Taylor Chapman’s Racist Facebook Rant, Calls Dunkin’ Donuts Employee A “Dumb Bitch” and “Complete Cunt Sand Nigger Whore”


Taylor Chapman, is a 27-year-old woman who lives in Broward County, Florida. She has for some reason decided to film herself berating Dunkin’ Donuts employees in an apparent attempt to gain some vengeful consumer justice against the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. However, Chapman only succeeds in appearing to be rude, hateful, ignorant and racist in her video, which she posted on her now deleted Facebook page. She had the audacity to warn the teenage employee who was ringing her order up, “This is all being under video surveillance,” referring to her iPhone she had been pointing at him. Chapman kept recording for a full 8:09, until she got her FREE FOOD. Since she was allegedly not given a receipt, Chapman cited a company policy posted on a wall that supposedly guaranteed free food as a result of the oversight. Cursing like a immature child, Chapman for no reason decided to verbally abuse both Dunkin’ Donuts employees and wanted to add customers who were not involved, in her nasty ugly rant that has gone viral and not for reasons she thought it would have.

The awkward drive-thru incident had occurred the night prior, when a Dunkin’ Donuts employee named Nithi had allegedly forgot to print out Chapman’s receipt and hand it to her. However, Chapman seems to have for some reason taken it as a mortal insult to her very fiber of living. So the teenage employee offered Chapman her entire order FREE the next time she entered the store to make up for the oversight. If you haven’t seen the video check it out below after the jump. It appears that she thought the internet world would take her side over the alleged missing receipt…

In between orders of bacon with cheese croissants, she said she wanted the bacon extra crispy of course, iced coffee with extra cream, extra sugar and Strawberry Coolatta, which Chapman mistakenly thinks the workers have forgotten. She then tells him her complaint, “That a female employee the night before forgot to print out her receipt and then turned into a complete rude bitch.” To nobody’s surprise Chapman had neglected to explain exactly how the female employee did her wrong. She told the cashier, “She told me, OK, you can get your order free next time. So you know what I told her? I want the whole fuckin’ menu, bitch. Twice.”

While her free order of food was being made she complained, “Even if they hock a loogie and shit in it I don’t even care… Cause one time they pissed in my fries… literally I could smell the piss in it.” Yeah right. We really don’t believe her at all, because she would have recorded it and posted it onto her Facebook and Youtube accounts, I am sure. Bragging about her claimed “business degree,” she called out and complained about a “dumb bitch” female employee who “completely pissed me off” and also “decided to cross my fucking line.” Whatever that means, because the older gentleman standing next to her wanted no part of her hateful racist tirade.

Chapman then spotted Nithi who allegedly took her drive-thru order and moved down the counter to confront her. She referred to Nithi as a “complete cunt sand nigger whore.” Then said, “Well, guess what? This shit’s about to go live, bitch. Right on Facebook. Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night.”

Chapman was feeling high and mighty. She wouldn’t shut the fuck up and had proudly added, “So I hope you’re happy with your little fucking sand nigger self. Cause I’m about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.” Unbelievable…

Before ending her disturbing and hateful video recording, Chapman also told another customer that her video was headed for YouTube and Facebook, where she hoped it would “get a million fucking hits.” On Twitter, Chapmans’ profile reads, “I have my bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing and I am working towards my JD in Law now. I’m happily engaged to Sean Hosch and we live together in FL. :)”

Dunkin Donuts Response About Taylor Chapman Video

The really courteous Dunkin’ Donuts employee who endured the harsh rantings of that racist female customer is an 18-year-old who just graduated from a Florida high school and earns around $8/hour serving Coolattas and Munchkins to patrons like Chapman at the Fort Lauderdale location. During the interview with Abid Adar he had said that he and another employee (Nithi) were the only ones working at the North Federal Highway store on June 7, when Taylor and her friends placed an order at the drive-thru window. After Adar’s coworker was slow to provide Chapman with a receipt that night, she argued that her group’s food should be free, per a store policy that guarantees a customer’s order will be comped if they’re not given a receipt.

As seen on the video above, Adar remains very polite and composed in the face of Chapman’s unrelenting hate. Telling her, “I’ll give you your order free. Whatever you ordered yesterday I can give it to you for free. Whatever you want, I’ll get it for you.” Adar had never once responds to Chapman’s despicable vulgarities or provocations. He just tells her “I’m very sorry about that,” when she complained about her alleged mistreatment at the Dunkin’ Donuts, which is about 2 1/2 miles from the Oakland Park apartment complex that Chapman shares with her current boyfriend. Adar said, “We were just trying to be nice.” We have no doubt…

Prior to her vile Dunkin’ Donuts hate filled production. Chapman had attended Nova Southeastern University in Orlando and also appeared in several marketing videos for local Florida businesses including Happy Wok Chinese Food located in Lauderhill, Plantation Auto Repair and also an interview with Ludacris about Conjure Cognac.

From what Adar had said it appears as if Taylor did get her the receipt but she was unhappy with how slow she got it from Nithi. What do you think about Taylor’s racist attitude and hurtful words? Please share your thoughts, comments and opinions…


  1. Idealist says:

    The employee(s) in this video are an exemplarary example of how to deal with a rude, disrespectful, and most likely mentally unstable customer.
    Yes, this video deserves to go viral on those merits alone. The customer needs to view her inappropriate behavior, and seek professional counseling. I personally apologize for the very bad manners and foul mouth used by this customer, and against the gentleman and young lady who exhibited professionalism and great self-control while trying to do their jobs.
    You Deserves the #1 Employee of the week award!
    Pay it Forward

  2. Marie says:

    I've thought about this video most of the day and STILL don't understand what Taylor was trying to accomplish with filming all of that. If she would of filmed up to the part where the VERY KIND male employee told her "I'll give you whatever you want and its free" I can understand that, but this went WAYYYY out into left field and she ended up making herself look like a complete crackhead moron. I'm glad I don't have enough time in my life to wait for a receipt for a Dunkin' Donuts order. I mean what was the point of telling that man she was flying to Mars afterwards and that it was a one way ticket? The fuck?
    I hope DD does something about this because she harassed the employees, made a terrorist threat, filmed them without consent (well, the male employee knew but the others weren't told) I'm sure they have some kind of case here and they should go for it. Maybe it'll teach this racist bitch that a receipt isn't worth possibly never being hired again in your life because you were "the crazy girl that went off on the Dunkin Donuts employees" SMDH

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