Hookah Smoking Farrah Abraham Proudly Says, “I Guess Everyone Is A Prostitute Sometimes.”

Farrah Abraham Smoking Hookah With Porn Star Riley Jensen - May 2013

The controversial “Teen Mom” has gotten even more drama in her life and it appears as if she loves the attention that she is getting from the press as long as it supports her self-serving ego. With the release of Farrah Abraham’s new sex tape that she has said was only meant for “personal use” and private eyes only. However, the many sordid events that also appear to be simply staged drama just for press time. Mainly to get people talking about the tape has played right into Farrah’s favor making the sale of her sex tape worth about $1.5 million which was less than she wanted originally. Maybe because Farrah wanted to score more cash than Kim Kardashian, instead she got more views and beat Kim’s record within the first week of exposure.

Farrah’s making the most of her time in Los Angeles, California and spending time with some very familiar faces that are in the adult film industry. Just last night the reality star did some sexy poses with Riley Jensen, a porn star and body art model who specializes in tattoo modeling. Both of them were seen getting very cozy as they smoked and shared hookah at the Viceroy in Sherman Oaks. A day before heading to the Viceroy Hookah Lounge with her porn star friends, Farrah had a interview with radio host and blogger, Nik Richie who told her,You hired a guy to have sex with you, that’s prostitution,” to which she happily responded, “I guess everyone is a prostitute sometimes.” Farrah is still insisting that her “Backdoor Teen Mom” video will be her only porn movie and she also claims that sex really isn’t her thing…

Nik Richie Interview Farrah Abraham - May 8 2013

Farrah revealed lots of details in her recent interview with Nik, “It’s hard for me because as the years go on I know I need to move on and find someone else. I’m young, there’s no reason why I’m not dating.” She also added, “I’ve crossed adulthood and I feel like lots of people are fighting that. I feel like I’m 38. I have a lot of responsibility. When you go through the death of somebody who you care about, and taking on moving, bills, and a daughter, it makes you feel older. You learn a lot about life.” Not surprisingly Farrah blames MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom for her relationship problems and also her difficulty with trusting men.

“When I dated on the show, I had guys act like they liked me, then they’d sell stories and act like I’m a bad mother and it hurts,” she said, grabbing a tissue and blotting her eyes that appeared to be filled with tears. Farrah also said she hired James Deen and had paid him less than $5,000 for a 70-minute back door romp.

During the interview, Richie suggested Farrah get a refund on her breast implants and have a new pair done to replace her current ones, she protested, “My body changed and to me it was disgusting how I was after I had my daughter and I was very depressed. I like my boobs end of story. I’m not refunding my boobs.” On his Instagram post Richie also had added, “Did you see/hear my radio interview with #TeenMom Farrah Abraham the other day. Media is just starting to understand my skills. I wish they had the balls to write how I made her admit she lost her anal virginity at 15 before she lost her actual virginity. Thoughts?” That’s very interesting to know about Farrah and to tell you the truth I really am NOT surprised that she was already sexually active prior to he getting pregnant. She’s a pro now.

Farrah Abraham Tweets About Sex Tape - May 2013

Of course Vivid Entertainment explains all about her raunchy sex tape on their porn site. Farrah still manages to play the innocent but naughty girl next door acting like she has been victimized by the entire sex tape scandal she had went to Vivid to film. The sex tape enabled her to cash out on show everyone her prostitute side of herself.

Farrah’s sex tape description, “From Iowa cheerleader to MTV Teen Mom star, midwest beauty Farrah Abraham breaks free with her most daring video ever, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Made originally as a personal ‘boudoir’ tape, Farrah decided to release the video to her fans due to overwhelming response once news of the tape became public. Shockingly explicit, she takes James Deen as you’d never imagine, in a backdoor scene you’ll never forget. With her tight young body and totally uninhibited sexuality, it’s no wonder why she wanted to capture this moment in time. And now you can too!”

This tape was far from a private home video as it was professionally filmed and sold to the highest bidder. Farrah says her next professional goal is to open some restaurants.

Farrah Abraham Borrowed Lamborghini

In other news reports coming out I see some people are freaking out over Farrah allegedly buying a brand new Lamborghini Murcielago (seen directly above). Farrah haters have no need to flip out and act crazy. She did NOT buy this luxurious sports car you see her flaunting around tinsel town. On the same day as her interview and her hookah smoke out session with some other porn stars. Farrah also dropped by The Biggest Limo, which is located in Hollywood. Farrah scored a new endorsement deal with luxurious sports car rental which also includes gifting her FREE use of any vehicle from their fleet when she’s in Los Angeles from her new home of Austin, Texas.

Some gossip sites reporting that Farrah wasted most of her money on the car instead of the restaurant she wants to open. The claims by the writer are outrageous but so typical. It also appears that the gossip writer can’t read and decipher basic English and decided to make up their own story. What that smart? No, we don’t think so.

Besides Farrah scoring other new endorsement deals like Raspberry Ketones. Which she claims that she uses along with her workouts. Do we believe that Farrah uses the stuff? Not really but we are sure she is enjoying the money she has received from it.

Speaking of a recent failed endorsement deal with Farrah, Brandon Wade, CEO of SeekingArrangement.com claims he turned Farrah down twice as he believed she did not want to use the website for the ‘right reasons.’ Its one of the leading ‘Sugar Daddy’ dating websites. He claims, “She was just looking for a quick payoff, not a lasting mutually beneficial arrangement.” PR Manager Jennifer Gwynn who works for the site revealed, There was a Sugar Daddy party in LA and Farrah wanted to come and then she told us she wanted us to pay her to join our website.”

