Freedom Of Expression Or Graffiti? Some Of Chris Brown’s Neighbors Need To “Get A Fucking Life!”

Chris Brown - Peace - Birthday Party - May 2013

Seriously, what the heck is wrong with Chris Brown’s art? I know this looks strange to most of you but this will be the first article that I’m going to write that is in support of Chris and his wild looking “monster art” or “goblin art” as its being called by the media. Even though Chris has become one of the most controversial celebrities alive because of what he did to Rihanna back in 2009. Some people hate him or they love him as there is really no in between. Maybe we need to leave him alone and let him have his art to express himself. Has anyone ever thought that could be one of the ways that keeps him relaxed and violence free. For the past couple of weeks Brown’s neighbors over in the Hollywood Hills have been having a bitch fit over his artwork.

Brown got various complaints from neighbors, after he had painted the 8-foot tall, brightly sharp teethed colored creatures on a retaining wall and also along the side of his concrete-and-steel-and-glass home. Responding to complaints about the monster art, Los Angeles city code officials had cited Brown for unpermitted and excessive signage and ordered him to remove the art within 30 days. Brown faces fines that start at $376 but could rise if he fails to comply to city regulations. Patti Negri, the head of the Hollywood Dell Civic Association, had told the Los Angeles Times that she had gotten numerous complaints from residents who live close to Brown. But the drama heated up more as Brown took to Twitter to complain over the weekend…

Chris Brown Tweets About His Monster Art - May 2013

Negri said neighbors also complained about Brown’s loud parties, large entourages and his several sports cars, “Chris himself did not warm himself to the neighborhood when he first got here, so this is kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Negri talked about the art saying, “There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they’re literally frightened. It’s like devils on the wall — big scary eyes and big scary teeth, and just the whole vibe is not what we’re used to.” Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge, whose district includes Brown’s colorful mansion, “They jump right out at you. They aren’t just at the curb by the bins. It is all the way up the side of the house.” I have to ask how does that affect him? He doesn’t live next Brown’s house or on his street. No one complained to Madonna when she painted those wild looking stripes on her Hollywood Hills mansion back in the 1990’s.

Melissa Harrington said of her 6-year-old twins, “My kids think they’re really cool. They’re pretty excited about it.” She added, “It’s not just necessarily fancy cars or Chris Brown,” She added that her non-famous neighbors also throw big parties and speed through the narrow streets. She said plenty of celebrities have lived in the area.

Including Eva Longoria, Lil’ Jon and Lindsay Lohan who bring paparazzi and lots of cars. Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said Brown has more to fear from his neighbors than the other way around, “I’m scared of neighborhood busybodies like this. They’ve called animal control. They have sicced parking [enforcement] on him, and now they reached the heights of ridiculousness here. Shame on them.”

People Chris Brown

Harrington also mentioned that Brown isn’t the only resident in her neighborhood with an unusual paint job on their house, “Behind our house is a house with pink-and-yellow stripes. Chris Brown can see it out of his window if he looks across the canyon. If you really don’t like the murals, then call in that pink-and-yellow one he has to look at every day.” She defended him, “Don’t just persecute the guy.”

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press on May 11, Negri said all she wants is for Brown to calm down the outside art, “I know a $300 fine is probably pocket change. But hopefully and maybe, he’ll just see the light and decide to be a good neighbor. We’re happy to have him, if he just tones it down.” Geragos said the city of Los Angeles can expect a legal fight over the artwork, calling it an attempt “to suspend the 1st Amendment.” At this point I really agree with Brown’s lawyer and his neighbor who is defending him. Since Brown hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone and is living right trying to help people. That’s what matters the most in life.

Do you Lead with Your Heart, Cultivate Creativity and Promote Positivity? Brown recently started his charity organization called Symphonic Love Foundation to help local youth in making the world a prettier place to live in. The foundation supports and creates arts programs for youth while encouraging every day public service, respect and kindness. Symphonic Love believes in the capacity of love and art to change the world. Symphonic Love Foundation is the evolution of Brown’s history of giving back since he was a child. Giving back to the community was instilled in Chris by his mother Joyce, who worked as a director at the nonprofit Tappahannock Children’s Center in their hometown for 24 years, where Chris also attended for 13 years.

As a very young child Brown watched his mother’s dedication and love for the children, parents, and staff at the Center. Starting when Chris was 2 years old, Joyce and Chris visited nursing homes together where they and the children from the Center made cookies and sang for the elders who were alone without family support. Chris credits Joyce for teaching him to reach out any time he would see someone in need. When he saw kids bullied for being different, for having disabilities or just being themselves, Chris stood up for them. When he saw someone who was alone, he extended his hand. Chris is known to have given of his big heart when he had nothing else to give.

As a young artist, Chris had found personal expression through his creativity. Art gave him an opportunity to be himself and to be original. Brown’s own artistic expression transformed into opportunities beyond his wildest dreams. Those opportunities and the trials and tribulations of his life have shaped his vision to use his public platform to impact the world in a positive way. Brown believes that every day is another chance to cultivate creativity, promote positivity and lead life with love. At the end of the day even after all the drama. Brown dedicates Symphonic Love to his friends, family and fans known as TEAM BREEZY! Chris also recently tweeted this positive message to all his fans, “Be proud to be you at all times. You are your biggest challenge and accomplishment at the same time. We are the people. Love y’all”

Chris Brown - Hollywood Hills - Goblin House Pool Art

Over the weekend it was reported that Brown invaded Compton, California and was filming a tribute music video for They Don’t Know dedicated to late singer Aaliyah. In the video Brown took a cast of kids from the Crenshaw Colts youth football and cheer squad. Brown had said in an Associated Press video of the infamous South Los Angeles area neighborhood, “I shot it in the hood, I went to the 60s.”

He added, “I went to Cedar block. It’s both worlds, it’s bringing both words together in the video trying to uplift the poverty side of the community and just showing them where I’m from.” As far as the actual song, Chris promises both his and Aaliyah’s fans are in for a special treat, “[I got] never-before-heard vocals, all new stuff that’s never been heard before. I got something special for my fans.”

Rumors going around saying that many of Rihanna’s tweets were directed at Chris. May 7, she tweeted, “Settling is not an option! Nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty, and respect!! Love ain’t for kidz #butimsleeptho” At this point who really knows what’s going on between them. They’re still young and always busy. It’s hard to find time for a real relationship when you’re constantly on the road and never home. Rihanna has pretty much stopped tweeting all the pics showing them together. On May 10, she tweeted a pic of herself drinking a martini. It’s all good but taking jabs at each other publicly even if sub-tweeting is really unnecessary and childish.

What do you think about Brown’s wild monster house art? What about his right to freedom of expression? Do you think his neighbors are complaining for nothing? What about his work with his foundation? Do you think that chris and Rihanna are finally done with their relationship for good? Share your opinions and comments below…


  1. Kate Addict says:

    With that mural it's kind of like he's trying to say "This is my scarlet letter. No matter what good I do from now on, a lot of people will always see me as a monster." (I am one of those people), and he did it on his own property. Bottom line is everyone needs a positive outlet for their emotions or they wind up taking it out on people, sometimes physically, like Chris has done multiple times. If Chris wants redemption he has to fix himself first.

    I know how crucial art therapy can be to someone's recovery, because it takes one to know one. I have a family member with a really big rage problem, and going fishing is their form of therapy, and they haven't even been doing it regularly that long, and it's already working.

    Besides, it could be worse. When I was at the Seattle Zoo checking out those howler monkeys or whatever they're called, one person said you can hear them from a mile away. IMO that's WAY more annoying.

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