a picture of him allegedly cutting himself to Tila and there’s also a screenshot shown directly above (click the picture to make it bigger), of most all of Tila’s replies to Devin and most of their conversations of substance between each other. You will also notice that her profile picture is missing on the Facebook replies. That happened because she blocked Devin after he had exposed his pictures of Tila and him together kissing each other on Zimbio, which is also shown above (click here to see the original post). As you can see there’s a lot to read in her messages sent to him. In part of her replies to Devin an angry Tila had the audacity to mock and humiliate him more for his “suicide attempt” and also told him to “finish the job.” Let me repeat that to you all reading again as its very appalling that Tila would suggest such a horrible thing to anyone.

According to those screen shots shown directly above which are highlighted in red, 31-year-old, model and former reality star Tila Nguyen aka Tila Tequila had told a 17-year-old, easily influenced Devin Walker to try harder when attempting to kill himself. Then Tila again demands her pictures of them together be taken down from Zimbio site. What a horrific thing to say to a teenager that you can obviously see is emotionally vulnerable and who has placed trust into her. What the hell is wrong with Tila to want or even think of telling Devin that? It’s so sad and makes me sick…

Tila Tequila Love Letter To Devin Walker About Having Babies - March 2013

The second horrible part of this reply is when Tila calls Devin a “child” and says the only reason she talked to him was because she had felt he “needed someone like a mother to love him.” That would be a nice thing if she hadn’t already kissed him and allegedly had sexual intercourse with him. According to a handwritten letter (shown above) that Tila had allegedly written to Devin after their two week encounter, she tried to get him to impregnate her “with his seed.” Then she talked about having children with him. Tila also promised to take his last name and stay with him forever.

Are we missing something here? What “mother” figure in their right mind has sex with a “child”? That is seriously disturbed and shows everyone what kind of psychological state Tila is currently in. Tila really needs some mental help. In the handwritten “love letter” given to 17-year-old Devin you can clearly see that Tila has also signed it, saying that she loved him so much and she couldn’t wait to see him again soon.

Tila Tequila Kissing Devin Walker - March 2013

And of course it wouldn’t be Tila if she didn’t tell some grandiose lie about something that will never happen. Weird how she’s no longer ascending to 7D but instead she’s going to stay in 3D to “save the world” with her imagined record label that she now claims that she just got signed with Universal Records. Tila continues her barrage of hateful revenge by threatening to release what we can guess is the “dirty pic” of the 17-year-old teenager Devin. While Tila skirted age on consent laws by allegedly having sexual intercourse with the kid in Canada and also having possession of a nude pic of a 17-year-old is considered by law possession of child pornography. That means Tila’s threatening Devin with something that would put her in jail. Geez…

The final threat from Tila includes another lie about her e-mailing all of Hollywood and blacklisting this young kid. Then once again Tila reveals what a horrible person she is by taking the information she received being a “mother” to him and throwing that back in his face and mocking him with it. Funny how when it’s Tila’s past it doesn’t matter, but anyone else’s past is something she can use against them. Now we’ve gone through some speculation and covered the break up, let’s get down to how this all happened. From what we were told they began e-mailing on Facebook with the kid telling Tila about his “Elite roots” and from there to periodic phone conversations.

The when or why of their meetup is still unknown to us, we don’t know what reason Tila had to go to Canada to be with this teenage boy, but we know she did because we have pictures of the two of them together. While Tila doesn’t look too enthused about kissing Devin. We can see that Tila is in fact kissing this 17-year-old boy on the mouth in a romantic way. We can ignore her “promises” of being “together forever” because we know that almost none of Tila’s promises ever come true.

While we only have one side of the story from the victim, everything we’ve presented to you has been backed up by evidence that shows Tila had went up to Canada and allegedly had unprotected sex with a 17-year-old Canadian teenage boy. What is proven is Tila did make her way up to Canada and had some sort of really intimate relationship with this 17-year-old boy who fell in love with her. That appears to be Tila’s only reason for a trip up to Canada recently. As she’s had no events or public appearances that were paparazzi worthy, or scheduled for those “two weeks” that she had allegedly stayed with Devin and also had promised to be with him forever.