Wade added, “It saddens me to think that Farrah believed her actions would lead to a path of empowerment and self esteem. I think she will look back on this experience one day, and regret it. She had this incredible opportunity to be a role model; the front door was wide open. But instead she chose the “back door” to financial security.” Hilarious, that was a funny pun he used to insult her.

On May 9, Farrah did a radio interview with King Mac Radio. She talked about her life, being a mother and also her recent controversial sex tape. Farrah says Janelle Evans has jealousy issues, James Deen isn’t packing in the penis section and that she will be showing her daughter her sex tape when she reaches 13-years-old. Am I hearing things right? Why would Farrah want to show off her sex tape to her teenage daughter? Is that what parents do now? What the hell is wrong with her. Geez…

Funny that she claimed that her porn co-star wasn’t big enough for her on the radio she said, “Honestly, he’s not that big….” During her sex tape she proclaimed to Deen, “Your cock is huge!!” While getting her backdoor fucked like a bitch in heat she screamed, “I love your big dick in my ass!!!” Yeah, we know she likes it rough. You seriously need to listen to that interview. It’s mind blowing how dimwitted she is.

Farrah recently told another gossip site, that she would never do anything “of this sort ever again (a sex tape), because I don’t want any more issues. I probably would do Playboy, but keep it classic and feminine. I think I would be open to that. I am focusing on my restaurant endeavors and modeling and the same things I’ve always done. Maybe doing more books, and maybe a fitness video and those things I’m working on. I’m just being me. I am thinking about writing more music, but way different to what I have done in the past. Like maybe more light hearted and not so serious.” Farrah’s sure a good role model, right?

Poor Farrah, it must be so rough to live her celebrity life. After James Deen had exposed her dirty little secrets about the sex tape’s creation. She says, I cannot trust anyone now“. I can’t blame her for saying that. However, no one’s stupid and can see right through the scam going on. Farrah already had the upper hand when she hired a professional porn star and filmed it at Vivid studios and in back of the limo. She knows this and so does her manager. Just to think that this is the same manager who also used to direct the careers of Tila Tequila and “Octomom” Nadya Suleman. All of them ironically also have porn tapes that were created to boost their careers. Now look where they are. Do you think it’s all coincidence. Oh fuck no. Think again.

What do you think about this recent news and the awkward way Farrah is handling her revitalized fame? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments down below…


  1. JustMe says:

    Oh the tangled web these girls from Teen Mom have weaved! Did you see where all the other girls from Teen Mom are complaining that Farrah/Vivid used the name of the show? Apparently MTV is not happy with this and is seeking action so I wonder where the $ to pay that off will come from. Hopefully it comes out of Farrah's pocket somehow because she bit the hand that brought her to the forefront. I dont think she ever joined the show for the reasons of preventing teen pregnancy, she wanted fame and to get away from her parents. Its not fair to the other girls who are actually living a respectable life and promoting the premise of the show. In my eyes, only 3 of them qualify for that spot, the rest are total fame whores.

    What I find even more hilarious is that on the first day she started hawking the weight loss supplement, she said shes BEEN using it to keep her body in shape, yet she got the endorsement based on some bikini pics she took for a swimwear line like 2 months ago tops, so THATS a LIE. Thats what the company said in their OWN words. Maybe her manager should coach her on what to say or tweet. Future Tila Tequila!!

    If I were Farrah, I'd spend my money on a PR coach to make me look smart because she isnt. In every interview she does she manages to come off as cold and calculated, blaming everyone but herself for the poor choices shes made in her life.

    AND WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK? Shes going to show this to her daughter her porn tape when she turns 13??? After hearing that I wonder if she has some kind of mental issues!! WHO DOES THAT? #MotherOfTheDecade

  2. Ashamed says:

    Okay, I admit I watched her tape out of curiosity and there are some disturbing things in it.

    1. She didn't use protection. ( I know Deen claimed they got tested together but it can take up to 6 months after exposure for an HIV test to come up positive.

    2. She's a squirter. (I would have slept just fine at night not knowing this.)

    3. She has no problem putting a penis in her mouth right after it's been in her ass. (The germs alone are enough alone are enough to make this absolutely disgusting.)

    4. 4 fingers fit a little TOO easily in her vagina.

    5. She can't keep a man hard.

    6. She narcissistically stares into the camera on a near constant basis.

    7. She had every intention of pretending this got leaked. The number of times she calls Deen "baby" more than attest to the fact that she was trying to insinuate they had some sort of prior relationship.

    8. Her butthole (for lack of a better term) is so worn out, her turds can do cartwheels.

    9. Her vagina is no better.

  3. Bluebonnet says:

    Yeah, I knew that Rodriguez previously managed Tila and Octomom Nadya Suleman. However, something is puzzling me about Farrah's porn video. When GR dropped Nadya, she told Huffington Post (2-19-13) that "She {Nadya] begged to strip for the money and I was against it. Then she got offered to do another movie and she said she wanted to do it. She started telling everyone I wanted her to do porn, which is not true. None of my other clients are doing porn or anything adult-related and I am against it." Okay … then why did GR turn right around and get new client Farrah into porn? And why did she also get another new client, Tan Mom, into a topless photo shoot and a cameo role in a gay porn film? As for Farrah, she is empty-headed and self-destructive, but she's making boatloads of money right now and that means big management fees for GR. I don't blame GR for cashing in on Farrah's fame, but GR should have been straightforward and said yes, she would get adult industry work for her clients if they wanted to do it. She didn't need to make that excuse to explain dropping Nadya and make herself sound like a hypocrite.

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