Hot Music Video – Jay-Z – Tiffany Foxx ft. Lil Kim, Cameos By Carla Facciolo and Tony Testa

Lil Kim with Tony Testa and Carla Facciolo

International Rock Star (IRS) Records formerly named Queen Bee Entertainment until 2010, is a record label owned by rapper Lil’ Kim aka Queen Bee. All artists that are signed album’s are released under I.R.S Records. Lil’ Kim has partnered up with Brookland Entertainment which is distributed by Universal Music Group. Current artists under Lil Kim’s label include Tiffany Foxx, Bondz, Lambolux, Dash, Brill, SK the rockstar, Miss Sonia, Shaun Pynne, Hemobrown. Former artists that are no longer signed to the label include Lil’ Cease, Clyde McKnight, Sha Money XL.

No one had really heard of Tiffany Foxx until Lil Kim had brought Foxx under her wing and decided to mentor her. Back in March 2013, Lil Kim had called into Hot 97 while Tiffany Foxx was in the studio with Peter Rosenberg, doing her interview. During the interview Foxx explains that the two met when Lil Kim came to St. Louis, Missouri three years ago. Tiffany helped find her a studio and rolled out the red carpet for her with a Maybach and chef. Lil Kim eventually heard Foxx’s music and wanted to jump on the remix to her tracks from Foxx’s mixtape called Yellow Tape which the singles  “Jay-Z” and “Twisted” are available. “I have a documentary coming out and it will all be explained, and that will be the last and first time that I really go into depth about it,” Lil Kim said before turning the attention back to her protégée.

Tiffany gushed about Lil Kim during her interview saying, “She was a woman of her word, and the rest is pretty much history. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She totally took me in. She embraces me.” Check out Tiffany’s music video for “Jay-Z” featuring Mob Wives reality star Carla Facciolo and Tony Testa

Tiffany emulates Jay-Z on the set of her video for her single. The “Jay-Z” music video was produced by James “Aggie” Barrett and directed by Picture Perfect. Back in January 2013, it was reported that Lil Kim shot various scenes for Foxx’s music video titled “Jay-Z,” The video shoot also included special guests, rappers French Montana and Tony Testa. Lil Kim and Tiffany was also joined by “Mob Wives” star Carla Facciolo had also recently tweeted, she “Love the video @LilKim @1tiffanyfoxx. Me & @KingTonyTesta had a great time. Thanks.”

Lil Kim and special guests shot scenes for “Jay-Z” at Club Glazz in Queens, New York. Despite the song’s title, JAY-Z does not make an appearance on the track or in the video. Foxx only reuses Mr. Hov’s lyric allow me to reintroduce myself,” from Jay-Z’s 2003 hit single called Public Service Announcement.” Jay-Z’s song was also produced by Just Blaze and the good folks at Roc-A-Fella Records.

It was also reported that French Montana was only on set to support the video shoot. Tony Testa, whose uncle is known as organized crime boss Joseph Carmine Testa and was convicted as being the head of the infamous Gambino crime family, played a cameo role in the music video. A source close to the alleged Philadelphia mob boss Joey “Skinny” Merlino said that and Lil Kim and Merlino had also developed a  very friendly relationship in 1006. While she was incarcerated in a Philadelphia federal detention center for almost a year, for her perjury conviction. A rep for Tony Testa had said that Lil Kim will appear in an upcoming video off of his new CD Made, which is due in stores this spring. The strangest hook I heard is directly off of this song, “Better watch what you say to me / Cause being broke don’t relate to me / Like a dick I’m in these bitches heads / Allow me to reintroduce myself”. Why would a “dick” be in my head? Seriously, I am not feeling that particular line. It sounds tacky to me and kind of trashy. Watch behind the scenes of the music video below.

Ironically, nobody knows about Lil Kim’s label, as she has unknown artists sitting on the sidelines waiting to become headliners. Check out Lil’ Kim’s record label history.

In 1999, two years after the death of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim decided that she wanted to start her own record label. Lil Kim went to Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs for guidance and also advice to start the label. Lil’ Kim then signed to Atlantic Records, provided distribution for the label, Atlantic would continue to distribute Queen Bee’s solo music until 2010. After being released from prison Kim was ready to resurrect her career and reclaim the rap throne she once held in the early 1990’s. In the process of resurrecting her career including releasing her future projects independently, gaining total and complete control over her albums and owning her own master recordings.

Which is highly valuable in the music industry. In December 2007, news broke that Kim had teamed back up with her former friend and manager Lance “Un” also known as “Uncle Pauly” Rivera along with ShaKim Compère and Queen Latifah‘s Flavor Unit Entertainment would be managing her music career. Thanks to her friends Un and ShaKim, Kim was then released out of her contract with Atlantic Records. It’s been confirmed that Lil Kim has signed a deal with Brookland Entertainment which is an indie label distributed by Republic Records, and was also formerly distributed by Universal Republic Records until its demise and converted to Republic Records.

Back in October 2012, with the mission to get her name out there. Tiffany Foxx did an interview about her music career and her lyrical skill. She said some interesting things that kind of make me shake my head a little. “Competition? I have none,” says Foxx, who is a St. Louis native and one-third of rap trio June 5, which relocated to Atlanta, Georgia only a few years ago. June 5 is taking a break while Foxx does her solo music work. The group also includes Scar La Don and Brooke Holladay. Tiffany says her best friends are currently backing her music career, “Brooke is my manager; Scar handles my viral campaign. We’re all working together and talking every day. We love each other to death. But the music is on hiatus.”

Tiffany proudly says, “I feel like I’m my only opponent. I don’t feel like a queen; I feel like a king. I know it’s a cocky move. But I’ve paid my dues so much I deserve to say this. I’ve been in this music business for a while, grinding and nothing’s been handed to me on a silver platter.” Tiffany says that she’s been in the music business for awhile? Hmm, I personally have never heard about her “rap skills” until a couple of months ago. But Foxx has been a guest on many rappers’ songs, including Future and 2 Chainz. She has also worked with Snoop Dogg.

You can listen to Tiffany’s solo mixtape just click the link Yellow Tape. You can watch Tiffany’s other music video’s for Jelly Beans and the behind the scenes. Here’s also an interview that Tiffany did with Lil Kim on MTV RapFix. What do you think about Tiffany’s lyrical talents? Share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…

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