Of course Tila just started once again making more videos of herself trying to share her “God’s Messenger” predictions of the “end of the world” and impending “world war 3″ and other fuckery that she claims to have superior knowledge of. She’s also been repeatedly talking about dying 7 times and coming alive again after 3 days, seeing Jesus. She brought up Armageddon and a mind virus that will kill humans.

We have to ask readers why would a 31-year-old reality star fly half way across the continent to be in a relationship with someone so young? That’s what everyone wants to know. Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this news below…



  1. Marie says:

    I have to say this is one of the things we ALL knew would happen sooner or later. I don't know why I'm shocked, but everything she manages to do shocks me in one way or another bc shes such a hateful person, claiming she loves everyone, yet telling a CHILD to kill himself after having sex with him and lying to him. Typical Tila M.O. and she thinks she'll NEVER get caught. I pray she does because then they'll have to reopen the Casey Johnson death and hopefully the kidnapping story will come out again so they can take SG down with her lying ass.

    The world needs to know that Tila Tequila Nguyen is a washed up has been. She will NEVER be anything short of what she is at the moment: An unemployed porn actress, washed up celeb escort. She has NO MUSIC CAREER, and is on NO CURRENT ROSTERS (FACT). Remember way back when she was going to sign that Rob guy and the Texas Twinz? Never happened! If the world chooses NOT to believe all the stories out there about her (all proven with facts) then they're just as sick and twisted as she is.

    Straight up PEDOPHILE! I really hope Devin has the balls to take her down. Its time.

  2. TangledStarz says:

    I'm absolutely shocked and disgusted and I really thought I saw everything but apparently I was wrong. Tila is a sick and crazy bitch that needs to be locked away to never see the light of day.

  3. Ivanna Vodka says:

    Ew. Just…ew. This is a pretty amazing find though! I wonder if anyone's going to prosecute? And does he really have/had cancer?

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  5. Really? says:

    This just proves what a horrible person Tila is. Lying to her fans about being God's new choice to lead the world out of trouble and behind their backs telling a kid to kill himself.

    She's like one of those pedophiles who goes to countries where they have no age of consent law to fuck children, it's sick that she associates the word mother with sex. We've always seen her do it on her Facebook but now we know she actually incorporates it into her twisted fantasies.

    For someone who said she was going to ascend and the world would be ending really soon it's funny that she's still trying to get some work in Hollywood, what happened to 7D? Bitch needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away.

  6. After reading the letter and messages that Tila Nugyen had sent to Devin Walker and knowing Tila's past fuckery, I am so disgusted at why she continues to prey on young "Tila Army" fans the way that she does. Tila needs some serious MENTAL HELP and she has needed it for years. We already knew she was MENTALLY UNSTABLE when she had FAILED the Celebrity Rehab psychological exam given by Dr. Drew Pinsky and his staff back in 2010. She then LIED about it and went to the UK to do some shitty club gigs.

    When will people get the message that Tila has SERIOUS PROBLEMS? Many of us writers have been reporting about her delusional life for years and no one in the industry except her past manager has listened or stepped in to do anything about it. Tila's family doesn't care about her and she has nobody to lean on because she has destroyed any kind of relationship that she created with people in her past. That's the sad TRUTH.

    How far does Tila Tequila have to go before its too late? Why is it okay for her to cross borders and take advantage of young teenagers then she had the audacity to take revenge with more THREATS to do him harm? Who in the fuck does that? She is really disturbed and there is no denying it as its been proven hundreds of times.

    Hello…. Is the rest of the world listening now? 😐

    • Kevin says:

      Did she really expect this to not be public?……really?….they went to WAL-MART together…she was disguised, but still. They were also in "the pool" together?!?!?!

