Hot Music Video – Live It Up – Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull + Behind The Scenes

Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - Live It Up

“Live It Up” is a song recorded by singer Jennifer Lopez for her upcoming eighth studio album. It features guest vocals from Cuban rapper Pitbull. The song was written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Björn Djupström, Viktor Svensson, Pitbull, Achraf Janussi and Bilal “The Chef” Hajji and RedOne, who also produced the song. “Live It Up” marks the third collaboration between Lopez and Pitbull on one of her lead singles, following On the Floor (2011) and Dance Again (2012), which both achieved commercial success. Lyrically, “Live It Up” features Lopez singing inspirational lyrics about living it up over a dance-pop and Euro-pop electro beat.

The song received generally positive reviews from music critics, with several critics predicting that it could be the summer hit of 2013. Lopez performed the song live for the first time on the season 12 finale of American Idol on May 16, 2013. The following day, the song’s music video was released. Set in France, it features Lopez in the middle of chaotic fashion show in contrast to the care-free environment of the beach. Watch JLO’s new music video featuring Pitbull down below after the jump…

Video Synopsis: The music video begins in Paris, France. Lopez, is seen clothed in a beautiful black-feathered frock while chaotically getting ready for a big fashion show with several other models. She receives a text message from Pitbull, who asks her to meet him in Saint-Tropez. Pitbull then tempts Lpez to join him. He links an mp4 video showing everyone enjoying themselves at the beach, as Lopez smiles. While he enjoys himself living it up on the beach with various women, Lopez soon takes the spotlight on the catwalk where she shows off her dance moves and her incredible body. The people watching the fashion show gaze upon, cry and clap at Lopez in awe of her beauty as she greets them offstage. Lopez then reappears on the catwalk in sexy red-leather bodysuit outfit and a blonde fringe. These scenes are inter-cut with the singer lying on a beach chair with an orange swimsuit and vibrant orange lipstick on.

Towards the end of the video we see Lopez appear clothed in a green kaftan with a black bikini, on the beach in Saint-Tropaz partying it up with Pitbull and everyone else in attendance. Other scenes also shown towards the end of the music video includes Lopez and dancers performing in a lazer-filled live concert and Lopez swaying like and angel on a swing in a room with blue lights. Featured appearances include  America’s Next Top Model alum Eva Marcille plays one of the models in the music video.

Live It Up opens with Pitbull’s bilingual verse, which contains lyrics such as Jenny from the Block, let’s rock” and “She’s screaming YOLO, as well as “We don’t believe in defeat, what’s why we’re back for a threepeat”, which references the duo collaborating once again. Lopez arrives with lusty lyrics about “things blowing and spots being hit.” A pre-chorus occurs right before a “shouty” euphoric-themed chorus, where Lopez sings about living it up and “doing anything we want” as well not “stopping ’till we’re done”. The song’s profane hook then occurs, a voice states “Make love, don’t fight. Let’s fuck tonight”, followed by a thunderous “noisy beat” dance breakdown. Lopez’ lyrics in the second verse include, “Turn up this mother, and let it play / I know you like my bumper, don’t be ashamed / Don’t even wonder, it’s just a game / We’re rocking body to body let’s go insane.”

Lopez describes the music video for “Live It Up” as “one of the more fun videos that I’ve ever done.” Soon after she teased the release of the single, writing “Are you ready for what’s coming?” on social networking website Twitter, her boyfriend and choreographer Casper Smart had announced that he was holding auditions for the official music video alongside choreographers JR Taylor and Lyle Beniga.

The official music video for “Live It Up” was directed by Jessy Terrero. On May 6, 2013, Lopez and Pitbull were spotted filming the music video on a Fort Lauderdale, Florida beach along with a group of dancer and models. During Lopez’s interview on the music video’s set by Entertainment Tonight, she had humbly revealed, “To be here, making your tenth album and listening to our single is a dream come true. I just feel so grateful, I don’t even know how everything happened.”

Then gun shots were fired close to its location, although security officials confirmed the entertainer was secured inside her vehicle. The incident, unrelated to the filming of the music video, occurred less than 400 meters away. No one was injured and police reportedly detained multiple people that were in connection with the incident.

In 2013, Lopez had inked a new record deal with RedOne‘s 2101 Records which falls under the label’s multi-year worldwide agreement with Capitol Records, which will distribute the singer’s upcoming music and her album that she is working on. The Los Angeles Times said the deal “shouldn’t come as a surprise” considering RedOne’s role in Lopez’s musical comeback two years prior. In an official press release, RedOne stated: “This is like a dream come true for me […] It was amazing to be able to work with Jennifer on so many great records over the past two years, and now it is such an honor to have her on my label. She is a creative inspiration and a true global superstar artist who brings so much to everything she does.”

He added, “I feel that this is historic and a wonderful opportunity to launch 2101/Capitol in this way.” Capitol Records Chairman/CEO Steve Barnett gushed over working with Lopez and RedOne. He said, “Jennifer Lopez is a true superstar, and her pairing with RedOne has resulted in an incredible first single with ‘Live It Up.’ I am happy to be reunited with Jennifer and all the more thrilled that she’s working with RedOne and is now a part of the 2101/Capitol family.”

The “high-energy” track utilizes a drum-patterned “fist-pumping” electro beat, as well as heavy synths. The song contains the “sonic disruptions” of dubstep in the breakdown. Pitbull’s lyrics have a recurring theme of feminism. If you want to see more behind the scenes on set pictures, you can visit Planet Pit which is Pitbull’s official fan site. What do you think of the video and song? Share your thoughts…

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