  7. [youtube nQdSRCRC3xg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQdSRCRC3xg youtube]
    Miss Tila Tequila Published this video on April 7, 2013

    HELLO!! OMG I was just about to take a nap before making this video so I am sorry if I sounded so BORING!!! haha! But I just wanted to say hi to you guys and let you know that I am ok so you don't have to worry anymore OR think that this is not me posting. Anyway I am very excited about all of the information that is about to unfold for the public so please bookmark my new website that I made for us: AnonymousTruthBlog.com. This is going to be one helluva ride! Oh and I promise my vlogs will not be as boring as this one! LOL Love you guys! oxoxox – Miss Tila


    Hold up… Who in their right minds makes a video of themselves NAKED in bed for their followers to watch? Of course who else but Tila Tequila. Now she is claiming that her "Anonymous Truth Blog" is a new website when it clearly is NOT a new site! It's mind boggling that all of her followers believe her BLATANT LIES that she repeatedly tells them. All I see is more VICTIMS in the making. :@

    • Really? says:

      Don't forget that video was posted around 6pm PST which is a really odd time for an unemployed person to be so tired.

    • Carmella says:

      It looks like Tila kept looking to the side and giggling at someone who was in the room with her. She was probably in a hotel with a trick for the night. That would explain the full on makeup that she has on. Plus 6pm is way to early to call it a night unless she's gonna fuck someone. Know what I'm saying. Once a whore always a whore. Tila Tequila will NEVER change. Sick bitch!

  8. Devin Walker says:

    I, Devin Walker, Have NEVER Contacted You About This Info…EVER, So It Would Be Appreciated If I Get A Fucking Response Soon Thanks…


    • Let me first reiterate this as I am the legal owner of the site. When this article was first written, it was GIVEN to us by a SOURCE who stated that they had been in personal contact with you via Facebook. We clearly stated that the information was passed on to us by that SOURCE. The SOURCE gave a written breakdown of what went on and what they witnessed on Facebook. The SOURCE summary also made reference to what they say YOU had told them. Not at anytime did the EDITOR of the article or this site make claims to have personally spoken with you.

      I hope that information CLEARS up any misconceptions for you as everything was backed up by the screen shots seen above that were placed on ZIMBIO by you on April 5, 2013. So there's no need for foul language as it takes away from the essence of your complaint. Kind Regards…

      • Devin Walker says:

        E-Mail Me Soon Then, I Will Be Online Again In 10 Minutes…
        (I See Where You Are Coming From But You Should See My Frustration As There Is A Pic Of My Slit Wrist On The Internet…)

        • Attention Mr. Devin Walker, I have just sent you a email you from my website contact email address. I never received any emails from you this morning other than your comments left on this site. Out of courtesy I have REMOVED the picture of your \”slit wrist\”.

          If you have emailed someone else thinking that was the admin of this site. I did not receive them as they are most likely the SOURCE of this post. I have NOT received nor do I have access to those emails. I ONLY have access to emails coming directly to this site from the contact me link. Kind Regards…

  9. Devin Walker says:

    And I Was NEVER A Fan, She Implied That She Was Attracted To Me First…

    • Nico says:

      Hi Devin, I read the article twice to make sure I understood what was happening to you. In so way, while reading, have I ever felt Ghost Rider is talking shit about you, not once. There are a lot of empathy and concern for your safety and welfare as to how the article was written. I do not understand why this lady is not in jail for what she did to you. I would hope you take this to the authority so they can at least look into to it. You have nothing to lose and what you gain back is respect for yourself that you did something about it. I ask you take action and take this woman down.

      I am so sorry that she would mock your suicide attempt and even told you that you did not do it right the first time. It is my opinion that she is making an attempt to murder you by manipulating you to do it yourself so she cannot be blamed. She has tendencies of a sociopath. That is her MO.

      You know, I started to cry for you. Please don't blame Ghost Rider. I would not know if I did not read this and I am responding because I care what is happening to you. I do not know you but I care. We are all important spiritually and connected even if our lives will not cross path. I am here and I am writing this. I am not here to judge you for falling for her. I do stupid things myself and I do it over and over all the time. I read articles like this to understand the upheavals that came my way and it help me make sense of the chaos that surrounds my life as compared to others.
      You are young Devin and this love you had for her is natural. What is not natural is she telling you she was trying to be a mother figure to you, yet wants you to plant your seed into her? Devin, is that not twisted? What mother, in her GAUD DAMN FUCKING mind wants a child to do such thing to her? Oh please, she BLACKLISTED YOU IN HOLLYWOOD. Ohhhhh, like she's an Oscar winner and everyone bows to her ( yeah, probably if she opens her leg wide enough, hell the whole Hollywood sign can fit into that black hole).

      You Will move on. You Will recover. You Will love again. If you see this for what it is really worth, see it as an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget. After all Devin, at this moment, it is the most interesting experience in your life to have to deal with a sick sick sadistic woman. This experience will allow you to make better decisions. Don't count on making the right decisions because that will take time as you grow older and mold this world into what you feel makes you unique. Do Not Ever step down and let you know she screwed you in a manner such as this situation.

      I am sorry that you will have to endure the pain and humiliation that will come your way from her fan base, your friends and your peers. If you persevere, you will get pass this bullshit. You are never alone because somewhere in this world, there are people like me and many others out there that do care what you feel. I cannot help you or solve your problems. I can only tell you, you will get pass this. I believe in you and your dreams. Don’t let Tila tells you any different. Just look at her life and where she is heading and she’s in her 30’s. Frightening don’t you think?

  10. Devin Walker says:

    By The Way We Dated Since February 1st To About A Week And A Half Ago, Deffinetly Longer Than A Week Considering She Stayed In My Hometown (Cornwall Ontario) For Almost A Month!
    (You Said Just A Week)

    • Again, Mr. Devin Walker I think you have FAILED to read the article correctly or have misunderstood the information in it. The article clearly made reference the Tila Nguyen's interesting "Love Letter" about her "2 Weeks In Heaven" with you. All we know is what we were told by the SOURCE plus the evidence given to us and nothing more.

      On the positive side Mr. Walker if you would like to tell us what really happened with Tila Tequila or give us a statement in the comments section of what happened when Tila stayed with you. We would most certainly appreciate your statement of the incident that happened last month. Kind Regards…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Devin, maybe you should re-read the article. It never says that you contacted this site. Tila's letter to you says 2 weeks. Maybe you would like to tell your side here in the comments? We would really like to hear from you, as Tila has been proven over the years to tell MANY lies.

    PS Very sorry to hear that she did this to you. She's a sick person, but I'm sure you've figured that out by now. Hope you didn't pay her much!! And I'm not saying this to be mean but its a FACT that Tila is an escort so you may want to get yourself tested if you slept with her hun.

  12. Devin Walker says:

    If Your An Admin Of This Site Than Contact Me Through The E-Mail I Sent, Other Than That Im Not Saying Anything, And You Think I Paid Her? Are You Out Of Your Fucking Tree?
    She Also Stayed Another Week After The Letter, And I Did NOT Post Any Of This, I Dont Know How Half Of This Shit Got Here, I Diddnt Even Know Of This Site Untill One Of My Friends Showed Me It 20 Minutes Ago!

    • Again, Mr. Devin Walker no one ever said you “Paid” Tila to be with you. Don’t confuse the comments with the actual article. The pictures above were all posted on ZIMBIO and that is a PUBLIC DOMAIN. That means once its out there the internet has it forever.

      You can contact me through the contact link shown above. Kind Regards…

  13. Devin Walker says:

    Ps. You Guys Are Missing ALOT Of Messages And MUCH Of Other Info…

    • Understood, Mr. Devin Walker The pictures and “love letter” were posted by YOU on ZIMBIO which is a PUBLIC DOMAIN. We also ONLY posted what the conversations that were given to us by the SOURCE. However, if you would like me to remove your “slit wrist” picture I will gladly do that for you. Kind Regards…

  14. After the DRAMA earlier in the comments (seen above) and talking with Mr. Devin Walker we have agreed to an interview so he can share his story. A UPDATE is coming soon as I have sent him an emailed interview in regards to the short relationship that he had with Tila Tequila. When I receive a response from him I will post an update… Standby :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Devin it was ME asking those questions not anyone who wrote the article so please dont attack innocent people who are just delivering an article. I MYSELF asked if you paid her because its a FACT that Tila Tequila is an escort. Again I really hope you jimmied up and if you didnt, that you go get tested asap!

  16. OfficialMsMJ says:

    Wow…. Just when Tila couldn't sink any lower she some how manages to do it. For someone who "loves" her fans and all of the world, she sure has an odd way of showing it. Oh wait she cares about no one but her. Tila you're an awful person you're ugly on the side and the outside. How dare you tell this poor kid to kill himself?? I have no words.. Wow… Everything always has to be about her. She cares about herself and no one else. My apologizes to this poor kid..

  17. NopersNo says:

    Devin, I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all of the deception, lying, manipulating, and drama that comes along with Tila. You're 17 years old and it is terrible that you've been used and hurt by something like her at such a young age. She knows who to target in order to best manipulate them: young people, and weak people. I don't think you're weak, but you are young, and she honed right in on that.

    It hurts to have your heart broken by anyone at any age, and it's a lot worse when they say the kinds of uncalled for things that Tila said to you. She should NEVER have told you to kill yourself. When Tila says "love," it's empty. She's a sociopath, and unfortunately she doesn't comprehend genuine love and probably has never felt it in her life. But she knows how to try to mimic it and use it to attempt control over others. If she loved you at any point, she wouldn't have spoken to you the way that she did, no matter what.

    If anyone is being mean to you over this, if you are receiving cruelty, ignore those people. Believe me, you have more people than you know in your corner now. Anyone being jerks to you over this are likely brainwashed by her and/or empty-headed. Those of us with intelligence and the ability to comprehend what she is will back you all the way. You're a kid. You didn't deserve the bs that comes along with her, and you didn't deserve the things that she said to you. And if anyone in addition to Tila threatens you, report it. Take screen shots, save them. Don't let anybody bully you, and don't let Tila or her handful of brainwashed pliable lunatics intimidate you.

    Congratulations for being rid of her, though. You're better off. You will move on, probably to someone of your own generation who will treat you with respect and sincerity, two things Tila is literally incapable of exhibiting.

  18. Marie says:

    Devin, I see that Tila told you she was going to help you get "signed". Tila has been saying for YEARS that she has a record label, and has promised several other people that she was "signing" them and it never happened. What she told you about working with Def Jam is also false as she is NOT on their current roster, which she WOULD be if she were working w them, and Dr Dre would LAUGH if Tila submitted anything to him. There is NO WAY she can blacklist you, she has ZERO power in LA. I'm sure half the people that live in LA who have read that Tila thinks she has that kind of power have died from laughter.

    Devin, you don't seem too concerned about her leading you on like this. Do you really believe what she told you? NopersNo and Nico up above here in the comments hit the nail on the head with what they wrote you. I hope you read them and really think about what you are in this situation, you're a victim and Tila knows 100 percent that if she would have hooked up w you here, she would be in jail right now.

  19. Devin Walker says:

    I Am Just Not Letting This Shit Phase Me, If She Wants TO Fuck Me Around Like This Then So Be It, I Would Rather Be The That Minor That Had A Full Blown Relationship And Fucked Tila Tequila Constantly Every Day Than Be The Victim Who Got Raped By Her!

  20. Devin Walker says:

    And Your Right, I COULD Charge Her For Statutory Rape, MANY Times, But I'm Un-Sure If I Want To Do That…
    She Did So Much Shit To Me When All I Wanted To Give And Receive Was Love, Obviously That Wasent Enough For Her!
    Maybe If I Had More Money?
    Shits Fucked!

  21. Percy says:

    Again great blog post. I think you should do a radio interview with this kid ,So there are no mishaps just his own words.Hope that makes since.

  22. bee says:

    If Tila is being honest, that she has dirty pictures of someone who is underage, she needs to be reported for having child pornography immediately.

  23. Devin Walker says:

    Feel Free To Do It Then Bee!

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